X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 13

Chapter 13

「I-I’ve got some business to attend to…」

Saying that, one of the schoolgirl turned and run away.
On the way to the leader of the delinquents, Shinozaki’s house, the six schoolgirls run away one by one.
Feeling uneasy from my strangely dignified manner and behavior they judged that it would be dangerous.
This girls are cold-hearted. Their boyfriends might be in danger but they run away thinking of their own well.
They’re together on fun times but runs away when it becomes dangerous. Their bonds doesn’t reach that level after all.
Well, you could say that they’re making a living cleverly.
Four of them run away. I didn’t detain those girls in particular. Because they have nowhere to hide even if they run. It takes too much effort to take care six people at the same time, I felt better in some meaning.
I’ll call them later, I’ll slowly cherish the penalty that I will give them for running away.
With that said, there are only two remaining. Shinozaki’s ‘girlfriend’; ringlet curls and the black long haired girl which is the girlfriend of the dull man.
Shinozaki and the dull man seems to be the one with the heavy power in the delinquent group. Those two girlfriends seems to possess the power in the schoolgirl groups. That’s why they can’t run even if they want to.
They’d lose their status if they run, the loss is bigger if they do.
Either way, they don’t intend to let the other go.

「I-I’ll forgive you if you say that it’s a joke right now! Now’s the time to apologize!」

Following me who’s heading to Shinozaki’s house, ringlet curls desperately called me out.
Her face is pale, and her voice is trembling.
Even if I don’t use my X-ray vision on purpose, I can understand that they’re attacked with confusion, trembling, anxiousness, and fear.

「I-If Yukito comes to school it’ll be your loss! I’ll recommend it now, stop this joke!」

Ringlet curls tries to detain me in some way, she desperately called me out while almost crying.
All of it was a joke. She wants me to say it.

「Hey! Are you listening!?」

Did ringlet curls lose her temper because I walk ignoring her? Ringlet curls gripped my arm.


It was just a light grip but I complained about the pain in exaggeration. Ringlet curls has been surprised from my exaggerated reaction and she released her trembling hand quickly. Then her pale face is all shook up.

「Eh!? U-Uhm, D-did it hurt!? I-I didn’t grip you that strongly right!?」

Ringlet curls spouted it unconsciously in agitation, but she stood desperately.

「Ouch! It fucking hurts! The arm you hit feels it’s been plucked off!」

Ringlet curls feels flustered from my exaggerated pain.

「T-That’s a lie! I didn’t grip you that strongly! There’s no way it would hurt!」

Ringlet curls is unable to hide her unrest, there’s tears oozing out the corner of her eye.

「There’s no way it should hurt, you say?」

I looked at her straight and abruptly muttered, ringlet curls’ body shook and looked at me with shaking eyes.

「You’re not the one to judge the pain. I’m the one gripped. Since I thought it’s painful, that’s everything」

As I look at ringlet curls with a serious look, she tries to open her mouth but she closed it as she can’t say anything.
With her pale face getting even paler, ringlet curls’ shrinks and is about to cry any moment.
If you think of me as someone not that great, they probably won’t be shaken and frightened this much.
They probably noticed it a bit. Who’s the one who caused each of their boyfriends to be absent from the school?

「Well, I don’t mind. All of your misconduct will be taken responsibility by your boyfriend after all. If so, why don’t you try giving me another hit?」

I say while grinning and the teary ringlet curls shook her head.

「Then, the penalty would be two since you hit me and plucking my arm」

Ringlet curls’ eyes opened wide due to my mutter.

「I-I apologize for hitting. But I didn’t pluck your arm. I only lightly gripped it…」

Seeming to cry, I ignored the half crying ringlet curls and walked towards Shinozaki’s house.


Hearing a penetrating shout, I hear footsteps running towards me.

「I-I’ll apologize! I’ll apologize if it hurts! So please stop this! I won’t approach you ever again! That’s why, I beg of you to stop!」

Ringlet curls who wants to stop me by somehow or another shouted from my back. She thinks that I mustn’t be let to go to her boyfriend’s house.

「Please! I’ll apologize! That’s why please stop this!」

Ringlet curls who gives a grievous cry tries to stop it but I don’t intend to stop as a matter of course.

「You girls think that it doesn’t matter what happen to others as long as you are happy right?」

I mutter as I walk then I heard a voice from the back.

「No matter how much other people scream, you look down on them smirking right? It’s fine as long as you’re having fun right? You even said that you want a bag and asked me to prepare 50,000 yen within one week after all. You’re living by preying on others and laughing right?」

Ringlet curls faltered from my mutter.
I who stopped turned around and looked at ringlet curls. Then smirked.

「I know that feeling well. We’re the same kind after all. I don’t care whatever happens to you as long as I’m having fun. Well, we’re equal in this regard」

Saying that, ringlet curls hardened.

「But don’t worry. I’m not someone who’d ask 50,000 yen from you」

I pat ringlet curls’ shoulder while smirking as I say that, then I turned around and began to walk.
I don’t need money. In the first place, I don’t intend to blackmail or threaten. You only have to take responsibility from hitting me.

We’re late because I took a side trip but we finally arrived at Shinozaki’s house.
Ringlet curls’ who tried to detain me desperately has judged that it’s impossible so she didn’t say anything. But she followed me silently without escaping.
Even if it goes bad, she’s still the leader, is that so? She seems different from the four who ran away.
The long black haired beauty is also on the side but she’s not speaking a single word. She silently followed while looking down from the beginning.
The long black haired beauty looks good on the outside though. But, I don’t like her. How should I say it? Her reaction seems to be thin even if you tease her, seems boring. The fun to bully is ringlet curls.
Looking at ringlet curls holds to me desperately, I’ve a liking to her.
She’s a woman with a strong and rebellious spirit, it makes me want to ahegao her by all means.

There’s one slightly bigger isolated house among the houses. That’s probably it I thought but, the delinquent’s leader seems to be a bit blessed from the average.
Ikemen with a beauty girlfriend, then he’s still fucking other girls, and the house is rich?

「It’s perfect that I did my best on picking the item for my visit」

I mutter as I look at the house then I looked at the box I hold with both of my hands.
Though I thought of putting it in the plastic case but since I caught a big shot above my expectations, I bought this box from the supermarket in a hurry.
I can hear a violent basubasu sound from the box and the box trembles according to that sound.
Fufu, it’s amazingly energetic.

「As expected from someone with a title of a king」

Oh dear, I had a hard time catching it. It’s huge, suitable for the king name and it has an outstanding jump power from his strong hind leg. It also has a flying ability in addition.
It was easy to find in the grassy place. But, it’s intuition can’t be taken lightly. It flies and run away if I get close. I should’ve brought a bug net, I repent on it. Thanks to that, I only caught three after running around.
But well, one of them is big. Three of them should be enough.
Thinking of it, I pushed the interphone in the gatepost.
No one responds even if I waited for a while.

「H-He might be out?」

Ringlet curls who was silent tried to speak of the state timidly.
It’s normal to think that there’s no one because there’s no response. But unfortunately, ‘Pretending to be out’ won’t work on me
The window on the second floor is closed with curtains. I can see inside that curtain.
He’s peeping from the gap in the curtain, the trembling Shinozakli. He’s probably wishing for me to return because I thought he’s out.

「It can’t be helped if he’s absent」

Muttering that, ringlet curls pat her chest in relief.
I backed from the gatepost and pretended to walk my way back then, I sent a glance at the window on the second floor.
Our eyes met, then Shionozaki on the other side of the curtain trembled.
Grinning, I moved my mouth without making a voice.

ーI, can, see, you.

I don’t know whether my lip sync was transmitted. But it seems that it was transmitted that I noticed Shinozaki’s existence.
I’ll be offended if you ignore me by pretending to be out. He probably thinks that if so, I’ll surely be taking my revenge. Shinozaki who’s trembling on the other side of the curtain stood up and run out of the room and tumbled down a lot of times.
He opened the door vigorously after a slight pause, I laughed as I’ve seen Shinozaki fall down and roll.
Only a day has passed so Shinozaki’s tragedy can be seen.
His hair is unkempt. Life isn’t felt from his dull eyes and there’s a dent below his eye, his cheeks are worn out and he’s pale as if he lost blood.


Ringlet curl who made a scream, passed through the gate and run towards Shinozaki.

「W-What’s wrong!? What on earth happened to you!?」

Seeing the appearance of her boyfriend that was filled with overflowing dignity completely changed, Ringlet curls calls him out almost crying. Shinozaki looked at ringlet curls with dull eyes and kneeled on the place without saying anything. Then, he dogeza in front of me.
Ringlet curls’ eyes opened wide speechless from the unexpected behavior of her boyfriend, she then looked at me with a pale face.
Her boyfriend who’s the leader of the delinquent group is kneeling in front of me. It’s clear from a glance who’s the dominant.

「I-I’m sorr…」

Ringlet curls muttered while shaking.
It’s already needs no explanation, it seems that she finally realized when she saw her boyfriend’s surrendering appearanc.e
How much of a mistake hitting me was?
Ah, she also plucked my arm. Also, she blackmailed me.

「I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!」

Ringlet curls desperately apologizes while shedding tears and trembling.

「N? What happened to you suddenly?」

I asked the crying and apologizing ringlet curls as if I don’t know and I approached the kneeling Shinozaki. Then I stopped in front of Shinozaki and patted his shoulder.
Shinozaki raised his head while trembling and when he looked at me with shaking dull eyes, he laughed thoughtlessly.

「This ringlet curls is your girlfriend right? This girl you see, suddenly picked a fight with me and asked me 50,000 yen you know? Furthermore, she hit me. In addition, she pulled my arm as it it was torn off, it was painful」

Talking to the Shinozaki that’s laughing thoughtlessly, the smile in his face disappeared.

「I intended to forgive you. I thought you were reflecting enough yesterday. But, your girlfriend threatened me, then she hit me and plucked my arm. There’s no way I’d stay silent right? She’s not even taking responsibility from it So I thought that I’d let the boyfriend take the responsibility」

Talking like that, Shinozaki’s shaking dull eyes moved and looked at Ringlet curls.


Looking at ringlet curls with bloodshot eyes, Shinozaki mutters while trembling from fear.

「What the hell did you do! Do you know who you got involved to!? Apologize! Apologize to Suzuhara! Kneel and apologize!」

Shinozaki shouted madly that his saliva sprays over, ringlet curls who crumbled in the place and cried.

「I-I don’t know it! I didn’t do anything! This girl, this idiot did it by herself! I don’t know anything! That’s true! Please believe me! There’s no way I’d turn my blade against Suzuhara-san!」

Ringlet curls jumped towards Shinozaki vigorously but did he judge ahead that he has to prove his own innocence? He clings to me desperately and makes an excuse.
I grinned and pat Shinozaki’s shoulder, then I presented the box to him.
The box’ inside makes a violent basubasu sound and it vibrates with the sound.


Shinozaki made a scream and fell on his backside as he summersault from his kneeling posture. Then he retreated from the box. But his body can’t move freely that he can’t retreat with intense movements.

「There’s no need to be so afraid. It’s a sick visit. Oh, since it’s raw, I want you to eat it sooner. While it’s fresh」

I talked to him while smiling and Shinozaki stopped moving suddenly. He leaked an “Oee” sob and held his mouth with both of his hands.
It seems that he remembered what happened yesterday.

「I did my best capturing it. I had a hard time. That’s why, eat?」

I squat and rest my chin on my arms and asked while tilting my head.
Shinozaki who holds his mouth with his hands had tears run on his cheek.

「N-No more. I don’t want to eat. Please help me. I really didn’t do anything. I really don’t know anything. I don’t have the slightest intention of turning my blade to Suzuhara-san. Please believe me…」

Is it his pajama? Shinozaki’s wearing a black shirt. Liquid leaks out from his groin and made a black stain on the ground1
It seems that he really hated eating it that he even wet himself.
What? It’s a king grasshopper! A king grasshopper! I did my best to catch so eat it please. If you can eat a grasshopper then eat this too.
But wellー.

「If you don’t have the appetite then I won’t force you to eat. But you have to compromise because she hit me. Oh right, your girlfriend’s cute. I’m jealous that you have such a cute girlfriend」

Hearing that, Shinozaki looked at ringlet curls with shaking eyes.
Ringlet curls who’s sitting on the ground is being seen by Shinozaki like a garbage, he then looked at me and laughed thoughtlessly.
His expression was enough to tell. Shinozaki decided on the spot without any hesitation. He decided to throw away the woman to survive.
That’s somewhat boring. I thought that he would cast away the woman but he’s too fast in making a decision. For Shinozaki, that’s how much of an existence is Ringlet curls, that’s why it’s not fun.

「I-I’m the one at fault!」

Was it really impossible to eat the King? As I was thinking, ringlet curls screamed to call me out.
Looking at ringlet curls, she tried to stand desperately, did her waist fell off? She fell on the ground a lot of times. Still, because she tried to stand up desperately, her skirt is fully exposed.

「Y-Yukito didn’t do anything wrong! It’s all my fault! That’s why I’ll take responsibility! Please let me take the responsibility!」

Even though her underwear is completely exposed, ringlet curls tried to stand up without minding it and she desperately shouted while looking straight at me. And then ringlet curls was able to stand up somehow and she approached me with a trembling knee and clung into me.

「You can do as you like so please forgive Yukito! Please! I beg of you!」

Clinging to me, ringlet curls petitioned as she tremble. It must be a game for Shinozaki but it seems that ringlet curls thought of Shinozaki seriously.
I’m touched.

「T-That’s right! You’re the one at fault! I’m unrelated to this! You’re the one who did it selfishly! You should be the one taking responsibility!」

Taking advantage of ringlet curls’ petition, Shinozaki tries to put all the blame to ringlet curls.
Well, it’s true that ringlet curls is at fault but it’s miserable to do that. Where did your dignity as a leader go?
Deserted by her boyfriend, tears floats in the corner of ringlet curls’ eyes as she bit her lower lip, she had a cramped smile while clinging to me.

「I-I’ll do anything, that’s why please forgive Yukito…」

She’s being abandoned yet ringlet curls still tries to protect Shinozaki.
You’ll do anything?
She looks like she’s playing with him but she’s quite earnest. This girl’s good. I want her.

「Your name?」

When I asked the clinging ringlet curls, she trembled and looked at me with shaking eyes.

「Y-Yuuki Marina…」

Ringlet curls forcibly laugh and answered while tears ooze out from the corner of her eyes.
That pitiful smile told me everything.
She intends to present her own body for the sake of the man who abandoned her.
Though I requested a compensation for being hit, I don’t intend to threaten her. Furthermore I asked a compensation from Shinozaki. And yet, ringlet curls voluntarily shouldered the debt of her own boyfriend. Furthermore, she said that she’ll do anything.
In short, she’ll agree to whatever I do.

「Then, should we return now? Oh, Marina-chan. Want to have tea in my house?」

I who stood up supported Marina’s trembling knee that’s unable to stand up, then I asked her after I do.


Marina nodded while having a cramped smile.
She’s going to drop by my house. Marina probably knows what it means. She still accepted it.

「Shinozaki-kun, I’ll be going then. Take care」

Coiling my hand around Marina’s waist, I called out Shinozaki while drawing her close.

「Y-yes! Thank you for coming to visit me specially!」

Even though my hand is holding the waist of his own girlfriend, he’s not minding it at all and Shinozaki went and kneeled facing me. Marina looked at that Shinozaki with sorrowful eyes.
When he already gave up everything here, he’s not interesting anymore. But, I’ll be enjoying Marina.
Marina’s in love with Shinozaki even she’s thrown away. That’s why it’s worth playing with her.
I walked with my hand around Marina’s waist and I noticed the long black haired beauty standing on the gate post.
Speaking of which, she’s here too.
Her looks are good taciturn at least but her reaction seems thin. Marina seems to be fun in a lot of meaning but is this girl a good one?
A bit unrefined but Marina has a little cheap impression but she’s definitely a beauty, and her tits are quite big too. She has no shortage as a subject of an experiment where I would examine the structure of a female body.
I ignored the long black haired beauty while thinking so then arrived home with Marina.


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