X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Juboggubo, a lewd wet sound echoes. Marina swings her head devotedly along with the sound.
Her face is buried between my groin, holding my dick inside her mouth, Marina swings her head like she lost herself, the glans is swallowed reaching the throat.

「Nbo, gubu, juru, bubo, gubo」

The penis swallowed to the root is taken is swallowed, taken out, then swallowed again. She’s absorbed in repeating it.
The penis is tightened by the slimy and sticky meat, the intense pleasure given is quite good. However, every time Marina shakes her head, her breasts juggle and it arouses me. But since she’s swinging her head too too much, the suction power is low. That’s because she has no room in skill, her teeth sometimes hit me and it withers. It takes time for me to ejaculate because of that.
Marina’s doing fellatio with all her best. It’s to the extent that she can’t exert herself any more. But Yuka has the composure to look up at me while sucking my penis. The pleasure didn’t stop that time.
She’s obedient but her upward glance is arousing. The bandage rolled on her right eye excites my sadist heart. The feeling of the red tongue that twines around my glans. Then swallowing my glans inside her mouth, the pleasure of the sticky, slimy and drenched meat. Furthermore the teeth didn’t hit at all, and yet she’s sucking and stroking the glans skillfully, and at the same time she’s stroking the pole with her hand gently, the speed gradually raised. To excite me further, the exposed breast is shown at a perfect angle.
Compared to Marina’s fellatio, Yuka’s known skills are far superior.

I’m sitting on my own room, then in front of Me is Marina bending forward and burying her face between my groin.
Marina put on the navy blue school swimsuit she had before but, it was used several years ago and Marina’s body had grown up, the spaces between her shoulder and groin is digging deeply. And the big breasts bring the sides of the swimsuit near to the center, the breasts break out of the swimsuit.
There are several electric cords stretching from the side and crotch and chest of Marina. There’s an egg vibrator on the point of the electric cord that disappears in the swimsuit. But it’s not just the egg vibrator. Different from the usual oval shape of the vibrator, it’s a vibrator that has innumerable bumps pushing out. Those bumps are penetrating Marina’s weak point.
The weak point is small. It won’t be attacked by the roughness of a normal rotor. Still, since the sensitivity of the surroundings of the weak point is high so she’ll obtain enough pleasure if the rotor vibrates. However, Marina who experienced me digging out her weak point using my finger and penis, it would be impossible for her to be satisfied with just the rough pleasure the rotor gives.
She’s using a bumpy rotor for that. If a rotor with bumpy shape vibrates on the weak point, the weak point would be digged. Furthermore, since it has no so called delicacy when attacking compared to my finger or penis, it’s inferior by all means. It can’t be helped since machine doesn’t have feelings and nerves. Still, Marina’s luring the pleasure that she won’t reach with a usual rotor.

「Jubo, gubu, bubo, juju, juru」

The big breasts are brought together by the bent arms, it is emphasized and shakes when Marina swings her head devotedly.
I who sent a glance on the clock hanging on the wall, I leaked out a sigh.
She had a five minute to make me ejaculate. I told Marina that I’ll punish her if she exceeded that time. And she did.

「That’s it, time’s up」

Saying that, I turned on one of the eight switch I have in my right hand.


Marina who’s holding my cock deep inside her mouth trembled, then she raised a muffled voice. Thenー.


She took out the penis in a flash and sit upright mightily, then bent her body like a shrimp and looked upwards.

「N, n, n, n, n, n, n, n♡」

Does she really intend on enduring it? Her sweat moan is heard inside the room. Then her breast sways every time she tremble, Marina who’s trembling on her knees make a wet sound on her crotch.
She’s spouting a tide but since she’s wearing a swimsuit, the spouting can’t be seen.


Marina who looks at the ceiling while bent backwards, is convulsing strangely, raising a sweet muffled voice as her crotch is making a splashing sound.
There’s eight switch in my right hand. There’s a wire connected to it and it extends to the bumpy rotor. Then the bumpy rotor is installed in Marina’s weak points.
The switch I turned on is the one installed on Marina’s weak point in the middle of her pussy.
The weak point in the middle of the pussy is a point that makes a tide more than the climax. The bump pinpoints there and attacks with vibration, she naturally spout a magnificent tide.

「Hey Marina-chan, I thought you’re going to do your best?」

I’m thinking deep in my mind that she’s an interesting foolish fellow that spouts a tide and convulses like an insect, I asked and glared at Marina who’s looking up.

「I-I’m doing my beーAh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah♡」

Marina tries to answer my question but since I turned the switch to the max vibration, the sweet scream raised until it goes crazy. Then she bent her back again and looked up while convulsing, her uselessly big breast shakes without regret.
I’ve tested it severely and known that it’s impossible to endure when the weak point is attacked precisely. The sensitivity of the weak point inside the pussy are especially abnormal. It being dug by the bump of the rotor and attacked constantly by the vibration, it’s obviously unbearable.

「The time limit was five minutes. When you exceed it, I told you that I’ll turn on the switch of the rotors one by one on ten seconds interval, right? Since a minute has passed since you exceed it, I’ll turn on the remaining switches」
「Hey!? P-Please waiー」

I turned on the remaining switch. Marina who heard me raised her surprised voice as she climax and spout a tide. Then she tried to make me stop.
But, I don’t intend to stop.
I laughed on Marina’s contradicting, blush and pale expression, then turned on the switches one after another without any hesitation. Then all of the dials were turned to the limit at max vibration.

「Ki, kichikuuuuuuuuuuuuu~♡ Nooooooooooooooo~♡」

Marina’s making a terrific convulsion as she criticize me, then her trembling legs were bent. Then she clings to me who’s sitting on the chair.

「Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah♡」

Having her eight weak points attacked at the same time, Marina’s clinging to me while raising a sweet voice, she’s convulsing with her eyes whited out and laughing as she stick out her tongue that’s dripping with saliva.
The hellish pleasure and climax continues without end. Even if it’s pleasure, it’d be hard to breath if the great pleasure is forced continuously, it would be painful. But for Marina who wants to forget the reality, the pain in the orgasm hell is the only thing that can make her heart rest. Marina wished to be given that all the time so I gave her the condition to spend the daily life calmly while climaxing.


Clinging to me, eyes white and tongue thrusted out, Marina’s raising a sweet scream as she swing her waist that’s spouting a tide.
I’m answering Marina’s wish yet, she’s completely disregarding my condition. Having that thoughts, Marina’s gripping my pole before I was aware and she’s stroking it.
At least she’s working hard in some ways.

Marina’s training ends and I decided to deal with my sexual nature
That said, since I’ve already ejaculated three times today, it’s not to the degree of indulging in but I want to let it out once inside her pussy.
With that said, I laid down Marina on the bed, opened her legs and covered her on top.


The glans invaded her meat hole and Marina trembled and raised a sweet faint voice.

「Suzuhara-san. I want to talk about something」

Even though the penis goes to the root, Marina asked calmly.
Though Marina goes Ahegao when her weak point is attacked, as a result of it being repeated everyday, it’s possible for her to talk calmly if the weak point isn’t attacked.

「Please stop talking while I fuck you. It’ll wither」

Gripping Marina’s big breast, I swing my waist as I pierce her with the inserted penis, Marina asks me while lying down.
Though Marina’s breathing hard to some extent, she’s not breathing that hard even if her pussy is violated, however she’s staring at me angrily.

「It’s about the time limit. No matter how you think, it’s disadvantageous to me. Please extend the time at least」

Though I told her that it’ll wither, Marina ignored it and talked to me.
It can’t be helped. Let’s cover it up by massaging her breasts. Having that thoughts, I swing my waist as I massage the breast held by my hands.

「It’s fine at first. You’re ejaculating at three minutes on your first. But on the second and third, it’s normal that it would be hard to ejaculate. And yet, your time limit is disadvantageous for me no matter how you look at it」

Marina speaks as I violate her pussy.
Her pussy is drenched with love nectar, she sometimes tremble when I pull out my penis so she’s surely feeling it. And also, when I look inside Marina’s body using my ability, I know that she’s convulsing everywhere.
She’s not cumming magnificently but it seems that she’s reaching light orgasms. And yetー.

「Are you listening to me? You’re listening right? What do you think?」

She’s certainly feeling it but Marina’s speaking calmly.
Ah, geez, I’m distracted. Also, it’s irritating. She’ll shut up if I dig my glans on her weak point but I want to enjoy it slowly.

「And yet, the first one is okay with three instead of five. In exchange, the second would be four minutes, the third is six minutes and the fourth would be eight minutes, please extend it like that」

Marina shakes up and down according to the swing of my waist but, she’s proposing her demand while staring at me.
Well, her suggestion is just. A man has a limit in the frequency of ejaculation, if the frequency increases, it’s natural that it won’t be easy to ejaculate.

「How many times did you cum?」

Talking to her as I massage her big breasts and swinging my waist, I hit a bull’s eye and Marina leaked a groan.

「I haven’t ejaculated three times today. And compared to you, how many times you came? At least a 100 times right? Then you’re at disadvantage? You’re just simply unskilled

Marina who has no room to answer back to me, blushes and glares at me as her pussy is being violated.
Or rather, I’m just playing when I said that you have to make me ejaculate on the time limit. Since it’s not interesting to just let Marina make me cum, I began to make a play where she has to make me cum on a time limit.
My real aim is to make Marina endure the orgasm hell by having her weak point attacked, and know how long she can be calm as she climax.
This girl has forgotten the purpose already?

「T-Then, please tell me how to make you cum. I don’t get it well」

She’s turning it to me? Marina glares at me while raising a sulky voice.
How? Even if you ask me. I can only see Marina’s weak point, I don’t have that much knowledge and experience.

「Hmm. I’m getting aroused with cute women so it might make it easy for me to ejaculate if you become cute, won’t it?」
「B-Become cute…?」

Marina’s eyes shook from my words.
By the way, even though I’m violating her pussy, making a calm conversation with me is not cute at all.
Well, if it’s about staying calm even climaxing, Marina’s able to do it right now.
She’s calm no matter how much you violate her, is actually boring?
As expected, women should go ahegao.


What is she thinking? Marina suddenly made a peace sign and smiled.

「…What are you doing?」

I was drawn back by the suddenness but I still stared at Marina as I swing my waist.
She suddenly shouted Yay~♡ and smiled after all.
It’s cold, or rather painful. Just looking at it is embarrassing already.
My dick’s withered because of that but I was somehow able to endure by massaging her big tits fortunately.
Breasts are really great.

「Y-You said that you’re aroused with cuteness so I tried to be cute…」

Marina who’s making a peace sign with both hands turned red in embarrassment, she’s moving her fingers like a scisor and speaks out hesitantly.
Was that Marina’s cute appeal? It’s too cold, painful and annoying.

「Or rather, you forgot the purpose already? You’re too focused on about me ejaculating. You’re the one necessary here. You’re being trained to maintain the daily life calm no matter how many times you cum」

I only made it a punishment game for because it’s interesting, I try not to ejaculate and there would be no change about Marina tasting the orgasm hell.
Also, I’m only using Marina to just ejaculate.
This one should be working hard to endure the orgasm hell not to make me cum. And yet, she’s making ahegao far from enduring it at the current state.

「I-I know that but, Suzuhara-kun would throw me away if you’re not having fun, right? I’d be troubled if you throw me away this late」

Marina angrily retorted.
Troubled? I’m the one who’d be troubled. She’s a guaranteed woman that I can use freely and throw away readily. Or rather, she’s growing up to a troublesome direction.

「You’re troublesome…」
「Aaaa! You just thought about throwing me away, right!? Even though your penis got bigger as you swing your waist! Your penis getting big means that you’re getting aroused right!? You just thought that “Wow, this girl’s super cute” right!?」

Instinctively muttering, Marina looked at me with widened eyes as she bark. Her pussy tightened hard because of that and it felt quite pleasant.
Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve taken a liking to Marina. She’s fun when she’s silent as you violate her but it’s interesting when she’s answering back. She’s worth bullying. I want to use her as I want at those times. It’s true that it’s the first time I thought I don’t want to let go that convenience.
But, “Wow, this girl’s super cute”, is something I never thought of.
Enough about that, even if I violate her, it’s possible for Marina to talk calm as long as her weak point isn’t pierced. If I pile up the training, she might be able to endure the orgasm hell too. As a time killer, it’s not bad to improve Marina’s skill.
But I have no knowledge nor experience. It stinks trouble to study those.
Is there a good method?
I thought as I violate Mairna’s pussy by swinging my waist.
As I violate her pussy, Marina who’s shaking up and down to match the swinging of my waist stared at me quietly.

「Let’s see」

An existence that’s rich in knowledge and experience and can give it to Marina.

「Yuka-chan might be suited for it」

Marina reacted to that mutter.

「Yuka-chan? Tamoe Yuka!?」

Marina suddenly got dull I averted my eyes from her and she suddenly muttered

「I won’t say it even if my mouth is torn but, I really feel guilty about Yuka…san」

Withdrawing her gaze from me, Marina’s muttering voice seems to vanish.

「She was played by the worst brute, violated, I’m able to know her feelings. But, I won’t apologize. I mustn’t apologize. I’ll be the one satisfied with the apology, she’ll only suffer even more…

Marina says that while sending me a glance and she lowered her eyebrow then laughed sadly.

「Were you related when the delinquents made Yuka-chan their toy?」

I asked because I’m interested in it and I don’t know a thing about it at all.

「I’m not related. But I know. And I tolerated it. It’s already a crime to know and tolerate」

Marina evades my glance and answered.
It’s within my expectations but is that really so?

「That’s why I can’t apologize to her. I have to continue being resented by you as well as her resenting me」

Marina who evades her eyes looked at me and said it while smiling. Seeing that Marina, I felt my mind filled with excitement.
Mufufu, I just thought of something interesting.

「Stay over this weekend. I’ll also call Yuka-chan too」
「Various things happened and Yuka-chan is my second onahole. Asahina’s the number one. By the way, youre not the third onahole but the first guinea pig」

Marina’s eyes opened wide from my words and she began to tremble. Then she brought her face near all of a sudden, then stared at me as if shooting me dead.
Did I hurt her feelings when I called her Guinea pig No.1?

「Y-You laid your hands to Yuka-san!? Why!?」

Marina shouted with the force that would seem to snap my windpipe any moment. Then her pussy tightened as a result.
This is great.
I set my body to hold and massage Marina’s huge breasts, I sped up my waist and the tightness of the pussy is getting firm.

「Why? Your group aimed at Asahina, right? Yuka-chan offered her body to me as a condition to help Asahina. And Asahina’s planning to become my slave as a condition to help Yuka-chan. I got three birds including you in one go」

Marina who raised a surprised voice from my words is desperately suppressing the anger, there’s a blood vessel surfacing on her temple. Because of that her pussy is shutting tight.
Ah, this is great. This pussy is great.

「I-It’s a girl you know!? Don’t ask for compensation if you save her! It should be done with just a thanks!」
「Eh? No way」

I don’t get why you shouldn’t ask for a compensation.

「Not that bullshit! Why are you that simple!? You’re commiting a brute act so lightly! It’s too light that I don’t know who’s the villain here anymore!」
「Eh? Who’s the villain? I’m your villain right? You said it a while ago」
「T-That’s right but! Ah, geez I don’t get it anymore!」

Marina who’s cheeks are bright red as she bark got tired and run out of breath.

「I-I’ll do anything, I’ll let you do anything, that’s why please release those girls…」

Marina looked down and murmured as she raise her body.
Her pussy tightens when she’s barking but it’s getting loose now.
Well, it would shut abnormally if I attack her weak spot.
Apart from thatー.

「I don’t get it when you say that you’ll do anything so I should release them. You’re a guinea pig that shouldn’t hold value for those two. Are you overestimating yourself too much?」

Answering her, marina who raised her face had a cramped smile.

「Y-You’re really the worst. You’re taking advantage of the weakness of a person, threaten them, play with them, and throw them when you’re tired right? Just how scum are you?」
「Dunno, I don’t know the standards of a scum so I don’t know how far I am as a scum. Butー」

Answering Marina, I pushed her down the bed. Then I fixed my hands on her neck and grinned.

「Right now, you’re being a hypocrite saying that you won’t forgive me right? No matter how much you scorn this scum of me, you’re of the same class, right? Saying such things, aren’t you playing innocent here?」

I talked to Marina while grinning, thrusting my penis in, my glans stabbed the area of Marina’s weak point on the innermost part of her pussy.


Marina trembled, blushed, breath roughly and glared at me while clenching her teeth.
Oooh, it’s not a pinpoint but she’s not making an ahegao even when the area of the weak point is dug. But she’s attacked by the terrific pleasure, her pussy shuts tight and the lover nectar is overflowing endlessly.
Her body is honest.
Marina’s body surely climaxed. Using my ability to look at Marina’s insides, I know very well how intense her climax is. She’d white her eyes and ahegao if it’s the usual. But Marina’s spirit held down the pleasure of her body splendidly.
I want to see how far she can endure so I thrust my waist suddenly and forcefully and used my glans to attack the area of her weak point in the deepest part of her pussy.

「Ku~♡ Uu~♡ Uku♡」

Marina’s raising a sweet voice every time I pierce her but she’s clenching her teeth to the very limit and kept glaring at me.
I felt that my erect penis tightened by the pussy, got even bigger.
Though she’s attacked by a great pleasure, she’s desperately enduring it. That fuels my sadist heart and got aroused endlessly.
Marina looks cheap even though she’s a beauty but Marina right now is a beauty that won’t be inferior to Asahina.
She’s angry at me. But she can’t force her argument to me, and she can’t criticize me. Then at least, she thinks that she have to at least not surrender to the pleasure I give her. I thought of polishing the charming obstinate will of Marina.
Even when the surface has changed, the content doesn’t.

「Ku, it’s mortifying. I hate you. I’ll surely free Yuka-san and Asahina-san from your poisonous fang someday. However don’t think of it as an atonement. I’ll do it because I want to. And I’ll definitely bite off your windpipe. But right now…」

Glaring at me as if shooting me dead, she’s enduring even though she’s writhing in pleasure, Marina speaks in a trembling voice, then her body jumped from having the center of her weak point attacked.

「But right now Iーnaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡」

Digging the center of her weak point, Marina convulsed as her huge breasts sway intensely. Marina kept raising a sweet scream until she faints. And even if she fainted, I continued and ejaculated twice on the good pussy.
It seems that the selfish thought of wanting to forget reality is much stronger than the self sacrificial thought of wanting to save everybody. If so, she has no hands to use.
An enormous pleasure is given when her weak point is attacked. Marina has began to tolerate it but she still has a long way to go. To stimulate Marina’s self sacrifice will and revise it, it’s a good idea to let her be influenced by Yuka.
Yuka would come immediately if I call her so I’m looking forward to this weekend.


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