X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 11

Chapter 11

The day after I crushed the delinquents, I went to the school like usual.

The school gate is seen from a distance. Then there’s a person standing there. I know that it was Asahina immediately.
Right now I’m feeling tense. I’m even more tense than when I crushed the delinquents.
Asahina standing next to the gate is highly likely to be waiting for me.
The moment I saw Asahina, I got thrilled.
This is as expected. The problem is from here on.

My heart throbs in excitement. The tightening tension and the feeling of the uplift rising.
The probability of succeeding when Asahina waited for me is really high. But it’s not absolute. That’s the thrill and I’m looking forward to it.
That’s right, this is a game with a high probability of success.


I meet up with Asahina innocently and greeted Asahina innocently.
Asahina who saw me scowled hard at me. Those glaring eyes clearly has a shadow suspending under.

「I begged you right?」

As if shooting me to death, no, she’s glaring at me with eyes filled with anger that looks like she’s about to jump any moment, Asahina raised her trembling voice, desperately holding her anger. It makes me want to dance instinctively when I saw that appearance of Asahina.
There’s no mistake. My plan went well.


Desperately suppressing my excitement and want to dance, I asked Asahina innocently.

「I told you I’ll be your slave right? I told you I’ll do anything right? In exchange, I asked you only one thing right? And yet, you…」

Did her anger reach the limit? Asahina addressed me while trembling and tilt her had while having a cramped smile.

「I want you to protect Yuka. That was all I hoped for. As long as it’s fulfilled, I really intended to be your slave. However youー」

Saying that Asahina raised her right hand and mightily swing it.
A dry sound echoed and my vision became pure white at the same time. Next, pain runs through my cheek.
Asahina slapped my cheek.
Oh, ouch. But well, I already saw it with my x-ray vision so I moved my head with the slap. The power was reduced to half as a result. But it is still quite painful, Asahina isn’t going easy, she slapped me using the power of her whole body. That’s how angry Asahina is.

Fufu, fufufu, fufufufufu.

I did it, I finally did it, it’s scary that I assumed it. I thought that Asahina would be violent tempered like this. Then I judged the probability of this going well to be considerably high. However I never thought that all of my assumptions would go that well.

「I won’t ask anything from you anymore. I don’t mind whatever you do with the images you took that time. I don’t care what people thing or whatever happens. I’ve noticed something more important than that」

Saying that, Asahina turned back from me.
I who pats my left cheek kept standing in place for a while. Then as I expected, Yuka all of a sudden appeared and run towards me.
She wants to stop Asahina from getting angry from me but Yuka wasn’t able to stop Asahina. The reason is I told her that “I want you to keep it a secret”
It was a gamble but Yuka kept her promise with me and Asahina wasn’t told that I beat down the delinquents.
Asahina doesn’t know anything, naturally, she also doesn’t know that I beat down the delinquents. That’s why Asahina will slap me who made a promise.
That’s right, Asahina beat me who kept the promise.


Yuka runs while calling my name and looked up anxiously to the standing me.

「Why didn’t you say anything? Suzuhara-kun kept his promise properly」

Saying that, Yuka took out her phone.
When he received and looked at the screen of the received phone, sentences of a mail is projected there.

ーー I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorryーー

No matter how much I scroll, only words of apology shows up.
The sender is displayed as “Shinozaki-san” Shinozaki was the name of the leader of delinquents right?
Wow, he’s completely broken. I overdid it a bit.
At any rate, the leader of the delinquents is no good already.
Or rather, you’re even putting ‘-san’ on the address of the mastermind of the delinquent group that raped and threatened you? Just how good girl are you?

「I don’t know what method you used but Suzuhara-kun beat down those people right? And yet why didn’t you say anything to Asahina-san?」

When I returned the phone to Yuka, she asked me.
Why? Isn’t that obvious?

「It’s premature to conclude that the delinquent group was annihilated. I thought of seeing things for now. I can tell that Asahina that I annihilated the delinquent group but isn’t that stupid?」
「I-I see」

Yuka nodded and felt admiration from my answer.
Nufufu, you don’t get it. I didn’t tell Asahina on purpose so she would hit me. No, it’s already enough as a passing point if she spoke badly instead of hitting me but Asahina went out and acted what I had imagined.
She may not know it but Asahina still hit me who kept his promise to annihilate the delinquents. If she knew that, Asahina will definitely be tormented by the feeling of guilt due to her character. Then, Asahina won’t be able to refuse my orders easily anymore.
She said that she’ll be a slave but she can’t resist anymore if she faced the situation. Well, It’s an insurance.
I want to see how Asahina would deal with it when she realized the truth.

「Yuka-chan remembers our promise right?」

Asking Yuka while grinning, her face stiffened for a moment but, she nodded

「O-Of course. Suzuhara-kun kept his promise. So this time I have to keep my promise」

Yuka asserts with a serious look and I felt that my penis inside my pants is getting hard.
A serious, good natured person possessing a strong sense of duty, she’s a bit of an airhead. She’s used goods but her appearance is satisfactory, furthermore, her tits are big.

「Then let’s try it out immediately」

Yuka flinched as I exposed my real intention easily.


Looking down a bit, she hugged herself and bit her lower lip, when she looked up lightly and stared at me with upturned eyes, she whispered her acknowledgement.
The start is essential after all. If she handles it unskillfully, she might just be dragged after all.

「W-Where should we go?」

Yuka’s cheeks blush but she doesn’t avert her eyes, she then asked whisperingly.
The bandage rolled in her right eye, the bruise on the side of her lovely pink colored lip. Combined with the upturned eyes, it caused my sadism boil up. Then I turned my glance down on her big breast that’s pushing up the uniform.
It’s honestly unbearable.

「Yuka-chan knows a good place doesn’t she?」

Swallowing my saliva, I put up a good face and asked.
She’s been violated in the school severely after all. She should be well informed when it comes to places where people don’t find easily.
Yuka nodded immediately, she then picked up the sleeve of my uniform quietly with her fingers while looking down.

「This way」

Then she began to walk saying so.
Even though she’s used goods, she’s definitely classified as a beauty and big tits girl, she’s being so sexy this early in the morning.
It’s better if she’s a virgin but it doesn’t matter now that I’m going to do her. Also, I don’t intend to go out with her.
I don’t want to use my ability on things other than lewds but I’m glad that I crushed the delinquents.

Yuka went to to the back of the school. This is where I beat down the two Senpai.
There’s certainly no signs of people here. But it can never be concluded that no one would come.
Well, I can perceive it beforehand if I use my ability.
But Yuka’s skin would be penetrated if I use my ability and I’ll see something disgusting.
I don’t want to use my ability when doing lewd things as much as possible. But I want to use my ability only for lewd things. But I don’t want to use my ability on something disgusting.
It’s a convenient and a bad ability.
Can this ability get less restrictions by some means?
For example, just penetrating the area around the pussy.
I was able almost to limit my ability to penetrate women only on unconscious level. I might be able to acquire it if I trained.
Thinking about it, Yuka took the route while pulling my uniform.
I was sure that we’d start at the back of the school building but Yuka changed her route and entered the woods adjacent to the school building.
There’s an abundant number of trees and weed covering the ground. Then I noticed that the weed Yuka’s walking through are already trampled down. It’s a way made by people walking.
Before long, I saw it. I saw a stump. There’s an deforested space that’s that’s surrounded by the trees.
Are they coming in and out of here often? The space is surrounded by trees on 360 degrees.
It seems that the stump is a substitute for a chair, I saw bottles and plastic bags scattered a round it.
I understood it immediately. Yuka’s violated by the delinquents here.
Oh, isn’t this quite a good place? It’s not easy to find inside the woods, furthermore, it’s outdoor. Violating a beauty as they like on an open space with a lot of anions.
This isn’t bad.

「S-Should we begin?」

Yuka stopped and turned back to me, she then put both her hands on her skirt. Then she took off her panties.
Yuka’s heartbeat ticks “Tokun Tokun” She’s not feeling fear, strain, nor shame as she take off her panties in front of a man watching her. She’s already used to it.

「No, I won’t use your pussy yet」
Even I want to thrust inside your pussy but, Yuka’s pussy is not wet at all. Though her pussy is hidden in her skirt, it’s impossible to deceive my eyes.
For Yuka, sex is just work. So violence shouldn’t be used, she pretended to seduce and turned it into plain work.
Then, it’s not interesting. That’s no fun at all.
I want to see her go Ahegao1 Thrusting in the hard penis inside the drenched pussy, I want her to Ahegao while pouring out love nectar. Being disappointed at oneself, desperately resisting the pleasure yet it feels too good that she can’t do anything but ahegao.
I want to see that appearance.

「Why don’t you wet my penis first?」

I unfastened my pants while saying that and took out my penis that’s already standing.
It would only feel pain if it went inside a dry pussy. Then, she should just wet my penis. Yuka should know a method to wet my penis.


Yuka’s not surprised too much even she saw my erect penis, knowing the meaning of wetting my penis that she kneeled with her panties dropped. She stared at the erect penis in front of her while kneeling on the ground.
She’s not feeling shy at all. Since I can see the interior of her body can be seen with my X-ray vision, I understood that it’s not a lie.
Just how many dicks she had in her mouth until now? Want me to pierce your pussy instead?
It’s not fun. It’s not fun at all.
Even seeing the erect penis that has thick blood vessels coming to surface, Yuka’s not shaken nor feeling shy, I’m very angry.
I want to make her go Ahegao by some means. Feeling embarrassed wanting to cry, I want to see her getting miserable going ahegao in pleasure.

「Can you let me see your tits?」
「Eh? Ah, yes」

Yuka nodded obediently to my request and rolled her uniform calmly as if she’s in a changing room with no one else.
Her pure white tits shook. A pink areola and nipple is seen at top. I don’t know how much men had played with it but I don’t think of her as pitiful, but there are bruises on some places. It stimulated my desire abnormally this time.
Far from feeling shy, she’s having thoughts of being lusted on, she somehow feels defeated.
Even though she exposed her tits, Yuka’s not feeling shy at all, she looked at me with an upward glance.

「Then, I’ll wet it okay?」

Saying that, Yuka calmly gripped and wrapped the pole of the penis with her right hand, she opened her lovely pink and thrust out her red tongue.
Was she trained by men? She looked up at me and made the thrust out tongue touch the glans.
The lukewarm tongue crawled on the glans and that created pleasure running through the whole body as a result.


I instinctively pulled my waist due to the sudden pleasure that attacked.
Yuka who looks up to me became speechless.


After a moment, Yuka laughed.
The blood in my whole body boils, I felt my blood boiling like magma dashing to my head.
This girl laughed. She laughed when she saw me pull my waist when she made her tongue touch my glans.

「W-What’s so funny?」

Feeling the blood vessel coming to surface in my temple, I looked down at Yuka and asked.
I’m the man who annihilated the delinquents alone. It’s scary if I get angry you know? I won’t let you laugh at me.

「No, Suzuhara-kun is quite…cute」

Stroking the pole with her right hand, Yuka said it with smile floating on her face.
C-Cute? Just what the hell is cute? You’re making a fool of me because you think of me as a virgin? I’m telling you, I’m not a virgin. I was a virgin before I raped Asahinma but I’m no longer a virgin because I raped Asahina.

「Y-you, don’t think that it pleases a man when you call them cuteーu」

Restraining my anger desperately, I object at Yuka’s words. But I wasn’t able to finish my sentence to the last minute.
Looking up to me, she gently stoked my pole with her right hand and licked my glans with her red tongue. I forgot what I was saying due to the pleasure.
Yuka who slowly licked the glans with her tongue, opened her mouth wide open. Then she hold the penis deep inside her mouth without any hesitation.


A tight slimy meat wraps the glance and my waist twitched selfishly and my voice leaked out instinctively.
Seeing that, Yuka narrowed her eyes.
She’s laughing. This girl is making a fool out of me who’s lacking in experience since I just lost my virginity.
I won’t let that. I won’t forgive that. It’s a crime to make fool of meー.


Making an obscene wet sound, she’s stroking the glans with her tight and slimy meat. I blanked out due to the great pleasure.
Fella, is this fellatio? What a terrific pleasure. Isn’t it much more pleasant than Asahina’s pussy?

「Ku, Uku」

Yuka began to swing he head slowly. Then an obscene wet sound echoes from her swinging head. Then, a strong pleasure attacked.
Shit, this is dangerous. We just started and I’m already at my limit. If I came immediately after she sucked for just a moment, I’d be made fool by Yuka.
Brace yourself, me. Fellatio is just a process. It’s just a foreplay for the penis to go in the pussy that’s not wet. If I get exhaustedー.


Along with the obscene wet sound, I shot my desire out.
Pleasure runs like a current through my whole body and my thoughts burst to pure white.
Noticing it, my knees are trembling selfishly, it’s hopelessly shameful.
Yuka who caught the secreted mucous looked up to me gladly and she slowly swing her head.
Before I got immersed in the reverberations of pleasure, strong pleasure attacked again.


When I pulled my waist instinctively, my glans came off Yuka’s mouth.
I…ran away? I ran away?
Yuka who’s kneeling on the ground, closed her mouth and gulped.
S-She drank it. This girl drank the semen I let out.

「Could this be your first time?」

Yuka’s soft voice sounded.
It’s not my first. Even I got experience. However, fellatio is certainly my first time. But, I’d rather die than say it’s my first time.

「I’m sorry for having me, a dirty woman as your first」

Her voice sounds lonely.

「Should we continue?」

Saying that , Yuka turned her back to me. Then she slouched forward and thrust out her ass towards me.
Continue. In short, she’s asking if her pussy will be used. She’s telling me to use it if I want to.
I’m the one who should be on top on standpoint but It’s Yuka taking the lead this case. It’s very embarrassing and mortifying.

「N-No, it’s bad if we get late」
「Is that so?」

Yuka got up to my word and turned around to look at me. Then she laughed.
I know that Yuka’s smile isn’t making fun of me. That smile is like a mother who’s looking at her hard to raise child with gentle eyes. It’s much more of a disgrace than being made fool.
Now’s the time for you to laugh. I decided. I’ll definitely make you go ahegao. I’ll make you cum that you’ll shout ‘Stop it’ I’ll make it so that you won’t be satisfied without me.
You can show all of your composure right now. Just you see. I’ll definitely make you regret it.
By the way, the fellatio felt so good. Or is that Yuka is just good? I can clear it up if I get a fellatio from Asahina.


  1. Author only used Ahe, so I took freedom and put ‘gao’