X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 15

Chapter 15

I who prepared a drawing paper and pencil sits on the chair with my legs crossed like an artist.

「Then, let’s begin our sketch, can you make a pose?」

To my question, Marina nodded, slouched forward and spread her ass with her hands while crying.

「Then, get bow legged and spread your pussy with your right hand, make your left hand pinch your nipples and pull the breast to the limit. Also, smile. A wonderful smile」
「U, uu…Yes」

Marina leaked out a groan and sob to my order but she doesn’t resist, she nodded and got up. Then, she turned towards me.
Marina who’s ears are red, generously exposed her naked body to me, dropped her waist and became bowlegged.
Wide open bowleg. Her breasts and pussy are in full view.


Marina mutters while tears flow through her cheeks, she’s bearing the shame and humiliation, then she opened her pussy with her index and middle finger. Then she used her left thumb and index finger to pinch her right breast, and pulled it hard.
Her breasts spreads as the nipple is pulled. The trembling Marina clenched her teeth as she open her pussy with her finger looks at me while forcing herself to make a cramped smile.
Oh, she cleared all of my orders. You can do it if you can.
From what I’ve heard, it seems that Shinozaki only put it on, because of that, Marina doesn’t know other than normal sex. Such abnormal acts are giving mental damage for Marina. The more she do it the more it will be.

「Don’t move」

I put up the pencil and confirmed the composition like an artist, then I asked Marina.

「Y-Yes. I’ll do my best…」

Marina who’s bowlegged, opening her pussy and pulling her breasts nodded while having a cramped smile.
Okay, I’ll do my best too.
Persuading myself, I made the pencil run through the drawing paper.
By the way, I don’t have talent in drawing.

30 minutes laterー.
Pulling her breasts and spreading her pussy, Marina tries to maintain her bowlegged posture, she’s shaking while releasing a huge amount of sweat.


I tore and crumpled the drawing paper and tossed it on the crumpled papers.
I draw a four-koma union robot but it’s too bothersome to draw the robot.

「The material is bad so I can’t do it well!」
「I-I’m sorry!」

I haven’t drawn a single picture of Marina but she’s apologizing on the angry me.

「The model is bad so I can’t do it well!」
「I-I’m sorry!」

I’m only saying what I want but still, Marina apologizes, pulls her nipples strongly and spreads her pussy with her finger to the limit, she’s smiling while crying.
Since she’s maintaining her posture, Marina’s trembling dyed red body is increasing in charm, the dripping huge amount of sweat reflects the light and increases the lewdness.

「The material is too bad! The model’s so bad for not being able to cover the material!」

I said while standing up, approached the desk and took the pencil stand. Then I threw the pencil stand towards Marina.
The pencil stand hit Marina’s feet and the pencils, highlighters, mechanical pencils and sign pens scattered on the floor.

「There’s not enough flowers! Let’s assume the pen as a flower and insert it to the vase! A vase named pussy!」

A vase named pussy, I’m the one who said it but I can say that’s bad.


Put the flowers in, being told to put the pens scattered on the floor to her pussy, Marina mutters as she became pale.

「There’s no need to forcibly put it all in your pussy. Because the vase only had two, right? You only have to put enough amount to the vase in front and back」

I cross my legs as I sit on the chair and talked to the bowlegged Marina.
She shut her eyes filled with tears then she clenched her teeth.

「Y-Yes. Understood…」

Piercing a foreign body inside her pussy and the remaining would pierce and go in her anus. She’d rather die than do that. But, Marina nodded.
It’s all for Shinozaki’s sake. Marina would endure the shame just to protect Shonozaki.
A sarcastic story. Because of Marina’s pure thoughts, Shinozaki will be seeing hell.
Recalling how Marina thinks of Shinozaki, my anger swallowed a black hole.
Are you sure about this Marina? If you really continue, Shinozaki will be in danger.
There’s only one way to soothe my anger. That is for Marina to betray Shinozaki. Drowning from pleasure given by me and forget Shinozaki as you shake your waist. Then when you meet Shinozaki again, You’ll be looking at him like he’s a trash. If you do that then my anger would calm down.

Squatting down while crying, Marina picked up the pens scattered on the floor, when she came back to her bowlegged figure in front of me, she began to arrange the flower named pen inside the vase named pussy.

「U, Uuu…」

She spread her pussy with her left hand and holds the pen on her right hand.

「Uuu, hiku, that’s not it, this is wrong…」

When she pushed the pen given to her, the pen was swallowed in easily, Marina cries out words of denial as her cheeks blush.
The pen was swallowed easily. It means that her pussy is overflowing with love nectar. Marina denies that.

「T-That’s not it, this is wrong, this is not true…」

With one pushed inside, Marina who applies the second one desperately refuses by shaking her neck. But on contrary to Marina’s thoughts, the second pen applied is swallowed easily.
She’s maintaining her obscene posture and appearance for a long time, I’ve kept ogling that and she excreted love nectar. The reality corners Marina’s heart.

「Why? Why is it? This is wrong. That’s not it. No. This isn’t me…」

Even the third pen went inside her easily, on the contrary, the pens that were inserted have love nectar dripping on them, it cornered Marina even more as she desperately tries to deny herself.
The overflowing love nectar is perhaps unrelated to pleasure nor arousal. She’s mentally cornered, since her appearance painted with shame and embarrassment is shown to a man other than her boyfriend, her body might’ve reacted on itself.
The point is, I think it’s a conditioned response.
But Marina right now has no room to consider that. Her love nectar is overflowing. She’s feeling arousal from being humiliated. No matter how much she’d like to deny it, it’s impossible because the proof is visible.
She’ll even be more cornered with those thoughts.

「T-That’s, a lie, this is a lie…」

Breathing hard, blushing cheeks, Marina mutters her shock.
It went in because it’s inserted. Repeating it, Marina’s pussy swallowed 9 pens.
It’s entering if inserted, it’s the proof of how improper she is. But she can’t give in. If I felt distrust from the behavior and actions of Marina, she’ll be unable to protect Shinozaki. That’s why Marina can’t give in. She kept pushing in pens foolishly honest.

「N-No more. Please don’t go in. Please don’t betray me anymore than this. I beg of you…」

Marina who applies the tenth pen to her pussy while breathing hard, the pen was pushed in easily.


Marina convulsed. Betraying Marina’s wish, the tenth pen was swallowed by her meat hole.

「Uu, I, I, was I…」

ーーthis perverted?

Though I wasn’t able to hear it because she stopped talking midway, I’m convinced that she was about to say that.
Marina begins to think that she’s a pervert. Ten pens pierced her pussy, and since she’s leaking out love nectar, it’s natural that she’ll think so.

「U, uuu…」

Marina spills tears like rain as she tries to put in the eleventh pen. But has she reached her limit? The eleventh wasn’t able to enter.
She must’ve a limit but Marina prioritized thin pens in her pussy. In short, the remaining pens are thick.
With the eleventh pen not entering, Marina felt somehow relieved, she sent me a glance.
My instructions have been given already. If it can’t go inside her pussy then she has to put it in her anus.

「U, uuu…」

Marina who bites her lower lip leaks a sob while turning her hands.
Putting in the pen in her anus, it won’t enter well since it’s not wet like her pussy.

「I-It won’t go in…」

After challenging it several times, Marina looked down and trembles as she whisper.

「If you wet the pen then it might go in」

I spit out while clicking my tongue, Marina trembled then nodded. Then the thick pen she tried to put in her ass is held in her mouth, she began to make a wet noise.
Marina seems to want to ease the pain a bit so she deliberately sucked the saliva.
It’s as if she’s sucking a dick.

「Face your ass here and put it in」

According to my instructions, Marina turned around and faced her ass towards me. Then she thrust out her ass bending forward, she turned her ass backwards.

「U, uu…」

She spread her anus with her left hand, then applied the pen wet with saliva to her anus with her right hand, she then pushed the pen and raised a groan.

「Fu, u, uu…」

Pushing it in her anus forcibly, the thick pen was swallowed by the hole.
The pen that’s lubricated by the saliva, when she tried to put it in once, it entered slimily inside.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Marina who’s breathing hard while trembling suck on the second pen, she turned the pen to her back when it’s wet enough with saliva and applied it to her anus.

「Fu, ku, uku, fuuu…」

Marina tries to leak a sigh as she push the pen to her anus. But it won’t go in.
It’s fatter than the pen put inside her pussy, furthermore, the anus isn’t accustomed to insertion and not even wet.

「That much is fine」

I judged that it was impossible for any further, so I called out to Marina who’s pushing in the pen inside her anus.

「T-Thank you very much…」

Did she felt relief from being spared? Marina spoke her gratitude as she stopped pushing the pen inside her anus.
She’s forced to push in pens inside her anus and pussy yet, she said thanks when she was spared.
Human shows their true nature when they’re at their limits. An apology comes out from Marina’s mouth when cornered. When it comes to it, Marina’s true nature must be a masochist.
Well, even if said that it is to protect her boyfriend, she’s a masochist enough for putting in ten pens inside her pussy. Or rather, even if it’s said to protect her boyfriend, it’s masochistic enough to offer your delicate body to a man other than your boyfriend.

「Fumu, I feel that there’s a lack of art…」

I muttered as I stand up and approach Marina.
Marina shook, and looked up to me with frightened eyes, she retreated trembling. Then she tried to hide the obscene places with her hands but she thought that I would be angry so she stopped hiding it.

「Give me the remaining pen」

I stopped and stretched my right hand, when I asked for the pen, Marina felt relived and nodded. Then she gave me the remaining pen.
Accepting the pen, I removed the cap of the permanent marker of it and looked at Marina.

「Don’t move okay?」

Saying that, I stretched the permanent marker towards Marina.
Closing her eyes, Marina nodded and stiffened her body. I applied the pen in Marina’s right breast.


Marina trembled. Her cheek colored pink instantly.
Poking her breasts, her nipples got erect. Because it’s her own body, she felt her nipples getting erect. The nipples getting erect even though it’s not fiddled, it would be very embarrassing.


I felt the squishiness of her breast from the pen point.
Enjoying it, I draw on the middle of the nipples, left and right breasts a pussy mark.
Fuhaha, it looks stupid rather than lewd.
I got caught up in the moment so I wrote “10 yen for a single pussy use” on her belly.
10yen for a single use, it will only get 1000 yen for a hundred people. That’s quite pitiful.
I who thought so went to Marina’s back, squat and looked at her ass. And I wrote “Five yen for one use of this ass pussy” on her ass.
She’ll get a maximum of 15 yen with this. If she has both holes used by a hundred people, she’ll gather 1500 yen.
In addition, I wrote a big “Meat Toilet” at her back and wrote “Swine” or “Damn bitch” on her arms and thighs.
Adding a charm point on the end, I draw a heart mark under her right eye.
Okay, it’s complete.
Oops, I almost forgot.
I squat down before her pussy and draw an arrow towards her pussy and wrote “Sperm Tank”. I mustn’t forget that.
I consent and sit down on the chair cross legged.
Marina who had her body fiddled opened her body timidly when the feeling disappeared. Then she opened her eyes wide when she saw her body.
Tears run along her cheek. Obscene drawings were written on her body, she even knows the true meaning from her own standpoint.

「Then, could you take a pose?」

I asked blandly on the trembling and crying Marina.

「Bowlegged while doing peace sign with both hands as you swing your waist, “Ten yen for a single pussy use, 5 yen for a single use on this ass pussy, one can go both holes for 5 yen as a discount from the company”, say that while laughing」

I asked while grinning and light from Marina’s eyes disappeared. It’s as if she was a kite with a string cut.
Marina who lost the light in her eyes laughed and made a peace sign after becoming bowlegged, then she began to swing her waist.

「T-Ten yen for a single pussy use, 5 yen for a single use on this ass pussy, one can go both holes for 5 yen as a discount from the company…」

He laughs thoughtlessly with her eyes that lost it’s life, Marina mutters in a voice that lost it’s soul.

「T-Ten yen for a single pussy use, 5 yen for a single use on this ass pussy, one can go both holes for 5 yen as a discount from the company…」

Just as I ordered her, she’s making a peace sign using both of her hands as she shake her waist, she’s repeating the same words like a broken recorder.
I want her to say it more energetically but it’s impossible I guess.
At any rate, she’s broken greatly.
I who felt satisfied with that began to draw a 4-koma of union robot on the drawing paper again.
I’ll draw it properly this time.

Thirty minutes after, I tore the paper, crumpled it and threw it on the other drawing papers I tossed away.
No good, when I draw a 4-koma of union robot, three scenes is consumed by the union already. How would I tell the final result with only one remainder frame?
4-koma manga is much more difficult than expected.

「Ten yen for a single pussy use, 5 yen for a single use on this ass pussy, one can go both holes for 5 yen as a discount from the company!」

Marina continues doing a silly thing according to my silly instruction, she got broken further? Her voice is louder than before and she’s shaking her waist energetically.
Her tits sway as she shake her waist too. The pussy mark drawing on the two big tits looks so delicious to grab at, it’s so lewd and dumb.

「I can’t get it well. I can’t express the material and the subject well」

Though I’m only drawing a 4-koma manga, I said that and approached Marina.

「Let me examine the feel of the material」

Making a reason, I fiddled around Marina’s body.

「Ten yen for a single pussy use, 5 yen for a single use on this ass pussy, one can go both holes for 5 yen as a discount from the company!」

Not answering my question, she’s just making a peace sign with both hands as she laugh, Marina swings her waist and repeat those words like a broken recorder.
She’s not ignoring me, her consciousness seems to have been blown away., I turned around Marina and sneaked my hands from her back and grabbed both her big tits. Then, I massaged and rubbed it.
Ooh, this is amazing. Though it’s soft and elastic, the stiffness of her nipples is unbearable.

「Ah, fuu, aah, naaa,…T-Ten yen for a single pussy use, nuuu, f-five yen for a single use on this ass pussy, aaahn~, O-one can go both, nfuu h-holes for 5 y-yen, pussy, ass pussy, pussy, ass pussy, naaaaa~…」

While I was absorbed massaging her breasts, the broken recorder speaks even more broken, Marina began to raise a sweet rough breath.
Since her consciousness is blown away, she’s getting obedient to pleasure.
When I massaged her big breast without mercy, the nipples hitting my palm became hard erect.

「Ah, nn, aaah, nnuuu…P-pussy, pussy, pussy, pussyyyyy…」

The bowlegged Marina leaks out repeated lewd words in a sweet voice, her thighs closed up and fidgets. Then she looked at me wet wet eyes.

ーーI want you to forget everything.

The wet eyes that lost it’s light starts to appeal silently.
Marina who’s driven to the corner more than her limit already wanted to be eased. Even if it’s for her boyfriend’s sake, she has exposed a disgraceful behavior to a man other than her boyfriend, has her mind become tired from her heart screaming?
Continuing to play with her half heartedly, she might’ve thought that it’s easier for her to fall into it.
She thought that she’d even be more cornered if it’s done but I also became unable to bear it.1
We have a lot of time. Should I confirm the taste of her pussy for the time being?
I thought so I led Marina to the bed and laid her down on top of it.
She didn’t resist at all, on the contrary, Marina opened her legs willingly.
Hmmm, it’s not interesting if she follows obediently. She’s submitting herself for the sake of her boyfriend, as long as she’s thinking of her boyfriend, she’ll never truly submit herself, that’s the situation I’m hoping for.
Well, even that Asahina was broken temporarily. There’s a possibility of Marina reviving after calming down. I can’t do anything but to expect that.
I persuade myself as I got to the bed, I unfastened my pants and took out my dick.
Marina’s pussy is considerably wet, it should be fine thrusting it suddenly. I thought so but I remembered it when I saw Marina’s pussy. Speaking of which, the pens are thrust inside her. I can’t use her pussy if the pens aren’t removed.
The penis can go inside the pussy easily yet, I got irritated because I can’t so I clicked my tongue while looking down on Marina.

「I-I’m sorry…」

Being glared by me and clicking the tongue, Marina trembled and apologized while laughing. “I don’t get it but let’s apologize for the time being”, is probably what she thought.
She apologized without knowing the reason, this girl’s really a masochist.
Anyway, it’s no use if the pussy isn’t pulled out from her pussy, she leaked out a big sigh and pulled the pen .
It made an obscene sound, the pen that came off had an obscene string.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

One, every time she pulls a single one, Marina trembles as she leak out a sigh from her scarlet cheek.
Different from putting it in, it felt quite good it seems.
I who noticed it used my x-ray vision and looked inside her pussy.
Since I use my ability, Marina’s whole body would become muscles and bones and internal organs, I would wither surely. 2 That’s why I don’t want to use it as much as possible but the adventurous spirit is superior than my hate for grotesque stuff.
A man is a creature weak to adventure.
That said, I used my ability to looked and the inside of Marina’s pussy became fully exposed.
The love nectar is springing like a floor, the seven pens pushes the walls of her vagina and expands. Thenー.

She’s convulsing?

The specific parts of a muscular tissue similar to vaginal wall, it’s convulsing abnormally.
I don’t have to mind it so much if all of it is convulsing. However, if only one specific part is convulsing, it’s natural that I got curious.
I who tried to pull out the fourth pen stimulated the several parts that convulsed with the tip of the pen.


Marina’s waist jumped up intensely. My hand stiffened in surprise but because of that, the tip of the pen strongly pressed against the convulsing part.

「Ihiiiiii!? Hyaaaaaaaa!?」

Marina screams and her waist jumps around. Then, the muscular tissue of her pussy shrinks abnormally.
Could this be?ー
With my heart throbbing, I forcibly moved the pen that’s piercing her shut tight pussy, I stimulated that part that convulses violently with the tip of the pen.


Opening her eyes wide, Marina raised a mad scream, her waist jumps around violently and liquid spouted from her urethra.
There’s no mistake. That specific convulsing part is a specially weak part in her erogenous zone.
The one that spout from her urethra is probably a tide. Just poking it made her climax so hard that she released a tide?
This is amazing. This is fucking amazing.
I got frolic and forgot thrusting my penis inside her pussy, I stimulated Marina’s weak point and rolled it with a pen.

「Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!? Aaaaa!? Hyaaaaaaaaaaaa!?」

When I pinpoint my attack on the place where the pussy violently convulses, Marina jumps her waist while screaming like mad, her whole body’s flushed, she’s drenched in sweat and she released a tide from her urethra vigorously.
Fun, this is interesting. The convulsing part isn’t just inside her pussy. It exists everywhere in her body. If all of them are weak pointsー
This girl is a guaranteed experiment material. I don’t regret even if she breaks. I just have to thoroughly examine her.

After that, Marina shouted like mad but she was made to cum forcibly without pardon at all.
I who made a woman came for the first time thinks of Marina interestingly as the best toy.
Making her climax to the degree that I don’t know the count, the fainted Marina is still shaking so much. But I know that she’s still climaxing if her weak point is attacked even if fainted.
I can win against Yuka with this. I thought as I grin, but I must prepare myself.
I mustn’t belittle Yuka. I might win but I have to think about emergencies. My experience is overwhelmingly insuffecient. I’ll experiment with Marina’s body for a while and I’ll challenge that girl when I’m confident in winning.
Anyway, I must acquire experience using Marina’s body
Thinking so, I continued to make Marina who fainted with her eyes wide open, cum.


  1.  ヤルのはもっと徹底的に追い詰めてからにしようと思っていたが、俺も出したくてたまらなくなってきた。
  2. His dick