Chapter 10 – New Lottery

[Store] Current Points: 2550

Weakness Reader – Read a girl’s mind to learn their weakness. (can only be used twice a day) 500 Points

Time Stop (Weak Version) – Stop time for 30 seconds. (can only be used twice a day) 1000 Points

Magical Voice (Weak Version) – People will be comfortable hearing your voice, slowly making them open up to you. 2000 Points

|NEW!| X-ray Vision – Look inside things, clothes, skin or bones! 5000 Points

|NEW!| Inventory – Storage in the System which you can put things in. Physical contact is required before storing the item. 10000 Points

Face Mask – You can change your appearance to look like someone else for 1 hour. (one use) 200 Points

Aphrodisiac Powder – Can be put into food or drinks that will make a girl horny for 1 hour. 200 Points

Sleeping Serum – Make a girl fall into a deep sleep for 1 hour after drinking. 100 Points

Memory Wipe – Wipe the past 30 seconds of memories. (one-time use) 300 Points

Invisibility Potion – Turn your body invisible for 10 minutes. 500 Points

Health Potion – Cleans your body of any impurities making you look better and healthier. 200 Points

Memory Potion – Permanently learn everything you see in 1 minute. 300 Points.

|NEW!| Wish Card – Wish for any item, to make it available in the Store. The price will depend on what the item is. 500 Points

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points
|NEW!| [Animal Servant Lottery] 1000 Points

‘There’s a lot of good stuff! Now then, what should I buy?’

“Fairy, can you explain the new items? I’d like to have more information about them. Please?”

[Sure! X-ray vision is a skill that will let you see through things like seeing through what a bag contains. You can also use it to look through women’s clothing to see their naked bodies, look through their skin to see their organs, and look through their bones to see their brain.] [You can pretty much look through anything as long as it’s possible to see with a human’s eyes. You won’t see molecules no matter what, because you have an x-ray vision, not a microscope!] [Inventory is exactly what you expect. A space inside the System that can store things as long as you are touching it physically.] [I already told you what a Wish Card is. Buy it and wish for an item, that item will then be available to be purchased in the Store. The price of the item varies depending on what it is.] [Animal Servant Lottery is the best! You buy the lottery and you will get a random animal! The animal will follow your every order, you can also buy them some skills from the Store!] [It can be an ant or a tiger, a rat or a bird, a fish or an alligator! It’s completely decided by luck! You will get them as summon cards, you can then summon them from the card. After summoning them, you can change them back into a card to keep it inside the System!] [You might be asking why is there an Animal Servant Lottery, it’s because the Store doesn’t sell human servants. The Store also doesn’t magically create humans, and an animal would be the second best thing you can get!] [The System also knows that you will need helpers in the future. They can help you in many ways, a dog can guard you, a cat can fight for you. A rat that will do your bidding? can be deadly if used correctly!] [You can also use them to help you with getting more women. Adding the right skill to the right animal will make your life easier!] [There are a lot more animals, each having their own advantage. A bird won’t necessarily be worse than a snake. They have their own uses! I suggest getting one for yourself! When you don’t need to urgently buy other items.] excitedly explained the Fairy.

‘This Fairy is really on my side! There are so many useful things that I don’t know what I should buy. The Inventory is so expensive!’

‘I want to use the AnimaI Servant Lottery right now but I need to prioritise buying items that will help me with my current Missions.’

‘I currently only have 2550 Points. I need to choose something that’s guaranteed to be useful.’

‘I think I should get the Weakness Reader because it will help me take advantage of a woman’s weakness to get closer to them. What else?’

‘I’ll buy the Time Stop, I can use it for a lot of ways. It can also save me time that’s being wasted thinking of a way to use the Aphrodisiac Powder and other consumables.’

‘That leaves me with 1050 Points. I’ll probably just save it first. I’ll buy the rest of the items when I need them.’

After that, Max stood up from the bench he was seating on and looked around. Max was currently in the most beautiful park he had ever seen.

This massive park is perfectly placed in the middle of multi-level shopping malls, mega casinos and luxury hotels.

Nature is on full display, with many different species of plants like roses and cherry blossoms. The green grass that’s spanning wide across the park, is also interspaced with water features and well-maintained flower beds that are changed every season.

It has a sparkling pond in the center with floating waterlilies and colourful fishes, where people can lie in the wooden boardwalk to watch them swim near the surface of the crystal clear water.

There are all kinds of people here. There are children running around, couples going on dates and locals on the park’s exercise equipment.

This is the biggest city in the country but it’s not the capital. The capital is more like a city for the rich. No one would be able to find a cheap house in there. Pushing the poor out, pulling the rich in.

‘I’ll plan to go there in the future after I’m rich enough. Then, I’ll slowly enjoy myself with their women!’

Max walked straight to the newly built shopping mall while looking at the beautiful scenery around him. He never went this far from home alone so he was thinking of exploring the place for a bit since it’s still afternoon.

Max then went inside the huge shopping mall. While looking at so many people all over the place,

‘What should I do now? I’m not really used to doing this. Where should I go? Currently, what I needed to do was to complete my Missions, specifically having sex with five women within a week.’

‘I’ve only had sex with one person since the Mission started, I need to find four more women. I don’t really have to complete it but the reward it gives is just so much. I have to least try to complete it. I’ll just look around first then.’

While walking around, Max heard a group of friends speaking,

“The concert is already starting!”
“Quickly! before we won’t have a place to watch!”
“I want to see Aqua!’

‘Aqua? The famous idol?’

Max followed the group outside to see where the concert is. After reaching the arena, he saw so many people lining up to get in! Then he heard,

“The free seats are already full, those that don’t have a ticket can just watch outside!”

A lot of people were shouting, wanting to get in without a ticket but the security personnel easily dispersed them.

‘What should I do? I need to get in.’

Max used the Time Stop and quickly rushed in, he only has one use left for the day.

After going inside, Max went straight to the front standing area, below the stage. He was planning to seat at the VIP area but he realised, what if someone has the ticket to his seat.

So Max just went on the standing area, that place would be more convenient, no one will think that he just sneaked in.

Then after waiting for so long, the show started! Aqua walked out from backstage.

‘She’s so hot!’

Aqua was wearing a blue frilly dress. Her blue hair was neatly tied in a long ponytail and her shiny bright eyes were so beautiful. Her name came from the aqua colour of her eyes.

Her dress was so short that everyone can see her milky white tights. Max remembered that there were a lot of her panty shots everywhere on the internet too.

Max continued watching her sing and dance while the crowd was cheering loudly.

‘So noisy!’

Feeling bored, Max thought of what he should do to have sex with her. After thinking for a while, Max thought of following her backstage first. Maybe he can find a chance to be alone with her. If nothing really worked then he can only blame his bad luck.

After a few hours, the concert ended. Aqua did a cute pose and thanked everyone that attended her concert earning her another cheer from the audience then she went back backstage.

Max then said in his mind,

‘Fairy, buy me an Invisibility Potion!’

After buying from the Store, he then drank the Potion, went up to the stage and slowly followed her.

Seeing her enter a room, Max didn’t know what he should do. Remembering that he still has 550 Points left and that he could still buy another Invisibility Potion if needed, he slowly opened the door and went in.

“Little Yue, please let me go alone!”

“Young Miss, you can’t! If you’re going out without the bodyguards, I will go with you!”

“Please Little Yue, let me go alone! I’ll treat you to your favourite restaurant tomorrow!”

“Uhh, Young Miss, this is the last time okay?”

“Yeah! I’ll just drive around the city. I’m tired of being surrounded by people!”

After Max got in, he quickly went to find a place to hide since the time for his invisibility is running out.

Aqua changed to a black leather jacket and black jeans. Her assistant, Little Yue just allowed her to roam around the city alone with just a small bribe. She went on to wear a dark coloured hat and a pair of glasses to hide her identity.

After which, Aqua went to get her car keys and went out of the room, not forgetting to say goodbye to Little Yue, promising that she’ll get home before midnight.

Max heard their entire conversation. He realised that this might be his only chance so he bought another Aphrodisiac Powder, leaving him with 350 remaining Points.

He then got out of the room and followed Aqua closely trying his best to be careful to not make any noise.

After Max saw her open her car, he used Time Stop to close the distance and quickly poured the Aphrodisiac Powder directly in her mouth. At the same time, opened the rear door and went in to hide behind the driver’s seat.


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