Why Are My Skills So Weird 6

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Armageddon (1)


When I opened my eyes again, I was in an unknown place.

It was a strange place, filled with darkness that covered everything. There was not the slightest trace of light nearby.

Strangely, though, I could see through the darkness easily.

Is it heaven? No, it’s dark so it’s hell, huh…

To think I can’t even enter heaven.

Confused, I tried to take a step forward, but then, I felt something strange.

Although I did move, I didn’t walk.

Instead, my body floated forward.

And when I looked at my body, I realized that I had turned into a wisp of light.

Is it how it feels to be dead?

[It’s not.] An amused and ancient-sounding voice resounded in this place. [You are not dead, boy. Well, you did die, but you are alive again.]

I was startled. Instantly, I looked around to find the source of the voice.

And soon, I found it.

A pair of eyes, so big that they seemed to occupy this entire space.

The eyes were strange, sometimes black, sometimes red, sometimes yellow.

To be honest, I could not determine the true color of the eyes.

But I felt they belonged to a demon.

[Nice to meet you, boy. I’m [The Incarnation of Apocalypse], [The Eternal Collapse], [The Bringer of Calamity and Destruction]. You can call me, [Armageddon]!]


My body (or whatever this wisp of light was) shook. My mind felt as though it was going to explode. It was as though I was hearing something I should not hear.

I could feel the pair of eyes fixed on me. They were looking at me in amusement, as though laughing at the weakness of a mortal.

When I saw that, my innate stubbornness acted up. Gritting my imaginary teeth, I forcibly gathered my thoughts and stared back at the pair of eyes.

When I was sure I was calm enough, I spoke.

“… You said I’m not dead, right? Where am I then? And what are you?”

[You are definitively not dead, boy. Although you died for an instant, I brought you back to life.] The eyes chuckled softly. [This place is your mind. To be more accurate, it’s your sea of consciousness, thought field, or calculation zone. They call it differently depending on the place.]

Sea of consciousness? I have heard that term before.

If I’m not wrong, it is the place where your soul power is stored… It was what a novel that I once read said.

[Well, that is not wrong. Just not completely accurate.] The voice answered.

Wait, you can read my thoughts!?

[Of course. I’m literally inside your mind. Reading the thoughts of a little boy like you is a piece of cake.]

Damn. This guy can do that!?

What in the hell is him? Some kind of superpowerful person that wants to take control of my body?

[Hahahaha, how funny. If I wanted to take control of your body, you would not be here. But you are right that I’m powerful. More powerful than any person in this world. I’m an Immortal after all.]

Oh, an Immortal.

… Wait, what?

An immortal!?

That is possible!?

[Of course, you only need to find a way to immortality to become Immortal. That is not as easy as it sounds, though. Becoming an Immortal is more difficult than… Well, you only need to know it’s very difficult.]

Oh, I see.

But please, can you stop replying to my thoughts?

It’s creepy.

And scary.

[Then stop thinking so much.]

I nodded. Okay.

Let’s use my mouth (?) then.

“Firstly, thank you for saving me,” I said as calmly as I could. Well, I don’t know how useful calming my mind was when this Immortal can read my thoughts. “Is my body alright?”

[Of course. I’m currently healing it. It will return to normal soon.]

Oh? Thank you.

But– I narrowed my eyes at this moment.

“What do you want? Why did you help me? I don’t think I know you, and sorry, but you introduced yourself as [Bringer of Calamity and Destruction]. I don’t think someone with that name is the kind of being that helps people in need.”

A strange silence filled this dark space.


[He… Smart. I like smart people. Let’s go straight to the point then. Boy, From today onwards, you are going to be my host until I recover.]


[Yes, my host. You see, it’s a bit embarrassing, but before arriving in this world, I fought a very, very strong enemy. Another Immortal like me. He thought he killed me, but fortunately, I managed to grasp a chance of survival. So now, I need a host until I can recover completely. And you are the most suitable person I found in the surroundings.]

… Okay?

So, you are telling me that two Immortals fought, and one of those Immortals was defeated and almost killed. And after that, he somehow ended in my body?

No matter how I look at it, this smells of lies.

[But it’s the truth. Of course, you can choose not to cooperate. But then, I’ll stop recovering your body and search for another suitable host. Besides, what reason do I have to lie to an ant like you?]

I fell silent.

… Even if I hate to admit it, he sounds right.

However, forgive me for doubting your words, but I’m usually not the kind of person that suddenly gets an immortal in his body for no reason.

No, with my luck, I instead would meet a strange monster that tries to take control of my body.

[Well, as I told you. You can decide if you want to believe me or not. However, are you sure you don’t want to take a gamble in the current situation? Besides, becoming my host will bring you several benefits.]


[Yes. For example, you are not a practitioner, right? Mm, in this world they are called [Awakened] I think. Don’t you want to be one? In exchange for your help, I can turn you into the strongest person on this planet.]

I shivered.

… Seriously?

Do you mean I can awaken?

[Of course, that is easy for me. In fact, making you stronger is also something good for me. Only if you are stronger I can recover more quickly.]

My thoughts stopped. For an instant, greed and excitement filled my mind.

But almost instantly, I shuddered and these thoughts disappeared.

Instead, they were replaced for even more suspicion.

No matter how I look at this, something is wrong.

It’s too convenient.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to think.

[Being suspicious is no bad, boy. But there are times when you must trust your instinct and decide. Now, decide. Are you going to accept me or not?]

I could feel the pair of eyes on me, pressuring me to make a choice.

My mind froze completely, with only two words appearing and disappearing repeatedly.

[Yes] and [No].

In truth, though, there was only one choice.

If I wanted to live, that was the only option.

After several seconds, I took a deep breath and nodded.

“I agree.”

[Good choice, boy. Now, receive my strength.]

Instantly, a powerful power once more invaded my body.

Pain. Pain stronger than anything I had felt before assaulted me.

I felt my body and my soul breaking, then joining again, then breaking, then joining, then breaking, then joining.

The process repeated countless times, so many times that I lost count after one hundred.

After an unknown amount of time that could have been one year or one minute, the pain suddenly disappeared.

Then, I once more heard that voice in my mind.

[Congratulations, boy. Now, our souls are joint in a contract]

After hearing these words, I fainted again.


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