X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 25

Chapter 25

The overnight practice that started Friday night continued till Sunday evening in the end.
Yuka’s filled with the intention of staying Sunday and come to the school and take attendance together on Monday morning but I who’s been wrung out the semen from the root has persuaded her that my mother would come back so Yuka returned to her home somehow.
But Yuka said something scary on departure.

『I’m coming next weekend too okay?♡』

She said.
That was dangerous. I thought I’d seriously die. I never thought a day where I would almost die from ejaculating too much would come. Furthermore, she’s going to come next weekend.
I have to do something…

Even if we’re talking about me getting squeezed, Yuka didn’t attack me. She’s showing an invitation but she doesn’t move unless I bite the bait. And yet why was I squeezed?
There’s two causes.
First is that it felt good. The moment I tasted the highest pleasure from Yuka, I got horny from just seeing her. In short, I’m the one attacking.
Second is Yuka’s temptation. Yuka’s temptations are abnormally skilled. Yuka’s not making a move but she shows a speech and conduct tat men love and she occasionally invites me.
For example, she sat next to me, she looks down at my thing and hangs her hair on her ear with her finger, then she sends me a glance with a smile.
Also, she become on all fours while looking for something and her underwear barely shows up.
Furthermore, she kept saying yes as a feedback on my talk with a smile on her face, she looks up at me while closing her arms and emphasizing the cleavage of her chest.
Additionally, she went to the toilet for a moment, when I went to see her as she hadn’t returned yet, she’s making a lewd wet sound on the other side of the door and her voice calling「Suzuhara-kun♡ Suzuhara-kun♡」is heard.
Even if I don’t use my X-ray vision, I know what Yuka’s doing in the bathroom and I got erect imagining it.
Yuka went out of the bathroom with blushing cheeks, she turned bright red when she saw me, bashfully fidgets, andー.

「D-Did you hear it?」

And she sends me an upward glance, there’s this tooー.

「I-I…masturbated. I’m sorry」

And she confessed obediently.
Then it’s needless to say that I attacked Yuka.

Also, when I went to the second floor as there’s some business to attend, Yuka’s in naked apron when I returned to the living room.
The naked apron is too plain but, it’s useless, that’s no good. Naked apron is a man’s dream, a romance, a desire. No matter how plain it is, I can’t help but lay my hands on her.
No, it’s normal for me to do that. It’s only normal to lay your hands on the naked apron in front of you. You’re not a man if you don’t get your hands on that naked apron.
Thus, I attacked her in the end.

Other than that, Yuka tempts me in various ways and I attacked her before I noticed.
Though my lust declines after ejaculating, it recovers after time. While my lust declines, Yuka cleans, wash, she runs around the house.
But when my sexual desire revives, she’s on my side before I notice it. It was surely on purpose. It has become an infinite loop I can’t go out because of that.
That stuff happened until night when I decided to sleep.
The frightening thing wasn’t just Friday. The night was so dense as if a whole week has passed.
Entering the bed, Yuka took off her clothes and snuggled into the bed. And, she sticks to me tightlyー.

She began to hum a lullaby.

I want to retort “Am I a kid”, but the soft feeling of Yuka sticking to me feels too good, I’m exhausted as I ejaculated too much so I have no willpower to make a retort.
I can hear her singing from far away even though she’s just right beside me, I don’t feel displeasure with such a calming and peaceful lullaby, it’s very simple and yet charming, and it feels nostalgic somehow, I was having such thoughts but my memory became vague halfway.
In short, I fell asleep.

And I have received a further impact but I have no way of knowing as I’m already asleep.

Aside from the sleep, I felt excessively pleasant, the pleasure got greater in time and the wave of pleasure burst out at the same time.
Being blown away by a tempest of pleasure while my brain is pure white, I got a huge desire to urinate.
Along with the terrific pleasure, I got listless, and I let out my desire to urinate after getting myself persuaded.
Feeling the pleasure from urinating that’s different from ejaculation, I felt relieved.
I came to my senses the next moment. I noticed that I was sleeping.
What would happen if I pee while sleeping?
It’s a bad joke if I wet my bed at this age.
I rushed up in panic having those thoughts and I was surprised from what I saw.
The naked all fours Yuka is burying her face between my crotch, she’s making a gulping sound as she drink the urine I let out.

Understanding everything, I let out all of my urine.

Feeling great pleasure from my sleep, Yuka made my penis ejaculate with fellatio as I sleep. Furthermore, she also drank the urine I let out.
I had a wet dream like experience but I felt that I was made to ejaculate while sleeping, also the pleasure from wet dream was a magnitude different. Peeing while asleep would mean a pool of urine , the overwhelming sense of relief would make the sense of guilt, it was unbearably pleasurable in other words.

Feeling refreshed so early in the morning, I went to the bathroom with Yuka.
Yuka’s holding my penis inside her mouth the whole time I was sleeping so I got ready to the bath to wash away the night sweat.
Yuka worked her beat to wash my body, I felt relieved when I soaked on the hot bathtub with Yuka, and when my lust recovered, I decided to take one shot on Yuka’s pussy while inside the bathroom.
My thoughts of making Yuka cum, or making her ahegao has vanished, I’m only just thinking about my own pleasure, I violate Yuka from the back as she bend forward and poured my semen inside her womb.

When I went out of the bath with Yuka, I was surprised.
Yuka didn’t just prepare the bath but also the breakfast.,
I got exhausted after a shot after waking up, and another on the bath so I greedily ate the breakfast Yuka has prepared.

What happens when my stomach is filled? That’s obvious. My lust overflows. And Yuka’s next to me.
Yuka smiles as she has presumed everything, she opened her legs, slid her panties and showed her pussy. Then she opened her pussy with her finger.
It’s a meat hole stretching out lewdly. The meat hole wriggles as if telling that it wants the penis.
It’s needless to say that I screwed my penis inside Yuka’s pussy.

I let out my lust to my hearts content, when I got sleepy, Yuka lay down my head on her lap and she began to attack with a lullaby again.
I dozed of instantly and was swallowed by the drowsiness without resistance and I fell asleep.

I felt a terrific pleasure from my nap and when I opened my eyes, Yuka’s face is buried between my groin. I let out my semen at the same time I saw Yuka doing that and my brain shook from the pleasure.
Yuka who took the semen inside her mouth has sucked the remaining in the urethra, she smiled happily and gulped down her throat.
Feeling a deja vu from the same situation this morning, I went to the bathroom with Yuka to wipe off the sweat, Yuka used her body to wash me and my lust recovered that time so I let out once again inside Yuka’s pussy.

It’s an infinite loop of deja vu that doesn’t end.

Yuka said that she’ll give me a massage after bath so I laid down on the sofa in the living room. Yuka massaged my body diligently.
Yuka’s massage was so pleasant that it feels like heaven, furthermore, Yuka’s massaging me while wearing a blouse so I can see her pussy whenever she moves.
That’s not all. Yuka’s blouse sticks to the skin sweaty from massaging me desperately, it has become transparent. Her pink nipples became exposed because of that.

「Sorry. It’s a bit hot…」

Yuka says that and unbuttoned her blouse and she kept massaging me while showing her cleavage.
I grope Yuka’s nipples as I receive her massage and I stab my finger inside her pussy.
Yuka’s continuing the massage whatever I do. But her nipples got hard from being teased, my finger stirring her pussy made love nectar overflow from her pussy and her body gets obscenely exposed one after another, but Yuka still kept massaging.
We’re both in heat when the massage was finished and I’m connected to Yuka before I was aware.

This and that happened until Sunday morning, I ejaculated and peed inside Yuka’s mouth just like the previous day, went to the bathroom to wash off the sweat, came inside Yuka’s pussy, filled my stomach with the breakfast, my lust recovered because of that and I attacked Yuka, I got drowsy when I felt refreshed after cumming, then slept on Yuka’s lap.
When I open my eyes, Yuka’s holding my dick inside her mouthーIt was an infinite loop.

I thought I’d really die if this continues but, I can’t resist the temptation of pleasure so I can’t slip out of the infinite loop, it was evening when I noticed.
I used the excuse that my mother would be coming back so I was freed from the infinite loop somehow, but the reality is pushed into me.

That’s right, I ran away.

From Friday evening till Sunday evening, how many times I ejaculated inside Yuka’s mouth? How many times I poured in my semen inside her womb?
The innumerable act ended and I never got to make Yuka ahegao even once in the end, I ran away.

I’m a man who’d run away if I think I’m at disadvantage. I’m the type that would only fight wars I can win. But, there’s no resistance from the one I ran away from. But, it’s different this time.
Yuka’s devoted no matter what. Then I can just use her as I like and throw her away if I get tired. I thoughts so but I don’t think it will be. My mind passed through such premonition.
There’s a reason. I thought that if a pussy is used it would be loose, but the truth is actualy the opposite. The more used it is the more it matches the penis.
Yuka’s pussy was unimaginable at first but it obviously changed from Friday night to Sunday evening.
It’s sticking to my penis tighter, it adheres, and it raises the stimulation. A pleasure like that.
The change isn’t just in her pussy. Yuka’s observing me as she devotes herself. And she’s examining on how to improve the pleasure. Her perception is terrific that she’s evolving to become much more dreadful every second.
In addition, her charm as a woman is rising every second too.
The women I think cute. The women I get aroused with.
Perhaps she have guessed my taste from my speech and behavior. Her expression, attitude, and actions has become more of my taste.
This is dangerous if this continues. What’s dangerous?ー

「Everything is too easy…」

That’s right. Yuka might be broken in various things as a human but she’s the ideal perfect when seen as a convenient woman.
She looks cute.
Her expressions and actions are cute.
Looks pure and innocent.
But she’s actually lewd.
And she’s earnest.
But she understands it that she’s just a sex friend.
Her breast is big.
Her style is good too.
She smells good.
You can fuck her whenever you want.
She’s terribly good at fellatio.
Her pussy’s the best.
Those are the things that would come out if you think. Furthermore, Yuka will keep evolving. She’ll become a woman of my taste if time passes and her body would adjust for me.
There’s no way I’d get tired of such a woman. Even if I get tired, it would take a lot of years.
And I’m sure that Yuka would still be on my side even if I get tired. I felt convinced it will be.
But, is there a problem with it? To be clear, there’s no problem.
Yuka knows herself. She knows what kind of existence she is to me.
She’s really the most convenient woman to think. That’s Yuka.
If there’s no problem then it should be fine right? I’ll just use her when I want to. But that’s no good. I’ll be drowned by Yuka’s convenience if this continues and I’ll lack in integrity sooner or later. That’s significant.

It would be dangerous if I depend on Yuka.

When it comes to it, Yuka would completely take the lead.
To prevent that, I have to make Yuka ahegao. And I’ll be taking the lead.
But I need an overwhelming firepower to capture the impregnable fort.
Thus, I need to increase my firepower. And I found the method.
Even I didn’t just merely indulge myself from the pleasure Yuka gave. I observed Yuka and examined how to capture her.

I got something surprising revealed by that.

Yuka’s technique is terrific. And she has an excellent insight to observe my taste and weak points. But Yuka doesn’t behave cutely as always and she don’t always attack my weak point.
She’s only attacking the weak point at the critical moment.
She’s caressing the parts other than the weak point politely until then, she occasionally mix the cute and erotic gesture to improve my arousal gradually and I reach the highest pleasure.
But she’s not just giving the pleasure, she’s looking after the process on how to make me climax.
Reconsidering, I only stick on attacking weak points. It’s possible to force the other person to cum forcibly disregarding the will. Furthermore, the pleasure different from ordinary climax can be given. But I thought that it’s okay to attack just the weak point. I thought that it’s what matters.
But, I encountered an existence that made only climaxing a futile action. No matter how high the pleasure you give, that pleasure can be held down with a terrific willpower, she’s an existence that’s determined to serve me.
Yuka’s spirit surpasses her body. There’s no meaning if you just attack her body.

You need to attack both the body and spirit.

In short, I must get Yuka’s spirit worked up. I need to make an atmosphere and get her spirit gradually worked up, and the pleasure from caressing her body would be doubled. And when Yuka’s spirit and body reached the critical point, attack both of them instantly.
When I do, even Yuka would surely ahegao.
But I need a considerable technique for that. I must lead her spirit and caress her body. I have to break the two of them at the same time. It’s entirely different from just touching her weak spot and making her ahegao.
Then I can’t do anything but train.
Having those thoughts, I suddenly remembered something.

Speaking of which, what did Marina do?

Huh? Marina stayed together with us right?1 She also went home with Yuka?
It should be but, huh? She was with us? I’m sure she is but, just what did she do in this past two days?
Closing my eyes to remember desperately, I saw Marina projected in my memory flutteringly.
She really was here. I was completely preoccupied with Yuka that I forgot her existence, but she really was with us.
I completely forgot her existence but, Marina’s not getting involved at all so that’s probably the cause.
Marina holds a sense of respect to Yuka so she’s just silently observed me and Yuka getting entwined for this past two days.
To learn Yuka’s technique.
Speaking of which, when I entered the bath with Yuka, Marina stepped into the bathroom too? I think we ate breakfast together too.
What happened to her when I slept? I slept on the bed with Yuka, there’s no prepared bed for Marina to use.
She slept on the sofa in the living room? Or she slept in my room?
I don’t know. She’s coming out of my memory but I can’t clearly remember it. That’s how much I didn’t consider her.
W-well fine. She’s just a guinea pig.
No, even I am surprised. Who’d thought that I’ll completely forget Marina’s existence2 That’s just how strong Yuka’s existence is, I guess?
If so, there’s more of a reason on which I need to take steps immediately. If not, I’ll really would be degenerate.
Okay, I decided to have a hard intensive training from tomorrow. I’ll use Marina who’s existence is forgotten completely, I won’t just make her climax but I’ll also work up her spirit to give her the true climax, I’ll degrade her.
Marina’s willpower would be stronger than before so she won’t be a fault as an experiment material.
But there’s no much time. She’ll come again next weekend.

Having such thoughts, I have to sleep ahead of time in preparation for tomorrow.

Monday morning, I’m amazed when I saw my groin.
I let out so much from Friday to Sunday evening yet, my penis is erect as if nothing happened.
Youth is amazing.


  1. The long black haired beauty now has a comrade!
  2. It’s Yuka’s fault!