Chapter 29: Plan For Preparation

 “You… You bitc—”  

“Is there any problem, Caiden?” Ava asks in a concerned voice which is obviously fake.   

Lily also looks up from Ava’s phone and towards me in confusion.   

“I-It’s… nothing,” I say bitterly while trying to show a smile.  

Ava’s hand is still on my crotch. I am trying my best to not leak out any voice but Ava is making it really difficult for me. With slow and pressing motions, she is rubbing my cock and balls from above my pants.   

The only thing with is somewhat favorable is the position I am in. It is almost impossible for Lily to see below my waist because of the table and because we are sitting on the corner seat of the cafeteria, others can also not see what is happening down here.   

But as I was expecting, this bitch Ava hasn’t changed at all! This just made my doubts clear that she has some hidden incentive in trying to make Lily her friend.   

But first…   

I look around and notice that no one is looking in my direction. Even Lily is looking at the phone right now.   

In a flash, I grab hold of Ava’s hand and roughly move it away…   



Ava raises a loud voice of pain as her hand slams against the underside of the table.  

Though it was totally unintentional, this bitch Ava deserves it.  

“What happened?” Lily asks, looking up in a surprise again.   

“N-Nothing. I just accidentally hit my hand on the table. I am not hurt though…” Ava says while gritting her teeth painfully.  

“It’s good that you are not hurt… Well, anyway, is there something wrong with your phone? My number is not getting saved at all…” Lily asks with her eyebrows furrowed.   

“Yeah, two viruses entered my phone a few days ago with some photos I took… and dirtied my phone,” Ava savagely says while looking at me.   

“Just try out once more, please! I am sure it will work!” she says.  

Lily gives out a little sigh and starts putting her number again.   

The moment Lily’s gaze fell down on the phone, Ava bends towards me.   

“Listen asshole, I will be calling you after a few days. Don’t even dare to think of not answer me. You know the consequences…” she whispers to me.   

Instantly after, she stands up and her innocent smile returns.   

“You know what, Lily? I think your number is already saved. It’s just not showing…” she says while taking away her phone from Lily’s hand.   

“Bye then! I will see you both later!” She says cheerfully before moving away from us and leaving the cafeteria.   

“Hmm… I don’t think my number was saved. But anyway, who would have thought Ava Leawitt would ask me to be her friends. She always used to look so angrily at me as if I have done something bad to her. If today’s incident wouldn’t have happened, this change in Ava would have been really strange for me…” Lily says.   

Lily, today’s incident did nothing on her. She is as bad as— no, worse than before.  

Well, even though I know her intentions are nothing good, but still, what is she planning?   

I thought she would do something big right now judging by the way she was smiling and behaving at first. But still…  

Apologizing to us, praising me and making Lily her friend… I can tell that there is a meaning behind everything she said and did just now. The only question is what?   

And also, what she whispered in the end to me…  

She will call me after a few days? Why?  

Obviously, she will have me do something for her and it might even be similar to what she had me do last time, that is, having sex with her. Well, it can be something else as well.   

But if she exactly repeats what she did last time, there is no way I will follow. But I don’t think she will. I have a feeling that she is thinking about doing things a lot worse this time.  

And yeah, why will she call me after a few days? She can tell me what she wants me to do right now.  

The only reason for this can be that whatever she is planning needs time to prepare…   

But she won’t be the only one preparing…   

I at least know that I have a few days’ time before she calls me. This can actually be a great opportunity for me to think of something before, so that I can hold my grounds against her when the time comes.   

But still, Ava is not the end of my worries. After today, only two days will be left before the supervisor comes and the task to rape Lily’s mother starts.   

To be honest, I am doubtful that me and Lily can think of a solid plan against this unknown supervisor in just three days, but well, we will have to try…   

And I have a feeling that starting from the arrival of the supervisor, my activities in the gang will increase as well, which leads to the inevitable task of seeing Chloe again.   

From what Abigale said to me earlier, the gang is just stalling time with her right now. Probably showing her around and introducing people. But this cannot be done forever.   

I will have to meet her again, and when I do, I will have to continue with my persona of a gang leader and also teach her things which I don’t know yet myself.   

This also reminds me that I need to talk to Zoe again as well. I won’t repeat the same disaster with the King. I will have to study a few things about the working of a gang from before I can go in front of Chloe again.   

But all these things are in the future. As for now, I need to do a thing I was panning was before any of this…   

“Lily, will you go out for a date with me today?” I ask Lily, who is eating an apple right now in front of me.   

Lily looks at me with her eyes wide open.   

“A-A date?” she asks while suddenly blushing furiously.   

Damn! I asked a bit too casually without thinking. I forgot that this will be our first date together as a couple!   

Obviously, we have shopped and eaten together before but no matter what our feeling for each other at that time, we were only friends unlike now…   

“W-Well, yes. W-Will you come?” I ask while stuttering a bit. I can also feel my face getting a little hot as well.   

Lily turns even redder and without speaking anything, she just simply gives me a nod before looking away and stuffing the Apple in her mouth.   

Man, she is so cute…   

Well, I am really happy, to be honest.   

I don’t know what will happen in the next few days but I can tell that thing will be really hectic for both me and Lily.   

I really think we need a romantic day out with each other before we can face all these things.  

And well, I don’t think I have ever wished for the school to get over early more…  


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