X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Friday evening, I sent off mom as usual.
My father transfer jobs a lot so living with that sort of father made me always change schools. For that reason, my father wanders from place to place by himself. He’s taking up a new post leaving his family behind, something like that.
To take care of such father, as long as there’s no important business, my mom goes to father when weekend comes.
In short, I’m living alone at weekends.

An hour after my mom went out of the house, the interphone rang.

「Yes, coming!~」

I who’s rolling around the sofa in the living room jumped out and dashed to the front door.
I didn’t confirm it on the display of the interphone but that’s unnecessary for me.
I used my ability as I move in the corridor and stood in front of the door.
Marina’s standing on the “other side” of the door.
Marina who can’t settle down looks around the vicinity as she push the interphone again and again.
Marina’s usually with me when she enters my house. That’s why she has no experience to be made waiting in the front door.
She’s feeling uneasy because she’s worried about the eyes of the neighborhood.
She’s coming to the house of a man she doesn’t like alone, she’s waiting in the front door. If the neighbors sees her, she might be misunderstood as my girlfriend.
For Marina, she’d rather die than be misunderstood to be associating with me who’s playing with her as I like.
There’s no one in the house so I can invite Marina inside immediately and have sex with her in the living room where we can’t usually but, I thought of something interesting.
Since it’s rare, I’ll make fun of Marina

「Who’s there?」

When I asked the one on the other side of the door, Marina trembled and stared at me. However, she’s glaring at the door actually.
Marina who looks irritated, didn’t answer my question and repeatedly hit the interphone.

「Who’s there? A spy?」

“Just let me in your house already!”, Marina asks silently.
Marina who hits the interphone repeatedly blushed when she heard my question then she looked around the area restlessly in panic. Then she clings to the door.

「Spy? Are you an idiot!? Just let me in your house already!」

Marina who’s clinging on the door is glaring on with watery eyes filled with anger, then she starts urging me in trembling whisper.

「Who are you? Tell me your name, the color of your nipple and the color of your pussy and the number of times you came yesterday」

I question Marina, ignoring her urge.

「Wha!? Are you an idiot!? I came here since you told me to come yet what the hell! If you don’t let me in already I’ll go home!」

Her red face got even more redder, Marina raises her angry voice while knocking on the door repeatedly.
“Let me go in immediately”, what a lewd girl. Do you really want it in that much?

「You want to put it in?」1

I asked while looking at the angry Marina on the other side of the door.

「P-Please let me in. I don’t want to be seen by anybody」

Marina who clings on the door starts appealing in whisper while looking around.
Hohou? Is that so? You really want in that much? Really, I’m troubled because of your lewdness.
Well, I don’t mind giving in and putting it in but I can’t let you ignore my orders.

「Then, tell your name, color of nipples and pussy and how many times you came yesterday」

I ordered from the door again as Marina ignored my order.

「I-I’ll go back!?」

Marina retorts over the door.
Oh, You’re going back?

「Going back?」

When I asked the door, Marina’s temple had a blood vessel coming out. Marina who has a cramped smile knocked on the door rapidly.

「You really have a bad character! I’ll obey your order! So please let me in already!」

Marina who’s screaming with watery eye knocked on the door rapidly as she looks around. I became silent and watched Marina.
Put it in already, put it in already, I know well enough that you want to be pierced already. That’s great. If you obey my order then I will pierce you at once. Creampie of course. But you have to do something before that.

「U, uuu…」

Putting her hands on the door, Marina leaks a sob while looking down.

「I-I just have to say it right? I get it…」

Marina who looked up stared ahead the door and raised a shaking voice. It seems that she realized that she can’t come inside the house unless she followed the order.

「Y-Yuuki Marina. T-The color of my nipples is…P-pink」

I almost burst into laughter instinctively when I heard it.
Marina’s nipple is certainly pink but for her to say that it’s pink.
Pink nipple is synonymous to pure and innocent. It would be strange for a bitch to have a nipple with a color of pure and innocent girl pink.
It is righteous for a fair skinned to have a pink nipple but a pink nipple on a brown skin isn’t bad either. The brown skin on the southern countries gives an active impression to the surroundings with just that. Nevertheless, her nipples are pink?
Huh? I played with her but could she possibly be pure? I had those thoughts.
That’s the magic of a pink nipple.
In short, for her to say that her nipple is pink is like insisting that she’s pure and innocent.
If it’s the usual, even if her nipple is pink, being humble saying 「H-How’s it? I don’t know the color on other people so I can’t say anything about it…」is natural. Yet, for her to say that her nipples is pink.
She’s quite a narcissist.

「D-Don’t laugh! You’re the one who made me say it!」

Marina who’s burning red knocked on the door while crying.

「I said it so let me enter! Let me in already! I’ll do anything so just let me in!」

Marina shouts put it in, put it in. She’s saying ‘put it in’ repeatedly while pretending to mind the eyes of the neighbors.
Anyway, it seems that she wants it to be thrust in a second sooner.
Does she have an exposure hobby? A masochist on top of exhibitionism, just how much of a pervert are you?

「The color of your pussy?」

When I asked the door, Marina leaks out a groan while crying, a blood vessel came to the surface of her temple and she glared at my direction while trembling.

「I-I don’t know because I haven’t seen it」

Marina who clenched her teeth made an answer with a burning scarlet face.
Ooh, that’s right, that’s perfect. That’s the response I’m waiting for. You can do it if you try.

「Then confirm it」

Marina opened her eyes wide and was shocked from my words.

「C-Confirm?…I-I told you that I haven’t seen itー」
「If you’re a woman, you must be carrying a hand mirror, right? Take off your panties and open your legs, your pussy should be seen projected on the hand mirror」

I asked her as I interrupt her excuse.
The shocked Marina embraced the bag that’s hanging on her shoulder.
Though I can’t see through the bag because of the door, Marina must have a hand mirror in her bag based from her reaction.

「I-I don’t have it…」

Embracing her bag, Marina’s speaks out with shaking eyes and voice.

「I see. Then it can’t be helped」

Saying that, I unlocked and opened the door. And when I saw Marina standing in front, I gave off a smile.
Marina who trembled look me with shaking eyes, she made a cramped smile while embracing her bag closely.

「I want to trust you. That’s why I’ll inspect your property to confirm that your remark is true」

Using my X-ray vision, I confirmed that there’s a hand mirror inside her bag, I asked Marina who’s having a cramped smile with a voice as gentle as possible.
Marina who’s looking at me with shaking eyes tilts her head as her face turned pal, she then laughed while crying.

「I-It’s a lie, I have it, I’m sorry」

I’m confident that Marina has a hand mirror. Marina who guessed that apologized while laughing desperately.


I put my right hand on my forehead, leaked out a sigh, and looked at Marina coldly.

「I believed you…」

Then I murmured insincerely.

「Y-You’re not meaning it…」

Marina’s cheeks are twitching as she make a cramped smile then sh muttered something so rude.

「It’s true. I believed you. Until now…」
「This person doesn’t even forgive if you apologize…wow」

My pure heart is damaged yet Marina’s criticizing my sob like a child. I’m almost crying yet I’m being the bad one here?
It seems that she needs a severe punishment.

I took Marina to the living room and made her sit on the sofa.
Her hair that’s always lowered are curled to the end but Marina’s braided her chestnut hair to ponytail today. Then the braided her is smooth.
I thought that the ends are curling up by themselves but it seems that she’s winding them manually.
Marina who fixed her hair to ponytail looks younger and much more beautiful. Furthermore, she’s wearing a black knit dress as I requested her.
The knit cloth sticks to her body tightly that Marina’s figure is embossed generously. Furthermore, her skirt is extremely short that her white thighs are exposed.
It’s a miniskirt that would expose her panties if she stood up. Then the constricted shape of her waist and big tits, the knit cloth even emboss the shape of her ass.
Speaking frankly, it’s lewd. It’s not strange to say that her figure is provoking. I admire you for coming outside with that appearance.
I looked inside Marina’s body using my X-ray vision. Then, I grinned.
This girl got love nectar dripping as she walk outside. Tampering her really is worth it.

That said, when she seats with a skirt that would expose the panties by just standing, her panties are obviously in view. But I can’t see it. I can’t barely see it. 2
I’ll be penetrating the skin, far from the clothes, and see the inside of her body if I use my X-ray vision. Even if I use my ability, her panties can’t be seen. So I can see things that shouldn’t be and I can’t see things that should be. 3
That’s right, I can see thing that shouldn’t be seen and invisible no matter what. 4
What a useless ability.
No, it might be better to see things that can’t be seen than not seeing things that I should. 5

「You look cuter if you don’t tamper your hair strangely」

When I told Marina who’s sitting quietly on the sofa, she trembled and looked at me.


She answered with a cramped smile and turned back her glance, she then trembled while looking at a distance.
It seems that she’s thinking that she’ll certainly receive a punishment so she has no composure.
I even praised you.
Marina’s smooth chestnut hair is tailed in a ponytail. I wanted to praise that cute appearance. And yet, she’s having an obscene appearance. It’s normal to be horny but it incites my sadist mind even more.
Should I play with her before fucking her?

「Today’s a special day so there’s no punishment」
「Eh!? Is that true!?」

Marina who looked at me vigorously had her eyes bright and a smile floating on her face.

「You really think I’ll say that?」

When I asked Marina with a smirk, her smile became stiff and she raised a passive voice.

「Ahaha…I’m an idiot」

Her eyes that lost light is fixed upfront and she muttered with a thin smile as if her soul left her.
Oh, it fun to see her happy for a moment.

I opened the curtains on the living room and opened all of the windows.
The night air strokes my cheek.
Since the sun has completely set, the lights on the houses on the other side of the fence can be seen.
Since there’s some fence, It’s impossible to see things that’s on the first floor on the houses across the road. But, it’s fully exposed from the second floor. And there’s a light on the second floor of the house facing us. In short, there’s someone there.

「Aren’t you glad, Marina-chan? You might be seen if you’re lucky」

I turned around and talked to Marina that’s sitting down on the sofa.
Marina who’s red to her ears, glares at me with watery eye, she shut her lips tightly and didn’t say anything. That Marina is tucked in a black knit dress, her snow white skin and huge breast is exposed generously and her groin is opened to the limit. Furthermore, she’s opening her pussy with both hands and she’s showing the spectacle on the other side of the window.

「Since the curtain on the second floor of the house is closed, they’re not noticing it yet. But if you raise your voice they might see this」

Talking to her while grinning, Marina looked down while trembling.

「You don’t know the color of your own pussy right? Then ask the person on the other house. Just show it and ask the color」

Calling her out with a loud voice on purpose, Marina looked up and glared at me while trembling.
It seems that she hadn’t noticed the resident of the house on the other side.

「You don’t want to be seen?」

\Asking her, Marina nodded with watery eyes.
Is that so? You don’t want to be seen? It can’t be helped.

「Then I’ll make it so you’re not seen」

Yareyare, I leak a sigh and spoke to her laughingly, Marina’s expression turned stiff.

「It’s okay, don’t worry. I’m not lying. I’ll make so that you’re not seen」

Saying that, I gripped Marina’s shoulder.
Marina stood up silently and her eyes looked at me asking for help. While still opening her pussy with both hands.
I’ve told her to open her pussy to look inside but I haven’t told her to release her hand yet. If she ever separate her hand from her pussy without my permission, the punishment would surely increase.
Admiring Marina’s growth, I lead her to the window side.
Marina who’s naked from rolling up the black knit dress has her breast shaking, then she stood in by the window with both her hands opening her pussy.
Is it embarrassing? She averts her eyes from the open window, Marina clenched her teeth as her whole body flush red.
She must’ve noticed it too.
Her left and right nipple got erect by itself, the red clitoris that’s usually hidden is showing itself and the pussy has it’s love nectar overflowing and running through her thighs.
Her body’s aroused that it’s impossible to make an excuse.

「Marina-chan is an exhibitionist」

Talking to her while grinning, Marina averts her face and trembled.
A pervert that gets aroused from exposing her nude body by standing in front of the open window.
She can’t deny it. It is because Marina’s whole body is insisting that it’s in heat with all of it’s effort.
Well, she won’t be excited if she’s exposing it actually. Since I make her cum until she faints again and again every day, just looking at me makes her body react by itself.
But Marina probably hadn’t noticed it yet. That’s why when I tell her that she’s a pervert that gets aroused from exposing herself, the possibility of her thinking “It might be”, would be high.
This is more or less an experiment. A woman with a comparatively normal fetish, how far is the possibility of her transforming into a pervert.

「Don’t worry. I’ll make it so that you’re not seen. Or do you want to be seen?」

Asking her with a grin, Marina shuts her eyes and shakes her head.
She can’t deny that she’s a pervert but she can stop the perverted act willingly. But confirming Marina’s body with my ability, her heart is beating violently, the weak points are making convulsions around her whole body and the love nectar is endlessly overflowing from her pussy.
Her body is aroused. If we take time, her spirit would be dragged by the body sooner or later and she’ll be convinced that she’s pervert. If so, she might be working herself on perverted acts by herself.
To know the result, it’s necessary to keep her for a while.
Having such thoughts, I gripped Marina’s shoulders and made her turn her back from the open window.

「Bend forward and open your pussy. That way, your face won’t be seen right?」

Asking Marina, she bent forward silently with her eyes closed. Then she turned her hands behind and gripped her ass, then she opened it.
Her pussy wasn’t seen a while ago but because she turned back from the window and bent forward, her anus, aside from her pussy can be seen. Furthermore, since she’s spreading her ass, her pussy and anus is opened.
Marina’s agonizing in shame as she’s drenched in sweat spouted from the flushed body. Her big tits sway with her trembling. Then sticky string of mucous is dripping towards the floor.

「Your love nectar is dripping, clean the dirty floor by yourself」

Saying that as I strike Marina’s ass, Marina nodded as she tremble.
She has to clean the love nectar that she’s dripping by herself. It’s pointing the evidence of how much of an indecent pervert she is.
I glanced on the wall and looked at the hanging clock.
About time.
Having such thoughts, the interphone rang.
Perfect. She’s an excellent one unlike Marina.

「It’s a guest. You should just expose your pussy and anus towards outside」

I say while striking her ass again then Marina trembled.
Though she didn’t answer my question, she opens her ass with both her hands instead.
I who consented that attitude as her answer, left Marina and faced the door.

I who walked the corridor while facing the door, saw the person on the other side and felt something out of place. I thought “Who?” for a moment


I muttered seriously as I look at the person on the other side of the door.
I stood in front of the door, unlocked and opened it.

「Hello. Thank you for inviting me today」

She smiles as she look at me then bowed politely to greet me. Then she looked up back to me while smiling.
The bandage on her right eye disappeared so Yuka’s looking at me with both of her eyes. That’s right, It’s Yuka. There’s no doubt. But, she’s different from usual.
Her usual down semi-long black hair is braided in bonytail. The impression of Yuka is different because of that.
Marina’s the same but women doesn’t change with just one hairstyle.
Or ratherー.
Marina who usually have her hair curls is now ponytail and Yuka who usually has her hair down is also on ponytail.

「Did ponytail got popular?」

Asking her, Yuka laughed.

「Men like ponytail right?」

Then she asked.
It seems that it’s popular.
Oh, I see. A hairstyle liked by men.
Marina, you were having an ulterior motive by changing the hairstyle liked by men?
Also, Yuka…Are you seducing me?

「This isn’t much but please take it」

Yuka who looks up to me with a smile took out a box from the paper back in her right hand then presented the box with both hands.
It’s a box of cake?
I thought she’s a foolish child but, she’s quite wise.

「Thanks for the courteousness」

I received the presented cake and I thought that Marina hadn’t brought anything incidentally.

「Ehehe. I was invited to a friend’s house. Furthermore, it’s a stay over. I look forward to it soo much that I lacked sleep」

Yuka who laughs loosely says that while poking my arm.

「…Eh? Friend?」

I who was completely taken by surprise raised a foolish voice.
Friend? You…

「Yup, お友だち In English, friend. In German, Freund!」

Yuka says it while getting excessively happy, she draw closer to me and poked my elbow.

「Sex friend…」
「YupYup, I know. It’s fine, friend has a wide sense」

Yuka who nodded from my mutter looked up to me with a smile and making a peace sign.
Really? Do you really get it?
W-well, Yuka has an experience of taking my dick in her mouth. Furthermore, she drank my semen. And every time we meet, she asks 「You don’t want to do lewd things?」
That’s why she surely understand it. However, her attitude is too light and I’m feeling uneasy.
Then I thought. Speaking of which, Yuka’s situation is different. Different from Asahina and Marina who got raped by me, Yuka only done fellatio. Furthermore, a fellatio that Yuka consented. Furthermore, for Yuka’s eyes, I’m the hero that saved Asahina.
Could it be that Yuka’s not underestimating me but is emotionally attached to me?
Hmm, I’m troubled if she does. It would be troublesome if I throw her away.
It would be good if she’s as obedient and also bears a grudge against me like Marina. Meaning that I won’t have problems if I throw her away in the future.
But well, a single woman who doesn’t have a rebellious spirit is fine too. Let’s just think when we’re going to throw her away.
That saidー.

「You’re not with Asahina?」

I muttered as I look around.
I didn’t call Asahina. Or rather, I don’t want her to come. She’d only be a disturbance if she come. Especially since Yuka is here.
I should take my time and pull her away from Yuka if I want to attack her. That’s what I think but it’s highly likely that Yuka might call her to follow.

「Should I call Yuu-chan? Suzuhara-kun didn’t tell me to call Yuu-chan so I lied to her. If you want then I can call her immediately」

I was surprised from Yuka’s words.
She came here not telling Asahina? I thought that you’ll definitely tell her. Or rather, Yuka’s calling her “Asahina-san, Asahina-san” but before I noticed, she’s calling her Yuu-chan.

「I love Yuu-chan but I hold my respect and will to Suzuhara-kun above anything. But did I do something unnecessary?」

Yuka says while looking up to me like a scolded puppy.


I was somehow able to answer and pat Yuka’s head.
Yuka who’s being patted by me laughs happily while her cheeks blush.
This girl…can read the air?
She brought a cake and she read the air, leaving Asahina.
Could it be that Yuka is a woman that can be used wonderfully?

Inviting Yuka inside the house, she took off her shoes politely, turned around and kneeled and arranged her shoes to the corner.
This girl is really above my expectations6


Yuka tilts her head, then looked up to me while kneeling on the floor.

「There’s a woman’s shoes here but is there someone else?」

Yuka asked uneasy while looking up to me. It seems that she noticed Marina’s shoes.

「Yeah, Yuka-chan might know her」

Giving her that answer, Yuka tilts her head showing pretense of worry, then she sent me an insecure glance.
It’s because she doesn’t have a friend that she goes along well with apart from Asahina. If it’s said that it’s someone she knows, she won’t remember who the visitor is.

「You’ll know when you see」

When I told Yuka, she looked up to me anxiously while nodding, then she picked up the sleeve of my jacket when she stood up.
Yuka’s suddenly talking to me casually and becoming overly familiar, this reaction is rare from a bullied child.
I took Yuka down the corridor and opened the door to the living room.
I saw Marina when I entered the room, exposing her nude body near the window and showing off her pussy and anus towards the other way. Then Yuka who saw it after me opened her eyes wide.
Marina knows that Yuka will come to stay overnight. But, with Marina’s unexpected exposed foolishness, Yuka who’s been invited in never thought of it.


Marina trembled when she heard the voice.
The source of voice isn’t me but Yuka.
Yuka’s looking at Marina’s exposed foolishness. She’s looking with widened pupils. Furthermore, the smile vanished.
Negative feelings swirled from Yuka who opened her eyes wide.
Marina greets out with a laughing voice, I thought that they won’t get along but it seems that I worried for nothing.
This is becoming interesting.


  1. 入れて, it’s the same thing, Marina means that she wants to go inside the house but MC interprets it as such
  2. Schrodinger’s panties
  3. だから見えそうで見えないモノは見えそうで見えない。
  4.  そう、見えそうで見えないモノはどうあがいても見えないのだ。
  5.  いや、見えそうで見えないモノは、見えそうで見えないままのほうがいいのかもしれない。
  6. Yuka is more than I expected