X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Outdoor lights shine the road at night.
There’s laughter occasionally to resounding on the quiet residential area. A family who finished supper spends pleasure time in their house.

「They’ll come later」

Marina who’s walking at my back talked in a low voice.

「What will come later?」

Pretending that I don’t know, I asked Marina without looking back.

「The men that were on the roast meat shop a while ago」

She got angry but Marina answered whisperingly.
And who’s fault you think it is? Those guys were aiming Asahina. But you did something unnecessary so they changed the target from Asahina to you.
Well, Asahina’s with the loli Asahina. If she has some child with her, then the possibility of the parents with her is high. On the other side, there are two big breasted beauties. And there’s one weak looking man as the big breasted beauties as companion.
It’s normal that they’d aim here instead.
That said, those men’s aim is picking up women. It’s supposed to work out peacefully if I just pull out obediently.
With that saidー.

「I’m going to pee」

When I stopped and muttered suddenly, Marina raised an astonished voice.

「C-Can you endure it till we reach the house?」
「No way. I’m about to leak」
「T-Then, finish it quickly!」
「Mumu, you’re an idiot. Urinating outdoors is a minor offense. But, I think I remember a public restroom in the park」

Marina who raised a surprised voice again has cut around to my front. Then, she glared up to me.

「Y-You should just go home instead of going to a restroom!」
「No way. I can’t wait till I reach the house. I’ll leak」
「Then let’s run! It’s different if it’s just me but Yuka-san’s also here!」

Marina flares up from my opinion, then she sent a glance on Yuka who’s clinging to me with both of her hands.
Yuka trembled when her name was called by Marina, she then cling to my arm strongly. Because of that, her breast is pressing hard against me.
What a great breast. Marina has the bigger one but the elasticity and tension of Yuka’s breast is on top.

「P-Please don’t put it onto me…」

Yuka who’s clinging on my arm raised a shaking voice. Marina’s eyes widened to that voice then her face stiffened then her eyes shook.

「I-It’s not like I’m putting the blame onto you…」
「I-If you want to run then go on. Please don’t use me as a reason to run away」

Marina tries to make an excuse but she was stunned when she heard Yuka’s voice. Then she dropped her shoulder with a pale face.
Marina says that she’s worried about Yuka to run away however, Yuka has completely denied it.
Please don’t use me if you want to run away. If you want to run, then go by yourself.
Yuka’s opinion was completely on point so Marina can’t say anything back.

「You heard. I’ll go to the restroom with Yuka-chan now. You can go home if you want to」

When I talked out to Marina that’s standing in front of me, then began to walk after sidestepping.

「Ah, ahahaha…Yuka-san’s right that I can just laugh」

Marina who stands, muttered, Yuka then trembled as she cling to my arm.
Yuka threw the best irony at Marina. You have no right to worry. That’s what Yuka’s telling Marina.
But, that’s like a stab in a heart for a timid and good natured Yuka.
Marina who can’t forgive herself surely condemned.

「Isn’t it too late for her to be worried? You’ll only be irritated if someone who pretended not to see before worries now. Right, Yuka-chan?」

Muttering while walking, I made a final blow to Yuka and Marina.
Yuka trembled. Then I heard a sobbing from the back.
As far as I’ve heard from Marina, she didn’t meddle directly with Yuka. But she knew how she was treated by men including her boyfriend. Then she pretended not to see it.
Marina didn’t help Yuka but she didn’t bully her either.
The other party is weak at venting her anger. That’s why Yuka blames herself. Marina can’t permit herself to be forgiven.
Fufu, the strained atmosphere feels good. With this condition, one of them would surely blow up their feelings.
If Yuka’s feelings explode, she’ll stab her own heart as she blame Marina, and she’ll feel cornered even more.
If Marina’s feelings explode, she might stop being a human if she’s forgiven by Yuka.
Which heart would reach the limit sooner and explode?
I want Yuka to lose temper if possible. Yuka’s the type that stash it up, we don’t know when she’ll lose her temper. She won’t be able to control once she lost her temper once and the possibility of her running wild is high.
For that reason I have to sting their hearts diligently.
I hope the men chasing us would come up as the two bursts out.
I find most things troublesome but I don’t feel frugal when it comes to this things. After all, this is fun.

The men who are chasing us has put a certain distance.
It would be a commotion if they pick a fight on the residential area. They’re waiting for us to approach a place with no signs of people. But that development is convenient to me, the men don’t know that.
If you’re walking at night road, it’s common to choose the popular place. All the more when you’re accompanying women.
They’re killing time since they’re drunk. They might think that they’re lucky as long as the chance comes.
For those men, this kind of development won’t get luckier.
The man leading the two big breasted beauties, not knowing that they’re being aimed by violent men, then entered a park not popular at night with the two big breasted beauty. Furthermore, they didn’t sit on the park bench but went to the dirty public restroom.
It’s exactly a chance. It’s the best chance to obtain the two big breasted beauties.
They’re having such happy thoughts.
Having such thoughts, I took Yuka and Marina and entered the public restroom.
Now then, should we corner Yuka and Marina even more until the men enters?

「Yuka-chan. Enter the stall for a moment」

Asking her, Yuka who’s clinging to my arm looked up uneasy. But she nodded then separate from my arm, then she entered the stall while sending a glance at me.
The remaining is Marina, she looked down stunned.
It seems that she has received quite a shock when she was rejected clearly by the silent Yuka. She was minding the men chasing but now it has become trivial.

「Marina-chan. I’ll teach the hypocrite you hate a good thing」

Patting the shoulder of the absent minded Marina, I talked to Marina with a voice where Yuka can still hear.

「You were raped by me. Also, I intend for you to understand Yuka-chan’s feelings. That’s why you’ll hold intimacy on the sense of guilt for Yuka-chan and I wanted you to understand each other if things go well. In short, being forgiven without asking for forgiveness is just a very tricky scheme somewhere in your heart」
「T-That’s no…I-I, I never thought to be…」

Her eyes shook from my words then Marina muttered in a trembling voice.
She’s denying it but a clear hesitation is felt from hear voice.
She’s not thinking of wanting forgiveness. She prepared herself from being cursed on forever. But was that really so? Weren’t you having such thoughts somewhere in your heart.
I shook Marina’s heart and I’m sure that she’s having such conflict in her heart.

「You wanted to be friends with Yuka if possible, right? You were hoping for Yuka to call you out by herself if you raise the tension and make a commotion, right?」
「T-That’s not itー」
「If it’s the gentle Yuka, she might console and wash it away, it might be possible that you two will be talking normally before one’s aware, you had such hopes in your mind, right?」
「You’re amazing. You’re not apologizing, but you intended it to end without you making an apology. I know I’m a villain but you beat me」

Marina’s desperately denying it with her shaking eyes but, “you beat me”, that word created the conclusion and she finally was speechless.

「If you want to apologize to Yuka-chan, You have to fall on the same place as her. Asahina didn’t hesitate when she was given the road」

Asking her, the absentminded Marina looked at me with eyes that lost it’s light.

「There will be two men coming here now. Play with them. If you don’t know the pain of being played with two or more men that’s not me, it’s impossible to know Yuka-chan’s feelings. Would you?」

Asking her, Marina nodded weakly.

「Then, you have to prepare. Look, take off your clothes」

Saying that as I mat Marina’s shoulder, I retreated and entrust my back on the door of the stall.
Yuka should’ve heard all of it right now.
What would you do, Yuka? Would you stop Marina, if you do, you’ll be gangbanged by strange men to compensate.
It is to understand your feelings. To stand in the same place as you.
Sending a glance at my back, Yuka’s trembling on the other side of the stall. She’s trembling as she embrace herself.
If she doesn’t stop Marina, Marina will be gangbanged by men with “Yuka as the reason”.
It’s 100% my fault but Yuka won’t think that.
If she doesn’t stop Marina, Yuka will be bullied by the sense of guilt for “Abandoning Marina”

「I-I’m sorry…」

She won’t apologize. Marina who said that, is speaking out words of apology with tears flowing in her cheek.
Yuka who’s trembling on the other side of the door, is embracing herself as she squat on the location.
The ones at fault are the men who toyed Yuka, Marina didn’t do anything to harm Yuka. That’s why Yuka’s feeling conflicted. Andー.

「I-I-I-I…can’t forgive…Yuuki-senpai…」

Her rejection sounded.
Marina who heard those words, lost light in her eyes. No, on the door which I have placed my back, Yuka who’s trembling on the stall might’ve seen it.

「I-I’m not a hypocrite. Not a hypocrite. I seek help to the abandoned Yuka-san. That’s…the worst trash」

Marina who says it while laughing blankly, gripped the skirt of her black knit dress with both hands then she raised it.
Her big breast swayed.
Marina who took off her dress, became stark naked on the dirty public restroom.

「Ah, Aha, ahaha…My nipple’s standing」

Marina who became naked, saw her erect nipples on top of her breasts then she ridiculed herself. She extend her hand on the middle of her thighs and touched it with her finger.
Mucous climbs all over her finger. Love nectar is overflowing on Marina’s pussy that’s in the middle of her legs.

「My pussy’s wet. A pervert. I’m a pervert」

Marina laughs blankly as she look at the mucous that twines around her finger.

「Suzuhara-san, Suzuhara-san, what should I do? I’m no good anymore. I’m just wishing to be violated. My body’s pleased. With this, I can’t understand Yuka-san’s feelings. I’m a pervert that would be pleased when violated by a lot of men after all. I won’t be able to understand Yuka-san’s feelings. What to do? What should be done? What should I do?」

Tears running through her cheek, she looks at me with eyes that lost it’s light, Marina laughs while showing me her finger wet with love nectar.
When I sent a glance on my back, Yuka who’s squatting on the stall, covered her ears with both hands and trembles.
Good, this is better than I expected.
Yuka’s good natured and timid but she’s a woman who sacrificed herself to save Asahina. And she’s a woman who saved the Asahina she betrayed. She’s the same as Marina in the end. Yuka was forgiven by Asahina. And yet, Yuka’s deserting Marina who’s the same as her.
The two of them are cornered hopelessly
Should this be fine? If I return home and put Yuka and Marina on the same space, one of them would run out of control.

「That’s right. You can’t never understand the feeling of Yuka-chan if you’re feeling glad when gangbanged」

I said so and sent a glance at the entrance of the restroom.
There are two men on the other side of the wall.
I thought that they’d enter at once but it seems that they’re discussing.
Well, even so. For the skirt chasers, the object of the pickup has become naked inside the public restroom.
It seems that they hesitated from the abnormal spectacle that can’t be reality.
But they became generous when people gather. It’s called mass psychology.1 If someone makes an actionー.

「Hey, hey, what are you doing? Aren’t you having fun? Can we join in too?」

One of the men entered. Then the remaining of them entered in group.


I raised a stupid voice and pretended to be surprised and be at disadvantage against the men who entered the public restroom.
Acting is fun.

「Ah, no, t-this is…W-We’ll be going back immediately」

I got carried and pretended to be in at disadvantage with a realistically convincing performance, then squat down to pick up Marina’s dress that’s on the floor. Then I pressed Marina. But Marina doesn’t take the dress, she exposed her naked self to the men.
I gripped Marina’s hand and tried to go out of the public restroom in a hurry.

「Well well, it’s fine. Let’s enjoy together」

The men doesn’t want to let me go. One man among them, the man who entered the restroom first gripped my shoulder. Then she pulled me apart from Marina.

「P-Please stop it! That was just a play! We don’t usually do that! We just got curious! We’re going back already so please release us!」

I run wild and shouted desperately. But, the men suppressed me and I can’t move.
Marina was taken by the men inside the public restroom.

「It’s fine, we’ll just borrow her for a moment. What? I thought there were two of them. Ah, but we’ll borrow her in turns okay?」

One of the two men that suppresses me said that in a vulgar voice. Then one of the guy grinned.,

「This is amazing. She has a cute style and her tits are huge, her level is too high」
「Furthermore, her nipples are so hard and her love nectar is dripping. She’s quite a pervert」
「I can’t believe that you’re this lame man’s boyfriend but, is it that? training? Is this guy good at training?」
「His dick might be big」

Four of the men surrounded marina, then ogled at her body, then they speak out while having a dirty smile.

「H-hey! Switch with me immediately!」
「I haven’t even let out a single one inside yet!」

The to men suppressing me raised their voice without calm.
It seems that the position of the two is low in the group. That’s why they were given the role to suppress me. But they also want to feel something good. After all, the girl’s a big breasted beauty.
But are you sure? Don’t relax your guard too much. Well, they’re given a low position in the group since they can’t even handle the duty given to them.


When I lift my head, a crushing sound was heard and a scream rose up.


The power to suppress me loosened and I turned back vigorously, then I kneed the crotch of the men vigorously.
Compared to the head butt on the other guy, I crushed the balls of this guy, the two of them sank immediately.
Because the man hit in the balls raised a dreadful scream, the men surrounding Marina looked back here.
I waved towards the men as I grin. Then I walked briskly and stood beside the entrance of the public restroom. The switch on the lights of the public restroom is there.
Now then.

「This is written on Manga often. You can’t judge a man on appearance」

Muttering as I leak a sigh, I pushed the switch again.
When I made the public restroom dark for a moment, the surprised men are standing upright.
They can’t move since it’s dark. It’s their misfortune when they took Marina inside to enjoy. Furthermore, when a well lighted area darkened suddenly, the eyes won’t really see anything until it gets accustomed.

「This is unfair…right?」

Muttering, I walked towards the men standing upright.
Well, thanks. Thanks to you guys, Yuka and Marina are now good vibes.

「It’s fine. You only have two balls」

I approached the men who are standing upright and muttered on the ear of the man who entered the restroom first.


The man screams and swings his hands. This might have a meaning if we both can’t see each other but, I have an “eye” that can make me think of the military night vision scope as just a toy.

「Like hell it’ll hit. You’re the one who gripped Marina’s hand on the roast meat shop, right? Also, you’re the one who touched Marina’s breast for a moment?」

Asking the man who’s swinging his hands around, I kicked the groin of the man without any mercy.
The feeling of his groin getting pierced transmits to the tip of my toe. Next, I heard a scream.
The other men who heard the screamed pulled themselves together and tried to escape. But, they can’t see anything. They can’t move straight, they collided against each other, crashed into the wall and destroyed themselves selfishly.
I didn’t let a single man free, and I politely kicked their groins.
The screams from the public restroom rise one after another then after a while, it quiet down.
There’re sorrowful groans if you listen carefully.
No matter how powerful the enemy is, they’ll surely fall unconscious with one blow.
As expected, a man’s crotch is the strongest. I’d rather die than take it though.


  1. This guy will surely become a good researcher