X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Morning next day, I who hardly slept went out of the house early as usual and went towards the school taking a jog.

She surely never want that she’s putting a obscene toy in her ass be known. All the more on Asahina that has high pride.
She’ll definitely going to keep her secret without fail.
I’m okay. I’m on the advantageous side. Furthermore, it’d be hard to point the criminal if I failed, if Asahina comes alone to my invitation, it would be my win.

I arrived at the school, then clicked my tongue instinctively.
There’s a student on jersey around the school grounds.
Morning club practice? I haven’t considered it.

The entrance has no one when I entered. But sending a glance at my back, there’s some student on jersey walking on a distance.
The place where I’m putting the letter is somewhere that can be seen.

「Should I put it in Asahina’s desk…」

I felt uneasy being seen by students so I changed my plan.

There’s no students when I entered the classroom. But, I’m so nervous that my breath rise selfishly.
The desk is dangerous. I can’t make excuses when someone spots me.
It’s okay, It’s okay. There’s no one on the corridor too, also the contents of the letter isn’t threatening Asahina directly either.
Calm down, don’t panic, I’m okay.


I psyched myself up and confirmed that there’s no one around again, then I faced Asahina’s desk. I looked around again and after I confirmed that there’s no one again, I took out the envelope from the bag with trembling hands.


I dropped the envelope in tension and picked it up in panic. Then I pushed the envelope straight to Asahina’s desk and ran out of the classroom with all of my strength.
There’s no one in the classroom so if they knew I was there, I’d definitely be pointed as the culprit. There’s no one so there’s no way for them to know but it’s still scary.
I who ran to the stall in the bathroom tried to suppress my rough breathing that’s not related to my running.
I did it. I did a crime1 Then…

「I have to be serious」

I persuaded myself while trembling inside the bathroom.

I went out of the stall and walked passed the students that come and go, then entered my classroom.

「Hey hey, Asahina-san got a love letter again!」

My heart jumped when I heard that voice.

「Wait, don’t show it off」

Asahina that’s sitting down on her face called out to the student that holds the envelope. She had an amazed face but the student that shows off the envelope has no intent of stopping.
The girls are frolic on the envelope they have in hand, I’m sure that it’s the love letter I pushed on Asahina’s desk.
I failed. I failed all of a sudden. I want to run. I want to run away from this place immediately.

「The sender’s name isn’t written. What’s written on the inside then?」
「Wait, don’t read it without permission!」

The girl cuts the envelope while muttering and Asahina who had an amazed face butt in. But she really has no intention of stopping. However, I saw Asahina getting slightly proud.
She’s popular to the degree that she gets love letters. There’s no need to stop because she’s being advertised. She probably thinks so.
Taking out the love letter, her worth as a trash raised. Asahina’s really the worst.

「Let’s see. I’ve always loved you. I want to make acquaintance first. As expected of the popular Asahina-san!」

The schoolgirl read out the contents of the letter loudly. The schoolgirls have gathered because of that.
It’s the worst. It’s a mistake to make a move. Asahina looks good but her character is the worst. Her friends are the same too. They probably have the same interests.
But for them to read out the contents of the letter in a classroom. The girl who read the letter out loud is also the worst, the girl who didn’t stop it is also the same, Asahina who looks so proud is the worst. Don’t you think it’s bad for the guy who sent the letter? That’s why she’s being called the worst even though she looks good.

「N? Ahahahahahahahah!」

The schoolgirl who’s reading the letter inclined her neck for a moment but then she laughed wholeheartedly.

「Look at this! He said ass love! This guy mistook the kanji! It’s the worst mistake! Ass love! hahahahahahaha」

The girl screamed loudly then the girls were laughing. The other girls began to laugh when the saw the letter.
You’re the worst one here. That was a mistake on purpose. I want to say it but I can’t.

「Nee, look at this Asahina-san! He said ass love! The guy who wrote this love letter is definitely an idiot! Hii! I’m laughing so much that it hurts!」

The girl who laughed cracking put the letter on Asahina’s desk.

「…Really, he’s an idiot, it’s the worst」

Looking at the letter on top of the desk, Asahina muttered coldly. But, I didn’t let it pass. Asahina’s heart is making a big jump.
My x-ray vision that can see through muscle and internal organs by penetrating the skin. Her surface lie won’t pass through me.
I thought that I failed but it seems that there’s a possibility.

「That fellow must be an idiot for making a simple mistake in kanji on just a short sentence. There’s no sincerity at all」

She’s putting a good face, Asahina talks with a cold attitude but the pulse of her heart is going intense every second.
There’s no mistake. She noticed the true meaning of “Ass Love”
Lowering my glance, the vibrator inside Asahina’s ass vibrates energetically.
Yesterday was a small rotor but Asahina today has a penis sized vibrator thrust inside her asshole today.

「Hey hey, Asahina-san! It’s written that you come to the shrine in the woods, would you go?」

The girl that’s still laughing asked Asahina.
Asahina laughed then gripped the letter on top of the desk, then crushed it with her hand.

「Don’t joke. Who’d go there?」

Asahina laughs coldly while saying that. But, her lie can’t pass through me.
There’s an abnormal tension in the muscle of the right hand as she crush the letter and her heart beats at an abnormal speed. Furthermore, her whole body is having slight convulsions.
She’s fearing fear and anxiety. I can understand it clearly.
The strategy went better than expected in a certain meaning. Because of the idiot student who read out the letter, Asahina’s in panic more than necessary. If she’s the only one who saw the letter then she can ignore it. But the students inside the classroom had known the content ‘ass love’ in the letter.
It makes Asahina find the culprit by all means and she thought that she has to silence him.
Thanks to the foolish friend. And it’s foolish of Asahina to not stop her foolish friend.

「Right~! But I want to know who the sender is though!」

I trembled due to the words of the girl but Asahina’s also the same.

「No way we’d come there」

Asahina spoke in a quiet voice but he didn’t let the girl make a retort.

「I don’t know who did that but I’m sure that it’d make an uproar somewhere. Making such an uproar like this, there’s no way I’d come on the waiting place」

Asahina talks in an indifferent voice but the beating of her heart goes even more, I can understand that her whole body is on abnormal tension and convulsions.
It’ll be dangerous to have someone following her on the waiting place. That’s what she think.

「Ah, that so? That’s a failure thenー. Why don’t we confirm the sender by going to the waiting place without making a noise? Then it would be even more fun」
「Aren’t you too ill-natured?」
「Ahahaha! Doesn’t Asahina-san love hoisting don’t you!?」
「Well right」

Asahina and the schoolgirl talked. The schoolgirl lost it’s interest and became quiet then the commotion was settled.
Though I’m spouting out cold sweat from my body, my smile reaches my ears.
Though Asahina showed the behavior of making fool of the sender, she’ll go to protect something. Since the sender won’t come to the meeting spot because of the commotion, she has to persuade the commotion loving girls.
it’s the proof that it would be bad for her to bring followers.
Asahina intends to go alone. I’m convinced.

I pretend to go home after school, taking care so I shouldn’t attract attention, I went to the woods. I hid myself to the road that leads straight to the shrine.
Asahina can’t let her friends come here. She’ll be doubted if she said that she has some business and they might follow her. That’s why I’m sure that she’d come her after she parts from her friends the moment they leave the school.
Then, it’ll take some time for her to come here. That’s why I decided to wait without rushing.

One hour has passed, when I was starting to think that she won’t be coming, I heard rough breathing and footsteps.
Looking at the road through the bush, I saw Asahina that’s running in panic. There’s no other shadows to be seen.
Just as planned. It seems that it took some time to scatter her friends. Then thinking that the sender might’ve gone already, she was in rush.
Calm down, my opponent is Asahina Yuu. I have to take the aggressive manner even if I’m threatened. She won’t surrender to a threat easily. But the threat surely worked. The proof is that Asahina’s rushing. No matter how aggressive the attitude she shows, I’d be on the top of the situation. I mustn’t forget that.
I persuaded myself then went out from the bush and faced the shrine.

Arriving at the shrine, Asahina is already looking around the vicinity anxiously. Then she noticed meー.


Her perfectly cool attitude returned, she fold her arms and looked down on me with cold eyes.
I’d be overwhelmed if it’s normal. But sadly, I’m not normal.
Though it’s the special x-ray vision, I can’t see Asahina’s breasts. I only see the inside.
Her heart is beating so fast that it’s about to explode, her whole body is making faint convulsions. I can see that she’s having a cramp in her knees in particular. Even if I say that it’s violent convulsion, her shivers can’t be seen if you look normally. But, when I looked at her thighs and calf, I can clearly see the twitching of her muscles.
Asahina’s attacked by anxiousness and fear. She thinks I’m going to threaten her. But she hides those feelings and she looks at me with an arrogant attitude, she’s trying to turn me down and silence me.
If I start to threaten her, she will manage to reverse it and threaten me in opposite.

「You’re Suzuki of the same class right? Sorry but I don’t remember your name nor your face」

Folding her arms, she looks down on me with her proud attitude, then Asahina spoke out coldly.
She’s pretending to be stronng. I can completely see that your attitude is a bluff. Howeverー.

The vibrator in Asahina’s ass is still sticking inside.

She should’ve known that she’s being threatened by that letter. If so, the thing that’s the material of the threat should be hidden. Yet, Asahina came while having the vibrator piercing her ass.
She should have the change to take out the vibrator. After all, she found the love letter this morning. She has enough time after school, if she just used a stall in the bathroom, she can take out the vibrator. But she didn’t.
Asahina doesn’t know my x-ray vision. She underestimate that it won’t be found out.
No, she knows the situation that she’s going to be threatened, you’d normally avoid to have the materials to increase the threat.
Then, this girl isー.

「It’s fine if you don’t know my name. I don’t mind you not knowing me」

I slowly approach the Asahina that’s making a daunting pose with arms folded as I speak. Then, I released my x-ray vision.
An orange dusk light shines Asahina.
Her long black glossy hairs are tied twintails. Her big eyes looks strong willed. Her height is a bit low but her face is small and her style is slim.
Although she’s a bit young, she’s definitely a beauty.
If we talk about something regrettable, it would be her small chest I guess. But for Asahina that’s a lass with a arrogant attitude, her small chest is cute.

「You need something from me? Sorry but I don’t have time. Especially with some small fry that’s overshadowed like you」

She glares at me standing in front of her, then Asahina smiled as she had the composure for it.
She’s using intimidation and guts. Her character is the worst but she’s the one who’s gathering the schoolgirls in the class. There must be innumerable number of men who confessed to her until now. That’s probably the cause of her absolute confidence.
Or is it that she knows a skill to handle with courting men. She has room to make a smile but in reality, her heartbeat, her convulsions in muscles, and her eyeballs are shaking. Asahina’s true state is telling me that. Thenー.

There’s a large quantity of love nectar generated from her vagina.

While being attacked by anxiousness and fear, Asahina enjoys the current situation. She’s getting excited from the thrill of the helplessness she’s thinking when the vibrator piercing her ass be found out.
Does she want to be raped? I don’t get it but the only thing I’m certain to say is that Asahina is a pervert.

「Then, what do you need? I told you I don’t have time right?」

Asahina tries to act arrogant till the end, I can’t calm my arousal that the penis in my pants are rock hard already.
Feeling the absolute dominance feels the best.

「No, it’s not something great but…」

Saying that, walked and sneaked behind Asahina.
Asahina who has her arm folded doesn’t move. But her heartbeat grows even more violent every second and the convulsions in her body has become violent too. The large amount of love nectar generated from her vagina began to leak out too.
This pervert.

「I’m just curious about the thing inside Asahina-san」

I who stand behind Asahina gulped my saliva hard and calmly spoke out while restraining my anxiousness and fear. Then, I made a light tap at Asahina’s ass.
Asahina trembled. She left her undaunting posture and looked back at me.

「Haa? What are you talking about?」

Asahina pretends that she doesn’t know. But her body is making a fuss.

「Don’t worry. I don’t have any intention to threat Asahina-san in particular. It’s justー」

I beat Asahina’s ass while asaying that and then stroked her ass on top of her skirt, then when I made my finger search for her anus, my finger pushed in and found a hollow.
Asahina trembled. Her constrictor shuts tight and a terrific convulsion appears between her thighs. But she doesn’t show any resistance.
I did it, I did it! You can say that it’s on top of her skirt but she doesn’t resist even if her anus is being poked by a finger of a man she’s looking down on. No, she can’t resist.
For Asahina, the obscene toy that she puts on her anus is a secret that she has to defend with her life. I have taken hold of her secret.

「I don’t intend to threaten you」

Asahina tilts her head and looked at me from the back while still folding her hand, her voice still has composure. But I completely know that Asahina has no composure anymore.

「I told you I’m not going to threaten you? I just have a “Request”」

I answered Asahina while picking and grinding her anus with my finger on top of her skirt.
When I pick her nus, her constrictor, and thighs twitch interestingly. Then the liquid overflows from her vagina endlessly.
Every time I pick her anus with my finger, fear and anxiety flows but I’m sure that Asahina feels it.

「What would you do if I decline?」

Asahina’s calm appearance isn’t destroyed as she asked.

「Nothing. I won’t tell anyone if you refused. Didn’t I tell you? I don’t intend to threaten you. I just have a “Request”」

Pushing my finger on her anus continuously, I jokingly answered Asahina.
The anus is filled with the vibrator but I can push my finger deeper even on top of her skirt, Asahina’s constrictor shuts tightly. Her knees trembled along with the muscles on her thighs.
Her love nectar doesn’t stop overflowing that it began to soak her panties and flows through her thighs.

「I don’t believe you」

Her knees began to tremble as her love nectar flows in it but still, Asahina tries to maintain her calm attitude, then she muttered unpleasantly while sending me a sidelong glance.
Well that should be. There’s no reason for her to believe me. But is that true? Putting aside the reason why you don’t believe me, don’t you want the vibrating inside your anus to be rammed don’t you?
But if I say that, Asahina’s character might seriously resist me.

「What should I do if you can’t trust me?」

I dig her anus across the skirt using my finger, then spoke while separating my right hand from the skirt then made it go inside the skirt. I went further inside the underwear and groped her anus directly with my finger.
Asahina blushed when that happened, then she stared at me with watery eyes. But the shutting just goes tighter, her convulsions grows even more violent and her breathing is getting rougher. The panties that’s wet from the love nectar was pulled away and it made a lewd string dripping to the ground.

「Why don’t you do as you like?」

Asahina tries to maintain her calm attitude desperately but I have received her mutter in disgust.
Oh? Do as I like? Seriously? Then I’ll do as I want then.


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