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Queen Bee (2)


My first thought when I saw the cloud of bees rushing towards us was ‘Fuck!’

Seeing an uncountable number of bees flying towards you was enough to scare even the bravest man, and it was worse as a few seconds ago Sylvia told me that the sting of two or three of these bees was enough to kill me.

But contrary to my nervousness, Sylvia was completely calm. In fact, she even had a small smile on her face.

With a thought, the threads that she was controlling were filled with mana, then, she willed them to move towards the yellow cloud.

It was as though several blades cut the cloud into two. In an instant, hundreds of bees were killed, creating several lines on the cloud!

But the bees were unbothered by it. Without caring about their fallen comrades, they continued flying towards us.

In less than two seconds, they closed the distance between us and attacked crazily.

Sylvia continued controlling the threads to kill the bees, stopping them from reaching us. But more bees took the place of the bees she killed and continued attacking us.

The cloud of bees was really scary from up close. The only reason I did not panic was that I did not want to look like a coward in front of the beautiful girl in front of me; but actually, my back was filled with cold sweat from the nervousness.

Until now, Sylvia had managed to use her threads to stop the bees, however, killing the uncountable number of bees in front of us seemed unrealistic.

However, Sylvia’s next action made me understand the true heights of her power.

With a calm expression, she raised her hands, then, she opened her small lips with a beautiful smile.

“[Change Propierties: Fire].”

As soon as her words finished, the place lit up brilliantly.

Her threads had transformed into gigantic snakes of fire that attacked the bees!


Shrieks of pain could be heard among the buzzing sounds of the bees, and countless insects were burned in seconds, turning into ash. The fire was like an eraser wiping out the cloud of bees quickly!

Witnessing such a display of power made me agape. This… This was definitively not a power that a Tier 5 should be able to wield.

This girl… She was definitively much stronger than that!

Bees after bees were burned to ashes. Sylvia had asked me to kill the bees that broke through her defenses, but actually, no bee managed to fly closer than twenty meters to us.

The burning flames were so powerful that no bee was able to survive them!

The bees also seemed to be aware of the situation, so they quickly retreated to avoid the flames. However, Sylvia did not plan to stop now that she had the advantage. Instead, she increased the power of her flames!

But at that moment.


An extremely sharp buzzing sound filled the place.

The sound was so sharp that it hurt my ears. Moreover, somehow, it extinguished the flames completely, making Sylvia frown.

All of sudden, I felt something pricking my mind.

“Ugh!” My expression changed. Instinctively, I blocked my ears and crouched down to endure the torturous pain assaulting my mind.

Sylvia, on the other hand, only furrowed her brows. She looked in the direction of the bees, only to see a bigger, golden-colored, bee looking at her angrily.

“The queen.” The beautiful girl muttered

As though understanding her words, the queen buzzed. Then, a sound even more intense than the previous one attacked us!

Sylvia moved her hands quickly. In an instant, her threads surrounded us, creating a mana barrier around us.

But as soon as the buzzing sound reached us, the barrier started to shake intensely as though it was about to break.

At the same time, the rest of the bees attacked again!

“Troublesome,” Sylvia muttered with a frown as she brushed her whitish-blue hair that had been messed up by the queen’s previous attack.

But despite the situation, her voice was just as calm as before.

Curving her lips slightly upwards, she waved her hand.


Immediately, one of the threads flew towards the Queen!


The queen bee reacted instantly. It flew with astonishing agility to evade Sylvia’s attack. At the same time, it continued releasing soundwaves in an attempt to break Sylvia’s barrier.

But it was not the end. While the queen was attacking, the rest of the bees were flying towards us.

In fact, some of them had already reached us and were trying to pierce the barrier.

I became slightly nervous. I was not sure that Sylvia’s barrier could stop the attacks of so many bees.

Just then, Sylvia spoke up to me.

“Hey, do you think you can protect me from the bees for a while?”

“Huh?” I was startled.

“You see, I want to kill that queen, but it will be a bit hard to do if I’m stopping the other bees at the same time. But if you can protect me for a while, I can do it.”

“… How long?” I asked hesitatingly.

Sylvia thought for an instant before replying.

“Three seconds.”

I was surprised. When she said a while, I was expecting one or two minutes.

I was not sure if I could resist that long, but if it was just three seconds, I had an idea.

It was slightly embarrassing, but it should world.

Putting on a determined expression, I spoke up.

“Leave it to me,” I then was going to explain my strategy to her. But before I could, Sylvia grinned.

“Now!” She shouted. Immediately, the barrier disappeared as her threads flew towards the queen!

The queen screeched and avoided the attacks. At the same time, the bees around the barrier surged towards us!

I was dumbfounded. This girl! Can’t you wait for a bit!?

I gulped a mouthful of saliva seeing so many insects flying towards us. However, I knew that now was not the time to hesitate.

When the bees were about to reach us, I rushed towards Sylvia and hugged her!


Ignoring the surprised girl, I closed my eyes and focused on the seed in my abdomen, using my thoughts to activate it.

Then, I opened my eyes again.

“[Lightning Seed]!” I bellowed.

Immediately, lightning surged out of my body.

Arc after arc of lightning appeared around me like slithering snakes, protecting me and the girl in my arms.

I found it a bit hard to stop the lightning from harming Sylvia, but somehow, I managed to do it. Although I was not sure how long I could keep it.

In the next second–

*Crackle! Buzz! Crackle!*

Buzzing and burning sounds appeared as the bees around us were struck by the lightning, killed instantly!

Fortunately, the bees were not very strong, so they could not endure my lightning. But even so, just the sheer number of bees would consume all the lightning in the seed in seconds.

Aware of the gravity of the situation, I looked at the stunned girl in my arms and shouted.

“Hurry up! I can’t keep it for long!”

Sylvia was startled and nodded. With a slight blush in her cheeks, she controlled her threads.

“[Change Property: Force]!” She shouted. Immediately, the threads surrounded the queen, creating a barrier with the queen inside.

Then, with a thought, the barrier started to shrink.


The queen panicked. It attacked the barrier fiercely releasing sonic waves once and again, but its power could not be compared to Sylvia’s.

“You are mine.” The girl said with gritted teeth, and then, she clenched her fists.

In the next second–


The bee was crushed into insect paste.

I looked at that scene astounded, but then, I hear a bone-chilling voice in my ear.

“How long do you plan to hug me?”

With a smile on her face, Sylvia looked at me.

Then, flames filled our surroundings and killed all the bees nearby.

… Scary.


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