X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 24

Chapter 24

The bathtub makes ripples. I relax both of my arms on the edge of the bathroom and I taste the feeling of paradise while looking up the ceiling.
There’s an elastic feeling sandwiching the pole of my dick and a soft slimy meat sucking up the glans.
Yuka buries her face between my crotch and she’s doing a paizuri fellatio.
Yuka makes a *Jurun* sound as she take out the glans, she place the rod between her squishy breasts to stimulate it and she caress the tip with the tip of the tongue.
She’s looking with melting eyes and breathing out a hot rough sigh. Yuka who’s sticking out her tongue doesn’t mind her saliva dripping, she kept licking the glans with her tongue.
She’s really happy as if filling her mouth with a delicious dessert.
Yuka licks the glans which is out of the rod sandwiched between the breasts, she gulped down the glance once again, she began to swing her head making a splash on the bathtub.
Wrapped by the slimy meat stroking the glans, and the pole being stroked by the elastic soft breast.
Haa, this is exactly as I dreamed of. I want to taste this paizuri fellatio forever.

Straddling on top of me as I sit on the sofa on the living room, she held my dick deep inside her pussy, Yuka swings her waist violently and I was wrung out semen three times in the end.
When the act ended, Yuka’s womb is filled with my semen.
It’s an abnormal situation where I ejaculated three times without pulling out. It’s a humiliation of being made to cum instead of cumming. But Yuka’s pussy is a masterpiece that my anger melts away.
No, her pussy’s a masterpiece that made me ejaculate three times.
Yuka shakes her waist while she’s on top of me and she’s using all of her body to please me.
She stroke my ear with her tongue, she clings, presses my chest with her exposed breasts and she’s rubbing up and down. Constricting her pussy at the same time, it strokes the penis by sticking to it hard.
Yuka neglects her own pleasure and devotes herself to me earnestly.
It’s normal that the anger would be washed away.

There are three pussy I know of. Asahina’s pussy, Marina’s pussy, and Yuka’s pussy.
I already thought of it as a very long time ago but I was just a virgin a short while ago. I lost my virginity to Asahina’s pussy.
I’m surprised at that pleasure that time but my thoughts changed when I tasted Marina’s pussy. I knew that a pussy never developed is a wonderful thing. But, I never understood everything.
The terror of a pussy with a world class skill.
Yuka’s pussy learned the techniques after being trained by a lot of men, it’s a world class pussy that would make you think of Marina’s as a disposable onahole.
There’s the nature of the person too, but I recognized the importance of training and exploiting.

『I believed this much…』

Straddling on my crotch as I sit on the sofa, Yuka who’s clinging facing me, whispers as she thrust in my penis inside her pussy tightly.

『I was embraced by a lot of men. But it’s the first time I’ve been sincerely embraced…』

She whispers, andー

『It’s such a cheap word for a dirty woman right? But, that’s the truth. As a woman who’s been completely dirtied, I’ll offer you the fragment of my cleanliness that remained in the end…』

Whispering, Yuka clings hard to me.
I was convinced by those words. Just how passive is she? I was in panic because of her high skill but, she’s wholeheartedly pleasing me, wholeheartedly wanting to serve me, there’s nothing else in her head.
Yuka’s defiled by a lot of men that there’s nothing left to spare. Without anyone to rely on, there’s only violence if she doesn’t flatter, she needs to improve her skill in satisfying a man to continue to live.
What remains is Yuka’s skill. She normally would want to forget it but Yuka uses it to satisfy me. And she intends to use it from now on.
To please me. To hold into my mind. Only for that purpose.
Then, allow me to use it.

With that things happened, I let out a lot and felt refreshed, then I decided to step into the bath to wash off the sweat. And arriving at the present.


The steam rises inside the bathroom. Soaking myself in the hot water, I leak out a sigh while receiving paizuri from Yuka.
Once in fellatio, three times inside her pussy and right now it’s hard to ejaculate. But even if it’s harder to cum, there’s no change in the pleasure. No, thanks to it getting hard to cum, I’m able to taste her paizuri fellatio without rushing.

「Should we wash our body already?」

Muttering, Yuka who’s holding the glans inside her mouth, made a *Jupon* sound and took out the glans.

「C-Can I wash Suzuhara-kun’s body?」

Sandwiching the pole between her breast, Yuka asks as she massage it.

「Right. Then, I’ll ask of you」

Answering her, Yuka blushed and smiled.

「I’ll do my best!」

And she speaks out sincerely happy.
I thought that she’s not underestimating me but she’s different. She’s licking my dick but she’s not underestimating me1 No, she never thought of underestimating me.
I really might have gotten hand of the best girl.

Going up from the bathtub, I sat on the chair.
Yuka squats down next to me, she whip the body soap without remark and then smeared the bubble to my body.
Yuka who’s covered in bubble stood up while looking at me with a smile. And she went behind my back.
There’s a mirror on my front. Reflected on the mirror is Yuka squatting behind me, clinging on my back.
A soft, squishy, elastic feeling is transmitted to my back. Her breasts press against my back. The erect nipples on top of it is transmitted.
The feeling of the swelling squish transmitted by her breast is really the best.
Yuka turns her hand to my chest as her breast press against my back, she then began to move up and down while sticking.
The breast that’s smeared with bubble has began to wash my back.
That’s not all. Her hands turned on my chest has stimulated my nipple by going round. To the excessive pleasureー.


I instinctively leaked out a sigh.
Yuka finished washing my back has turned to my front and replenished the bubble.

「I’ll wash the front too」

Yuka says as she kneels in front of me and clings to me as she drop her waist. Then she turned her hands behind my back.
Yuka sticks to me as she washes my back and washes my chest with her breast moving up and down.
Feeling Yuka’s soft body wholly, the breast press and rubs. And I feel the erect nipples on the tip.
It’s impossible to not feel aroused.

「C-can I put it in?」

Yuka who shakes her body as she cling to me, has asked near my ear while breathing roughly.

「What do you want to put in?」

I know but I pretended to not know.

「Y-Yuka’s a lewd pervert so she got aroused while washing Suzuhara-kun’s body. Because of that, it makes me want Suzuhara-kun’s big penis thrust inside my pussy. Can I thrust in Suzuhara-kun’s big penis inside Yuka’s dirty pussy?」

Yuka whispers in a sweet pained voice as she shake her body. Yuka presses her own pussy against my erect penis, she rubs her clitoris against the back muscle of the penis while moving up and down.

「How many men have you pleased that way?」

Feeling horny, I asked Yuka while grinning as my sadist heart is lit.
Yuka trembled, she stopped the shaking and she clung to me hard. Andー.

「Yup, that’s right」

She answered in a trembling voice.
She’s not dismissing her own dirtiness, Yuka confirms it by herself as she open her legs. It’s an act that would make a stab in her heart perhaps. But, Yuka still confessed obediently.
Yuka might be having a good faith in me as she’s not telling a lie.

「I was hit, kicked, and were told a lot of cruel things. That’s why I sold both my body and mind. Not just my body. I also sold my mind. That’s why I’ve been tainted in body and mind. No, that’s not all…」

Saying that, Yuka moved her waist. With that movement, my glans is swallowed by her drenched meat.
The penis that’s swallowed inside fast is wrapped in the pressing meat, that meat is severely sticking.
I came four times already but I’m about to ejaculate just by putting it in.

「I, my pussy wants penis. I hated it at first but I came to like it before I was aware. Ehehe, I’m a helplessly dirty woman. However…」

Her painfully sad whisper affects the bathroom.

「Just a bit, just really a bit, there’s a clean part on this dirty me. I’ll dedicate that to you. However, my true intention is that I want penis. I’m dying to be pierced in…」

Saying that, Yuka swings her waist while leaking out a sweet voice and the remains of her painful sad whisper were washed away.

After the fifth ejaculation finishes, my whole body smeared with bubbles is flushed, I asked into the bathtub with Yuka and then I went out the bathroom feeling a bit dazed.
Yuka who went out the bathroom with me prepared the bath towel without saying anything and wiped my body diligently.
Is she happy from the bottom of her heart from serving me? Yuka’s having a smile on her whole face from the beginning.
Looking at that Yuka, I began to think on how to capture her.
Yuka’s completely captured in a meaning but it’s also true that she’s taking the lead. There’s nothing really bad about it but I feel unbearably mortified.
I want to make Yuka ahegao by any means as she carry out her service while climaxing, how should I capture her?
While I was worrying, Yuka has already finished wiping my body.
Yuka wipes my body as her breasts sway. I looked Yuka’s insides with my ability.
Yuka’s body is developed. Its sensitivity is definitely higher than Marina. And yet when I attack her, when she’s holding my dick inside her pussy, Yuka’s certainly cumming.
No, Yuka cums just by seeing my penis.
She cums easily. The problem is her strong willpower to hold down the pleasure of climax.
Yuka sold her body and mind to live so she has received extremes in some meaning. She’s an impregnable fort that can endure any kind of attack.
There are two methods of destroying the fort.
One is sending a spy and destroying it from the inside. In short, attacking her spirit. But there’s the danger of Yuka breaking completely with this method.
It would be too wasteful to break her.
Second would be an attack with an overwhelming firepower that exceeds the defense of the fort.
If I’m going to do it, then it will be the second method. To break through using a frontal attack, I need to show my power that will perfectly make her surrender. But, I don’t have enough firepower.
When it comes to it, I have to train hard using Marina.
I need to know sexual techniques that bests Yuka’s superior body, it honestly doesn’t matter with marina but there’s no way I can train with Yuka’s body.
Because I’ll just be defeated every time I train and my pride won’t last. No, there’s no change in pleasure even if I lose so I don’t want it, I don’t want to be giving in.
Or rather, the compromise is already rising.

Coming out of the bathroom, Marina run to us.

「P-Please have some cold barley tea after the bath!」

Marina presents a tray with two glasses of barley tea.
She’s too plain for a flattery. It’s a a flattery that’s refreshing in a certain meaning.
Looking at Yuka, she’s glaring at Marina angrily.

「I’m not going to receive charity from youー」
「Aren’t you considerate? Thanks~」

Yuka averts her face and refused Marina. I received the tea while Yuka’s sending a sidelong glance.


Yuka who’s averting her face, raised her voice when I received the barley tea. I drank the barley tea immediately as she send a leer.
Kuu, delish! The coldness is great. There’s nothing better than an ice cold barley tea after a bath.

「ah, ah, ah」

Looking up at me who’s drinking barley tea.
It seems that Yuka’s overwhelmed by me. She thinks that Marina’s taking me away from her when I take the barley tea Marina presented? She’s holding my outer garment with teary eyes and looks up at me with wet eyes while pulling my outer garment.


And Yuka who’s blushing glared at Marina with teary eyes.
Not complaining to me, Yuka’s anger has turned to Marina.

「I-I was moved! Suzuhara-kun that’s mainly a villainous savage is being lead around here and there! This is the first time I respected someone like this!」

Marina stares at Yuka who’s puffing her cheeks with shining eyes, she praises Yuka.


Yuka raised a stupid voice as she can’t swallow the situation.
Yuka thought that Marina would take me away but Marina’s interest isn’t me but turned towards Yuka.
Yuka was unable to understand it.

「I noticed it! I was wrong to think that I have to protect Yuka-san! Because Yuka-san’s a much stronger person that me! That’s why I thought! I’ll aim for Yuka-san!」

Blushing, looking at Yuka with shinking eyes, Marina shouts gleefully. Yuka flinched when she saw that Marina and she hid behind my back.

「S-Suzuhara-kun, that person’s strange!」

Yuka mutters as she hides behind my back.
Marina witnessed Yuka’s sexual techniques with all doors closed, furthermore, she seems to have respected Yuka when she saw me being lead around by her.

「I thought that it’s impossible to defeat Suzuhara-kun but Yuka-san taught me that there are infinite methods! I want to be Yuka-san’s follower! And someday, I’ll be able to take down the brutal demon!」

Marina’s state pierce through in some meaning. Yuka pulls out from her words.


It doesn’t matter to me when Marina’s looking at Yuka with high respect but when I witnessed Marina getting serious, I thought that this would be interesting.


Hearing my mutter, Yuka raised an uneasy voice.

「Can I call you boss!?」
「EH!? What’s that? That’s not cute! please stop it!」

Yuka rejects Marina’s question with all her best and run away to my back.

「Ah, Suzuhara-san. Please hold this for a moment」2

Marina presents the tray to me to chase Yuka who ran away from the glance. Taking it, Marina’s eyes shine as she began to run after Yuka.

「W-wait! S-Suzuhara-kun! That person’s chasing me!? She’s scary!?」
「I’m not scary, Boss! I won’t do anything! Rather, it’s you who should be doing!」
「Stop calling me boss! Just what is going on!? I hate you though!」
「it’s fine! It’s a one-sided respect!」
「S-Suzuhara-kun! This person’s not listening to me at all!」

Yuka shouts and runs all over the house and Marina runs after that Yuka.

「Yuka-chan said that you don’t care whatever Marina does right? If you don’t care then you won’t mind her one-sided respect, right?」

In front of me that’s muttering while grinning, Yuka passed through me with all her effort.


She raised a voice of reproach while running.

「Suzuhara-san says something good occasionally!」

Marina who passed to me next has said.
Marina’s spirit held out by protecting someone other than herself. But, that’s only an escape. But, when she saw me having sex with Yuka, witnessing the break of my appearance, her thoughts had turned a 180 degrees.
Polish techniques to overthrow me. It is for herself until the end.
Marina who stops running away is no match for Yuka, She have to be stronger than she was before.
In short, she has become a guinea pig that can be used.
My plan at first is to corner Marina to the limit by stimulating her sense of guilt by being abandoned by Yuka, making her completely obedient with Yuka’s abuse and have her learn the techniques from Yuka.
The compatibility of the two doesn’t turn out well but, Yuka and Marina’s compatibility seems to have engaged in a different meaning.
I’m experiencing a various change in the development but, All’s Well That Ends Well3


  1. Nameru means both lick and underestimate, MC is making a pun here
  2. pfft, hahahaha
  3. a play by William Shakespeare. It is believed to have been written between 1604 and 1605, and was originally published in the First Folio in 1623.