X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 10

Chapter 10

There are various colored neon shining brightly downtown.

「Game station right?」

I muttered while grinning then I took out a cap from my pocket and wore it to cover my eyes, I passed through the automatic door to enter.
It’s another advantageous location they chose for my ability again.

Getting inside the store, I frowned at the harsh noise. It’s been a while since I’ve entered a game station but I don’t like noisy places.
Ignoring the noise, I looked around.
Game machines lined up in a row. There are some guests but it’s not crowded.
I innocently strolled inside the store and checked the surveillance camera installed in the ceilings.


I muttered as I look at the cameras. The ones installed in the ceiling aren’t working. Because I can see the inside of the surveillance camera with my X-ray vision, I would know if it’s working.
The real ones areー.

「They’re embedded. That’s complex」

The surveillance cameras installed on the ceiling are all fakes and the working cameras are inserted the walls. They’re firmly taking pictures by making them cautious of the fake. That said, the numbers are small.
I walked around the shop and understood the number and locations of the camera, confirmed the position of the bathroom and decided to look for the leader of the delinquents.

There’s two floors in this game station has stories on the ground and three stories underground. There’s an arcade game and a large play game as main moving on the surface and there are various medal games set up on the second floor. The delinquent group leader isn’t in the both of it.
Then he’s underground. I thought while going down.

Underground has a crane game and a photo booth, billiards and darts are also lined there. Because of that, it’s different from the first and second floor above, there are a lot of girls on uniform seen. And most of them are delinquentsー

I found him

He’s on the slot corner in the nook of the underground. There are men gathered sitting down. The leader of the delinquents is there.
I approached innocently and took a chair a bit distant and listened attentively while sitting on a chair.
The leader of the delinquents know my face but it’s my first time showing here. Also I’m not a famous student and I also changed my clothes so they probably won’t notice me.

「Yuka’s late」

There’s one man among the men who muttered in irritation. Then the leader who’s sitting in the middle of the men clicked his tongue while looking at his phone.

「It’s fine that Takenaka’s done but to think that Gotou I can’t believe it」

Another man muttered and the leader clicked his tongue again when he heard it.
Takenaka’s the blonde weak man. Who’s Gotou? I’ve never heard a name of Gotou there though.
Well, it might be the leader of the other force that I’ve kicked the balls and fainted.

「Other than Gotou, the remaining is Kaz1 . It’s natural that he’s done for, or rather, aren’t we just testing waters?」
「Well yeah」

The other man muttered and the leader nodded.
It seems this is the main unit. The guys I knocked down in the forest is something to measure my power I guess. That Gotou seems to be different but the remaining ones are just throwables. The leader who withdrew immediately nodded.

「Hey Shinozaki, why don’t we just stop using Yuka as lure? It’s just fine with use beating him up. Aren’t you getting a bit too cautious」

The man sitting next to the leader asked the leader feeling troublesome.
The dull looking man might be stronger than Gotou. He’s probably higher than the leader physically.

「I contacted Gotou but no good, he’s already broken. He’s muttering waraji or kamado2, he can’t make a straight conversation. They’re annihilated. Eight of the men I left were annihilated. Perhaps the opponent is flawless」

Faces turning pale, the men surrounding the leader had sweat flowing in their cheeks.

「That fellow had seen through my head the moment he saw me. Furthermore, when we were about to begin our preemptive strike, he took the initiative. Also, those eyes. It’s as if those eyes can see through everything, I can’t stop trembling…」

Muttering, leader trembles as he embrace himself. Seeing leader being like that, other men have become silent.
The leader is strong without mistake, his companions know it as well. They have become speechless when the leader’s mind starts breaking.
Hey hey, spare me from having your spirits broken before the fight. What should I do with my motivation?

「I don’t want to be involved if possible. But it’s impossible. That guy’s not naïve. Having such a dangerous guy attending the same school as us. I’ve never been aware of it so he’s been spending his time quietly. But his fangs are peeled. That kind of guy won’t stop until he bites all of those who peeled his fangs. I’m sure he won’t stop…」

I felt embarrassed from leader’s mutter. Aren’t you quite flattering me? If you want then I can give you an autograph.

「I-I’m going to the toilet for a bit」

One man among the speechless spoke out and stood from his seat.
Ah, there’s that guy, the one with bad fate.
I who was pretending to play in the slot game stood from my seat and followed the man who went to the rest room.
First one down.

The man entered the bathroom and I also entered after waiting for a while
However, what a convenient ability. Penetrating the wall, the man we came in the toilet took off his pipe. Knowing the information of the opponent while being unknown to them, I feel pity for my opponents.

Entering the bathroom, I went in the third cubicle. By the way the man is on the second.
Since I’d rather die than see a man doing stuff, I entrust my back to the wall of the cubicle and guessed the situation by sound.

The sound of water flowed and I confirmed that the man is about to finish.
The man raised his trousers without belting. Seeing that I went out of the cubicle and stood in front of the man’s cubicle.
A clicking sound echoed and the door of the cubicle opened.
My ability is quite unfair.


I kicked marvelously matching the time the door opens, the man’s face was hit by the door so hard he was blown off, his head is nailed and he collapsed.
If you use my ability, you can make a perfect timing to kill someone without them knowing. If this is said to be unfair then what is unfair?


Opening the door, I entered the cubicle and called out to the man that’s having faint consciousness as his head nailed the wall. Then I closed and locked the door.

「I’m saying it first, there’s no room for negotiation. My purpose is only to crush you」

While talking to the man, I gave his face a merciless kick

「W-wait a miー」
「I won’t」

The man raised his right hand trying to stop me but I kicked his face again and he raised a voice of agony. Then his nose drips blood.

「There’s no need to wait. Because I came here to crush you people. I won’t stop until you’re all crushed. I’ll only stop when you’re all crushed. That’s all」
「L-Listen! At least listen to meーGuha!?」

I already said that I won’t stop but the man somehow tries to negotiate. Ignoring the man’s words, I just kept kicking his face.

After a while, I confirmed that he’s not moving so I climbed over the door that doesn’t need the key and went out of the cubicle. Then I returned to the cubicle I went in first.
There’s five cubicles in all. I can store five people without causing a ruckus if it goes well.

Waiting at the cubicle, another man entered the bathroom. Another man that’s a member of the delinquent group in the slot corner.
Because his companion didn’t come back after taking a piss, he came to check it out.

「Hey, you’re here?」

The main called out. But there’s no answer.
The man tilted his head and and looked around, and when he approached the cubicle I’m hiding.


I kicked the door splendidly and blew of the man that’s against the door.


Clashing against the wall, the man who tumbled on the floor was surprised rather in pain and he raised a voice when he fell down. Then when he tried to get up desperately, his body doesn’t listen to him. To step up that sort of man, I kicked his man like I’m kicking a soccer ball.


His head was kicked without him knowing the situation at all, the man shouted as he roll on the floor. Then, his nosebleed scattered.
Oops, they might notice if the nosebleed made the floor dirty.
I thought so I held his head with my hands and gripped the legs of the trembling man, I dragged him and entered the cubicle.
Second one GET.
When I cherished him until he can’t move just like the first one, I locked the door and climbed and returned to my first cubicle.
It’s exactly like an ant lion’s larva. Okay, let’s name it as ant lion strategy.

Waiting for a moment, two men entered the bathroom.
The companion haven’t returned from the toilet and the companion who went to look didn’t return either. That’s why they intend to search using two this time.
Even though there are two opponents, there’s no problem here.

「Hey, until when are you shutting yourself in the toilet?」

The main raised his voice. And the moment the man had approached the front of my cubicle.


I kicked and opened the door vigorously, the man was knocked against the door was blown off just like last time, he ran against the wall and rolled on the floor.
I went out of the cubicle instantly and pressed on the other man that kept standing. Then I draw my right fist.


The standing man adapts to a defensive posture instantly.
Oh, well done. Certainly he’s different from his companions that I beat down in the woods. Butー.
I’ve already known that he’s going to defend. His muscles told me so.


Knowing that, my right straight is a faint. Instead my left fist drive the man to his stomach and when he bent forward, I gave him a right uppercut.
Being tormented by a two punch defenselessly, the man collapsed.
I turned around and run towards the man who tried to get up and gave him a soccer ball kick on the face.


His head jumped up and he rolled on the floor shouting, then he became silent.

「Now then」

Clapping my hands, I dragged the feet of the men who fell down and pulled them inside the cubicle. Then coming out of the cubicle, I grabbed the feet of the man who fainted from the uppercut and dragged him to the other cubicle. Then I locked the door

「You guys are too weak. Perhaps your protein is insufficient. Aren’t you just raping women too much?」

I squatted down and asked the two who fainted.
Do they lack protein because they rape women too much? I’m the one who said it but I felt so jealous and irritated.
I who got angry decided to use the ultimate weapon.
I took out the plastic case from my pocket.
There’s a rustling sound heard inside the case.
It’s a fine quality protein I captured in the woods.
If it’s insufficient then we only have to replenish it.
I grinned while thinking so.

It didn’t take much time to completely break the minds of the men who woke up.

There are four men crushed. There are six delinquents in the slot corner. In short, there are two remaining.
The leader and the dull man. They’re the two with the most evident hair in the group.

I went out the toilet and walked towards the slot corner.
The leader and the dull man are sitting on the chair in the slot corner as usual. But since the men who went to the toilet hadn’t return so they don’t seem to be calm.
Then I sit on the chair next to the two.

「Hey, we meet again」

Then, I smiled at them.
The two men who saw me became speechless.

「Do you need an explanation?」

When I asked them, their expressions stiffened and blood was drained from the face of the two.
The companions didn’t return. Then I showed up. Then there’s no need to explain.

「You two are stronger than those four. But can I win against four? Even if I do, there’s no way I’d go out without injuries right?」

Hearing my words, the two gulped their throat.
No matter how strong, it’s hard to win flawlessly when fighting against numbers. Furthermore, though I beat those four individually, there’s no way I’d tell them that.

「I-If you lay a hand on us, Yuka’s photos and videosー」
「Why don’t you do as you like?」

Did he judge that they’re unable to win? The leader immediately tried to threaten me but I lightly rejected him.

「I don’t care about that used goods. Why don’t you just release her videos and photos? The only one you’re troubling is Yuka. I’m not troubled at all」
「T-Then, why!? Why are you aiming for us!?」

Leader clings to my word.
Why? That’sー.

「I just felt irritated so I’m crushing you」

I smiled while saying.
Leader was in shock. ‘I felt irritated so I’ll crush you’ His companions were done one after another for that reason. Twelve of his companions were crushed just today. Then they definitely thought that they’re also done for.

「Well, calm down」

I said while raising my right hand and applied it on the right shoulder of the dull man.
I put my right hand on his pocket. Then my right hand took out a knife. The dull man seems to be a dangerous guy.
He finally thought that he’s going to threaten me with his knife but when I pushed the dull man’s right shoulder and took out the knife, his eyes are shaken.

「W-what the hell is with you…?」

The dull man asked muttering.

「I’m a saint who acquired future sight by studying in Tibet」

I answered while grinning then the dull man became silent.
Hey hey, it was a boke so try to tsukkomi! No matter how you think I’m no saint.

「I-I’ll give Yuka to you. I’ll erase her images and videos. That’s why please don’t be concerned with us anymore

Did he believe my future sight or he’s not believing it so he lost his spirit. The leader tries to negotiate to escape safely. I pat leader’s shoulder with my right hand.

「I told you right? I came here to crush you. I don’t care whatever happens to Yuka」

I say while smiling and leader with his eyes wide put power in his legs. Next his muscle in thigh stiffened subsequently.
He intends to run.
I who perceived it before leader starts to move poked the shank of his right and left legs.

「There’s no way I’d let you go」

Hearing my words, leader’s whole body lost it’s power. The color of his expression looks like he gave up.
I was able to stop him even before he took action. It’s simple but it scrapped off his spirit.
The victory or defeat is already seen. But I don’t intend to end it there. Because I came here to crush you after all.

The two of them walk ahead and went out of the game station.
I leave the location to the two. The purpose is to make them choose an advantageous place for them.
The two had already lost their fighting spirit but I made them search for their own graveyards by my instruction.
There’s no meaning even if they can run. Their companions are already annihilated, the two of them are going to the same school as me. As long as they don’t change schools, the two of them can’t take refuge.

The two of them went towards the abandoned factory downtown. The reason they chose it is garbage. The scraps have been scattered badly around and there seems to be a large amount of things that can become a weapon.
I told them that they can use whatever weapon they want after all. They are likely able to make a path with scraps somehow.,
In short, even though their fighting spirit is lost, their minds aren’t broken yet.

「C-Can we really use anything?」

Inside the darkness, leader asked.


I nodded easily.
The two intended to choose a place advantageous for them but they chose the worst place.
Dark. It’s an environment where I can demonstrate my ability to it’s maximum.
I don’t know the reason but my ability isn’t influenced by light. It’s different when I say that I can see in darkness like daytime. Dark is dark. But I can see. Now, should I say that I can perceive?
I sometimes think of it. Can my eyes really see?
Since image enter my eyes, I can see with my eyes. But isn’t it strange to perceive the surroundings regardless of day and night?
Could it be that my ability might be using an organ that has no relation with my eyes? I thought of it sometimes.

Erasing their presence, the two people have picked up an iron scrap and threw it towards me. I dodged it.
Judging that close combat is dangerous, they engaged on medium range but since I know when they throw it out, I can avoid it easily. Furthermore, the view is dark. They can barely perceive me visually. However I can “See” the two well


When I walked to get closer towards them, the two had sensed it and walked back. Then, they threw iron scraps again.
It’s like a child fight. But oh well, they can’t do anything after all.
Throwing out the iron scraps, when the two senses that I’m rushing towards them, they try to take distance desperately.

「W-what’s wrong?」

The leader who heard a scream raised his voice. The dull man seems to have lost footing on the scrap woods and had fallen down.
Getting trapped in a place that you chose, are you an idiot?

「I-It’s unfair!」

Leader shouts teary eyed. Unfair? I didn’t do anything though. He fell down by himself.

「I-It’s unfair to see the future!」

Leader shouts further. No, I was joking.

「I don’t have a future sight ability」

I have x-ray vision though, I thought while answering.

「T-Then, why are you so strong!?」
「Haa? Why? Didn’t I answer you that? It’s because I’m strong. I’m strong and you’re weak. That’s all」

Answering leader’s question, leader became silent.
The game of tag in the dark continued forever. I’m running after the two comfortably but I can perceive well that the two’s willpower and physical strength are reducing every second.
The iron scrap thrown has become smaller and the power weakens.
Their breaths are rough.
They lost the speed even if they try to run away and the color of despair began to show in the expression of the two.
This isn’t a cool fight at all. It’s not even hunting. It’s just a cat playing with the rat.
There’s a proverb that a cornered mouse fights but the two of them should know it already.
The one they made enemy of isn’t a cute that will make fun of them.

The two of them are just being cornered as I came towards them lightly to attack.


He gets away all of a sudden when I lightly poked his head.

「Stop it!」

Kicking his back lightly, he gets away all of a sudden.


Kicking his knee, he gets away all of a sudden.
Because their physical power and willpower are at limit, it became impossible for them to check me who’s strolling freely in the darkness, visually The two are crying.
Child fights stop when one cries. But unfortunately, neither of us are children.

「I-I’m sorry! It’s our bad!」

Kicking the leader’s back a bit stronger, he rolled on the ground and raised a voice. But I kept strolling without giving an answer.
The dull man looked around while trembling. Driven by the fear, dull has retired.

「W-what do you desire! Woman!? I’ll introduce you to a good woman! I’ll introduce you to a woman that’s easy to fuck! That’s why please stop it!」

The dull man shouted. I reacted to his words for a moment, I hesitated.
If I make him my subordinate, I can get a lot of various easy women to fuck That’s not bad. Howeverー.

「You, it’s irritating that you’re just popular」

I creeped on the bak of the dull man and kicked the bottom of his knee while whispering in his ears.


Both of his knees folding, the dull man crumbled.
It’s these guys who raped Yuka and made her a toy but he doesn’t need to take a violent measure, he’s basically popular. He’s an ikemen of some sort. I don’t like it.
Do you know how lonely I spent my boyhood? You probably don’t. Then you’re just flirting with women, and enjoy attacking them by force.
Ah, shit, I feel so irritated. Let’s crush him.
I decided and took my time, I slowly, slowly made my attack stronger.

Thirty minutes has passed and the two of them are already like rag dust cloths.
Unable to stand anymore, the two are crouching and crying on the ground.

「How about we end it?」

I muttered as I squat in front of the two people on the ground.

「I’ll give you a choice in the end. I’ll let you chose from two and I’ll forgive you if you clear it」

Asking the two of them, the two had a relief from the bottom of the heart floating in their expression.

「First. This stick that fell here, I’ll push it in your urethrea」

Hearing me, the two of them pulled their waist and raised a scream.

「Second isー」

Saying that, I took out a plastic case in my pocket and put it in front of the two.
There’s a weird rustling sound heard from the case.
While I was taking my time chasing the two, I captured it because I was free. Thanks to that, the contents are jam-packed closely. Furthermore, there’s one big shot inside it.

「I’ll replenish your proteins. Now, which do you choose?」

The two of them looked on the plastic case while listening to me. They were somehow able to guess what’s inside by listening to the sound it makes.
They can’t choose having a stick going inside their urethra so they have no choice but to pick the replenish protein.

「O-Only one…would do?」

The leader asked while crying. Furthermore, he’s being polite before I was aware.

「Fufufu, isn’t it obvious that all of it?」

I replied with a smile and Leader laughed.
He’s broken.

The large amount of protein I’ve captured must be made good use per every piece so the two of them should take responsibility and eat it.


  1. カス
  2. Fragments of the names of the bug
  3. Yeah, it’s just a shout
  4. Hii!