Xray Chapter 30

I want Marina’s bento too


Okay, lemme have some short stuff to say.

My internet was down since Jul.17

I got one of my tooth extracted last Jul. 18

Internet came back just right now(Jul.19)

My views on the site are very low because of that and I want it to reach 2m at the end of the month.

I want a PS4(lol), so I thought of making an event. 

I’ll do an extra chapter of X-ray on the same day I receive an accumulated ko-fi of 40$ or more(I used Kamigoroshi tl as basis for this amount)

This event will last until I can purchase a ps4 and a single game (Links for the online store where I will buy the product is included).

I’ll be doing another chapter for today as a service and thanks for the Ko-fi given last week.

The amount would be reflecting on one of the side widget.

People like to donate when there’s a clear goal or when I actually ask for it, so yeah.

Happy X-ray everyone.