Chapter 8 – New Missions

[New Missions available!]

Max immediately got up in surprise.

‘Missions! There are new Missions!’

“Fairy, open my Status page!”

[Max] [Level: 4][3800/4000 Lifetime Points] [Points: 0] [Skills] – Lust Meter (Passive)
– Child Making Mode (OFF)
– Sexual Aura (Passive)
[Missions] Mission 1: Have a stranger give you a blowjob! Reward: 500 Points
Mission 2: Have sex with a married woman! Reward: 2000 Points
Mission 3: Have sex with five women within a week! Reward: 10000 Points
Mission 4: Take five women’s virginity! Reward: 12000 Points
[Store] [Women Conquered] _________________________

‘Five women in a week?! Is that even possible? If I tried to force myself on them with Aphrodisiac Powder, I can probably do it. But that’s a very stupid idea because they will see my face! I don’t want to invite trouble to myself. I also don’t have any Points for Face Masks right now.’

‘Completing Mission 1 and 2 will be easy. I just have to make full use of my Sexual Aura and Lust Meter. But, who should I use it to?’

‘I guess I really need to stick by my earlier plan. I’ll just go to the popular mall in the neighbouring city after class tomorrow.’

Looking at the Missions panel, Max thought,

‘Getting a blowjob would not be that hard but having sex with a married woman can be a bit tricky.’

‘Where should I find a hot married woman anyway? Most married women are old or just have a plain appearance.’

‘Where do I find one? Hmm? Wasn’t our neighbour a married woman? I’m not really sure about that, it’s been so long since I last saw her.’

‘She was my mother’s friend and they met each other because they were our neighbour. I can’t clearly remember if she already married or just got married. But I seem to recall that there was a celebration that happened. Just as you guessed, I didn’t join them going there!’

‘I’ll just confirm it next time, no need to waste time thinking over this. The fourth Mission will be the hardest for me. I will never have sex with ugly women! Finding five hot virgins will also be very very hard.’

‘Now that I think about it. How would I even know if they’re virgins? It’s a good thing that there’s no time limit in completing it. I can just take my time to finish it in the future!’

‘Having sex with five women in a week? The rewards are really generous for this. I should at least try my best to complete it. That’s a whole 10000 Points! Other missions can wait since they have no time limits. The only problem is that this needs to be completed within a week!’

‘Thinking about it more, who should I even have sex with? I only have two experiences so far! These Missions are really merciless, pressuring me like this.’

‘I should definitely have sex with my sister again and at the same time, try to make a move on Lydia within this week! I’ll take everything that I can get! Time is ticking.’

‘That left me with three more women. I need to somehow find some women to have sex with tomorrow! But I can’t really just pick anyone. I want to pick those that I want to have for myself! I’m not the type of person to let my women go! There’s no way I’m going to share them with other people either! That reminds me,’

“Fairy, do you have something that can stop my women to be with other guys? I will have a lot of women in the future. I don’t want to share them with others!”

[Yes! In your Status Page, there’s a section that says ‘Women Conquered’. After having sex three different times with the same woman, she will be added to the ‘Women Conquered’ section.] [In there, you will see their Loyalty Meter, with 0 being deceitful and untrustworthy. And 100, meaning they would have an ultimate trust for you! At that time, you can trust them with anything you need to do!] [There will also be an item from the Store called ‘Wish Card’ when you reach level 5. You can use it to specifically wish for things you need for a price.] [After that, the item you wished for will permanently be available at the Store. But it doesn’t mean you would be able to afford it so be careful of what you wish! Don’t let greed blind you.]

‘I see. This Fairy is getting better and better at explaining things! She even started giving out extra information. Should I thank her somehow? Should I give her a name? She can be a good assistant! If only I can upgrade her.’

‘Wish Card? No! Stop these pointless thoughts! I’ll think about these things in the future. It’s getting late. I’ll just continue to think about my plans tomorrow.’

In the morning, the same things happened. Then Max went to school. He tried changing his route to the route Lydia should be using, hoping that he can see her.

After turning around the corner, Max saw Lydia walking, a few meters away from their house. She was still wearing her signature baggy hoody and black tight leggings. The only thing you can see from the back is her big butt and long slender legs.

Max immediately run after her shouting,

“Hey! Wait!”

Lydia stopped walking and looked back. She continued looking at Max, probably not knowing what to do. After reaching her, Max said,

“I tried changing my route to school and saw you walking. Let’s go together then!’

Max then led her to start walking to school. Lydia never replied but still walked with him. Lydia might just be shy to people that she isn’t close to. Max always sees her at school talking and laughing with her friends.

‘All of them are girls, maybe she’s not used to speaking with guys?’

Max suddenly thought of a good idea! He tried activating his Lust Meter.

[Lydia: 14]

’14? That’s not even close! The Fairy said that 100 is the highest it can be and 0 is the lowest. She’s at 14 right now.’

Max then started activating his Sexual Aura.

[Lydia: 14]

A minute has passed and it still didn’t go up.

‘Fairy, why is this not working?’

[It is working. But currently, you only have the Sexual Aura(Weak Version). It would take two hours for the targeted person’s Lust Meter to go from 0 to 100. That means you can increase it by one point every 1.2 minutes or 75 seconds.] [Lydia: 15] …
‘This is useless then. Wait! I remember it saying that physical contact doubles the effects! That would make it 0 to 100 in an hour!’

‘I would still not able to use it right now though since I can’t really get in contact with her. Hmm. Hmm?’

‘Wait! Maybe it won’t be that useless. Her Lust Meter was at 14 a while ago, now it was at 16. That pretty much means that she felt better now than a few minutes ago!’

‘There are still about five minutes before we reach the school. I can probably take advantage of this!’

So he started talking to Lydia,

“If you weren’t in Class C, we would’ve been classmates.”

Lydia then nodded and surprisingly responded,

“I didn’t get to join the swimming team last year, that’s why.”

“Why didn’t you join anyway?”

“I tried but I didn’t meet the standards. They were also full that I wasn’t able to join even as a substitute.”

“Was their standards too high?”

Lydia shook her head and slowly said,

“No, it’s just that I didn’t get much practice over the summer. The pool at school isn’t available in the summer.”

Max blinked his eyes and thought about it. He then suggested,

“Why don’t you just come over our house sometimes? We have a massive pool in our yard.”

‘It’s true we have a massive pool! That’s why my sister’s friends often come over our house over the summer. Trust me, I know! I’ve always waited and secretly watched over them. Hot bodies and wet tight bikinis, I still can’t forget it!’

After hearing that, Lydia’s eyes brightened. She looked happy, she must have really liked swimming.

“I’ll go. But can my big sister come with me?”

“Yeah, it’s fine! Just tell me on Friday whether you’re going the next day.”

“Okay. I will.”

‘2 in 1? I’m finally going to meet her hot sister! I’ve also successfully invited her to my house! This is the start of our blooming relationship!’

After that, they arrived at school. They said their goodbyes, Lydia went to her locker and Max went straight to his classroom.

‘*sigh* Another boring day.’


The bell rung signalling that class has ended. Max immediately went to the train station. Since many people use it to go to school, many people would also use it to go home.

Students only have about fifteen minutes to board the train or they will have to wait for the next one a few hours later.

After Max got to the train station, he has a choice to choose between a private cabin or to just sit on the train as what most people do. The students usually just sit or stand because their stop was only a few minutes away.

Max was going to the neighbouring city. It would take him about an hour to reach there because of the few stops the train does to load and unload passengers.

Then he saw someone familiar. It was Tilly! She was one of the big sisters of his sister’s friend. She always comes with them to play in their pool in the summer. She was also one of the hottest girls in their group!

Tilly has long blue hair, big green eyes and pouty lips. Her proportions are also near perfect with her big firm breasts, thin waists, a smooth stomach and long shapely legs. She was so hot wearing those tiny bikinis. She doesn’t even bother covering her ass!

When she walks around their house wearing a plain white shirt and a pair of black panties, Max always got a hard-on seeing her.

Her mature body and feminine voice made it even better.

Max heard that she was currently working as the Principal’s Secretary in the neighbouring Sixth High. Their Principal was also said to be young and beautiful but has a serious attitude. But that’s for later.

As he was looking at her, Max already started to use his Sexual Aura on her.

‘I’m not going to let this pass!’

Max saw her buying a ticket for the private cabin so he quickly used the money that he saved to buy a ticket.

‘I need to earn some more money!’

[Tilly: 25]

Max followed her inside the train. After he saw Tilly go in the farthest room, he waited for a few minutes while standing outside the door then went in.

The private cabins usually have two seats that can be converted into a bed. If you want to have the room for yourself, you should buy both of the seats.

After going in, Max pretended to not notice her and put his things on the bed. Then he heard,


He then looked at Tilly acting surprised and said,

“Hmm? Tilly?”

“What are the odds of us meeting here. This is the female’s cabin!”


Max was so focused on her, he didn’t notice any sign that this was a female only cabin. Seeing his confused face, Tilly smilingly said,

“Don’t mind it. Just cover the window at the door.”

Max quickly went to the door and slid down the cover. Now no one can see what’s happening inside, he also didn’t forget to lock the door.

‘Many people don’t want their nap to be disturbed!’

After going back to his bed, Max checked Tilly with the Lust Meter.

[Tilly: 30]

The train then started moving. After a few moments, Tilly went to sit next to him on his bed, and said,

“Are you going to sleep?”

“No, why?”

“I’m bored. Let’s play a game then!”


Max agreed while waiting for Tilly’s Lust Meter to get higher. Also, because of the small space on the bed, their legs were touching. Physical contact doubles the effects! While waiting, Max then thought of a fun game!

[Tilly: 32]

“What do you want to play?” Tilly asked.

“Let’s play Truth or Dare. with some extra rules!”

“What are the rules then?”

“If you chose Truth, you would have to choose Dare next. When you don’t want to answer, you would have to choose Dare twice!”

“Sure, but you go first!”

Tilly immediately agreed! They still have over an hour before they arrive and as Max was waiting for the Sexual Aura to do its work, they continued,


“Who do you like right now?”

“I like you.”

Max answered looking straight to her eyes, trying to see what her reaction will be. But Tilly only shrugged it off and gave him a hard glare while saying,

“That’s not fair! You lied!”

“I still answered it! Your turn.”


“How did your first time felt?”

Tilly then turned really red and said while still faintly smiling,

“You’re really pushing it! No first time yet. Your turn now, choose.”

Tilly already graduated and started working. Max never expected that she was still a virgin!

After playing for some time,

[Tilly: 55]

Tilly started breathing heavily with her face flushing red. She’s currently massaging his back behind him because of the dare Max asked.

‘She’s should be starting to feel hot right now, looking at her Lust Meter rise up faster than what I’ve expected.’

Not being able to hold himself back from her touching his back sensually, Max turned and pushed Tilly against the wall. He then spread her legs open to get closer to her, resulting in her skirt being pushed up. Max hold her head firmly and put his lips on hers.

[Tilly: 60] [Tilly: 62] [Tilly: 70]

Tilly tried moving to the side but Max didn’t let her, seeing her lust rapidly rise up. Max kissed and sucked her pouty lips, branding it as his.

After Tilly started getting turned on with her breathing becoming heavier, Max moved on to the next step.


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