X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Five days since I’ve started using Marina for practice.

「Ah, Ah, Ah」

Cheeks blushed, eyes charmed, Marina makes a sound while her whole body trembles. The sound comes from Marina’s crotch. Liquid flows on the white thighs that stretch from her skirt, the liquid that spouts goes from the skirt directly to the floor. Marina made a puddle on her footing.
The location is on the corridor at school. I who stood from my seat, went out of the classroom and met Marina by chance, then the next momentー.

「Ah, aaah, aah, aaaaaaaaa」

She’s surprised to see me suddenly? She peed herself.
The surroundings turned noisy. At the corridor of school, furthermore, it’s break time, there’re students coming and going the corridor of course. Surely there will be a commotion if she leaked.
I was a bit flustered but I passed through Marina innocently and went towards the restroom.
The people who knows Marina and I are related are Marina’s companions. Furthermore, I’ve evaded most of the people on the way to Shinozaki’s house, just what kind of relationship I have with Marina? Nobody knows the details.
If it’s Shinozaki who sold Marina to me, he’ll know the circumstances to some degree but I think that he won’t reveal it in fear of being retaliated by me.
In short, even if I meet Marina in school, there’s no need to be doubted if I just pretend I don’t know her.

Returning from the restroom, a lot of students gathered in the corridor. They’re making a noise since Marina has leaked.
I don’t know but it seems that Marina’s a famous student in various meanings.
I was on the verge of entering the classroom but Marina’s not in the corridor even though I’ve confirmed that there are students gathering.
A teacher had heard the commotion and it seems that she was taken to the infirmary.
I who took a seat recalled Marina leaking in the corridor and felt something out of place suddenly.
Why is Marina near my classroom? She’s a second year so her classroom is upstairs. She’s not going to PE since she’s wearing her uniform, it’s also unnatural for her to use the corridor of the first years just to go on a special classroom.
Could it be that she has some business with me? If so, she’s going to come to my house today, she should just state it later.
But Marina has a business with me? It feels strange.
Marina who comes to my house every day since five days ago, she’s been made to cum like crazy. She faints of course. She cums even when fainted and she’d wake up if she came too much, then she’ll faint again from the pleasure attacking her that makes her eyes white. It is done repeatedly.
Marina’s exhausted everyday since she’s doing that. She originally wasn’t talking to me and in addition, her words decrease, she’s much more obedient as if she had given everything up.
She tastes the orgasm hell when she comes to my house after school and it would end if she goes home. Then I don’t concern with her unless it’s on my house. That’s our relationship.
There’s no need to talk. I only fuck. Marina’s only being fucked. That’s all.
Marina should know that, that’s why she speaks less and became obedient. That Marina has some business with me? Furthermore, she’s contacting me at school?
I think something’s strange.

Lunch time, I stood from my seat and went to the canteen to buy BREAD as usual.
By the way since Asahina and Yuka eats lunch box, she went out of the classroom the moment lunch break was announced.
That Asahina, I thought that she would be depressed when she realized that she would become my toy eventually after the stair event but…
She’s being much more cheerful for some reason.
What’s with her?

I went out of my classroom to go to the canteen butー.

「Ah, Ah, Ah」

Marina saw me and her legs trembled.
What? Why’s Marina near my classroom again?
A gushing sound came from Marina’s abdomen, I who thought that it’s dangerous, took Marina’s head instantly and ran out.
I’m repenting while running on the corridor. I just thought of throwing and not relating myself with Marina, yet. I took her hand and run through the corridor, I’m just making it public that I have a relation with her.

I run without aim, when I noticed, we’re already at the back of the school. It’s a place where there’s no one coming, I suddenly remembered the place Yuka told me about. That’s why I seem to have taken to the back of the school unconsciously.
I who looked around while catching up my breath, I confirmed that there’s no one around with my X-ray vision, pulled Marina’s hand and entered the woods.
Running through the animal trail placed between the densely grown thick trees then, it spread out suddenly. An open space made of deforested trees. It’s originally used as a hangout of the delinquents but since Yuka and I entered it, there’s no signs of someone coming.
Since the delinquents are annihilated, it seems that no one approached this place.

「What are you thinking?」

I who stopped at the center of the space, forcibly pulled Marina’s hand.


Marina fell forward and toppled as she lost balance.
Her skirt turned over when she fell down and my eyes opened wide when I saw her panties.


The crotch part of her panties is swelling unnaturally. Then there seems to be an electric cord spreading on the side of her panties.
I didn’t notice it since I’m not using my X-ray vision but this girl went to the school with a sex toy installed?
I hardly believed my eyes when I used my ability.
A small egg vibrator inside her pussyー. That egg vibrator is being pushed against the uterus with a very thick vibrator. That’s not all. There’s a egg vibrator on her anus, there’s an anal vibrator stabbed like a cork on her anus. Furthermore, there’s an egg vibrator fixed on the position of her clitoris, there’s also one on the right and left nipple.
No matter how you put it, the number of the sex toys is too much. I thought that the exploitation of Marina’s weak point is going well but did it go too far from my expectation that she became a prisoner of pleasure?

「P-Please help me…」

Marina who fell on the ground calls me out with a trembling voice as she twitch her waist.

「I want to forget everything. I want to be pure white. I want to be mad in pleasure, I want to be pure white just like the time when Suzuhara-kun attacks me. However…」

Breathing rough, Marina’s twitching as she speak out.

「I can’t obtain the pleasure makes me forget everything. No matter how much I covet myself in pleasure, the reality doesn’t part from my head…」

Saying that, Marina who’s waist continues to twitch leaks out a muffled sobbing.
It seems that Marina has depended on pleasure to run away from reality as I expected.
She can go mad to her hearts content she she come to my house after school. But, she’ll return to reality if the act is over. With a pleasure to the degree that she’d go mad, the recoil when she returned to her senses after the act ends would be big.
Even if she return to her house, even if she goes to school, the reality is cornering Marina. The memory of going mad to pleasure is cornering Marina too much. That’s why Marina’s dependant to pleasure. Her thoughts are going further mad in order to escape reality.
But, it seems that she has been cornered too much.
To run away from reality, she’s using sex toys to gain pleasure but, she can’t obtain too much pleasure to the degree she forgets everything and it she suffers more. Feeling helpless, she’s now asking for my help.
Marina doesn’t know her own weak points. It’s impossible for her to obtain the pleasure equal to the pleasure I gave her.
But, this is now troublesome. I expected this to come sooner or later but it’s too early than expected.
It’s fine if I just keep making Marina cum but that would make me unable to continue my daily life anymore. From the beginning, Marina hinders my daily life.
Hmm, troublesome.
I want to train her more but let’s throw her way before it becomes troublesome.
Yup, let’s do that.
Then, let’s have a small experiment before I throw her away. I think it’s impossible but if it succeeds, I’d be able to play Marina even more.

「I understood your feelings of wanting to be pure white. But, if I make you cum 24/7, it would be impossible for me to have my proper daily life. You understand it?」

I squat down and asked Marina who’s fallen on the ground.
Breathing rough, blushing cheeks, Marina looks at me with wet eyes, she nodded deeply while biting her lip.
But she doesn’t just want pleasure, that’s how resolved she is to ask for my help.

「I get it. I will hear your request. But I have a condition」

Hearing my words, Marina’s eyes shook. But, she nodded.
It seems that she’s willing to accept any kind of condition to obtain the pleasure that will make her forget reality.
Then should we tease her a bit?

「I’ll give you three days. I want you to have sex with ten men. It doesn’t matter whoever it is. You have to film the sex as evidence. You have to properly take the image of the dick piercing your pussy. Also, as evidence for creampie, you have to take picture of your pussy dripping with semen」

I speak as I look at her, Marina who opened her eyes wide gripped the gripped the grass on the ground.
If you can accept any condition, you should be able to accept this condition. If she refuse, that’s the degree of her resolve.

「I’m glad that you’re the one who defiled me…」

With tears on her cheeks, Marina laughed. Her smile is so gentle as if a demon died.

「I’ve been defiled so badly and I don’t like being looked out on by good people. But you’re the villain that makes me feel good wherever you do. That’s why I’m saved by your curse. I who became defiled can be this eased up」

Marina says that while getting up, the girl sat on the ground.

「Please don’t underestimate me. Even I am popular to some degree. I don’t need three days to be fucked by ten men. I’ll meet your condition by tomorrow morning」

A confident voice and smile. Marina who was dispirited is now completely defiant. The proof is the heartbeat that’s awfully magnificent.
It’s not a bluff. She’s serious.
I feel a deja vu. I felt that she’s similar to someone who recovered from being broken once.

「I came to like you a bit」

When I ask Marina that, Marina became speechless like a pigeon that ate a peashooter.
Being fucked by ten men would need courage to execute it. Furthermore, she’s not giving everything up but rather she accepted it head on with a strong will.
I don’t know if she’s aware but Marina right now didn’t run away. This Marina looks very interesting.
I’ll throw away the toy I get tired of immediately, It’s just fine if I get a new toy but it might be nice if it’s possible to improve the version of the toy I’ve grown fond of.

「I was testing you. My true condition is different」

It talked to Marina while smirking and, Marina who felt sulky, pouted her lips.
It’s certain that Marina’s resolve is real. She has decided her resolve yet she was told that she’s just being tested, it’s normal for her to sulk. That’s why I’ll forgive you for taking a rebellious attitude this time.

「The real condition is to not show it on your face when you orgasm」

Marina who looked at me with pouting face tilts her head when she heard me.

「The point is, you have to maintain a calm daily attitude even if you’re climaxing to the degree of fainting, something like that」

Marina raised a foolish voice from my words.

「You think it’s impossible?」

When I asked, Marina showed behavior of hesitation but she nodded deeply after a moment.
Well that’s natural. No matter how you think, hiding an orgasm that would make your head pure white and calmly continuing the daily life is impossible.

「I also think it’s impossible. I’m aware that I’m talking about contradictions. But if you can’t do it, you’ll be nothing but a baggage for me. In short, I can do nothing but throw you away」

Marina’s an experiment material in the end. There’s no need for me to sacrifice my daily life just to accept a request of my experiment material.
I’ll use it if it’s convenient for me, if it’s not, I’ll throw it away. That’s all.

「If it’s impossible then want to do the other?」

Marina asked with a cramped smile then, I nodded with a smile floating on my face.

「I thought that you’re the worst savage scoundrel but, you’re a person with no fragment of emotion. It’s refreshing in a certain meaning」

Marina complained while looking at me, I instinctively scratched my head.
Don’t praise me so much. It makes me blush.

「Asahina told me that I’m a quiet deadly poison」

Marina nodded big from my words. It seems that she’s quite convinced.

「A fierce poisonous insect warns the danger at a glance but, you’re that kind aren’t you? Looking really harmless but there’s a deadly poison hidden inside your body, you’re like a human pufferfish. I think it’s very unfair」

Marina raises her complains while staring straight at me.
Thinking normally, My ability is used for assistance. Using it independently, It’s normal to be unfair. Still.

「Puferfish looks very uncool. What about Scorpion?」
「Scorpion looks dangerous at a glance. If you don’t want a pufferfish, let’s see, a lesser panda that has a deadly poison? It looks harmless but it’s actually a ferocious one」

Lesser panda? Hmmm, not cool.
Marina who stares hard at me began to laugh.

「I get it. I’ll accept your condition. If I can’t do it then boil, burn, or throw, do whatever you like. In exchange, I have one condition」

Marina says so while erasing her smile and staring straight at me.
Oh, you got a condition on me? That’s interesting. Accepting the condition is a different thing but let’s hear her out.
Urging her to speak with my glance, Marina nodded.

「Please stay as a villain. Please continue on cursing me. If ever you reform yourself, I’ll bite your windpipe off. You have the duty to keep being the villain」

Marina spoke seriously. I’m sure she’s serious. Even if I don’t use my X-ray vision, her thoughts are transmitted.

「There’s no need for me to accept your condition. Also, I’ll turn the tables if you’re going to bite me, why don’t you just do as you like?」

Marina happily laughed from my answer.

「That’s good. Please reject and kick my opinion」

Marina mutters while having a gentle smile.
She wants go cum madly to forget reality, what an unthinkable smile for someone who said that.
Once they revive from being broken, humans become interesting.

「T-Then, uhm…」

Marina began to fidget, she gripped her skirt and sent a fluttering upward glance to me.

「C-Can you make me cum? Right her right now, I want to become pure white」

She said it bashfully.

「Then the training will start now. Try to be calm no matter how much you cum okay?」1
「Y-Yes, I’ll do my best」

Confirming Marina’s nod, I approached Marina and thrust in my right hand on her skirt.
Marina blushed while tightening her thighs but when she sent me a glance, she loosened her thighs.
I extend my hand to the interior of the opened crotch, slid the panties sideways and gripped the knob that’s projected from her pussy.

「Try to stand straight even if you cum」

Marina nodded but, when I pulled the vibrator from the depths of her pussy and thrust it to pierce her weak point, the moment I hollowed her weak pointー.


Marina’s sweet scream echoed in the surroundings.
Thinking of making her cum until she faints for the time being, while Marina’s sweet scream extends, I pulled the vibrator and attacked Marina’s weak points.


The sitting girl raised on of her feet, Marina sticks her tongue out while trembling in climax, her eyes whited out.
Well, it won’t go well that suddenly. But you should endure it even for a bit since you accepted my condition. Show me your motivation even if it’s impossible.


  1. Hahaha, Calm cum, haha