The Lust System: Chapter 141 (Unlocked)


Chapter 141 – Special Affairs


“Yes, it’s about that incident last night.”

Max looked at Yu’er’s expression and felt that something should be on her mind. Although he figured it wasn’t serious as she never bothered telling him about it earlier.

Maybe he might be missing something? He quickly ran his thoughts, wondering what could it be.

What happened last night was supposedly some Awakeneds battling in their city. And Yu’er said it was one of the reasons why there were staying here.

Was there something about those people that connects it back to them? Were they related to them in any way? If so, how?

As far as Max knows, they have nothing to do with some bunch having a scuffle in their city, and they couldn’t care less. Huh? In their city? A possible answer slowly formed in his head as he looked at Yu’er,

“Were you thinking of us being somehow implicated with that mess? Even though it is unlikely since the city is quite large, the possibility is still there. But why does it matter? If we were truly that unlucky, we are more than capable of pushing them back with our abilities.”

Max always thought of using his skills against his enemies. As they get stronger and stronger, people with evil intentions would start to show up, and that is not something they could control.

Even with an ordinary person like Xiao Ming, back then, they only went out to have some fun without bothering anyone, but Xiao Ming still didn’t leave them alone.

What could they possibly do about that? They could only retaliate and repay the favor. That’s simply what the reality of the world is.

This isn’t only about Xiao Ming. The world is huge, and no matter how they dislike it, they won’t be able to do anything about the jealous eyes and evil thoughts of people.

That was why strength and skills are the most important. Max wasn’t someone who would believe wealthy people run the world anymore. Superpowered individuals control the world was a more accurate illustration.

However, not having enough strength wasn’t the one on Yu’er’s mind. She was quite confident in their skills.

As long as they don’t act unrestrained and overbearing, they would get to enjoy life more leisurely than most.

“No, it’s not that. Think of it this way, imagine we were in the middle of a battle in the city, what can happen then?”

Yu’er shook her head, and asked out another question,

“We might be seen by others? But at that time, we wouldn’t think of fighting and only concentrate on escaping since it won’t be good if others were to see our skills and connect it back to us in the future.”

“We need to set up a mysterious front in which others would not be able to read us. That way, they will give us our own space.”

Max thought what could happen in that scenario and concluded that it all comes down to where they were located at that particular time. If there were a lot of people, then they could only try to lure their opponent away.

But then he recalled those people he encountered on his way back from the scene where he caught sight of the puppet.

Suddenly, Max seemed to understand something. He never thought about this and only pushed it aside, thinking it was insignificant, and he could easily evade it.

“Are you talking about those government forces who deal with these supernatural affairs?”

Max had read a lot of stories about them before, but he didn’t put too much thought into it. Since from the beginning, they were the ones who maintained peace in every place.

Awakeneds who wanted to create chaos was always handled by them. Looking further into it, Max realized this would also affect them.

He initially thought they can continue with their own business and have nothing to do with each other. But was that possible?

“This isn’t good. We have to hide our abilities from them. Why did I not think of it? How can they maintain the peace in this city? That only means they have their ways, and we don’t know anything about it.”

Max had a dark expression as he tried to make adjustments in their plans. It was his mistake to forgot about this variable that was so close in front of him.

“Don’t think too much. It’s not what you think. I have already spoken with some of them in the past. We don’t have to worry about them.”

Yu’er looked at Max with her attractive sparkling blue eyes and stopped him from overthinking about them.

“The reason I asked about us fighting in the middle of the city was because of how much skills you have. You’re like an anomaly that doesn’t fall under any category and ranks, so you have to be extra careful about revealing anything.”

“So you really did meet with those government forces? How is it? What is it like? Where they strong that we should avoid any dealings with them?”

Max looked curiously at Yu’er. He was more interested in those people and had many questions about them. Until now, he still had clashing thoughts about them.

On one side, he felt they were doing a good job, and on the other, they can be a massive threat to them. No one could blame him. Max was only careful, prioritizing themselves over the others.

“Government forces? They are from the Special Affairs Department, and their only focus is on Awakened related incidents.”

“They take orders from their higher-ups, and so far, they adopt the attitude of as long as you don’t disrupt the public order; we won’t bother you.”

“They have a lot on their hands that they couldn’t become involved with every single little thing about us.”

“Even I haven’t seen them in years.”

Hearing about it, Max immediately felt better. With Yu’er’s words, his unfounded worries disappeared like they were never there from the beginning.

Now that everything is solved, Max went back to address the previous topic Yu’er made him recall, a passing thought he had in the past,

“Which skill would I let myself be known for?”

“If I have no choice but to defend myself and have to use my skills someday, which should I use? After all, I can only show one skill. ”

Yu’er can understand what Max was feeling right now with his somewhat awkward expression. Even though he has a lot of skills, most of his skills were either copied from other Awakeneds or sex-related skills.

Max doesn’t have a powerful and unique skill that was only available to him. His choices were limited as he chose to sacrifice having his own unique ability to pool up Points for the Magical Space.

Yu’er mentally decided to come up with a powerful skill for Max in the future.

All of a sudden, Max’s face brightened up as if he was enlightened.

“In the first place, why do I need to tell anyone about my skill? I can leave them scratching their heads in confusion.”

“I won’t openly use some skills like the Purple Lightning, and I will be fine. My Time Stop won’t be easy to recognize anyway, unlike other skills out there.”




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