Why Are My Skills So Weird 8

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About to Die Again!?


When the demon returned my body to me, the first thing I did was to take a deep breath.

I could feel that the pain in my chest caused by the berserk mana was gone. In other words, the risk of dying in this dungeon was finally gone.

If I wanted, I could just spend the rest of the time here hiding and waiting until the rescue.

However, I was not worried about that now. All my focus was on the strange seed in my abdomen.

It was a strange feeling. I could feel something there, just above my mana core.

And when I tried to call upon that something, small arcs of lightning started to circle around my body.

“Woah!” I was so surprised that my concentration fell, and the lightning disappeared.

But instead of disappointment, I was feeling excited.

It was electricity!


I was manipulating it!

Without hesitation, I called upon the lightning again. This time, though, I sent it to my right hand.

In an instant, my right hand was clad in lightning bolts.

I gasped. This was–


[It looks like you got the hang of it quickly, boy. As expected, your talent with lightning is not bad. Much better than your crappy talent for mana, at least.]


I ignored the mean demon and focused on the lightning in my hand. With a thought, I tried to compress it into a ball.

This time, it was harder than when I guided it to my hand. I needed almost five minutes before I could form the ball.

Fortunately, no monster attacked me during that time. According to the demon, it was because this place was filled with his aura, so no monster dared to come close.

When I finally formed the ball, I kept it in my hand and looked at it closely.

To be honest, it was a stretch to call it a ball. Instead, it seemed like several bolts of lightning compressed in a ball-like shape. But I was pretty happy with this result.

This was my first attempt to do this, after all.

After getting used to the feeling of the ball of lightning, I extended my hand forward and shot the ball towards a tree.


“It dissipated?”

[What were you expecting, boy? The amount of lightning you can use is minuscule, besides, your control about it is very poor. It’s already good progress that you managed to shape it into a ball.]

Is it so?

“Then, I can’t shoot lightning from my hands?”

[You need to be much stronger than you are now if you want to do that. At the very least, your lightning seed should be around ten times bigger, and your control over lightning should be like one hundred times stronger if you want to create an effective long-range attack.]

I sighed in disappointment. But soon, that disappointment disappeared and turned into excitement again.

At the very least, I have a skill now. And it’s a very cool one.

Plus, I only need to train if I want to make it stronger.

[Okay, boy. I know you are excited and all of that. But it’s time to talk about serious businesses.]

“Mm? What is it?”

[I’ll be honest with you. Currently, you have less than one day left of life. 18 hours and 31 minutes to be exact.]



“What!?” I shouted in surprise.

[You see, you technically died before I fused with you, so I used a great part of my remaining strength to recover your body and fuse your body and soul again. Due to that, I was unable to complete the fusion of our souls. It’s like our souls have a hole and there is water leaking from it. In 18 hours and 31 minutes, both of us are going to die… It’s 18 hours and 30 minutes now.]

… Okay, this is truly bad news.

“Are you serious?”

[You can feel it by yourself. Close your eyes and concentrate in your sea of consciousness. You should know how to reach it now, right? Try to feel the limits of it.]

I did as the demon said and closed my eyes. In an instant, I was again in my sea of consciousness.

But when I tried to feel the limits of my sea of consciousness, my expression changed.

I did find the limits.

… And they were crumbling.

Each second, my sea of consciousness was becoming slightly smaller.

“… That looks bad.” I could not help but say.

[It’s bad. Very bad.]

I took a deep breath to calm myself down and stared at the eyes of the demon (in my mind) fixedly.

“You should have a solution, right?”

[Of course. In fact, the solution is rather simple. The reason this is happening is that I used part of my strength, in other words, my energy, bringing you back to life; so my remaining energy is not enough to keep our souls whole.]

I nodded deep in thought. I guess I know where the demon wants to reach.

“So you need more energy, huh. Mana?”

[Not the best option, but we can’t be picky right now. Yes, mana. But we need a lot. Tens of thousands of times more mana than the tiny amount in your body.]

That sounds a lot.

[However, you know of a place nearby where we can find a lot of mana, right?] The demon smirked.

I fell silent before heaving a long sigh.

Yes, I know of a place.

And in fact, that is the last place where I want to go now.

“The core of the dungeon.”

The eyes in my mind chuckled.

[You are right, the core of the dungeon. You must reach there, kill all the monsters nearby, and then touch the place where the berserk mana is gathered. I will do the rest.]

I sighed. That is not as easy as it sounds.

Just now, I was almost killed just after finding a horned wolf.

And usually, the core is where the strongest monsters gather. If I’m unlucky, perhaps a very powerful monster has already taken control of it.

The so-called boss.

My hesitation, however, disappeared almost as soon as it appeared.

Anyway, my initial plan was to destroy the core. Thus, the situation is the same as before.

Not, it’s much better.

Because now, I’m much stronger than when I fell in this dungeon.


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