X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Asahina who sends me a glance surely glares at me then she averts her face.
Several minutes later she’ll glare at me again then Asahina averts her face. It’s not been three hours since class yet she’s been looking at me like that since morning.
Just how many times she’s going to look at me until she’s satisfied. By the way, I won’t be responsible if your neck hurts.

「Asahina-san, please pay attention to the lesson」

The teacher who became irritated with Asahina looking at the back frequently so he warned her.


The teacher’s face became cramped when Asahina clearly declared it. But did he not expect her denying him upfront or did he feel the pressure from Asahina’s spirit? The teacher didn’t warn Asahina anymore.
Asahina glared and avert her face at me like nothing happened.
She’s amazing. There’s a limit on acting like you own this place.

When the third hour ended, Asahina stood from her seat and headed instantly towards mine. Then when she’s standing in front of the sitting me, she glared down andー.


She averted her face mightily and went out of the classroom determinedly.
She wanted to be looked after yet she can’t say it herself, she’s like a cat that looks at this direction while loitering at a distance.
For Asahina who spoke sharply to me in the school gate this morning, she can’t be honest.
Asahina has no power to protect Yuka. Asahina said it herself. Furthermore, since there’s a rumor that she’s being marked down by the scary senpai, she lost her friends too.
Even if she’s powerless, Asahina said that she’d fall on the same place as Asahina. Those thoughts are true it seems. However nothing can be solved if she also fall down. Also, Asahina said it herself.
Asahina lost her cool and hit me but now that she’s calm, she wants my help after all.
She doesn’t care if she got depraved herself. However she want to save Yuka at least. That’s why she need power. That’s probably wat she’s thinking.
Therefore she needs me to mind it somehow but after she had hit me, she can’t be honest, she’s thinking of what she did this morning.

Asahina who went to the toilet returned to the classroom.
Asahina who walked straight to my seat is glaring at me while standing. Thenー.


She averted her face mightily.
I thought she returned to her seat but Asahina doesn’t move from her place, she’s just staring at me.


Then she averted her face mightily again. Then she sent a glance at me againー.


Then averted her face again.
This girl, she’s getting interesting. She doesn’t seem to know how foolish she is.
Usually surrounded by a lot of friends, she had a great power in the class, a fearless smile always floats and looking down on others without making her hands dirty. She’s that beauty with the worst character. That’s the image of Asahina but who’d thought that she’s a fool.
But no matter how foolish her actions are, she strangely looks refined.
I’ll leave her alone since it’s interesting.

「E-Excuse me」

Turning the gaze on the polite voice heard, Yuka is standing at the entrance of the classroom.
When Yuka met my eyes, she waved and smiled.
It’s as if a dog pleased seeing it’s master coming home.
What’s with that composed attitude? You’re just my onahole. Don’t wave your hand happily.
Dammit, it seems that she’s been underestimating me after the fellatio incident. She’s taking me lightly as she thinks I have low experience.
But however, it’s to say but it’s true that I have low experience.
Yuka’s a water flea when it comes to combat but she’s a last boss class when it comes to sex. Furthermore, I’m just a level one.
Level one can’t beat a final boss. Then what should I do? I need to stack experience to become equal with the enemy to defeat it so I have no choice but to raise my level. And I just have the perfect partner.
It’s Asahina who I used to escape virginity.
She’s a senior as she had a vibrator inside her anus but she’s definitely a virgin. Furthermore she has no experience with men, she even said that she never dated a man.
Let’s first face someone you can defeat. In short, making Asahina Ahegao. Challenging the last boss is after that.


Before I stood from my seat, Asahina averted her face and noticed Yuka so she called her out. Then she run towards Yuka who’s at the entrance.

「Are you okay!? Did they do anything cruel!? If something happened just tell me okay!?」

Asahina embraced Yuka tightly, she looked at Yuka anxiously and patted her head and fixed her uniform.

「I-I’m okay」

Yuka laughs while having an embarrassed face then she sent a glance at me after answering Ashina.

ーーHow long should I keep it a secret?

Yuka’s eyes speaks to me.
Asahina still thinks that Yuka is being played by the delinquents. Yuka doesn’t know the details so she’s still dubious however, she has already accepted the strange mail from the leader of the delinquents. And I’m uninjured. Furthermore, there’s a rumor spreading around the end of the second hour in the school.
That rumor is about a specific student not getting to school. The specific student is one of the member of the delinquent group.
Yesterday, I went to face the delinquents, an abnormal mail from the leader of the delinquents reached her and one of the delinquent was absent.
She doesn’t know the details but it’s no mistake that something happened and I crushed the delinquents, that’s what Yuka is thinking. Then Asahina who doesn’t know anything is worried about Yuka.
As Yuka’s a follower of Asahina, she’s feeling guilt as only Asahina doesn’t know the current state.

「It seems that Asahina-san being targeted by the senpai is true」

I listened to the whispering voices.

「Tamoe-san is, that, isn’t she?」
「It seems that she sold herself to Senpai」
「It’s rumored that she’s a terrible bitch」
「Tamoe-san looks like she’ll accept any man isn’t she?」
「She looks pure an innocent even with those big breasts but she’s actually is a slut」
「That’s right, that kind of feeling」
「Getting along with that Tamoe-sanー」
「That means that Asahina-san’s already done for」

Asahina’s former “followers” are doing as they please and talk rumors.
Yuka has a connection with the delinquent Senpai. For Yuka to have quick intimacy with Asahina, they think that Asahina has surrendered to the Senpai.


Yuka’s anxious at the downpour of white glances from the surroundings so she separated from Asahina.
Did she think Asahina’s image worsening when she’s together with her?

「Yuka, I told you to call me Yuu right?」

Flinching from Asahina’s words, Yuka had a bewildered expression. Yuka blushed as Asahina stares at her straight but, it turned pale when she looked around.
The white glance is pouring down.
I may not know it but it seems that Yuka’s famous among girls as a girl that opens her legs and seduces the Senpai.
Considering Yuka’s character, it seems that she can’t endure being looked with white eyes. But Asahina’s with her, she can’t endure damaging the name of the one she adore.
Yuka who trembles while looking around, looked at Asahina with sad eyes then she smiled with her pale face. Then she tried to run away.

「If you think of me as a friend, call me Yuu. No ‘-San’ or ‘Chan’. I want you to call me by my first name. Yuka, if you think of me as a friend…」

Yuka who tried to run away was stiffened by the voice. Then she looked at Asahina with a pale face.
Asahina’s eyes are only looking at Yuka.
Not concerning with the surrounding eyes, what a sweet look. Yuka can’t say anything more from those eyes.
Yuka is a believer of Asahina but it seems that Asahina depends on Yuka even more.
I can use this.
If I use Asahina as pretext, I can do as I like with Yuka. Then if I use Yuka as pretext, Asahina won’t be able to repel me.
If it’s Asahina right now, she’ll really do anything for Yuka’s sake.
At most, if the two of them knew that I’m making a move on the other, I think I’ll get killed. Especially Asahina would seriously try to kill me.
Well, it’s fine as long as they don’t. Even if they do, what can a water flea do?

After school, I stood up from my seat and head home.
Asahina promised Yuka that they would go home together so we went out of the classroom the same time after school.
Asahina doesn’t know it currently so I can’t lay my hand on her. If I do, Asahina would know everything.
She’d know that I crushed the delinquents and kept my promise. I have to make her dogeza before I violate her. No, I want to violate Asahina from the back as she dogeza.
That said, I can’t use Asahina yet but if I speak to Yuka then she’ll spread her legs. But even fellatio got me. If I thrust my penis inside her pussy she’ll laugh at me and that will make me impossible to recover anymore.1
Then, she’d be uneasy if it was a lie that I really destroyed the delinquents. It’s because the weed would still multiply before you know it if you only cut the leaves not the roots. I have to kill the root properly.
I walked home while thinking of such things and a group of people has appeared on the road. Then, they blocked the way.
Women stand in a line to block the road to residential area. All of them are wearing uniform of our school and most of them are seniors. Furthermore, it’s full of quite some beauties.

「You must be the one who picked a fight with Kinoshita and Makihara right?」

There’s one woman standing on the center of the schoolgirls forming a line and spoke as if clearly looking down on me.
A chestnut colored long hair that has rolls on the end, a so called ringlet curls. Her height is tall and style is outstanding. Also, her tits are huge. And her appearance is obviously filled with confidence.
An ojou-sama when it comes to appearance. However, she’s unrefined somewhere. She’s a contrastive beauty to Asahina with strange dignity and violent temper.
She’s a rare beauty but she looks cheap beacause there’s no elegance.
I got a hint. This woman is probably the leader of the female delinquents. The other women are the women in the delinquents too.

「You know who you picked a fight with?」

Then the ringlet curls asked.
The delinquents are mostly annihilated but they still pick a fight with me, do they not know it yet?
By the way, who’s Kinoshita and Makihara again? I’m sure that they’re members of the delinquents but I forgot who they are.

「I’ve heard about you from Yukito. You’re already done」

Saying that ringlet curls laughed and the other girls laughed too.
Eh? Who’s Yukito? If ringlet curls is the leader of the female delinquents then is Yukito the name of the leader of the delinquents.

「However, I might help you depending on your attitude」

Looking down at me, ringlet curls laughed from her nose while speaking.

「Yukito’s different from Kinoshita and Makihara. But Yukito’s in love with me. As long as I say it, he might even pardon you」

Putting her hand around her breast, ringlet curls speaks while clearly looking down on me.
Fall in love? I wonder. Aren’t you just one of his convinent woman.
Or rather, this ringlet curls has bad character and no elegance, but she’s still a beauty and her tits are big. It makes me angry that you’re treating such a woman just as a convenient woman.
Different from me who violated Asahina by desperately gripping on the chance, the delinquent group are just a rat pack who’d fuck women without problems. Still not satisfied, they even made Yuka an onahole.
I’m fucking pissed. I’m fucking pissed. I’m fucking pissed.
You’re getting carried away just you look a bit better. I thought I already forgave you yesterday but it seems that you’re not reflecting enough.

「But I won’t let you go just for free right? If you want my help, then you should show your sincerity. Then, you see, I need a bag but it’s a bit expensive」

Saying that, ringlet curls says with a laugh. It seems that she wants me to pay because the bag she wants is expensive.
Oh, is that so?

「Actually yesterday, I became friends with Shinozaki. Ah, no, should I say best friend? I came to meet him today. As a friend, no, I wonder what would he say as a best friend?

Ringlet curls’ expression stiffened to my words.
Did she react from the name Shinozaki? This girl is really the leader of the female delinquents after all.

「Y-You? Yukito and you? Then whyー?」

Ringlet curls’ eyes shake and the girls muttered.
Though I met the leader of the delinquent group, why I’m still lively, it’s mysterious.

「M-Marina You can’t contact Shinozaku-kun right? Could it be that he’s related to it?」

The girl next to ringlet curls asked anxiously.
The women who looked down at me just a few minutes ago are also shaking and making noise.
Oh, you can’t contact him? Well, as long as he sent the mail to Yuka, I guess he shut himself in his room and trembles.

「D-Don’t say something stupid! There’s no way this guy can somehow beat up Yukito! He just had some business today! He’s probably playing with his friends right now!」

Ringlet curls had blood vessel showing in her temple as she shout. I can clearly see that she’s trying to hide her anxiety.
Unable to contact her boyfriend, then I who met him is still lively, then the delinquent group is absent from school.
She’ll definitely get anxious.

「A-Anyway, I can’t forgive you picking a fight at Kinoshita and Makihara. I’ll wait a week, prepare 50,000 yen. If you don’t then you know what will happen right?」

Ringlet curls try to threaten me while shaking. You should’ve wished for your boyfriend to buy you a bag.
Well, he probably can’t.
She’s here yet, he’s still using Yuka as an onahole. I’m sure there’s another woman. Ringlet curls isn’t the only convenient woman, there’s no way he’d buy such an expensive bag for that sort of woman.

「It’s quite a trouble to have a boyfriend with flirtatious tendencies right?」

Ringlet curls’ eyes opened wide when she heard my mutter, then she stared at me with bloodshot eyes and gritting her teeth to the limit.
It seems that it’s a bull’s-eye.
The bull’s-eye is about her knowing that there are other women. Still she’s introducing herself as his girlfriend and tolerates him cheating on her.
Perhaps it’s to maintain her status.

「You’re Shinozaki’s girlfriend right? Then the girlfriend of the dull man is here too?」

Looking at the standing women while asking, there’s one girl among them who reacted.
A timid looking orthodox beauty with black long hair. She’s the girlfriend of the dull guy.
Dammit, this girl is equal to Asahina’s beauty. However, her tits are big unlike Asahina. Well, women with chopping board chest like her are rare.
Aside from that, though they had beauties scattered, they’re still taking other girls?

Fufu, I’m fucking pissed.

「That guy said that he’d introduce me to any woman as long as I ask him. It seems that he knows a lot of easy to fuck women. You know? Or are you one of the women that’s easy to fuck?」

I asked the long black hair beauty indifferently.
The black long haired beauty’s eyes widened to my words then she covered her face with trembling shoulders.
Ah, she cried. She knows that she belongs to the other women. But she’s tolerating it like ringlet curls. She’s tolerating it but she can’t exclude herself from the other women. She’s cried out when I pointed it.
Aah, the pain of making girls cry.
But, it’s not my fault. I only told them the truth.

「Shut up!」

An angry shout.
Ringlet curls glared at me with bloodshot eyes, she run towards me and gripped my collar. Then she raised her hand and slapped my cheek.,
A loud sound echoed but there’s not much pain.
What’s with her? I purposely accepted it but it’s novice compared to Asahina’s slap. By the wayー.

I got hit?

「You’ve done it」

Muttering while smiling from ear to ear, I talked to ringlet curl who’s eyes are shaking as she separate her hand from my collar, she retreated.

「It’s the boyfriend’s role to make up for the girlfriend’s mistake right? Shinozaki’s my best friend. Then my best friend’s girlfriend used violence on me. Then it’s natural for the boyfriend to pay the debt」

Ringlet curls obviously was shaken from my words.
She’s a foolish woman who leaves her boyfriend cheat on her just to protect her status as the leader of the delinquents. If she had the backing from that man, this foolish woman would domineer that power as if she’s wearing it like a mantle.
Then what would the woman do if the man is gone? She knows what will happen so she’s pretending not to see it.
She knows that she’s just a woman that’s being played with.
That thing has nothing to do with me. I have nothing to do whatever happens with them. The only important thing is that I was hit.
I’ll definitely make them take responsibility.

「I’ll go meet Shinozaki right now. If your boyfriend doesn’t show his sincerity. Ah, I have to grab protein along the way. Or calcium would be better for him? To put meaning to my visit, I’ll have to catch a wonderful one」

I muttered as I took my phone from my uniform. Then pushed the call and put it on my hear.
After calling several times, the girls’ voice sounded.

「Ah, Yuka-chan? It’s me, Suzuhara. No no, It’s not sex. That’s for next time. You see, I want to ask you something, You know Shinozaki’s house? It seems that he’s not reflecting enough」

I said towards Yuka on the phone, then I sent a glance towards ringlet curls.

「I just thought of preaching my best friend. It seems that my preaching yesterday became null so I’ll be a bit harsh」

After my call with Yuka, I grinned looking at ringlet curls.
Something’s strange. Ringlet curls who thought so, she retreated with a paled face. The other women are clearly frightened.
The man you hit is the man who annihilated the delinquents alone. How did such a mean beat them? It’s nice to see it first hand.
By the way, I won’t spare even if you apologizxe.
The women are six in all. The number fits the men who were in the game station. This girls are definitely the girlfriends of the members of the delinquents.
I’ll meet Shinozaki first and gather the men in the game station. Because It’s a request of a close friend? They’d surely accept pleasantly.
And it’s that. If I told the boyfriends to handle their girlfriends to me, I feel sorry that they can’t use it.
All of them are used but it’s ideal to raise my experience value. I’ll raise my experience and look for the technique to make women ahegao.
Yuka, now’s the time to show composure. You should wash your neck and wait.


  1. Oh poor Ludeus