Chapter 6 – Lydia (R-18)

While walking his back, Max thought of how he should approach Lydia.

‘We came from the same middle school but I never once talked to her. More like, I never tried to talk to anyone. I just go straight home right after school. I mean, my computer was pretty much better than any friends at school!’

‘Everything will start to change now that I’ve got a lot of things planned in my mind! I will do a lot more things at school! I’m just getting started!’

‘Back to the main problem, how should I approach her that won’t make her suspect me in any way? I still want to be closer to her in the future. I also planned to have her be a part of my future group of ‘friends’!’

‘What should I do? What would my reason be for going to the clinic that no one really goes to?’

‘Oh! I think if she asked I’ll just tell her that I left something in the locker room and as I went in the building, going up the stairs, I saw her slowly walking towards the clinic area.’

‘Since there were only lockers and a closed clinic in there, I got really confused as to why someone would go there.’

‘After getting my stuff upstairs, I walked towards where I saw she went. I carefully looked everywhere and wasn’t able to see anything so I went to the clinic and saw that the door was half opened but the lights were closed.’

‘Before closing the door, I peeked inside the clinic to see if someone is in there. Then I saw that there were lights opened inside so I went in to take a look!’

‘This is good! That’s a perfectly logical excuse to tell her if she asked. So what should I do after going in? I need to give her a good first impression! I can’t make it look like I’m taking advantage of her.’

‘That’s right! I should pretend to be concerned about her. Ask her if she’s not feeling well.’

‘With her current situation, she probably can’t stand properly. I can try to ‘help’ her to stimulate her more! Her body would be very sensitive right now. I only need to tempt her to initiate a kiss or something so that in the future, she would always remember that she’s the one who started it!’

‘Let’s do this!’

While Max continued walking back to the clinic, a few minutes have passed since Lydia was left alone inside.

‘It’s time!’ He thought as he reached the door.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?”

Max slowly opened the door and peeked in. After a few seconds, he went inside pretending to look everywhere. He then turned to the inner room and asked,

“Is someone there?”


Max heard Lydia moaning inside! His dick was starting to rise up in excitement as he was close to fucking her. Max went towards the inner door and slowly pushed it open making quite some noise for her to notice him.

Max peeked his head inside and saw Lydia sitting on the bed, her back leaned against the wall, looking at him with her face red from being aroused.

‘Just as I thought! She looked to be touching herself on top of her shorts before I arrived’


Max acted surprised to see that there was someone inside.

“You, why are you here?”

“Why are you so red?

“Are you sick?” Max asked while slowly walking towards her. Lydia’s mouth moved slightly so he assumed that she was close to speaking with him.

‘Just a little more!’

After getting close to her, Max acted concerned and said,

“Hey, you’re sick? This clinic isn’t being used. We should go to the clinic in the other building!”

Max grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her up. He then added,

“Can you move? Here, I’ll help you!”

Max went on to put Lydia’s arm around his neck and sneakily slid his hand on her thin waist, squeezing it slightly.

“N…no, I..Im fine!”

Lydia said with a weak voice while stuttering. Max thought that she was getting stimulated with the feeling of his hand on her waists. Then he pulled her closer to him that made the side of her breasts rub against his chest.

“Don’t worry, I can carry you! You’re sick just wait till we get to the clinic. It isn’t very far!”

Max tightened his hold on her waist making her lean against him. He can feel her breasts getting squished in his chest.


‘She probably can’t hold back herself much longer. I just need to wait for a few moments and she’ll give in. I mean, I don’t really have the best looks but I still have good genes, just like my sister!’

Max has short wavy red hair, blue eyes the same as his sister’s. Thin pointy nose and smooth white skin. Most of the time, Max looked really average because of the poor condition his in and him not caring about it at all.

But these past few days, Max has been slowly improving in every way possible! So he only needed to tempt her a little bit more to make her give in!

While pulling her close to him and still feeling her breast rub against him, Max started walking towards the door holding her tight waist, making her more aroused. Hearing her hold her moans beside his ear, Lydia started to touch his chest while facing him as she walks.

After a few steps, Lydia’s seemingly apparent moves are getting bolder and bolder. She started hugging him tightly.

‘Maybe, she’s just feeling really weak in her legs?’

Max turned to face her, trying to see how she looks. He saw Lydia’s face full of lust, looking back at him.

‘It looks like she can’t hold it back anymore!’

Lydia then suddenly leaned her head to initiate a kiss. Max, who had been waiting for this, didn’t try to dodge as she was already holding him tightly.

Her lips met his. It seems that she stopped holding herself back anymore. Lydia was hugging and touching him all over at the same time, kissing him fiercely.

‘Now that she’s the one who started it, I can now go do whatever I want!’

Max kissed Lydia back then slowly inserted his tongue in her mouth.

Max wrapped both of his arms around Lydia’s waist and stuck her body against his. Then, he moved one of his hands to explore her back, touching her smooth skin and enjoying her warmth.

After that, Max slowly slid his other hand to her big round butt.

Max continued kissing her, intertwining his tongue with hers while roughly groping her ass. Her ass felt so good with his hands playing with it!

Lydia looked like she was enjoying everything as she was sticking her body against his and kissing him passionately.

After some time passed, Max pulled up her shirt to remove it, revealing her bountiful breasts in front of him. He also untied Lydia’s ponytail, making her look even more beautiful.

Not being able to hold himself back, Max pushed Lydia down to the bed and went on top of her. He opened her legs and positioned himself in the middle, comfortably laying on top of her.

He sucked her sweet lips and slowly went downwards to her neck, giving it a fair amount of love by kissing it.

Max went downwards from kissing Lydia all over her collarbone then to her breasts, sucking her nipples and cupping her soft breasts with his hand.


Lydia started letting out moans when he started sucking her nipples and fondling her breasts. While that was happening, his hard dick was starting to get uncomfortable in his shorts.

Feeling her hot mound below, Max started to dry hump Lydia, enjoying her moans each time he moved.

Max continued humping her harder and faster, making her moan louder and louder! Lydia was so horny that Max continued doing it to make her cum. It didn’t take long for him to hear her say,

“S…Something’s coming!”

Lydia’s body twitched as she came, before becoming limp.

‘Now that she’s done, it’s finally my turn to enjoy myself!’

Max stopped playing with her breasts then pulled her shorts and panties down to remove it.

He finally saw her clean shaved pussy, it was so wet, overflowing with juices! Max took a long whiff at her sweet smelling pussy.

‘It smells so good!’

Then, he went to lick Lydia’s sensitive swollen pussy lips that made her gave out a loud moan.

Max used his fingers to spread open her lips and stuck his tongue in her small wet hole.

“Ahh” “Ahhh”

Lydia cried out louder and louder as he licked and kissed her inner labia. Then, he inserted a finger in her overflowing pussy and sucked her clit.

‘Feeling her tight warm tunnel sucking my finger makes my dick more excited. I want to pierce her virgin pussy now!’

So Max added another finger inside to finish this. He sucked Lydia’s clit harder while thrusting his finger deeper inside her! Making her moan,

“Ahh! I’m coming!”

Max felt Lydia’s walls twitch continuously making her passage tighter. He stopped touching her and went on to the main dish.

Max removed his clothes and kneeled between her legs. He looked at Lydia’s whole body with his hard dick pointing towards the ceiling.

Max rubbed his dick on Lydia’s sensitive pussy while leaning in to kiss her. He kissed her lips, at the same time looking at her eyes. Max rubbed his dick harder against her pussy, making her moan! Max wanted Lydia to give him a signal so that later, he can say that she wanted to do it too.

Coiled his tongue against hers, played with her breasts while teasing her sensitive pussy with his dick oozing with pre-cum.

Lydia’s eyes showed me a begging look while breathing heavily on his face. Max continued teasing her, not give her any attention.

Lydia then couldn’t stop herself anymore and said,

“Fuck me now!”

‘That’s all I needed to hear!’

Max hurriedly pointed his dick to her wet hole and slowly pushed it deeper.

‘Ah! It feels so tight!’
When Max felt a resistance, Lydia winced. He stopped pushing his dick and kissed her deeply.

After Lydia relaxed, Max pushed with all his might. He felt his dick piercing through her hymen.


Lydia cried out in pain before hugging him with both her arms, her nails scratching his back. Max almost came after piercing Lydia below, her warm and tight walls around his dick felt so pleasurable!

‘Turn the Child Making Mode off!’

‘Now I can let it out inside her whenever I want!’

Max wiped Lydia’s tears and kissed her passionately. After a while, he slowly started moving his dick. Lydia was still in some pain, hearing her cry every time he moves.

But, Max didn’t stop as he was feeling so good moving inside her! Lydia’s pussy that was overflowing with juices gave out watery noises every time he thrust in.

As Max was thrusting and kissing Lydia’s neck, she started moaning loudly. Lydia wrapped her legs around his waist and coordinated her movements with him.

Max also started to feel himself coming close so he started to thrust deeper and faster.

“Mmhm” “Mmhm” “Mmhm”

Lydia’s soft moans were so hot making him closer and closer to cumming. Very slowly, Max slid his hand from her thighs on to her ass and fully grabbing it while thrusting his dick deeper inside her. The other hand playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples.

Max then moved in to kiss Lydia, letting out a groan while exploding inside her pussy, filling her completely with his cum!

Lydia also cried out loudly in pleasure, coming at the same time with him.

Feeling Lydia’s wet pussy tighten against his dick, milking him of his seed, made him come a lot more inside her!

‘Kissing Lydia while letting it out inside her felt so good! It felt like she was completely mine!’

Lydia fainted right after reaching her peak probably because of the Aphrodisiac Powder heightening the pleasure she’s feeling. She also held herself back for so long that made her orgasm feel even more pleasurable!


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