X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 75


Chapter 75

Asahina folded the clothes she stripped off then put them on the ground.
Though Asahina looks like she has high physical strength, she’s not a member of any clubs therefore, her skin doesn’t have any tan.
Her white delicate naked skin doesn’t have any waste.
The naked body that can be seen as thin at glance can be thought to be healthy in contradiction for some reason.
It’s her eyes as expected. Those fish eyes that shoots an overwhelming and intimidating presence can be thought as the front that pushes Asahina’s strong will.


That’s right, her will is strong. Up to the abnormal level.
When it comes to masochists who wants to be dominated, they usually seem to have little willpower. But she’s different. She seeks pain by her own will and she’s hurrying to suffering by her own will.
She won’t leave everything to me and push everything to me but she’ll try to obtain the pleasure called pain by her own will.
Unrelated to my will, she just thinks about satisfying her own desire.
If you think about that, you might say that she’s a sadist that only wants to suffer.

The uniform, blouse, and skirt and panty, Asahina has taken off even her socks but she left her bra.
A faint swelling can be seen from her white bra.
Her chest is swelling somehow because it’s being raised up.
If you remove her bra, the swell in her chest will disappear naturally.
That’s why Asahina doesn’t remove her bra.
Suppose she removed it, her weapon as a woman will be reduced by one.

「I-I took it off. Satisfied?」

Asahina who took off everything but her bra is hiding her chest even though she’s wearing a bra, she speaks tremblingly with her ears turned red and hiding her crotch. She’s facing the other way.

ーP-Please. I beg you, spare my bra.

Asahina begs while averting her face from me.
It seems that her not having any breast is much more embarrassing than being naked outside.
Then I should be retorting about her wearing a bra but I’ll ignore it for now.
Asahina has an overwhelming willpower but she’s quite worried about her small breasts. It might get serious if I attack her on that part too much.
That’s why I won’t attack it and prevent it from becoming serious.
That would just make Asahina worried when will I make her small tits a joke.

「Aren’t you quite being honest? Very well. Then show me your anus」

Speaking to her with a grin, Asahina’s tilts her head with a surprised face.

ーW-Why? Why are you not touching my bra?

She wants the bra she’s wearing to not be touched, that’s what Asahina pleads in her mind but, as expected, there’s a part in here where she gave up thinking that it’s impossible.
But I ignored it.
That’s a too surprising development that she can’t hide her relief and confusion.

「What’s wrong? Show up your anus already」

I’m not touching her bra whatever happened./

「I-I get it」

Asahina answers while her restless eyes shake.

ーW-Why? Why is he not touching my bra? Could it be that he has cooled down because it was tinier than he expected? Is he thinking that it’s boring? Does he think that I don’t really have a worth to be played with anymore?

Asahina desperately seeks answer in her mind as her eyes shake, she turned her back on me trembling.

ーI-It can’t be helped. It’s not small because I want it. It’s not growing any bigger. I did my best. I drink milk, muscle train, and even massage it. I heard that female hormones are secreted when the nipples are stimulated resulting in bigger breasts so I play with my nipples everyday. But it didn’t get big. The sensitivity of my nipple has gone up abnormally but my chest isn’t growing at all.

Turning her fair and delicate back at me, Asahina started making excuses in her mind.
I knew that Asahina’s worried about her small tits but this is more than what I expected.

ーS-Suzuhara-kun surely thinks that women with no breasts aren’t women at all. He definitely does. After all, when he raped me, even when he attacked me there, Suzuhara-kun never touched my chest at all.

Asahina’s making an excuse in her mind but the thought starts to torment herself gradually.
I never thought that she’s worried about it to that extent.
Also, I didn’t ignore it because I’m not interested in small tits. My interest is just towards the pussy.
Well you can say that your chest is so flat that it doesn’t catch my attention therefore I just concentrate on your pussy.

「A-Asahina, ass, show me your anus」
「Eh? Ah, Y-yeah. Y-You’re right. Sorry」

I call Asahina out thinking that it’ll be bad if this continues, then Asahina turned her eyes to me trembling and nodded with teary eyes. Furthermore, she apologized obediently.

For that Asahina to apologize obediently.

Is she worried about her tiny tits that much?
I told Asahina to show me her anus but, is she too confused? she’s all shaken up, not knowing what to do.
Ignoring her bra seems to be a failure. Who would’ve thought that Asahina would be this cornered.
Asahina who’s apologizing to me honestly isn’t Asahina. Asahina who’s crying like this isn’t interesting at all.
Asahina who’s not being sharped tongue has no worth.
It can’t be helped. In that caseー.

「You’re really a useless slave」

Muttering so, I glared at Asahina and stepped forward.
Asahina who’s back is turned at me trembled then turned around.
Asahina’s eyes are afraid like a puppy who’s been abandoned.
It’s refreshing in some meaning but that’s not fun.

I think Asahina who’s afraid like a puppy is cute but this kind of Asahina isn’t fun!

「I tried to let you do it freely but it seems that I overestimated you」

Saying that, I grabbed Asahina’s bra then forcibly stripped it off.
The hook come off along with the ripping sound and her faint swell got exposed.


Asahina raised a small scream, her whole body turned red instantly and she hid her chest with both hands.

「I ordered you to get naked」

Hiding her breasts with both hands, I look down on the pigeon toed flushed Asahina then spit out my words.
Do my words even reach her ears? Asahina’s not even reacting, she just looks sad as she stare at the bra I torn up.

ーAaah, the state of the art push up bra. That was 14,000 yen.

I see the shouts in her mind.
T-That was 14,000 yen? Was it that expensive? Even though it doesn’t give you a cleavage when you put it on?
No, it’s not the bra’s fault. Surely this bra is an amazing bra that can make a moderately small tits look like moderately huge tits.
But, however, no matter how amazing this is, it’s impossible to multiply zero to huge tits.
It’s not the bra’s fault. It did nothing wrong.

「A-Aren’t you being cruel here! That was expensive!」

Asahina raises an angry voice with her bright red face while hiding her chest with both hands.
She’s seriously angry.
Looking at the bra I’m holding, it seems that the hook is broken.
Well, it was my fault for breaking it. I never thought that it was that expensive.

「I-I’ll pay for it」
「L-Like I said, I’ll pay for it」

No matter how you look at it, It’s my fault for destroying it. Then, it’s logical to pay for it.

「P-Pay for it, are you going to buy a new one?」

Asahina looks up at me and asks while hiding her chest.


When I nodded, Asahina who was so angry suddenly laughed.

ーH-he’s going to buy a new one, in short, we’re going to buy together ♡ What what ♡ So breaking my bra was on purpose ♡ It was an excuse to ask me for a date ♡ Geez, you’re so innocent ♡You’re not being honest ♡

Grinning, Asahina thinks that.
No, idiot. Don’t misunderstand. I just thought that it’s bad to break an expensive thing. I’m not thinking about inviting you in a date even for a bit.


Asahina who’s hiding her breast with both hands is looking down on me, grinning.
This shit. Don’t grin. It’s wrong. It’s not like I like you okay. I’m not inviting you to a date. Like I said, don’t misunderstand.
I want to deny it but if I do, she’ll just think that I’m hiding my embarrassment.
But still, this irritating.
That grin is so irritating.

「Who allowed you to hide it?」

Thinking that I should attack her when it comes to this, I look down at Asahina and grabbed her hands. Then I forcibly raised her hands.

「Ah, don’t look」

When I lift up her hands, Asahina raised a womanly scream.
The exposed chest really is just swelling just a bit, but her pink areola and nipple are very womanly.
No, her nipples erect to the fullest is a woman more than necessary.
Her chest is hardly swelling that you’ll think it’s absurd to call it a breast. The savior is only her nipple that’s an adult, no it has developed more than enough.
This grew by teasing it? You developed it by playing with it? You perverted masochist pig.

「I don’t mind small tits but you can say that this isn’t a woman. Do you get it? You’re not a female. Not a sow but just a pig」
「T-That’s…calling me a pig ♡」

Asahina who’s in Banzai as I raise both of her hands, is twisting her body in shame from her exposed nonexistent chest.

ーPig, it means that I’m plump ♡ Arara ♡ Is my breast bigger than I thought?♡

No, that’s not it. I didn’t call you a pig in that meaning.

ーNo, that’s wrong ♡ My chest is definitely flat ♡ After all, my bra is AA ♡ That’s the truth ♡ I can’t avert my eyes from reality ♡

That’s right, you’re right, don’t avert your eyes away from reality.

ーIt’s love ♡ That’s right, love ♡ Suzuhara-kun loves me so much that he might see my chest as a huge one due to love’s correction ♡ That’s how blind Suzuhara-kun is to me ♡ Love is blind ♡ Fufu ♡ I’m such a sinful woman ♡

Like I said, no, that’s not it. I don’t love you at all. You’re just a slave. You’re just a sex slave for me to let out my pent up sexual desire.
Shit, don’t be dragged by her pace.
Shit, since I can see her thoughtless mind, it makes me want to put retorts on her misunderstandings.
When it comes to Asahina, I should better treat her without reading her mind.
But, if I release my ability, it would be hard to pinpoint her weak points.
Well, I roughly know her weak points though.
Also, I don’t intend to attack her weak points so there’s no problem even if I release my ability.
With that concluded, I released my ability.
Immediately, I can’t read Asahina’s mind anymore.
Ooh, that’s refreshing.
Okay, then let’s focus our mind and bully Asahina.
I grip Asahina’s hands with my left hand and then I pinched Asahina’s left nipple with my right hand while looking down and ridiculing her.

「Nn ♡」

Asahina who’s hands are raised up and gripped has her left nipple played by me and she leaks a sweet voice while twisting her body.
This nipple is amazing. It’s hardness isn’t half-assed.

「Ah ♡ Hi ♡ Hyuu ♡ D-Don’t play with just my nipplesーNnn♡」

Raising a sweet voice while twitching, Asahina twists her body but because her hands are lifted, she can’t resist.
No, rather than resistance, even though she can feel better if she play with herself, she can’t use her hands, that feeling.
Furthermore, her already erect nipple gets even more erect, playing with it is very fun.
Also, it’s sensitivity is abnormally high.
Her nipples are abnormally developed, saving her childlike flat chest, it’s sensitivity is high as well.
It’s lewd but funny.

「P-Please ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Don’t play with just my nipples ♡ It’ll come off if you do it that much ♡ Hii ♡ Ah ♡」

Stroking her erect nipples like a dick, Asahina appeals with her teary eyes to stop while shaking her head.
Hey hey, no way you’re giving up already? Work harder.
Grinning as I thought of that, I pinched the nipples I’m playing with my nail and then pull it to the limit.

「Aaah ♡ Damedamedame♡ You’re tearing it off ♡ It’ll come off ♡ If you tear off my nipple I can’t let my baby drink milk anymore ♡」

Asahina makes a sound argument while raising a sweet scream.
It’s true that I’m plucking it but it won’t come off that easily.
Making a retort in my mind, I pull her nipples even more.

「O-Ouch ♡ It hurts ♡ It’ll come off ♡ It’ll really come off ♡ Nnnn ♡ aaaaaah ♡」

Pinching her nipples with my nails digging in, I pull it to the limit then Asahina shook her head while twisting her body to resist.
But, since both of her hands are lifted, her resistance is futile.
No, her feet is free, for Asahina who has the physical strength, it’s possible to kick me and be released from the binds.
Her not doing it means that she doesn’t really hate it.
That said, Asahina only sais the word that it hurts.
I guess that pain is unbearably pleasant. As proof, her hairless smooth pussy has a lot of love nectar overflowing.

「Hey, Asahina」

Pulling Asahina’s nipple to the limit, I place my mouth near Asahina’s ears then whisper as I smile.

「Look. Your breast is swelling when I pull your nipples, doesn’t it? I wish you have at least this much tits though」

Asahina lowered her eyes to my whisper then saw her breast swelling as her nipples are pulled out.
Asahina who’s face was red turned even redder.

「Kuh ♡ Don’t make fun of me ♡」

Asahina spoke up then threw words of frustration to me.
Since I can’t read her mind, I don’t know what she’s thinking inside.
Is she pleased or is she angry that her small tits are being made fun of.
As expected, it’s fun when you can’t read her mind.

「You’re a slave aren’t you? Then amuse your master」

Saying that, I released my nails pinching her nipples.

「Auu ♡」

As soon as I released her nipple, her swollen chest comes back to chopping board. But, her nipple that was pinched and pulled beyond limit, it’s congested red and erect to the maximum level, it’s asserting itself.

「The balance is bad if your left nipple is abnormally erect. Don’t you think so, Asahina?」

Asking her like that, I punched her right nipple with my nails.

「Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡」

Asahina leaks out a sweet voice while convulsing. And her nipple caught by my nail is hard, and obscenely erect.

「Do you love having your nipples played that much? Huh? How is it Asahina?」
「Kuh ♡」

Asking her as I scratch her nipple and pull it, Asahina glares at me and leaked out a mortified groan.
Asahina who can’t resist as her hands are lifted and restrained is rubbing her closed up thighs together.
Even if you close your thighs, it’s obvious that your love nectar is overflowing.
Your anus? You want your anus to be played with? You want me to play with it right?

「Asahina. If you speak honestly then I’ll do as you want. Where do you want me to play? Where do you want to be teased? Hm? I’ll get easier if you say it? It’ll feel good you know? Hora, say it」

Scratching her nipple erect to the limit with my fingernail, I whisper to Asahina.

「Kuh ♡」

Asahina glare at me, averts her face as if running away then twitches pigeon-toed.
Isn’t this going great? She might be pleased inside but there’s no problem if I don’t know it.

「H-Hmm ♡」

Playing Asahina’s erect nipples while grinning, Asahina who’s twitching and averting her face has turned to me then averts it away. Then she gave me a side glance and grinned.

「P-Playing with my nipples that much, you really do love breasts ♡ Want to suck it like a baby? Go on ♡ I’ll cuddle with pampered one like you ♡ Hora hora, don’t force yourself and get spoiled ♡」

Asahina who’s talking to me in a sweet voice is clearly looking down on me.

「You love Mama don’t you? ♡ You Oedipus ♡」

Hearing those words, I feel something flipping inside of me.

I love Mama? I’m an Oedipus?

Asahina, you said something you should’t.
Yeah that’s right. I might have a mother complex.
I never had the memory of being pampered by mother after all. I always look for my parent’s face, especially for my mother’s face.
I was afraid that I will be abandoned someday.
I was envious. I envied the children around me. My selfishness wants to be spoiled.
I dragged that all my life, I might be an Oedipus as you say.
I won’t deny it. No, I’m not denying it that’s why, that is why the escape disappears when this feelings well up.
In that case, I have nothing to do but vent out my anger at you?

「A huge pervert who loves anal has no right to be arrogant」

Saying that, I let go my left hand holding Asahina’s hands and pinched both her nipples with my fingers. Then I pulled up her nipples to the very limit.

「Hyuu ♡」

Asahina raised a small scream and stand on tiptoe when I forcibly pull her nipples.

「O-Ouch ♡ It hurts ♡ Suzuhara-kun, you’re overdoing it ♡ This is a “play” isn’t it ♡ And yet, and yet if you do that, my nipples will really come off ♡」


When I hear that word, something flipped inside of me further.
Play? This is a play? Do you think this is a motherfucking game? Are you putting me on the same level as sex tools that conveniently give you pleasure?
I’m being underestimated.
This might be Asahina’s script. This might be just a provocation to make me feel that way.
No, I’m sure that’s the case.
But, I won’t forgive.
Calling me an Oedipus, and saying that I’m a playmate, I will never allow that.
Even if it’s a trap set up by Asahina, even if I’m dancing in Asahina’s palm, I will never retreat.


Asahina tilts her head.
She thinks that she has succeeded in her provocation. But, I released Asahina’s nipples, it seems I did something unexpected.

「Come here after school. That’s an order」

Saying that, I got away from Asahina and then stand on front of the beautifully folded clothes of hers, then squat down


Asahina who’s hiding her chest asks in curiosity.
Ignoring her, I took Asahina’s blouse and panty she took off then stood up.

「I’ll be keeping this until after school」
「Eh!? W-Wait a moment! Are you telling me to spend my time in school without panty nor blouse?!」
「It’s great that you understand it」
「I-I’ll be stared at by other boys」
「Then show it. It’s not a big deal isn’t it?」

Asahina’s face turned pale.
As long as you have your uniform and skirt, you’ll be able to do something about no-pan and no-bra. But, if she doesn’t wear her blouse, her chest will be exposed.
She might be warned by the teacher but if she wears her top and bottom uniform properly, there won’t be that much of a problem.
But, it as Asahina says, if her chest is in full view, there’s no doubt that she’ll be stared at by the school boys.
But that is the trap to avert Asahina’s worries.
My real aim isー

「Then, see you later after school」

I left Asahina stark naked at that place as I have her blouse and panty, then began to walk towards the school building.
Asahina. You overdid it.
I put my hand in my pocket as I walk then I took out my phone.

ーI really want to fuck right now. I want to use your onahole pussy.

I typed and sent as mail.
Then a reply came in instantly. Looking up at the mailー

ーYes! I’m coming right now! Where are you Mota-kun!?

I smile when I see that reply.
The existence Asahina wants to protect more than anything is my meat onahole.
I will be playing with Yuka after this. I’ll make her reach near climax over and over again. But I won’t let her cum.
Then I’ll lead Yuka who keeps reaching near climax again and again to meet Asahina. I’ll let Asahina meet Yuka who’s dying to want my penis.
I thought of using Yuka before attacking Asahina but let’s stop.
I’ll use Yuka who’s Asahina’s weakest point and attack her mentally.
Asahina, I’ll make you regret making me do this.