Why Are My Skills So Weird 9

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Berserk Human (1)


Despite knowing that I had only around eighteen hours of life left, I did not depart to the dungeon core immediately.

Instead, I took advantage of the fact that monsters will not get close to this place due to the influence of the demon to learn more about my new abilities.

After the demon changed my body, not only I received mana, but my body’s strength shot up greatly. And the current me is unable to control that strength correctly.

As someone who has trained in martial arts for years, I know that uncontrolled strength can be more dangerous than the lack of it.

Thus, the first thing I did was to get a grasp of my new physical abilities.

To my surprise, I was several times stronger than when I fell unconscious. It felt as though my body was bursting with energy.

Even without relying on mana, I was almost twice as strong and fast and before. Moreover, I had the feeling that with a bit of practice, that number could rise even more.

I guess that if I give my everything, I can probably run about 200 meters in ten seconds.

Just to get used to my new strength, I needed almost one hour. I would have liked to use more time, but unfortunately, I could not afford it now.

Afterward, the next thing I trained was my mana.

This time, the demon helped me a lot. He taught me the very basics of wielding mana, [Body Reinforcement].

As the demon said, my talent to wield mana did not seem very good. I needed almost another hour to get passable results. But as result, my basic abilities increased fifty percent further after using [Body Reinforcement].

The last thing I practiced was [Lightning Seed].

This time, the results were the complete opposite of when I used mana.

In just fifteen minutes, I managed to clad my dagger with lightning mana. In this state, the sharpness of my attacks increased greatly, moreover, each attack I made carried a paralyzing effect.

Besides that, I also learned to clad my body with lightning. This could be used as a defensive technique, hurting my enemies when they attacked me.

Finally, after three hours of training, I was ready to go.

Time remaining before my death: 15 hours 30 minutes.

It was a lot of time. With my new abilities, I probably needed less than half an hour to reach the core.

I would have liked to spend more time training. But we can’t afford to wait. If for some reason, someone destroys the core before I reach it, then I will have to resign myself to die.

Kicking the ground, I increased my speed. Like before, I did not accelerate to my maximum speed but instead kept a reasonable pace. This way, I could conserve my strength to face any monster I meet.

To my surprise, I met a monster sooner than I thought.

Just after leaving the place where the demon’s saved me, I met a monster.

A rat.

Bloodshot eyes, rabid-like appearance, and blood-red lines covering its body.

I did not stop running. Grabbing my dagger, I rushed towards the rat to kill it.

At the same time, the rat attacked.


It was much faster than the rats I met before!

I had heard that monsters inside a dungeon become stronger with the passing of time, but I never thought it would be so quick!

In just an instant, the rat was before me.

Perhaps, a few hours ago, I would have a bit of trouble dealing with this rat, but the current me is different.

Leaning my body aside, I watched the rat pass through the place where my face was a moment ago. Then, I swung my dagger.


With the sick sound of metal cutting through flesh, the rat was cut into two.

I did not turn around to look at the rat and instead continued running. Soon, more rats appeared around me.

One, two, three… twelve.

Like the one before, they attacked me without hesitation.

And like the one before, they were unable to hurt me.

My body felt incredibly light. Before I could think, my body had already done the necessary movements. Moreover, with the help of mana, I only needed one attack to take care of the rats.

A cut, a punch, or a kick. I used the most suitable move to take care of them.

But rats were not the only monster I met. Besides rats, I met several snakes, a wild cat, a wild dog, a lizard, and several birds.

None of them was very strong, so I managed to kill them in little time.

I was literally unstoppable.

So it’s how it feels to be powerful, huh.

[Do you think this is powerful?] The demon in my mind chuckled in amusement. [Boy, you know nothing about power. These monsters are nothing more than common wild beasts drunk in mana. Even a child can defeat them if he is careful.]

… That is not completely false.

But even so, they are no monsters that I could have defeat so easily a few hours ago.

After fifteen minutes, I had lost count of the number of monsters I had killed. But I was sure I left a trail of blood on my way.

By this point, I could feel the dungeon core calling at me. It was as though it was luring me towards it.

It was near. I knew it.

Ten minutes. No, I only need five minutes to reach it.

But at that moment, a figure appeared in front of me.

To my surprise, it was a human male with his back towards me.

“He is…”

I was startled. With a glance, I recognized the identity of the person in front of me.

The awakened in the autobus.

Something was wrong, though.

His clothes… were dyed in blood.

“Mister?” I called out hesitantly.

Hearing my voice, the man turned around and looked at me.

When he saw my face, he smiled in surprise and relief.

“You… You are alive. That weapon… Are you an Awakened too?”

I did not deny it. There was no need.

“What happened?” I asked when I saw the clothes in his body.

In fact, I already knew. But I felt I needed to ask.

“… They changed.” The man said with a bitter face. “They attacked me, and, and… I… I killed them.”

I fell silent before sighing. As expected, that ended happening.

“… Sorry about that.”

The man shook his head. “… It’s not your fault. That result was expected. To be honest, it was my mistake. I should have come to clear the dungeon since the start instead. Perhaps that way, I would have managed to save a few of them.”

I sighed. That is a sad story.

“You are coming to clear the dungeon then?”

The man nodded. “Wanna come with me? The monsters of this dungeon are relatively strong, so it will be safe if we cooperate.”

… That is a good idea. With another person, my chances of success will be higher.

I was about to nod. But then, the voice in my mind chuckled.

[That is not a good idea.]


[That man is injured… He can’t resist the berserk mana for long.]

Even before the demon’s finished his works, the man stiffened.

Then, his expression turned dazed.

“Huh? I-I f-feel weird.”

Almost instantly–


With a horrendous cry of pain, the man grabbed his head and collapsed on the ground.

His body twitched violently, and his mouth let out cries of terror and pain for almost one minute before he stopped.

Then, under my terrified gaze, the man stood up again.

But this time, he was looking at me with bloodshot eyes.

Immediately, I felt a chill on my spine.



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