X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 23

Chapter 23

The room is silent. The air’s stretched with tension.
The room has such a danger that a slight movement would cut the thread.
The urge to laugh comes at such a time.
I’m having such thoughts as Marina sits next to me, clinging to my arm.
And Yuka’s sitting down on the floor.
Sofa and floor. The vertical distance is something trivial but there’s an absolute distance.
I’m not saying anything. After I entered the living room, I sat on the sofa without making any remark. Yuka’s sitting on the sofa, clinging to my arm. But Marina’s sieza on the floor.
No one said anything yet she sieza on the floor by herself. That action is telling Marina’s silent feelings.
It seems that the public restroom incident was worth it.
Of course. I somewhat said that Marina’s clinging to Yuka. Marina who’s at the bottom of despair from being humiliated by me, she turns her eyes away from reality by drowning into pleasure, she clings on the assumption she selfishly made which is the purpose of protecting Yuka from my poison fang.
In the end, Yuka despised Marina. She tried to keep her spirit by defending the existence weaker than herself.
But, Marina’s hope was cut. Yuka, who she’s clinging on, clearly rejected her.
She never thought of being forgiven. She was prepared to be cursed on forever. Marina said that but the reality isn’t so sweet.
If she was really prepared to be cursed on, she must’ve accepted the words 「I won’t forgive you」from Yuka.
But, she wasn’t able to accept it.
Her resolve is only by word after all. And Marina realized that fact.
Was my own resolve so light?
Marina’s standing on the borderline right now. She’s on the brink of resigning as a human being. Marina’s fate will be decided by Yuka’s will.
It’s the most interesting situation but it’s so boring.
The cause is Yuka.
Even though she cut off Marina’s hope with her own words, it seems that she doesn’t have the determination attached. She doesn’t move away from my arm.
If I just leave it alone, her spirit would exceed the limit sooner or later, so I think one of them will move. But as long as Yuka doesn’t stop her passive attitude, Marina won’t move either.
This is no good.
Marina has become completely passive after the incident in the public restroom and Yuka’s also passive as she reject Marina. This deadlock would continue forever.
Hmmm, this doesn’t go as expected.
Is there something I can do to destroy this deadlock.

「Yuka-chan. Can you suck my dick?」

My voice echoes on the room that’s painfully quiet.


Yuka who’s looking down, she looked up and tried to nod.
Even Yuka-chan wanted to run away from this atmosphere.

「I-I, I’ll be the one to serve」

Marina who’s looking down the floor, looked up and raised a tense voice.
Yuka trembled then she sent a glance to Marina. Negative feelings swirl in Yuka’s eyes.
Oh, the string’s cut?
I thought but, Yuka didn’t say anything.
Hmmm, it would be cut just a bit more but this is quite stubborn.

「I want Yuka-chan to suck my dick though」

I looked at Yuka, then held her waist, and I looked dotn at Marina who’s sitting on the floor and spoke out.
Marina’s eyes shook, she shut her eyes, bit her lower lip, then placed her hands on the floor.

「It is as Suzuhara-san said. I’m an unfair woman. and I’m a helpless pervert. That’s why please use me. Use me as a sexual tool, please use me as a thing…」

Marina opened her eyes, looked up at me and Yuka while still having both hands on the floor, she then spoke with a tone that has no hesitation. Then, she bowed deeply.
It was a splendid dogeza that I can’t complain.
It seems that she has completely recovered.
Marina’s completely done. What’s left is Yuka.
Sending Yuka a glance, I instinctively spread out a wide smile.
She’s glaring. Her eyes looks like she’s going to shoot dead Marina who’s kneeling.
She finally lost it.

「Suzuhara-kun asked me. He didn’t call you」

Far from Yuka’s usual low voice it was a voice shaking from anger.

「Yes. But, I’m a thing. I’m something used only to dispose lust…」

Marina answered as she dogeza. Yuka who heard it was clearly irritated.

「You’re… too selfish」

Yuka mutters straight, she then clenched her teeth. Then she stood up and looked down at Marina.
Go on Yuka, chastise Marina

「Don’t steal Suzuhara-kun from me! I don’t care if you’re a good or bad person! Yuu-chan and Suzuhara-kun fought for my sake! That’s everything for me! Nothing else matters! They’re irrelevant! You are irrelevant!」

Yuka shouted madly as if she forgot herself.
That’s perfect, Yuka. There’s no need to go easy. Just free everything without thinking.

「I don’t need your sympathy! I don’t need your protection! I don’t need your apology! You’re already too late! Time won’t go back whatever you do! There’s nothing that you can do!」

Clenching her hand to the limit, Yuka shouts with her face filled with tears, then she breathed roughly.
She’s not feeling indecency when she loses her temper. It seems that her reason is kept by a thin film.
She’s severely played by a lot of men, Yuka betrayed Asahina who tried to protect her. Yuka should’ve been broken considerably from that point. And yet, she spent her daily life quietly. In short no matter how cornered she is, she can’t be completely broken.
A passive character that’s likely to be bullied, Marina might’ve protected her mind.
She has a terrific willpower in some meaning.

「There’s only one thing I expect from you. Don’t steal Suzuhara-kun away from me. That’s all」

Fixing her rough breath, she finished talking to Marina with a cold tone and returned to her seat.
She really went out of control, Yuka’s a good child. Because of that, the damage piled up.
Well, for Marina, it’s quite a difficult development.
She even stopped being a human to become a toilet for sexual desire yet, she was told that she’s irrelevant.

「T-T-Then, what should I…」

Marina who had all her escape routes closed by Yuka, asked while looking up. Her expression is exactly like a dog that’s been thrown away.

「I-I don’t know. I don’t care about you. I’ll only follow what Suzuhara-kun says. I won’t say anything on what Suzuhara-kun decides. Why shouldn’t you just do what you want?」

Yuka averts her face from Marina and she threw everything to me.
Hmm, this is her limit? I thought it would be much more interesting but this two people’s compatibility is that bad?
It might be much more interesting if Asahina’s here. Or rather, I remembered Asahina but, the small Ashaina’s cute too. She’s a chopping board just like Asahina but it won’t bother you since she’s small, rather, flat is better on her size. Also, Asahina trembles in fear but she has the responsibility of resolving the problem by herself. Still, she’s trembling.
Aah, I want to bully her.
Her body’s small so her pussy might be too tight but she should’ve a weakness even she’s small. The feeling of immorality from making a loli ahegao is unbearable. I’ll rape her if there’s a chance.
My dick got hard as I have those thoughts.

「Well fine. 」

Muttering so, I leaked a sigh and scratched my head.
In the first place, I called Yuka to improve Marina’s technique. I ate a lot of meat and my sexual desire is full, I’ll rage with just moderate arousal, to vent out the pent up sexual desire, let’s throw our sweaty selves in the bath and feel refreshed.
With that saidー.

「Marina-chan, you stay there and watch. Just like a wooden doll」

Ordering Marina, I looked at Yuka who’s sitting next to me.

「Then, Yuka-chan. Suck my penis and draw out semen. My lust is full since I ate a lot of roast meet so it won’t go away with just one shot. I’ll cum inside your pussy on the second」

Coiling my waist around Yuka’s waist, I draw her as I talk. And I stretched my right hand towards Yuka’s breast, gripped it on top of her clothes and massaged her breasts.
The best feel is understood even on top of her clothes. I can say that since I’ve played with Marina’s breast a lot.
Bigger is better.


As I embrace her, I massage Yuka’s breast on top of her clothes, her cheeks blushed, she looked at me with moistened eyes then she breath roughly as she call my name. She quietly reached between my groin and stroke my dick from the top of my pants.

「I’ll do my best」

A gentle voice is spun by the lovely pink lip. Then, she gently stoked my penis on top of my pants.
That’s all she’s doing and yet, the pleasure runs through my spine.
No way. I almost ejaculated from just being stroked on top of my pants. My lust is filled since I ate a lot of roast meat so it’s raging from moderate arousal. I might’ve ejaculated easily if it was the usual but, that’s not a reason for me to ejaculate from a stroke. Also, I’ve acquired experience. I’m confident that I won’t be done easily. No, I was.
But, it’s different. As expected, she’s different from Marina. She’s familiar on how to please penis very well.
She’s exactly a dick master.
I didn’t intend to belittle Yuka but it seems that I relaxed myself.
I have to brace myself. My enemy is a veteran last boss.


I just persuaded myself to brace but the feeling of jiggling feel suddenly spread in the palm of my right hand.


Yuka trembled and raised a faint sweet voice.
Wearing a hooded black cardigan and a white blouse inside it, furthermore, Yuka’s wearing a pink necktie. That Yuka wearing cute, classy and dignified attire changed in an instant.
She took off the button of the cardigan before I was aware, the button of her blouse too, as a result my hand is inserted on the gap. And my hand is gripping Yuka’s breasts.
Baka na1 When did this happen? I’m holding her raw breast before I noticed.
My hand is massaging her soft breasts, then Yuka twitches according to the movement.

「Y-You’re doing well ♡ Suzuhara-kun’s so skilled in massaging breasts ♡ Just massaging Yuka’s breasts almost makes her cum」

She speaks out sweet whispers while leaking a hot sigh.
Wait a moment. Hey, wait a moment. I’m not massaging your breasts. No, I’m massaging it but I’m not massaging it by my will.
Yuka’s hand is on top of my hand that’s massaging her breasts. She’s gently inviting my hand, she’s manipulating me like a marionette, and she maneuvers my hand.
I’m not massaging it. This is, that’s right, This isー.

Being made to massage?

Don’t joke with me. I’ll be the one to massage your breast. I’ll massage your breast by my own will. Like hell I’d let my self get lead.


The moment I tried to stop Yuka, my finger was made to stir someting hard and she raised a lovely voice and trembled.
My finger’s pinching Yuka’s nipple.
No. It’s not me. I’m not the one pinching it. But my finger certainly is pinching Yuka’s nipple. No, I’m made to pinch it. 2
I didn’t even notice that I was being lead. I was made to massage her breast and before I noticed, It was switched to her nipples.

「L-Lewd ♡ Suzuhara-kun is so lewd ♡ You’re stirring Yuka’s nipples so lewd ♡ Yuka’s no more ♡ It feels too good that my head’s going crazy.」

My hand’s being lead by her skillfully, Yuka’s manipulating my finger to pinch her nipple, she twists her trembling body and raised a sweet pained voice.


I try to stop Yuka somehow but Yuka timed it with her tremble. And the feel of the stirring transmitted to my finger is unbearable that I wasn’t able to stop Yuka seriously.
I’m not massaging but rather, being lead to massage. I’m not pinching but rather, being lead to pinch. I’m not stirring her but rather, being lead to stir.
Everything goes as Yuka wants. I shouldn’t let that happen. And yet, I thought that I shouldn’t stop Yuka.
Yuka’s so lewd that I had such thoughts.

「Aaah ♡ No way ♡ It’s so big ♡」

It’s the first time I’m being washed away by the trouble, I can’t catch up with the sudden events and is confused.
My rod is being gently stroked.
I didn’t notice it at all, my penis is already out of my pants. And she wrapped it up and gently stroking it.
What’s going on? I don’t know. Something’s happening but I don’t get it at all.


Among the confusion, I turned my head on the voice I heard, Marina who’s sitting on the floor stares at my groin with a surprised expression.
Shit. Marina’s here. I was surprised at the goodness of Yuka’s skill that I completely forgot about her3
This is bad. This can’t go on. I already made her submit to me with all the troubles but if she saw me being lead around by Yuka, Marina would underestimate me.
I have to do something. I have to take the lead somehow.
That’s when I realized.
That’s right, weak points. I should just attack Yuka’s weak points. If I do, Yuka will climax forcibly and I’ll be taking the initiative.
Having those thoughts, I looked at Yuka’s insides.

「W-What… ?」

I’m surprised when I saw her insides. Yuka’s body has convulsions here and there.
What is the meaning of this? It’s as if her whole body is a weak point? I won’t know where to attack if it’s like this.
Calm down. Think reasonably. Let’s calm down and think. Even if it takes time, this will go my way as long as I find her weak point.
I persuade myselfー.

「I want it ♡ I want Suzuhara-kun’s penis ♡ Yuka’s a no good woman ♡ I’m just a helpless lewd pervert ♡ That’s why I want Suzuhara-kun’s big injection ♡ to be thrust inside Yuka’s dirty pussy~♡」

She’s whispering sweet words to my ear. And the, her finger stimulates my glans like an earthworm crawling.
I’ll cum. I’ll be done if this continues.
Don’t joke with me. Being made to cum with fingers far from a fellatio. Howeverー.
Shit, this is fucking good.
Each one of them are moving like a living thing, Yuka’s gentle and delicate fingers that attacks irregularly.
That’s not all. I’m not doing anything yet, my hand’s massaging Yuka’s breast, my finger is stirring Yuka’s nipples. Aroused by that feel, my arousal increased when she whispered those indecent words in a sweet voice.
What pleasure. Getting aroused even I’m just sitting, an unimaginable pleasure is surging.
Attacking or being attacked, it doesn’t matter anymore. I just want to release it as I soak from the highest pleasure.

「I want to drink Suzuhara-kun’s semen」

I pulled myself when she whispered.
She wants to drink my semen, that’s not it. I can’t let this continue.

「T-The god of death…is treated like a child」

Marina mutters as she can’t believe the situation.
That’s right, it’s okay if I’m alone with Yuka but, Marina’s in front of us.
I’ll be underestimated by Marina if this continues.
However, this is the power of Yuka. It was naïve to base the idea from her fellatio done from the woods.
Yuka wasn’t serious at all at that time.
If I don’t attack. Anyway, I have to attack.
I observed Yuka’s insides while having such thoughts, and I finally found it. The place that’s convulsing violently.
A point in the middle of her pussy. It’s not stimulated at all but the convulsion of the surrounding is abnormal.
There’s no mistake. That’s Yuka’s weakest point.
I who made an educated guess stretched my empty left hand between Yuka’s crotch. Butー.


My finger hits Yuka’s crotch and it was blocked.
I forgot. Yuka’s wearing shorts today. I didn’t notice it since the clothes and skin is penetrated by my ability.
What a useless ability.

「S-Suzuhara-kun~ ♡ You want to feel Yuka’s stained pussy? I’m glad ♡」

If I don’t take off the shorts, while I was rushing with those thoughts, Yuka whispered in my ear.


Next moment, my left hand feels touching Yuka’s pussy.
The hook of the shorts is taken off. The zipper is already lowered. And my left hand is already in.
Since when?ー
I’m awfully confused, but I have no time to waver. Anyway, let’s make Yuka ahegao. That’s all in my head. That’s why I inserted two fingers inside Yuka’s love nectar drenched meat hole.


My finger got swallowed wet. Then Yuka trembled as a result.


I instinctively leaked out a groan. I inserted two fingers immediately but, the abnormally soft tightens to the limit.
Tight and drenched, and surprisingly soft, it’s sucking hard and twining.

「I-It feels good ♡ Suzuhara-kun’s finger feels too good, I’m going crazy~♡」

Haahaa, Yuka breathes charmingly and leaks out a painful sweet cry. And at the same time the tight meat hole shuts further, my finger is held deep inside the sticky meat that twines softly.

「I-If you move your finger right now, Yuka will really become an idiot~♡」

Looking at me with melting eyes, Yuka’s breathing roughly, trembling, and raises a painful sweet happy voice.
What a hole. It’s completely different from Marina’s hole.
If I put in my dick inside this holeー.
Don’t think. I have no time to think about my dick right now. Anyway, let’s make Yuka ahegao and take the lead.
Persuading myself, I stab my two fingers to the root.


Yuka trembled greatly and raised a sweet pant.
She’s feeling it. Yuka’s definitely feeling it. The inside of the body never lies.
Okay, we can do this
Having such thoughts, the finger piercing to the root moved to the tissue that’s convulsing violently, hit the one small point like an eye of a needle and dig it out with my finger.
I won. It’s my win.

Or…so I thought.

「Amazing ♡ I, came for a moment~♡」

The trembling Yuka looks at me with melting eyes, leaks out a hot rough sigh and smile as she say that.
She said that with a smile.

「B-Baka na…」

She should have no room for composure. She should be peeling her eyes as she spout out a tide and convulse from the climax.
I checked Yuka’s body in a hurry. And, I was surprised.
She came. Yuka definitely came. Just like Marina, no, it’s much more violent than that. Yuka’s insides is telling me that.
And yetー.

「Amazing ♡ I’m being made to cum consecutively ♡ This is my first time ♡ 」

I hollow out her weak point in the middle of her pussy, Yuka who’s twitching says that with a smile.
That smile felt like she’s going to persist servicing me forever.
What the heck. This girl is able to hold down a climax that can forcibly make you faint with a terrific willpower? She only wants to service me so she forcibly holds down the storm of climax that can make her faint away?
It’s not an opponent I can’t beat down right now.
The next moment as I have those thoughts, something wrapped my glans.
Yuka’s bending forward before I was aware and she’s having my penis inside her mouth.
While my finger hollows out Yuka’s weak point. Yuka keeps climaxing as a result. But Yuka shakes hear head calmly.
Her tongue climbs all over. The slimy meat sucks up the glans.


I came to my limit instantly.
Having no time to stop, I shot out my desire. And at the same time, a pleasure as if burning runs through my whole body.
Even though I released everything, Yuka’s slowly squeezing the semen remaining in the urethra and she took out the glans. And then, she looked up to me while giving the glans a kiss.
Yuka gulped down her throat, she opened her mouth in front of me and silently reported that she drank up all the semen.

「You’re still okay on the second round?」

Yuka asks me as she take off her shorts sideways and displayed her pussy.
The pink wall of flesh can’t be imagined as used goods, it’s overflowing with viscous liquid endlessly. And her obscene meat hole twitches lewdly.
My exhausted penis rose up immediately.

「I’m glad ♡ 」

Yuka says with a smile and she straddle over my crotch as she face me. And while clingingー.

「Too big~♡」

At the same time Yuka drops her waist, my burning glans invaded the hot, sticky, and tight meat hole.
That meat hole easily exceeded my imagination in every meaning.


  1. This is absurd, I just want to put that romanji instead of the translation, lol.
  2. Yuka has mind control, she was a slut in the first place
  3. Remember this line, Marina would become the long black haired beauty in the next two days