Chapter 5 – Lydia

Lydia, his hot girlfriend, was part of the swimming team. She has a long violet hair always tied in a ponytail, big lavender blue eyes, thin upturned nose and plump lips.

She usually wears a set of baggy hoodies and tight leggings to school. No one can really see how big her breasts are with those thick hoodies.

But, her ass! Her ass always looked so delicious with those tight leggings that she always wore! You can see her well-rounded ass wiggling while she walks down the hallway or the stairs.

Looking at her perfect ass that perfectly compliments her long fit legs always makes Max want to stop everything that he’s doing to stare at it as she passes by.

Max was always trying to control himself acting like he didn’t care so that no one would notice that he’s a pervert.

Good thing that a lot of guys stare at her back too, that allows Max to take some time to peek at her plump backside.

But everything got better when there was a swimming practice that was held in the school.

A lot of students went to watch as soon as the class ended because it was a chance to see the hot bodies of the seniors. There, they saw one of the most beautiful things in this world!

Lydia was wearing a dark coloured one-piece swimsuit that highlights her perfect curvy body.

Every one of them just looked at how hot she was with parts of her ass peeking out of her swimsuit.

Her large firm breasts protruding from her front and her big round butt at her back.

She looked like a goddess with her pale skin and curvaceous body. She’s with the other swimmers at the side of the pool.

They were laughing while bantering with each other.

‘Oh! I forgot to say that her older sister was also there. She was one of the hottest seniors at school. She looked exactly like an older and more mature version of Lydia.’

There were a lot of rumours about her. How she had sex with someone from the basketball team or how wild she gets when she’s drunk in parties.

‘She doesn’t look to have any boyfriend right now, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to make her one of my ‘friends’ too. She can help me expand my connections to the hot seniors. But that’s for later.’

While looking at their wet tight swimsuits, Max felt that his dick got harder and harder seeing their bodies in swimsuits that barely covered their bodies. Especially her smile that makes her look like a goddess, made him imagine fucking her in her swimsuit.

A lot of people are taking their pictures. Max doesn’t really know what they’re going to use it for. He then also went to the side and took a lot of pictures of their hot bodies for his collection.

The night that day, Max exploded while looking at the hot bodies in the picture that he took.

‘Lydia was supposed to be our classmate in Class B, but she stopped swimming last year in middle school. She only joined again this school year, so she only got in class C. I don’t know, maybe there’s a limit and there were already too many people in here? ‘

Thinking back about the past, her body and her looks, made his dick hard.

‘I can’t afford to fail this time so that I can taste that body I’ve been dreaming for so long. I also have to make sure nothing goes wrong. Then I’ll have my way with her! And enjoy her body until I get tired!’

‘How should I start my plan anyway? My idea was to use the Face Mask to change my appearance into Dex, approach her privately in some way, then ask her to come to the abandoned clinic that’s in the gym that isn’t being used unless there’s some major swimming competition.’

‘The door should be locked too. So it would be the perfect place as long as I find a way to open it because no one will go there especially after class.’

‘But the problem is, the keys are inside the teacher’s office. Should I try to lock pick it then lock ourselves inside so that no one would disturb us?’

‘It’s already afternoon, if we do it today, we might stay until late at night. It’s a good thing that there’s no glass window on the door that anyone can peek from outside. They usually just leave the door open when the clinic is being used.’

‘There were two rooms inside. The outer room for the table that the nurse uses and the inner room with a bed. So if I managed to get in, I will just lock the door for the outside and leave the lights closed. Then I can open the lights in the inner room and close the inner door.’

‘That way, no one would definitely disturb us and we can have some ‘fun’ time for ourselves. It’s funny knowing that I’m here planning about everything, thinking about what to do and Lydia not having the slightest bit of idea what will happen to her later.’

There were only a few minutes until the class starts. So Max went out of the locker room to go to the gym. There was already a lot of class B and C students waiting in there.

While Max was sitting waiting for the class to start, he saw Lydia and her friends come out of the girl’s locker room.

‘I don’t really know what to say seeing how she looks.’

She was wearing a small white shirt and tight bloomers that doesn’t even cover her long smooth legs. You can clearly see the shape of her ass as it wiggles while she walks.

The thought of playing with this perfect body later after class gave him a hard boner. He had to fix the direction his dick was pointing to, to not make it noticeable.

‘I can’t wait about what’s going to happen later!’

‘I’m so tired…’

They played volleyball for more than an hour. Currently, Max is in the locker room trying to change as fast as possible.

‘I need to finish early to have the time to open the locked door in the clinic, then wait for her to come out after she finished showering. I still have about 30 minutes, probably.’

‘I’ve just realised a problem! I can use the Face Mask to ask her to meet me in the abandoned clinic but do I have to pretend to be Dex while having sex with her?’

‘That’s not possible. If she thinks that she had sex with Dex, she would probably get more closer to him in the future. Since she would think that their relationship went to the next level.’

‘I can’t let that happen! She’s going to be my first ‘friend’. What should I do? Think!’

‘Oh! I’ve thought of a great idea!’

“Hahaha! This is so evil! I like it!”

Max couldn’t help but say out loud. He could just use the Face Mask to change into Dex once and ask her to go to the clinic on the first floor that no one uses.

Before that, he should put the aphrodisiac powder in his mouth then give her a deep juicy French Kiss!

‘Wait. If I put the aphrodisiac powder in my mouth, would that make me horny too?’

“Fairy, would the Aphrodisiac Powder work on me if I put it in my mouth?”

He tried asking quietly to not look like a weirdo in the locker room.

[No! Since you bought it from the Store, it won’t affect you! The System made it so that the positive effects of everything you can buy from the store will work on you. But all the negative effects won’t work, as a precautionary measure made by the System. In case something backfires after you do something stupid!] answered the flying Fairy after appearing near his shoulder.

“That’s perfect! By the way, give me the Face Mask and Aphrodisiac Powder!”

After that, Max went out of the locker room and went down straight to the clinic.

After he went down, he saw Dex and his friends going back to the school building on the other side! Maybe they were going to the cafeteria like they usually do after class!


‘After you go back, your hot girlfriend will be gone!’ He then went on to check the lock as soon as he arrived.

‘Great! It’s the most basic doorknob that you can pick in a few seconds.’

He went to get a paper clip from his bag and changed its shape as how he learned it from a video in the past.

Max then tried to pick the lock for a few seconds while turning the doorknob at the same time.



After Max opened the door, he checked the rooms inside.

‘It’s quite clean, I think the last time they used this was 2 weeks ago.’

He went to look at the bed and saw that it’s a queen bed. It makes sense since most athletes that use this clinic have large builds.

‘The only problem here is the white sheets of the bed. I should put something on top of it so that it won’t get dirtied. I still want to use this place next time!’

He went through the cabinets and saw multiple towels stacked on each other. Then, he spread it all over on top of the bed so that it’ll be easier to clean up later. He didn’t forget to put his bag in a cabinet.

Everything’s ready! Max left the lights in the inner room open, closed the lights in the outer room then closed the door outside.

Looking at the few lockers outside the clinic, he pushed one to the front of the door, halfway covering it.

‘Just to be sure that no one will interfere with our time later!’

Before going up, Max used the Face Mask and change his appearance to look like Dex. Then he went back up the gym, sat in a dark spot close to the women’s room to wait for Lydia to come out!

After a few minutes, he saw Lydia coming out alone, she was wearing a white shirt and a pair of sport shorts while carrying a duffle bag.

‘Her body looked so good! I can’t wait to touch her!’

‘It seems like she does have a plan to go with Dex somewhere because she usually hangs out with her friends after class. Well, you’re not going with Dex anymore!’

He put the Aphrodisiac Powder in his mouth and crushed it to bits then went up to her and said,

“Lydia, here!”

She looked at me going up to her.

‘Ha! She really thought I was Dex.’

In excitement, he wasn’t able to stop himself and pull her close to kiss her juicy lips.

Max felt her body froze up as she didn’t know what to do. He put his hand around her neck to stop her head from moving backwards.

After some time, she surprisingly responded to his kiss! His dick immediately became hard as it’s his first time getting kissed by a girl, a hot one at that! Max then used his other hand to gently caress her back.

When he thought she was ready for more, Max used his tongue to pry open her mouth pushing it deeper to play with her tongue while enjoying her sweet taste.

She was probably starting to feel the effects of the aphrodisiac when she tried to kiss him fiercer, using her tongue and coiling it around his. He grabbed her gently and pulled her closer to him.

Feeling her big breasts pushing against his chest.

‘Her entire body felt so soft!’

Max then moved his hand down to her waist then slowly slid it lower until he reached her round ass.

‘It felt so good! The ass that I’ve been wanting for a long time is in my hand!’

Max grabbed her firm round ass and played with it with his hand. It was so big and so soft that he can change the shape of it every time he grabbed it harder!

After a few minutes of enjoying her lips and ass. She was already breathing heavily and Max was also so hard because of her skin continuously rubbing against his dick.

‘I wanted to fuck her right now!’

Max suddenly thought of a potential problem for the future!

‘No! I need to fix this right now!’

He decided to improvise and change a few of his plans. So he said,

“Meet me outside of the building! I just have to get my stuff!” and turned his back on her.

While saying that, Max hurriedly called out in his head,

‘Fairy, do I get any points for that?’

After saying that to Lydia, he also started counting down in his head,
’30, 29, 28, …’

[For kissing and groping someone else’s girlfriend, you get 100 points!] announced the Fairy.

‘Open the Store!’

[Store] Current Points: 300

Weakness Reader – Read a girl’s mind to learn their weakness. (can only be used twice a day) 500 Points

Time Stop (Weak Version) – Stop time for 30 seconds. (can only be used twice a day) 1000 Points

Face Mask – You can change your appearance to look like someone else for 1 hour. (one use) 200 Points

Aphrodisiac Powder – Can be put into food or drinks that will make a girl horny for 1 hour. 200 Points

Sleeping Serum – Make a girl fall into a deep sleep for 1 hour after drinking. 100 Points

|NEW!| Memory Wipe – Wipe the past 30 seconds of memories. (one-time use) 300 Points

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points

‘I still have 200 Points I didn’t use last time and I got 100 Points this time. So I have a total of 300 Points!’

‘Buy the Memory Wipe!’ Max said in his head, not wasting any second.
’27, 26, 25, …’

Before Lydia responds, he turned back to face her and hurriedly added,

“Wait, I’ll get it later. Let’s go!” And pulled her hand.

’21, 20, 19, …’

Max hurriedly pulled her down the stairs, with her not knowing what to do but still following him.

’18, 17, 16, …’

When we reached outside of the clinic, Max told her while smiling lustfully,

“We’re here! No one will disturb us here!”

’10, 9, 8, …’

Max asked her to get inside. After getting in, he said,

“Wait, sit on the bed and close your eyes!”

‘5, 4, 3, …’

After she did what he asked, Max went in front of her and…

‘2, 1, 0’

‘Memory Wipe!’

He hurriedly ran out of the room! After going out of the room and went to hide around the corner, Max removed his Face Mask and thought,


A while ago, Max told her to wait for him outside the building because he has to get his stuff.

After that, Max started counting down 30 seconds in his head. Max then told her that he’ll just get it later and asked her to go with him now. Pulling her hand and hurriedly went down the stairs.

Max led her straight to the clinic then asked her to sit on the bed and close her eyes.

All of that in 30 seconds!

Then he used Memory Wipe to make her forget everything that happened in the last 30 seconds.

So the only thing she knows is that Dex asked her to wait outside the building but she wasn’t able to go because she’s suddenly found herself in the clinic not recalling why, feeling very horny, wanting to relieve herself!

‘I’m a genius! I stopped the future problem that might happen because if Dex walked her to the clinic and I ended up having sex with her. She would start to think why did Dex leave her there and where did he go? A lot of problems would then start from that.’

‘Now, she clearly remembers Dex asking her to wait outside the building and she’s the one who wasn’t able to go!’

‘Now for my final prize!’

Max slowly walk his way back to the clinic…


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