Chapter 23 – Confession

Max immediately stopped what he was doing and ran straight out the door to meet his sister. They walked to school side by side talking about things that happened to them.

His sister this time opened up herself and started to chat with him. Max was elated seeing that nothing much changed between them.

After reaching the school, they split ways as they are going to the opposite direction of each other. Max was planning to tell his sister about his system after going home.

Now that her Loyalty Meter is 100, that meant that Max can fully trust her with everything. He doesn’t mind having another helper at the same time he also doesn’t like tricking his women.

This was the last day of school for the week. Max was excited about tomorrow as Lydia might come to his house.

He was already imagining what they were going to do. While walking to his classroom, Max heard someone calling him.


Max turned around and saw Lydia.

“Uhmm, we’re going to your house tomorrow is that really fine?” Lydia was holding her arms looking uncomfortable.

“You’re going to swim? That’s perfectly fine!” Max wasn’t able to hide the excitement in his eyes. He was waiting for this all day long at the same time overthinking it, that she might cancel it today because of something else happening.

“With my big sister.” What she didn’t tell Max was that she was the one who forced her big sister to go with her as she doesn’t want Max to know that she badly wanted to go.

“Don’t worry my sister would probably be there too.” Said Max wanting her to calm down.

“Thanks. See you tomorrow then.” After saying that, Lydia rushed away and because of that Max wasn’t able to see her face filled with joy.

After seeing her get in her room, Max slowly walked to his, unconsciously smiling on his way there.

His classmates stopped whatever they were doing seeing Max get in their class. This was a normal occurrence ever since his looks abruptly changed overnight.

His classmates were gossiping while looking at him and some of the girls even have heart-shaped eyes, following him with their gazes.

Max’s standing in school changed from a loser to a prince charming that many girls wanted. His distant attitude added with his perfect face makes all the girls drool, wanting to have him for themselves.

Max, as usual, didn’t care about his surroundings, going straight to his seat and started speaking with Little Dou,

‘Little Dou, how would I tell sister that about all this? Would she not believe me? Or maybe hate me for doing it with her while she’s sleeping?’

[That should not happen. Her loyalty value was 100 and that can’t be changed. The System made it hard for just anyone to reach 100 in their Loyalty Meter because you need companions, trusted companions to join you in your journey!]


[So it should be fine! I was also surprised seeing her loyalty value was 100 as I was expecting that it would take a few weeks or months for her to reach it.]


[But that’s still good news as you can now have one trusted person beside you!] Little Dou was looking out the window watching people playing sports in the fields.

“Then after that what do you think I should do?”

[Maybe buy the Status Checker to find someone that can introduce you to the other side!]


[This school is massive, there will be for sure someone who is connected in there. You can ask them for help then. I think a lot of people know it, they just don’t talk about it in public!]


[After all, it’s not really a secret in some other places. Only normal people don’t have any idea as their memories are being tampered!]


[At least that’s what I believe was happening!] Little Dou was getting comfortable lying on his head and enjoying the view that she just blabbered what’s on her mind.

She didn’t notice that Max froze up with his mouth opening and closing, not knowing what to say after hearing all that.

After he got home, Max readied himself to have a serious conversation with his sister. Still, being nervous about her being angry at him for all that he’s done.

He also has a lot on his mind right now that he didn’t know where to start. He just hoped that in some way all of this will be resolved easily.

A few hours later, Yu’er came home from school and after doing all she needed to do, went down to where Max is.

“Hey, Max! Did something bad happened?” Yu’er was worried, seeing Max’s serious expression and not eating his food.

“Sis, I have something to tell you.” Max thought it’s now or never, forcing words to come out of his mouth.

“What is it?” She tilted her head, Yu’er was genuinely curious about what Max was going to tell her.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry for having sex with you while you’re asleep. Even though I don’t regret doing it, I still want you to know about everything that I’ve done.”

“I have multiple reasons why I did it but I don’t think that I should lie to you about it.”

Max looked down, clutching his fist waiting for the angry voice of his sister scolding him. But none of what he expected happened.

“Hahaha! Hahahaha!” Yu’er was holding her stomach laughing at her silly brother.

Max was confused not knowing why her sister was laughing and couldn’t help himself but ask,

“Why are you laughing? I’m serious about this!”

“Hahaha, silly brother, you’re so stupid! I already knew it as soon as I woke up that day!” Yu’er wiped the tears from laughing too much.

“What? How? I put everything back the way they are! There should be no way you would know that.”

“Haaa, Max you came in my mouth and it has a distinct taste, that why I knew, as there were no one but you at home!” Yu’er’s face turned hot after saying that.


Max never thought about that. He was so embarrassed that he was furiously blushing in shame. After a while of the awkward atmosphere, Max muttered,

“I’m so stupid! I didn’t think about that. But still, why aren’t you angry?”

“I don’t know, I want to hear your reasons first!” Yu’er looked at him with kindness in her eyes wanting to understand why he did all that.

At first, she was feeling weird as she completely didn’t expect Max to do that to her. She thought maybe he just hated her and did that for revenge.

Then, a few days later, her relationship with Max changed. She started to forget about it as it doesn’t matter anymore.

But now, it looked like there might be other reasons why he did that and she wanted to find out why.

Max looked straight down and slowly explained why he was doing that. He started from what happened on the first day, to his own thoughts and understanding about it, then moved on to what happened in the subsequent days.

While in the middle of explaining things about the system,


Max looked up to see his sister suddenly standing up, hitting the table with both her hands while looking at him with a face full of shock and happiness with tears flowing down her eyes.


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