X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Marina’s heart beats violently. Unease, fear, humiliation, rage, regret. Those negative feelings swirling is transmitted.
That’s great. That’s the natural situation. Especially the uneasiness.

The strange one isー.

Sending a glance on my back, I felt something out of place.
Though I brought Marina and head to my house, the long black haired beauty is still following us at a distance.
Looking down, walking totteringly, she looks gloomy and timid at a glance. But that’s only on the surface, the “Inside” is different.
Looking with my “Eyes” that are different from normal, it’s possible for me to see the “Difference” from the outside and inside. No act nor lie can be used on me.

That woman’s probably telling a lie. I can’t see through the heart so there’s no absolute but the timid and gloomy woman is just an “act”

The heart of the long black haired beauty is beating intensely. It’s the same with Marina but something’s strange.
Should I say it’s the rhythm. It’s the same violent pulse but the rhythm of the pulse from anxiety and fear is different from delight and uplift. Should I say the difference is between a solid full orchestra and a good tempo samba? The former is heavy and the latter is light.
Marina and the long black haired beauty are exactly like that. That’s why I feel that it’s out of place.
Thinking of the situation, Marina’s heartbeat is the normal and the heartbeat of the long black haired beauty is the abnormal.
Marina and the long black haired beauty are at least more than friends but they can’t all best friends. Yet, the heartbeat is strange. It’s as if she’s happy with the current situation.
That woman’s strange. I feel it’s dangerous to handle her poorly. She might be aiming for me to make a move on her.
I have to be careful and pretend to not notice anything while being preoccupied with Marina.

I arrived at my house and took Marina inside.
The long black haired beauty came inside my house too. Just what is she thinking? I can understand it if she wants to take revenge but it seems different for some reason.
Well, Marina followed me by her “own will”, I’ve never forced her at all. There’s no problem whatever the long black haired beauty is aiming for.

I took Marina on the second floor immediately and entered my room.
The silent Marina obeys me from beginning to end without resisting at all. It’s to protect the boyfriend that abandoned her.
What a touching story. I’m impressed by the brave and pure thinking, it breaks my heart. So I’ll touch you as gentle as possible.

「Isn’t it hot?」

As soon as I entered the room, I asked Marina.

「I-It’s not that hotー」
「Hmm, right. Ah, I remembered that I have a message left to tell Shinozaki. I’m going to visit him」
「H-Hot! It’s hot!」

Marina denied it at first but she understood my real intention when I said those words and she took off her uniform in a hurry
Fufufu, I didn’t tell you about taking off your uniform. I just thought that it’s hot. Then, I only remembered that I have something to tell Shinozaki. And yet Marina made an assumption by herself and took off her clothes by herself, I didn’t threaten nor force her at all.

Taking off her blouse, Marina who’s wearing underwear only on her upper body reached for the hook of her skirt. But, she stiffened.
Marina looked down and bit her lower lip while trembling. If she take it off, she’ll expose her appearance where no one but her boyfriend has seen, it’s natural to resist.
I who’s enduring my impulse to laugh sad on the bed while undressing my upper uniform.
Still, it’s huge. Her tits are huge. It’s huge enough to be able to place the penis for a paizuri.

「I-It got cool…」

The conflicted Marina says that and separated her hand from the hook of the skirt.


Raising my voice suggestively, Marina trembled and looked at me with teary eyes. Then, she looked down trembling without saying anything.

「I-It’s still hot after all…」

Then she stretched her hand on the hook of the skirt again and unhooked it then lowered her skirt.
Completely on her underwear, Marina’s trembling and red to her ears. Marina looks cheap but her body is lewd. Her big tits and narrow waist. Her ass is also big and her thighs are plump. Her body exists exactly to please men.
I stood up feeling the rising erection of my penis then took a digital camera from the desk. I turned the lens towards Marina and pressed the shutter without mercy.


Marina raised a small scream, she put her right hand on her chest and left hand on her groins and averted her face from the lens.

「Speaking of which, I’ve taken an interest in photography recently.1 Why don’t you act as a model as a reference for my composition?」

Walking around marina, I captured Marina’s underwear appearance front and back as I like and asked her in a foolish tone.


Marina that’s burning red, nodded.

「Eh!? You sure!? It’s a nude sketch though!」

Marina looked up to me who joked unnaturally. Then her eyes with tears on the corner gave me a complaining glance.

“Please forgive me”, it says.

Rather than forgiving, I only said that I want to use her as reference on my sketch. You can refuse if you want to. If you don’t want to then decline.

「If you hesitate on everything, it makes me remember that I have something to talk about Shinozaki」
「I-I’ll take it off! I’ll take it off immediately!」

When I clicked my tongue and complained, Marina rushed and turned her hand behind and removed the hook of her bra. She took off the bra and covered her chest with her right arm. She extend her left hand to her panties that’s covering her crotch but she stiffened.
Since her chest is covered with her right hand, her crotch would be fully exposed if she took off her panties with her left hand. That said, if she hide her crotch with her right hand, her breasts would be exposed.

「You’re fucking troublesome. Enough. You can go home」

I say while clicking my tongue, threw the camera on the bed and walked. Then I tried to walk out the room.


When I tried to reach the doorknob with my right hand, a screaming voice reached my back. And a rushing sound followed, Marina that’s naked on top forced her way between me and the door.

「I-I’m sorry. I-I wasn’t prepared mentally. But I’m okay now. I’ll do it properly. That’s why, please don’t corner Yukito anymore. Please. I beg of you…」

Looking up to me, Marina’s making a cramped smile as tears flow on her cheek, she’s pleading with her trembling voice and she took off her panties and became naked.
Ah, I said that she’s okay to go back, what is she misunderstanding and got naked selfishly.

「There’s nothing to cry for. It’s as if I’m bullying you」

Saying that, I stretched my right hand to Marina and scooped the tears running on her finger.

「Y-You’re not bullying me. I’m doing all of this willingly. I’m doing everything selfishly…」

Having a cramped smile, Marina looked up me and spoke out with a shaky voice, she declared that all of it are from her will.
I see, is that so? I got worried when you cried but you’re all doing this because of your selfish will? There’s no problem then.
I smirked, pat Marina’s head and returned. And when I picked up the camera I threw in the bed, I turned the lens towards Marina.

「I’d like to practice various compositions」

Saying that as I beckon her, Marina who’s hiding her chest with her right hand, and her crotch with her left, approached me pigeon-toed.
She said that she’s okay already yet she still hides it. Isn’t her heart not prepared at all?
Well, it won’t be fun if she became serious though.

「It won’t be useful if you hide the useful reference」
「I-I’m sorry…」

Asking Marina in irritated manner, Marina had a cramped smile while crying, she then apologized. Then she lowered her trembling hands.
Her huge breasts shook. It’s indeed a masterpiece. The shape and size is good, it’s maintaining it’s shape as if defying gravity, I can also see the tension. Then the figure of it shaking makes me grasp the elasticity.
Then a pink areola and nipple can be seen at the tip of the delicious looking breasts. The areola is also big for the big breasts and her nipples are also big. It’s very lewd.
Yuka’s better in balance but this feels lewd because it’s not balanced.
This isn’t bad in itself.
Also her crotch, the hair’s thin. But since it grows on a sorry degree, the pussy can’t be hidden.
It’s on the degree that it can be seen and it can’t be seen but it wants to hide but it can’t be hidden is also good.
Thinking of it, I turned the lens on the used but innocent pink slit, then I pressed the shutter without mercy.

「U, Uu…」

Pigeon toed, Marina who exposed everything because she lowered her hands is sobbing in tears.

「Can you put your right leg on the bed?」

Marina tilts her head while crying when I say that.

「No, I want to grasp the structure of a human interior so I want you to put your right leg on the bed and open your pussy. There’s no other way of confirming the internal structure but looking into the pussy and anus right?」

I talked indifferently and Marina’s bright red face became pale instantly. I click my tongue when I saw that kind of Marina then Marina trembled and raised her right leg to the bed in a hurry But she’s hiding her pussy with both of her hands. In exchange her areola and nipples are fully exposed, the breast shook.

「I can’t confirm the inside if you hide it」

I asked in a bad mood but Marina’s embarrassed and lowered the end of her eybrows as she cry, she doesn’t want to show her pussy so she cover it with both of her hands.

「This is the last one. If you make me feel disappointed one more time, you can already go home. I’ll happily spend my time with Shinozaki」2

Marina trembles when she heard my voice, she had a cramped smile as she entice me while crying. Then she lowered her trembling hands and exposed her pussy.

「Can you open your pussy until the contents are fully exposed? I told you that I’d like to confirm the inside right?」

I can’t see the inside if she just lower her hand.

「U, uuu, hiku, uuu…」

Marina had a cramped smile but as expected she lost her forced smile. Her face crumpled and while she leak a sob, tears began to overflow. But, she put the finger of her hands on the sides of her pussy and opened it left and right.
Then a pink wall of flesh is exposed. The clitoris and urethra that’s covered in skin. Then, the used meat hole.

‘「I can’t see the contents at all」
「Hiku, hiku, uuu…I-I’m sorry, I’ll do my best」

She apologized sobbingly to my words and she open her pussy wider. But her hole is small that the inside is hardly seen.
Well, I don’t really intend to look inside. I only let her open her pussy to let her have a shameful appearance, it’s aim is to let her heart break and surrender.
With her right leg on top of the bed, the trembling and crying Marina opened her pussy to the limit. I brought the camera’s lens to that Marina and took images of the lewd open pussy.

「U, ku…Uu」

I feel the distance with the lens, and pressed it against the open pussy, Marina clenched her teeth as she cry.
Nothing would come out if you take it in such state. But, it’s not a problem whether it would come out or not.

「Uuu, uku, hiku, uuuu……」

When I press the shutter as the lens is pressed against her pussy, Marina tremble every time it makes a shutter sound, then she’s leaking out a voice while writhing in shame.
It must’ve been painful if she’s raped suddenly but it’s much more painful to be exposed in this embarrassing state. Furthermore, after being teased badly, she know she’ll be raped in the end. In short, she’s helpless. Therefore her heart can be broken. Then the image taken will be materials for blackmail so it’s killing two birds in one stone.

「Then why don’t you bend forward and show the contents of your anus?」
「Uu, hiku…yes」

Marina nods as she leaks a sob, she bent forward with her right leg on top of the bed then she separate the hands spreading her pussy then turned her hands around. Then she gripped her ass and opened it.
I went towards Marina’s back and when I made the lens of my camera on her trembling anus, her open anus is lewdly photograph.

「U, Uuu, auuu…」

Marina trembles every time the shutter sounds, she was unable to endure the shame so she closed her thighs.
Her anus is a dirty hole. Getting it exposed is much more embarrassing than her pussy. Then she has to open the shameful hole by herself.
I’m greatly aroused seeing Marina writhing in shame, thinking of wanting it more embarrassing, I clicked my tongue in irritation.

「I-I’m sorry…」

Marina trembles when she heard me click my tongue, she opened her legs while apologizing, she gripped her ass and exposed her spread anus.
Her skin turned pink and feeling about to die because of shame, still, Marina desperately exposes her anus.
It’s honestly unbearable.

Now then, the problem is here.
Just how much experience Marina has? That’s important.
As far as I saw in her pussy, it doesn’t seem to be used that much but it’s impossible to judge from the appearance.
If she has the experience value same as Yuka, it would be disadvantageous for me who lack experience.
I’ve been looked down on y Yuka because my inexperience is exposed. I won’t forget that disgrace. That’s why I have to reflect on my failures and must not make the same mistake.
That said, I’ll ask the person herself.

「To improve the image, it’s important to empathize with the model. That’s why I’ll be asking you various stuffs」

I who took pictures of her anus severely squat down on place and took pictures of her pussy and anus, incidentally, I asked Marina while taking pictures of her shaking breasts.

「How frequent you had sex with Shinozaki? If possible, I want to know the ones with no play」

I pay attention on the shallowness of the question so it won’t be exposed that I’m asking the experience value.

「I-It was daily at first. But the frequency decreased gradually that we’re now doing it once or twice a month」

Marina answers whisperingly as she open her anus while trembling.
It was daily at first but he’s gotten tired gradually? Perhaps, he’s doing other women.

「How many men have you experienced?」
「Y-Yukito’s the first」

Hee, so you only have one person in experience? That’s unexpected.
Her experience is higher than me at least but I judge that the difference in experience isn’t that great.

「How were you fucked?」
「I-It was normal at first. We take off our clothes and on top of the bed. But recently, we’re just doing it without taking off the clothes. We’re doing it immediately if we met and we’d separate after it ends」

Wow, that’s so plain. It even reached the point where they will just do it without taking off the clothes and separate when it ends. She’s completely an onahole. She’s receiving that kind of treatment, even if she’s thrown by her boyfriend away, this girl’s still trying to defend her boyfriend?
I can’t understand.
I can understand her clinging to Shinozaki because she doesn’t want to lose power but Shinozaki has already lost it. Yet she still intends to protect him? She doesn’t desire for power but she’s probably loving Shinozaki purely. But she’s being treated like an onahole by the other, she knows that there are other women and in addition, she was abandoned at the very front of her. Still she’s defending him? I can’t understand it at all.
Women are creatures hard to understand.

「Y-Yukito has a good face, athletic, his grades are also good, it’s natural for him to be popular. Also, he can do anything so he looks uninterested at anything, he’s cool, yet he looks lonely. That’s why I want to be with him…」

Eh? What? You’re talking about love affair?
It’s normal for him to be popular since he looks good, athletic and has good grades? He can do anything so he’s uninterested and it looks cool? But he’s lonely so you want to be with him? Furthermore, he’s rich?
Fuha, are you asking for a fight?

「Yukito’s taciturn and he rarely laughs but he occasionally laughs sometimes. Then I embrace him gently occasionally. I was satisfied by just that. I was happy with just that…」

Living as he like, doing women as he likes, then laughing occasionally can get women to hug you easily?
Different from me who had a dark boyhood, he just throws away the women he preyed on if he get tired. Still, Shinozaki draw the feelings of this woman?
What’s with this difference?
Since when did I feel this anger3 Shinozaki, you seriously made me angry. I’ll never forgive you. I’ll make sure that it’ll be impossible for you to make a comeback.
But before that, I have to make Marina ahegao first. I’ll make Marina who fell for Shinozaki Ahegao severely and make her not care about Shinozaki anymore. I won’t be satisfied unless I do that.
Prepare yourself, Shinozaki. I’ll show Marina’s complete change and I’ll crush you thoroughly after that.


  1. Since he raped Asahina
  2. Gay
  3. Lol, poor Marina, she even made our MC angrier