Chapter 24 – Truth

Max was confused why was his sister crying. Did he say something wrong?

“ have a system?” Yu’er came close to him, looking straight to his eyes for confirmation.

“Yes, why?” Tilting his head, still having no idea why she was acting like that.

“You will get stronger? Get skills? and levels?” His sister further inquired.

“Yes! Not just that! I also get items! Those are really usef…”

Max was hugged by her sister that was crying louder and louder.

“Max! waah!”


Consoling his sister for a few minutes and his shirt completely soaked with his tears, Max asked worriedly,

“Why did you cry? Was it something I said?”

“You awakened Max! You have skills now!” Yu’er sobbed, still hugging him.

“What do you mean?” Max doesn’t really understand what his sister was saying.

“You have awakened! Our parents would be happy knowing that you have awakened!” Yu’er was smiling knowing that Max’s future with her will already be secured with him being an awakened.

“What? Explain it properly!” Max was getting impatient, feeling that they were not on the same page.

“There are awakened people in this world. The sign of being awakened are people who have skills. Those who are awakened are stronger than normal people. They have a longer lifespan too.” His sister smilingly explained.

“Wait! How did you know that? Wait, are you?” Max’s eyes widened seemingly understanding something.

“Yes! I’m an awakened and now you are too!” Yu’er went on to hug him tightly from happiness.

“Hold on a second! Can you explain how? Why did you not tell me?”

“Awakened people are people who have skills, that means they are dangerous people for those who don’t have skills. So they stay away from them or remove their memories in case an accident happened.”

“A lot of weak awakened or those who only have one skill, stay to live with normal people. There are also others who have two skills that remain in here.”

“But if they don’t want to, they can stay in the hidden city in the mountains. No one would be able to see them unless they have a talisman to bypass the illusion covering it.” Yu’er explained.

Max was slowly understanding it but still has some question to ask,

“Where are our parents? How do others have one skill and others have two?”

“Currently, three ranks are known. Those are Rank 1, Rank 2 and Rank 3. Each has an early, mid, late, peak phase.”

“Those people that are Rank 1 only has one skill. Rank 2’s have two skills and Rank 3’s have three.”

“There are also ranks higher than that but we don’t know much about them!” Yu’er explained properly wanting Max to learn the world he didn’t know of.

“So now that you have a system, what is your skill? Yu’er looked at Max in anticipation, hoping that he has a strong skill.

“My skills are…”

[He doesn’t have one yet!] Little Dou suddenly intruded on their conversation. Yu’er’s eyes went wide, she shakingly pointed at the small flying fairy and said,

“Wh..what is that?” Even though she knows a lot about awakened people, she never saw anything like this. Is that a fairy? Am I really seeing things? Is that some type of monster?

[I’m the System Fairy that guides Max! My name is Dou Dou, Max calls me Little Dou!] Little Dou looked cute hiding on Max’s head while introducing herself.

“She’s the one who was helping me with everything. She’s a good fairy, don’t be scared of her, sis.” Max added, making Little Dou blush hearing the words Max said for her. She felt something sweet inside her that she can’t explain.

Yu’er got herself back and remembered what she said, so she asked confusingly,

“What do you mean he doesn’t have a skill yet?”

Max also looked at Little Dou as clearly, she knows that he has quite a few skills that he bought from the Store.

[Max is still currently level 10, he hasn’t upgraded his system yet. So the ‘skills’ that he has on his system was just the weak ones. The skill he will get after upgrading will be a lot stronger!]


Little Dou told some information that she hasn’t told Max before because he was already introduced to the world of the awakened.

Yu’er already knows how the system works so she easily understood what Little Dou was saying,

“Little Dou, I can call you Little Dou too right?” After seeing Little Dou cutely nodding at her with her big green eyes, she thought, ‘so cute!’ and continued,

“How much points is needed for the system upgrade?” Max told her everything about the system except how much points were needed to buy the items.

[5000 Points for him to upgrade it!]


“How much does he have now?” Yu’er listened carefully, seriously calculating Max’s points for him. She was acting like a secretary, with her serious look that really amused Max.

[2000 Points!]


“So he only needed 3000 Points? How much does he get from having sex?”

Max also explained everything to her about having sex with other women, that was one of the reasons why Max was scared of her being angry.

[50 Points for kissing and groping
100 Points for a handjob
200 Points for a blowjob
200 Points for cumming in someone’s mouth
300 Points for cumming inside someone’s ass
400 Points for anal sex
400 Points for vaginal sex
400 Points for ejaculating inside a woman
400 Points for taking their virginity!
There are also special circumstances like stealing someone’s woman: Multiplier x2
and more depending on their identity!]


Yu’er was blushing badly hearing all sorts of vulgar words come out of Little Dou’s mouth. She was starting to regret asking, but Little Dou finished saying everything making her sigh in relief.

Max was foolishly smiling enjoying how his sister looked. He thought, ‘Maybe she would help me earning some points?’

But that’s not what he was most excited for. What he was thinking the most was that,

“After I upgrade my system, I will get a strong skill! I will dominate other people and have a lot of women!” Max instantly regretted shouting that. Now, his sister knew of his dream of wanting to have a lot of women.

Seeing Max looking uncomfortable, his sister smiled and said,

“It’s fine, Max. Awakened people have a different mentality than normal people. There are quite a few awakened that have a lot of women. Or the other way around.”

“But if you will have other women, I will be the first! That’s not debatable! Or…” Yu’er made a cutting motion, looking straight at his lower part.

“Yes! That’s what I planned to do my dear sis.” Max exaggeratedly nodded while being the happiest person inside. After his sister allowed him to have other women because he wouldn’t know what he would if she didn’t let him.

“Back to the main problem. Max, you only needed 3000 Points, why don’t I help you with it?”

Yu’er stood up looking at him seductively while shaking her hips slowly walking towards him. Max flaccid dick instantly stood up straight as both of their breathing sped up.


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