X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 16

Chapter 16

「Hmm, the morning sun hurts my eyes…」

Sitting on the window frame, a person has muttered while looking at the sky that has began to dawn.

「Fuu, I lack sleep because of a woman…」

Muttering in addition, I laughed.
I did it. I lack of sleep because of ○○ is one of the lines I want to say. That’s exactly “I lack sleep because of a woman”
I want to say it at least once before I die but I never thought of the day I would say that.
The other is “I lack sleep because of the woman sleeping next to me” but I can’t use it yet for the sake of doing the act by force.
By the way, Marina came home long ago. Though she won’t mind whatever happens, she has to come back home or there will be a ruckus.
I told Marina「You can come home for now」when she woke up, Marina puts on her uniform while crying, her knees are trembling like a newborn fawn as she come out of the room. It seems that her knees gave up from cumming too much.
That said, Marina returned comparatively earlier.
Yet why do I lack sleep? I took notes of the information I gathered from Marina’s body./
The information I experienced and gathered is still too early for my head to think. But it’s dangerous if known. Taking notes of the information obtained from her body, I summarized to make it easy to understand. Doing it this way, I’ll be able to notice the misunderstandings and the new discoveries. If ever I forgot it then I can recall it immediately with this note.
I can record it on a PC but I can definitely pull it if it’s a notebook. It’s easier to remain in the memory.

I stuffed the notebook which contains the information recorded from Marina’s body and went out of the house after finishing preparations to take attendance.
Marina’s really a good experiment material. She has some experience but only relative to normal sex.
Asahina’s experience is equal to none and Yuka’s experience is too much. Marina’s normal in that aspect. She’s the ideal existence as a basis for female body.
I’ll use Marina’s body for experiment, there’s an especially weak part in her erogenous zone, in short, I found her weak point, this is quite interesting.
The weak point has a higher sensitivity than the other parts. And the weak point itself has an unimaginable sensitivity. But that part is very small. Sensitivity falls off if you’re off the mark. Furthermore, I know that the feeling on the weak point is different.
Explaining on vagina, it has three weak points. First is around the entrance of the vagina. The sensitivity is quite high around it. If you pinpoint the stimulation, it’s easy to cum. On the other hand, the climax is shallow. It can keep climaxing continuously if you keep stimulating it but pleasure that makes you faint can’t be obtained.
Next is the middle of the pussy. Confirming it with my x-ray vision, there are some nerves similar to clitoris in some way is seen. Though the clitoris is a part like a small bean but actually, it’s deeply rooted inside the body. The one appearing is just that part. And when you stimulate the weak point in the middle of the pussy, then stimulate the clitoris at the same time, she’ll reach a climax much more violent than the weak point in the entrance. Also, a tide spout if you stimulate here.
Third is on the depths of the pussy. It’s located near the uterus. It’s impossible to stimulate it with the finger as it’s the deepest part of the pussy. It can be hit with a penis or sex tool but it’s difficult to aim and stimulate if you don’t have X-ray vision. If you can pinpoint and stimulate it, the whole body would convulse abnormally and violently like Marina’s. There’s obviously other points of sensitivity. It’s not spouting a tide even stimulated but she’ll climax to the point she’ll faint.
The three points are very small, the pleasure is reduced to half if you missed the point even just a little.

The result of the experiment: Stimulate the front point first then the middle point. Then when you stimulate the deepest point, it’s possible to double the pleasure.
She’ll cum if you stimulated the deepest point suddenly but the effect is tremendous if you to from front middle and deep. I took the order and stimulated Marina, even she’s fainted she’s convulsing and shouting 「C’u’mming’ uuuuu’」 I laughed at that.
Human bodies are well built. Getting the entrance accustomed, and when the preparation ends in the middle, the deepest would feel the best pleasure. When a woman reaches the highest pleasure, the pussy shuts normally. The pussy shuts selfishly and gives the penis a great pleasure, it intends to make it easy to ejaculate.
Other than the pussy, there are weak points existing on all places in the whole body, the pleasure there won’t make you cum. However, since I saw the pleasure increases by persistently playing with it, there’s the possibility of growing when developed.
The weak points other than the pussy showed some remarkable results, the pinky and armpit on right arm and the top of the nipple on left arm are places that are slightly off. Pinpointing and fiddling it is interesting. She’s not cumminug yet it definitely felt quite pleasant.
The most interesting one among them is the pinky finger on the left hand. It’s unthinkable as a erogenous zone but she’s reacting with a twitch when it’s groped. If exploited, Marina might be a woman that would cum with just her fingertip being stimulated. It would be fun if it does so I thought of doing my best.

I walked steadily towards school and when I arrived at the school gate, the waiting Yuka run up to me.

「Suzuhara-kun Good morningー!」

Her smooth semi long hair flutters as she wave her hand, Yuka who run to me with a smile floating on her face greeted me overly-familiar and lined next to me.

「Let’s go to that place?」

Picking the sleeve of my uniform, Yuka asked bashfully while looking at me with an upward glance and blushing cheek.
That place? It’s probably the woods where she fellated me.
I got taken aback as expected. For her to ask me by herself.
I confirmed Yuka’s heartbeat using my x-ray vision, it’s beating fast but not feeling uncomfort. I don’t know what’s her aim but I can’t think of her just simply servicing me.
Since I ended easily with her fellatio, it seems that she’s completely looking down on me.

「I masturbated this morning so it’s fine」
「Is that so?」

I answered while looking straight at Yuka’s eyes, Yuka raised a bit disappointed voice and laughed as she looked at me.
Why do you look so disappointed? Shouldn’t you be pleased? Also, don’t laugh.

「Just call me anytime okay? I’ll definitely keep my promise with Suzuhara-kun so I’ll do my best! I don’t have a gain but that’s why I have to properly return the favor」

Yuka looked up at me with a tightened expression, she said that while clasping her hands in front of her chest then she nodded on herself.
“Call me anytime”? What composure. It seems that she’s saying that I’m welcome in her pussy and mouth anytime.
As expected of a last boss, her face is cute but she’s scary. But that composure won’t be for long. I who obtained Marina would improve in technique every second. You’ll definitely be crying in the near future. But I won’t spare you even if you cry. I’ll make you cum until you go crazy.

「Asahina-san came to play on my house yesterday. You might laugh on it but it’s the first time a friend came to my house to play. That’s why I’m so happy but I was also so nervous」

Walking towards the entrance next to me, Yuka talks as she desperately matches my pace.
Is that so? Isn’t that great?

「Asahina-san talked only about Suzuhara-kun even though she’s angry. Perhaps, she believed in Suzuhara-kun in her heart. That Suzuhara-kun will keep his promise」

Yuka who’s breathing heavily muttered with her blushing cheeks.
For Yuka who’s shorter than Asahina, a man’s pace would be too fast. But I don’t have to mind my pace for Yuka. I can’t be underestimated any further.

「Asahina-san is amazing I think. She might be a natural airhead but she has the power to see the core of things. She knows ahead what’s right or wrong. She knows it’s a road she should advance. That kind of feeling」

Yuka praises Asahina. As expected of Asahina’s believer.

「You see, she’s believing Suzuhara-kun even though she doesn’t know you kept your promise. No, she’s convinced rather than believing」

She’s not asking for my response? Yuka speaks to herself and consents by herself.
Believing or convinced, She’s flattering Asahina too much, that girl’s just a simple fool. In the first place, it’s impossible to understand why she believes the man who raped her.

「I thought she was amazing before but I think something’s changed since the day she came to my house. She might’ve changed before that but anyway, I think something’s different」

Something’s different? The day when Asahina first went to Yuka’s house is the day after she has recovered. I don’t know but being restored from broken isn’t strange. Towards Yuka who felt a favor towards Asahina might know the difference. Well, it doesn’t matter but.

「That sort of Asahina-san told me yesterday」

Yuka mutters and looked up at me.

「I feel that there’s some special power in Suzuhara-kun, she said」

Yuka who talks while looking up to me made me surprised for a moment.
Calm down. I’m not busted. There’s no way I’d be. Asahina might’ve said that, Yuka who heard that just asked me by chance.
In the first place, even if she say special power, I think that it’s crazy that no one would believe it. Even if they feel something out of place on me, they won’t think that I have a special ability. In short, there won’t be problems as long as I stay silent. That’s why I should just deny it openly.
But there’s something called women’s intuition, I have to take care.

「Yuka-chan’s an idiot. There’s no way I’d have a special ability right? Could it be that you are a day-dreamer?」
「Eh, ehehe. Right~?」

Yuka laughs sheepishly from my words.
It seems that I can talk it out somehow. Fuu, it got me in panic.
Or rather, I have noticed it a while ago but Yuka’s polite talk has become casual now. I don’t mind her talking casually in school but it somehow makes me irritated that she’s suddenly talking casually. She’s also strangely close.

Separating from Yuka on the corridor, I entered my classroom.


I heard a vibrant voice as soon as I entered the classroom. Turning my glance, Asahina’s glaring me from a remote place.
She’s on her usual black twin tails and her glare towards me is like a cat’s eye. She’s a beauty that’s clearly different from the other schoolgirls in the classroom. Her appearance is nice as usual.
Her chest is a chopping board though.

「I’ve been thinking!」

Asahina approached me determinedly while speaking out, then she took my hand out of the classroom.
Asahina led me on the staircase.
Asahina who stopped on the corner of the landing, turned back and glared up at me.

「I thought about various things. You raped me. I thought of what becomes the compensation but I reconsidered that it was too convenient for me. Because you’re the one taking the risk」

Asahina speaks as she glare at me.

「You can do as you like with me if you hear my request. Not after everything’s ended. I’ll become your slave from this point of time. Take it as advance payment on the compensation. I’ll obey every order you give. In exchange, I’d like you to definitely save Yuka」

Asahina who pat her chopping board chest on top of her uniform has spoken with a serious expression.
This girl really has no chest. She’s too pitiful compared to Yuka and MArina. She has good looks yet, the world is too cruel.
That said, Asahina went out for an attack. Who’d thought that she’d make an advance payment for the compensation.
I failed. When she say that, it’s impossible to make Asahina kneel on the ground. No, she’ll do it if I ordered her but that would lose its meaning.
Asahina’s feeling of debt. That’s very important.
I actually kept my promise but that said, there’s no necessity for a feeling of debt since I made my advance payment, will be her retort.
It’s Asahina so she’ll pick a fight against the delinquent group by herself and she’ll notice that the delinquent group is already annihilated.
Dammit, she took the initiative.
Well fine. It’s true that I annihilated the delinquent group, she’ll become my slave if she stick to the agreement. She’s only saying that she’s going to pay in advance. I didn’t lose anything in short. My fun only decreased a bit.

「What should I do? Say it. I’ll do anything. You want to violate me like that time? Go on, do as you like」

Asahina speaks arrogantly  while looking up at me.
Ah, she’s making me irritated. This useless proud attitude is making me sick. But that’s fine. I thought Marina’s the same time as her but she ahegao easily.
This unyielding spirit would never Ahegao from any pleasure given. It’s fun to break that.
I broke Asahina once but I think her will power strengthened greatly by having her stick to Yuka. It’s Asahina so I’ll attack her mind thoroughly, it’s fun to make her ahegao.
No, should I say that the process of breaking her mind is the fun?

「I’ve already annihilated the enemy. I thought there were some remaining but there’s no problem crushing them as soon as I find them」

Since there’s no meaning on hiding it any further, I talked to Asahina. Asahina raised a foolish voice when she heard my voice.
She took the initiative so the meaning of hiding it has disappeared. Then I should just tell her honestly and make her feel grateful.

「Yuka-chan already knows it but I shut her up. Since you seem to easily run out of control, I thought of the case where there’s someone remaining and judged to secure you」
「Eh? Ah, that…」
「If there’s some remnants remaining, I can guarantee Yuka-chan’s safety as long as she’s with me」
「Eh? Uhm…I-Is that so?」

Asahina who’s at loss from my words looks confused.

「Wait for a week. I’ll make sure that there’s no remnants and I’ll definitely crush the remaining ones」

I say while patting Asahina’s shoulder, then I bent and draw my mouth close to Asahina’s ears.

「When everything’s in order, I’ll play with your whole body without hesitation. I’ll throw you away if I get tired. Well, look forward to it」

Asahina gulped down her saliva as I whisper.
I who pat Asahina’s shoulder again while grinning returned to the classroom, leaving the standing Asahina.
Or rather, I told her that but it’s my circumstances that I can’t violate Asahina immediately. Because right now I have to use Marina’s body for repeated training. If I trained for a week, I’ll definitely have the ability to corner Asahina’s body.
If the me who powered up from the training attacks her, I can pierce though her body no matter how oppressive her attitude is.
I want to see soon the Asahina who desperately endures though she has already lost to pleasure while saying “Kuh, Kill me!”
I got erect from having such thoughts. But it’s fine. I can just do it when I want to. The present me doesn’t need to endure it.
After all, it’s easy anytime, I have the meat toilet Marina who’s easy to fuck anytime.