X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Asahina ran away from the classroom like a bullet when the time reached after school. She’s going to leave with Yuka too today and will go inside Yuka’s home.
For me who wants to use Marina for practice, It’s convenient to have Asahina and Yuka together. But it’s troublesome if they became too friendly and conspire.
Well, Yuka’s excessivly obedient to me but I haven’t told her my relationship with Asahina, I haven’t told Yuka that I’ve raped Asahina either but I think it’s fine.

Asahina became a loner in our class but it seems that she’s not minding it at all. Or rather, her eyes has nothing but Yuka.

「Wasn’t Asahina-san being marked by Senpai?」
「I-I thought so but…」
「The group related to Tamoe-san…seems that all members aren’t coming to school」
「But, Tamoe-san’s coming to school right?」
「Could it be…?」

I heard the whispers.
Turning my glance, the girls that “formerly” surround Asahina are talking anxiously in a low voice.

「A-Asahina-san…turned the tables to the Senpai?」

One of the schoolgirl muttered to the gathered girls in a low voice, then the other girls’ hearts jumped.

「Do you know Yuuki-senpai? Yuuki Marina Senpai. She’s the rumored cutest among the second years but she’s Shinozaki-senpai’s girlfriend」
「Isn’t it obvious that I know? She’s the senpai that the first year girls has to be most careful of. Yuuki-senpai」

Marina’s name came out, oh? I who thought it, pricked my ears.

「Shinozaki-senpai’s not coming to school, there’s also a rumor that Yuuki-senpai’s actions has become strange」
「Won’t she be worried if her boyfriend doesn’t come to school?」
「That’s not it」

The student that stands on the center of the girls beckoned them while looking around. The schoolgirls who saw that began to narrow their circle.

「This morning, Yuuki-senpai was sent to the infirmary. It seems that she’s unable to stand」
「Unable to stand?」

They continued their whispering conversation.

「Yuuki-senpai who’s unable to stand looked ahead then saw Asahina-san there」
「Yuuki-senpai screamed when she saw Asahina-san, then she wasn’t able to stand」
「No way…」

The schoolgirls rustle around.
Marina was unable to stand when she saw Asahina? What happened to her?
Well, this all started because they involved themselves with Asahina. Marina might’ve thought that she’ll offend me if Asahina got angry.

「Yuuki-senpai is…」
「D-Did she really turn the tables?」
「I can’t say that it’s impossible because it’s Asahina-san」
「I-If she turn the table to those Senpai, Asahina-san’s influence is stronger than before」
「W-what should we do? We have ignored Asahina-san though…」
「We? Please don’t put me there. I only stayed silent because she hasn’t spoken, I haven’t ignored her. I’m Asahina-san’s best friend even now」
「I-I didn’t ignore her either. Kyouko suggested it, Maki and Sanae didn’t get on it. I’m not related to this」
「W-wait! Do you intend to throw the blame on me!?」
「You’re the worst! Aren’t you the one who’s having fun ignoring her!?」

The whispers changed and the schoolgirls screamed at each other. Their hearts beats with intense anxiety and fear.
The senpai stopped coming to school, Marina saw Asahina and she was unable to stand up.
If Asahaina ever turned the tables to those Senpai, Asahina’s authority would revive. No, she’ll obtain higher power than before.
If it happens, the “Former” followers who ignored and alienated her would be troubled. That’s why they’re pushing the blame on someone and would like to return as Asahina’s follower.
I who leaked a sigh from their ridiculousness, looked at the schoolgirls screaming at each other.
Aren’t you glad Asahina that you’re lucky to break off your relationship with those people?
Having such thoughts, I stood up, took my back and left the room.

While I was walking at the entrance of the corridor, I hit on a good idea.
Let’s make Asahina the perpetrator who annihilated the Senpai. That sort of rumor began to flow around, perfect. Should I make use of the rumor?
If the rumor is me who destroyed the Senpai, it would be difficult to move. Though I’m the one who crushed senpai, everything would be put blame on Asahina.
With that said, I who went out of the school in a hurry called out Shinozaki-kun my best friend.

「」Ah, it’s me, Suzuhara, I”d like to talk to Shinozaki-kun my best friend」
『Hiiiiiii! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyy』

When I talked over the phone, he retuned a scream of apologies.
Shut up.
I who separated my phone from my ear clicked my tongue and leaked a sigh. Then, I applied the phone to my ear again.

「Shut up」

With a mutter, the man screaming on the phone stopped immediately. Then I heard faint sobbing.
Okay, that’s good. If you can do it then do it.
Or rather, this guy’s got traumatized by me but he foolishly took my call? He thought that I’d take revenge if he ignored it?
Fufu, That’s true though.

「Hey, Shinozaki, want to make a deal?」

Though I heard some sob, he’s not answering. But I’m sure that he heard me.

「If you make a deal, I’ll reduce your punishment to half」
『Eh!? I-Is that true!?』

Shinozaki’s voice is low because of his sobbing but he reacted to my words.

『I-I’ll hear it! I’ll make a deal! Let me take the deal!』

Then he agreed without confirming the contents.
This guy’s an idiot. Even if the half is taken away, there’s still a half left. Or rather, I haven’t decided his punishment in the first place. Even if I say that I’ll reduce the punishment to half, I haven’t considered the total weigh of Shinozaki’s punishment yet. Not knowing the weigh, I won’t know how much would be half. Yet he agreed, I can only call him a fool.

「You know, Asahina-san right? You know her because you aimed at her right?」
「Make the perpetrator who crushed you Asahina. You only have to spread the rumor」
「You tried to meddle with Asahina Yuu but the tables were turned and you surrendered. Spread such a rumor. If you do it well then I’ll ease your punishment by half. However if you failー」

I stop my words and cut the call while smiling from ear to ear.
There’s no need to hear Shinozaki’s answer. Shinozaki’s punishment would only double if he doesn’t move. But oh well, I’m the one who cut the call one sidedly, so he’ll probably think that he has no room for a choice or consideration. Perhaps, Shinozaki would move despeately.
Also if it didn’t go well, there’s no demerit for me. I’m only afraid of the surroundings moving ahead of schedule. If it went well then good luck.

I walked to wards my house on a steady pace while humming then my house came into view. Then, there’s a silhouette seen on the side.
A chestnut colored long and round hair, ringlet curls. And her big tits that’s pressing her uniform up.
She looks a bit cheap but she’s definitely classified as a beauty.
Marina appeared from the side.


Holding her bag forward, Marina looked down trembling, her thighs are closed together and her knees are trembling and she called me out with a vanishing voice
It’s nice if you can come to my house everyday. I told Marina that but it seems that she’s keeping my order. Well done, well done!

「I don’t intend to forgive you just because you followed my order. That’s natural. You’ll be punished if you break my orders. That’s natural」
「Y-Yes. I know…」

Walking towards Marina, she nodded while looking down.
It must’ve been hard to climax continuously as an experiment. That said, there’s a possibility of her running away. To prevent it, I have to bind her with fear.
It’s natural to obey orders. There’s punishment if you disobey. She’ll become an obedient bitch if I rub it on her. Perhaps.

When I took Marina in my house, we went to the second floor and entered my room immediately.

「Since ordering one by one is bothersome, think by yourself and prepare immediately」

Taking off my uniform, Marina answered back as I call her while putting my uniform on the hanger. Then I heard a rustling of a dress and something dropping on the floor.
Turning around, Marina who’s undressing is seen.
Marina who sent me a glance while her cheeks blush, she twist her body and bite her lower lip. She must be embarrassed being seen by me. But she can’t hide her exposed big tits.
Marina takes off her skirt while her breast sways. Then she took off her clean panties, and became naked with the stockings remaining.

「It’s fine if you don’t take off the stockings. It looks lewder that way」

I ordered Marina who tries to take it off then she nodded and stopped taking off her stockings Then, she took care showing everything to me.
The pussy mark on her left and right breast still remains. Aside from that the remaining obscene words on her body are unreadable already.
I only used an oil based sign pen after all. She must’ve tried to erase it desperately in bath but it seems that there’s still some remaining. It ridiculously indecent.

「We’re going to have sex from now on. creampie, of course」

Marina who looks down taking care of her posture, trembled when shew heard creampie. She paused for a moment but nodded while looking down.

「I’ll free you if you make a child」

Adding that, Marina who’s looking down trembled and a suppressed sob is leaked.
Even if she got pregnant from creampie, Marina has a gentle boyfriend. I’m sure that he’ll receive it with pleasure. Furthermore, it’s safe since he’s rich.

「Sit on your knees on the bed」

Marina who still looks down, answered my order with a trembling small voice, she went to the bed with her shaking breasts. Then she sat on the bed on her knees then put her hands on her legs.

「Put your hands behind you. Stick out your breast as much as possible and open your legs. Like an M character」

Marina who’s hiding her embarrassing place by holding her knees moved according to my instruction. But she’s not showing any resistance, she put her hands on her back, thrust out her pussy and opened her legs.
I haven’t mentioned Shinozaki’s name to Marina today yet. She might’ve been broken after getting mentally cornered too much. Since she’s a rare experimental material, there’s still a point even she’s broken.
I thought but I haven’t said Shinozaki’s name but the shadow of Marina’s obedience is coming out. But, Marina’s too submissive that’s she’s following every order of mine.
It’s a wonderful miscalculation but too much is somewhat.. I’d be troubled if she got crazy immediately, I must be on guard when observing.
Well, she became crazy, I can just let Shinozaki-kun my best friend to take over.

I got on the bed and Marina who’s thrusting out her breasts and opening her legs, trembled. Then, she showed a behavior of closing her legs for a moment but she opened it again.
The thrust out breasts and fully exposed areola and nipple. Big tits and narrow waist. And the crotch opened to it’s limit, a pink crack can be seen at the middle of the crotch.
Did this body remember the severe cumming yesterday? Perhaps it’s a conditioned reflex. An erotic love nectar is overflowing from the pink crack.

「I-I’m sorry…」

She tremble as she apologize. Who are you apologizing for. It’s obvious. It’s probably the boyfriend she’s yearning for earnestly. The reason of her apology is perhaps the love nectar that’s overflowing.
She’s forced to an indecent act yet her pussy has love nectar overflowing as if pleased at all. Marina began to think of herself being a pervert yesterday. She exposed her body to a man other than her boyfriend, yet she despairs as she’s discharging love nectar, attacked by the improper and adultery, she’s apologizing to Shinozaki that she gave her heart to.
A foolish woman. She has no eyes for men.
Marina’s willpower is weaker than I thought. And her character is easy to be washed away. The strong one is probably Shinozaki’s influence. She’s acting bad to match her boyfriend but actually she’s timid and an honest person. She wanted power so she hid it, and she might’ve walked with a large number of friends.
But she’s alone right now. There’s no one to defend her. Furthermore, the one in front of her is the man who annihilated the delinquent group, including her boyfriend. I know well that Marina’s a person that needs a companion. Her pretense is peeling off every second as a result.
She might’ve been happy if she chose an honest man yet she’s out of luck when she picked a fight with me. It’s too late to regret now.

「After this, I’ll only give you a single order. I won’t give you a punishment as long as you follow it」

Telling her, Marina who thrust out her breast looking up to the ceiling, raised her lowered face and looked at me.

「Maintain this pose. Whatever happens, keep this pose. That’s the order」

Marina’s eyes shook to my words.
It’s a simple order but there’s no one who knows how hard it is other than Marina.
Her body is forced to continuous climax and her whole body will convulse and jump regardless of her will. Furthermore, she’ll lose if she faints. Thus it’s impossible to maintain this pose.

「Don’t worry. I’m not a perfectionist. I will punish you if you break my order but the punishment would be light depending on how hard you work」

Marina felt a bit relieved from my words, she nodded deeply while thrusting out her breasts. And she exert her strength to endure the climax hell that will visit her.
Though I said that she’ll definitely be punished when she can’t maintain her posture, she felt relieved when the punishment would be light.
A bitch easy to discipline.
Sitting while maintaining her M character, I gripped Marina’s left hand and drew it to myself. In accordance to my actions, Marina who put out her left hand has her right hand remaining to support her and her breasts are pushed out.
Marina’s delicate white thin finger. I gently played with the tip of the pinky finger.


Marina’s body trembled. As a result, her breast shook.
The tip of Marina’s pinkie finger on her left hand is one of her weak points.
Confirming it with my X-ray vision, I know the muscle on her pinky finger convulses minutely. The weak point is at the center.

「U, uku」

As I play around with the pinkie finger, Marina trembles and leaks out a sweet voice.
Her whole body blushed and she spouted sweat. And Marina’s breasts shook in accordance to her trembling. I can see the pink and cute nipple on the tip getting erect. In addition, the center of her crotch that’s open to it’s limit, a red clitoris pushes out itself from the pink crack and and the twitching meat hole is leaking out a sticky mucous.
She’s making this reaction from just having her pinkie finger played with. That’s the proof how high the sensitivity is on the weak points. However the weak point is very small. It’s impossible to see the weak point if you’re only seeing the surface.
I have an experience but there’s a time when I hit the place which is excessively pleasurable by accident. But you can’t find the pleasure location by just touching it. I understand it somehow but that’s the weak point.
The sensitivity of the surroundings of the weak point seems to be higher than the other parts but the sensitivity of the center is widely different. But, the center’s size is like an eye of a needle. Even if you hit on it by a chance, it would be very difficult to touch it intentionally.
Seeing through the movement of the muscles, it’s possible for my “eyes”, I think it’s close to impossible to stimulate by pinpointing it.

「Ah, fu, n…uku, hyuu」

She’s desperately enduring it but the sweet gasp sounds through the room without any endurance.
Though it’s not a weak point inside her pussy, the pleasure obtained from the weakpoint seems to be great. It’s probably difficult to endure such pleasure.
I who gently rubbed Marina’s tip of left hand’s pinkie finger, I pick the weak point with my finger.


Trembling violently, Marina’s huge tits shook.
Her reactions are much more remarkable than yesterday. As expected it develops from being played. Forcing her to cum by just fiddling the point of her pinkie may not be so difficult.
While having such thoughts, I stretched my right hand while digging the point of the pinkie finger on her left hand. Then I grabbed Marina’s left breast and massaged it.

「Hii, Ahii, nnn, naaa」

Marina’s breast is being massaged but majority of the pleasure is coming from the pinkie finger of her left hand. Then should we raise the pleasure given to the breasts?
I shifted my hand on the top of her nipple. That’s Marina’s weak point too.


As I massage her breasts, I pinched her nipple with my finger. As a result, Marina raised a sweet scream and convulsed.
The flank of her erect nipples. That small spot there is her weak point.
Surely Marina thought that the sensitivity of her left nipple is higher than her right nipple. But the possibility that she doesn’t know the weak point is also high.
The sensitivity of the surroundings of the weak point is high, because of that the sensitivity of it is definitely higher than the other parts. But that weak point is quite small and it won’t hit if you don’t strengthen the stimulation a bit.
For example, doing it with the point in her pinkie fingerー.


When I dig into the weak point in her nipple with my fingernail, Marina raised a particularly big sweet moan and convulsed intensely.
The weak point isn’t in the surface of the skin, it exist slightly inside. Therefore if only you stimulate just the surface, it would only end with normal pleasure. That’s why if you dig your fingers, the internal weak point would be stimulated and attacked by a frightening pleasure.

「Naaaaaaa!? Nhiiiiiiiiii!? Nkuuuuuuu!?」

The point on her pinkie finger on the left hand is shifted to the point in her left nipple. I dig the two weak points with my fingernails and Marina pants interestingly.
Her whole body that’s flushed turned into vermilion, the sweat spouted has increased in amount and her pussy is heavily flooding.
It’s about time for her to cum.
I who thought that, took Marina’s left pinkie finger to my mouth, bit the weak point with my teeth and licked the surroundings of the weak point with my tongue. Then I dig the weak point of her nipples with the nails of my right hand and my free left hand went to her pussy and traced the slit with my finger.


Stimulating two weak points at the same time, and tracing Marina’s pussy with my finger in addition, she raises a sweet scream while while her M character legs is trembling.
Because her pussy is being traced, my finger got filled with love nectar in an instant.
When I thought that it’s already fine, I put my middle finger and ring finger inside her pussy.
The two fingers wrapped up with the hot sticky meat.

「Nhii, nhiiiiiiiiiii♡」

Since I stimulate her weak point, the sensitivity of her whole body went up. Marina convulsed intensely with just fingers going in her pussy, she have reached light climax.
If this degree gets constant, she’d be crazy far from enduring it.
I bent the two fingers inside her pussy and stimulated the weak point at the entrance of her pussy.

「kIhiii♡ Ahiiiiiiiii♡」

The sweet scream clearly changed and became a melting sweet scream. Then her waist convulsed intensely.
I haven’t attacked the weak point of her pussy but when I stimulated the walls of the vagina that’s around the weak point, she came.
Whenever I move my finger, her pussy makes an obscene wet sound, then the large amount of love nectar is making a big stain on the sheets.

「No good♡ No more~♡ Cumming♡ cumcum♡ cummiiiiiiiiiiinngggg♡ 」

She voluntarily reports her own climax, Marina kept convulsing violently. I can’t feel the will to endure from her appearance at all.
Since I’m a man, I don’t know how much pleasure a woman feels. From what I’ve heard, it’s a a continuous sensation of a man’s ejaculation.
Our reason would be blank only for a moment of ejaculation. If it continues for long, I guess her head will be pure white.
Turning over, she’ll stop her unnecessary thoughts as long as she cums.
I thought as I look at Marina’s earnestly climaxing and panting appearance.
Marina who got cornered probably run away. Yielding herself to the pleasure that made all pure white, the thought of the guilt from betraying her boyfriend has escaped. But it’s impossible to run away in a true sense. If she return to her senses after this act, the guilt she has would certainly become bigger. To escape from that sense of guilt, Marina surelyー.

There are three weak points in the pussy. Thinking that all of those would be attacked in turns if I thrust my penis in, but would today be good? I hadn’t done it yesterday, let’s accept it completely.
I who thought so pulled my fingers from her vagina, took off my trousers and took out my penis. Then when I applied the point of the glans on her sticky pussy filled with love nectar, I thrust in with my waist.


While Marina screams sweetly, the glans invaded her easily while making an obscene sound.
It’s not as narrow as Asahina’s pussy but her meat hole is shutting firmly. Yet it’s sticky and burning hot, the mucous and soft meat twines around my glans.
In short, a good pussy. It’s a hole that’s good enough to be an onahole.
Marina’s been cumming but her right hand is on her back, sticking out her breasts, she desperately maintains her posture of opening her legs in an M character.
I gripped the two breasts Marina thrusts out, I thrust my waist further and poked the deepest part with my glans. And while I grip her breasts with my hands, I began to swing my waist mightily.
Swinging my waist mightily, the tight and wet meat hole is hollowed in deep.

「Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Ah♡」

Marina’s sweet scream follows with the rhythm of piercing her deepest part. Her appearance is already not exaggerated to say that she’s gone crazy.
Relentlessly gripping her elastic and soft big tits, I remembered Asahina as I indulge myself on this drenched, tight pussy.
Asahina whom I’ve raped was broken. Though she has recovered, it’s a fact that she has been broken. But Marina right now is different. She’s not pretending to have a proud attitude but at least, she’s much stronger than Asahina.
That girl’s really interesting.
While having such thoughts, I swing my waist without minding her weak points, then I released my semen inside Marina just like that. But, I wasn’t satisfied by just releasing it once so I rushed on the second round without pulling out.

When the act was over, Marina’s womb is filled with my semen.
I felt refreshed but there’s only one thing I don’t like. That is Marina maintaining her posture to the last minute.
Though I told her to maintain her posture, but shouldn’t she give up her posture and get punished? She can’t read the atmosphere.
Well, I haven’t attacked her weak point after I inserted my penis after all. Her posture has maintained somehow thanks to that. But since I don’t like itー.

「N, Oooooooooooo♡」

On the verge of removing my penis, I hollowed her weak point in the middle of her pussy using my glans to my heart’s content. The effect hit her and Marina spout a tide as her eyes white out, her posture is destroyed and she lied down on the bed, the punishment is settled.
Yup, that’s great.