X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 1

Chapter 1
※The protagonist is a trash. Please be warned.

I had a special ability since I was born. It’s an ability that can see through things that reflect in my view. In short, x-ray vision.

Having this ability used daily when I became old enough to understand what’s going on, I thought that everyone is naked. That’s why I try to live naked too but it caused trouble to my parents.

I’m reflecting on it.

I avoided to use my x-ray vision after I became aware that it’s special.
But I noticed the use of this after time passed.
That’s right, I became conscious of sex.
I wanted to see the breast of Kaori-chan, the cutest in our class. After I thought of doing such a thing, I came to abuse this ability.
Not just the breasts, I also looked at the vagina naturally.
How many times I’ve masturbated to Kaori-chan’s breast and pussy? I can’t thank Kaori-chan enough.

X-ray vision. It’s the strongest ability that can see through their breast and pussy.

But it’s also a dangerous ability as you’d get depressed when you fail even for a bit and saw through a male.
So it’s necessary to exclude men and concentrate my consciousness to women only.
I was avoided by women when I trained for that.
The reason was the girls saw me with bloodshot eyes.

I’m reflecting on it.

The dark youth of mine passed and then I entered a school where no one knows me.
I was disliked by the girls that I needed to do that.
‘His eyes are too dangerous’ ‘His eyes looks like it’ll attack any woman soon’ Those rumors were spread.

That’s why I faced the new spring and became a student in the spring.

I have to take care from looking from breasts and pussy. I swore to myself.
But, there’s a new problem appeared.


I felt nauseous this morning and covered my mouth with my right hand.
I’ve seen through the schoolgirls unconsciously.
I’m able to do as I please as I can see through the naked body of the female students. That’s not the cause of nausea. It’s past that.
Did the ability evolve from being abused? My current x-ray vision doesn’t just stop on the clothes, it penetrates the skin.
The muscle tissues, bone, and internal organs are in full view.
Seeing that, it’s impossible to feel aroused anymore. Just seeing it causes nausea.
It would be fine if I don’t just use the ability but I abused it too much that it became a habit that I see through when I just make a glance.
By the way I’ve limited the ability to see through only women but seeing through the muscular tissue and internal organs is…
I shouldn’t have abused this if this was going to happen. There’s no use to cry over spilled milk.

The muscular tissue and the internal organs are seen every time I make a glance. It causes nausea every time.
Though it has become a useless ability, it’s useful depending on how you use it.
For example, the famous neat and lovely student is actually a bitch. She’s pretending to be clean but she’s just a bitch1
Why do I know that? My x-ray vision has seen through her womb. That Kurihara Kosue’s womb is filled with semen everyday.
She’s already filled when coming to school and when I thought it decreased, it’s filled again in a moment. Then she’s filled like a tank after school.
In short, Kurihara Kozue is having creampie sex from day to night.
That bitch is thought by the surroundings as a neat and lovely. I feel pity on those she trick…

For that reason, I was save by that point since I can recognize the hymen. I can make company of someone that’s surely a virgin if I use my ability.
The problem is that I have no one to make company.

One day. I saw something unexpected.

I changed my glance to the muscular tissue and internal organs as usual. I felt sick because of that but I felt a sense of unease when I took a glance so I turned back my eyes.
The muscular structure of the two walking in the corridor. I can only see through women due to my long practice so if I can see muscle, it’ll be a woman. In other worlds, the muscular tissue of the two people walking on the corridor are schoolgirls2
The muscular structure of one of them is strange.
The true nature of my unease is the foreign substance inside her anus.
No shit Sherlock3 There’s something strange instead of shit.
I doubted my eyes. It’s a vibrating oval object. A rotor is kept inside her anus.
I checked her vagina in a hurry and I saw her hymen.
Someone who’s putting a rotor on her anus while being a virgin is just called a pervert.
I stopped my ability and checked the schoolgirl with the rotor on her anus and I doubted my eyes again.

Asahina Yuu

She’s the prettiest and the most famous girl in our class.
Asahina’s daring and famous but her character is the worst. She’s conscious that she’s cute so she looks down on men. She’s the worst woman who treats men with bad face like a small fry. But she’s the leader existence among the girls in the class.
The Asahina that always talks big is actually a pervert that puts a rotor inside her anus.
I can use this. I thought, so I tried to call out Asahina after school.

After school, everyone in the class was returning from the school and I approached Asahina’s seat with throbbing heart.
Asahina’s attitude is quite a pain that the men aren’t in favor of her but she’s actually famous in the back. No matter how bad her character is, the guys are ‘Cute is justice!’ And she got full support from the schoolgirls.
For that reason, a lot of schoolgirls have gathered in Asahina’s seat so It needs quite the courage to approach.

「Ah? Suzuhara? What?」

Before I reached Asahina, there’s a muscle that blocked the way, no a schoolgirl blocked.
Dammit, their numbers have increased in double after lunch. Furthermore, this schoolgirl is constipated. The worst shit.
It’s because she’s constipated.
I pulled myself together and cut off my ability.

「You think of confessing at Asahina-san? Why don’t you come back after you take a look at the mirror?」

The schoolgirl looks down on me while saying something rude. Hearing her voice made the other schoolgirls gather around me, they laugh while looking down on me.
These girls are so rude. Even though everyone has the same muscular structure when you peel off the skin. 4 But they’re superior in number.
I can’t come in contact with Asahina this way so I turned back and went out of the classroom.

「Did he really intend to confess to Asahina-san?」

My face became hot after hearing the jeers from the back but I kept running without crying.
Dammit, I embarrassed myself. Asahina didn’t say anything but I’ll definitely take revenge.

I run through the way home and took refugee in my house, I worked out on my strategy while shutting myself in my room.
Since there’s too many people surrounding Asahina, it’s difficult to approach her. Even if I can approach, there might be someone who might see and know what’s happening.
What to do then?
I desperately thought to my wit’s end as I sat towards the desk.
I need a method of contacting Asahina without anyone knowing. But something that good doesn’tー.


That’s right , I should just call her with a letter. Tomorrow morning, if I can go and put the letter inside Asahina’s shoebox ahead of time and I can call Asahina out without anyone knowing.
Then, I’ll write the letter right away.

「No, wait a moment」

There’s no guarantee that Asahina that has a strong nature would respond obediently. She might not necessarily come alone if suppose she obeyed the call and when it’s specified in the letter, there might be the case that I would be threatened in reverse.

「What should I write for it to be not noticed. Also, I have to make sure that Asahina would come alone in the location」

I write the sentences in the PC just to make sure and print it out.

「Err, the content of the sentence is…」

Opening my PC, I thought of the content of the letter to call out Asahina.
I’d be troubled if she doesn’t come alone but I shouldn’t write that she should go by herself. She’ll surely be vigilant if it’s written and the letter might be shown to a friend or teacher. If that happens, it’ll make an uproar.
Even if I write it purposely for her to come alone, she’d probably do it if I include the lewd toy that’s inside her anus. But it’s dangerous to threaten her clearly. It would be an uproar if ever Asahina showed the letter to a friend or a teacher, I have to make the contents so that only Asahina would understand.

「That’s right!」

I just thought of something good.
I removed my name and moved to writing an ordinary love letter. But I’ll put the wrong word on purpose.
The contents are this.

ーーI always loved you. I’d like to make acquaintance first. I won’t force you. I’m not thinking of making a relationship. I’m just glad to love ass.5

To make acquaintance, can also be miswritten as ‘love ass’6 Since the sentence is written in the PC, they won’t feel that it’s out of place, just converted incorrectly.
If Asahina noticed the message, she’ll surely come alone. If Asahina disregards without noticing the message, I just have to send a letter with different sentences. The problem is when she accepted the call, she might come with others. Sensing that, I have to hide myself to the point that I can confirm that it’s only Asahina.
The school is no good. Even if Ashahina comes by herself, there might be students who saw me showing up. It’ll be troublesome if she also asked for help.
The possibility of her not obliging when she’s summoned out of the school is going high so I have to emphasize her safety.
My opponent is Asahina. I’d be antagonized by a lot of girls if I fail.
I thought of the various results and I finally chose the shrine in some woods far away from the school. There’s only one straight road to pass to the woods so I lie and wait for Asahina to confirm that she’s alone. The shrine is worn out so you can only enter through the entrance and it’s not found easily since it’s not popular.
The problem is whether Asahina would come to that place by herself. Anyone would be cautious if they’re called to such a place.
Well, if ever Asahina brought a friend, I only have to hide myself. Also, suppose that she came alone, it would be enough information for Asahina to threaten me with that as an evidence.

「Assuming that I fail, I only have to try it」

There’s no risk in me. Let’s try it first.
I thought, so I added the come to the shrine after school and printed it. Then I printed ‘To Asahina Yuu-san’ in the envelope without putting my name in it thus, I have completed my fake love letter.
I should just put this false love letter in Asahina’s shoebox early tomorrow morning.
If I ever fail. If ever someone knew. Anxiety and fear well up when I thought about it. Butー.

「Her character is the worst but her face is cute. She’s also a virgin」

Remembering Asahina’s face, my penis throbs and throbs like my heart.
I might be able to secure Asahina. That Asahina Yuu who’s the cutest in the class.
If I succeed, I’m going to threaten Asahina and bang her.
The anxiety and fear is being exceeded by the sexual desire and expectation that I wasn’t able to sleep.


  1. Bitch in Japan means Slut, just in case someone still doesn’t know, I’ll still keep the ‘bitch’ because of bitch sensei
  2. No female teachers?
  3. Sherlock, it’s not shit
  4. That’s his way of saying that everyone is equal
  5. Oshiri ai, It’ll be explained later
  6. O Shiriai