X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Standing in front of the washbasin, I took the hair wax.

「How many years since I bought this one?…」

I mutter as I look at the container of the hair wax in my right hand.
How many years was it? It’s already that long.
I bought this hair wax a day before Valentine’s.
I never thought of getting chocolate. After all, there’s no girl approaching me far from giving a chocolate.
However, even I wanted to dream. A letter fixed with a chocolate on the shoebox or my desk when I go to the school.
“Please come to the courtyard after school” is written in the letter, Iyaaa, I’m beat, getting overjoyed while showing embarrassment, something like that.
So I set my hair with hair wax for the first time on Valentine’s day, I went to school, and came home empty handed.
Since then, I sealed that hair wax.
Ridiculous. There’s no way that dream would be true. Even if you dream, reality would only make it futile. I thought.
But however, the time to release the seal has come.
After I raped Asahina, I used her to make Yuka my slave.
Marina dedicates her body to me for the sake of her boyfriend, used the sense of guilt of abandoning Yuka and she became a guinea pig.
I took advantage of their weakness and have them follow me.
But Yuka’s different.
She abides me to help Asahina would mean the same as the two but she’s not following it unwillingly. I know that much.
She’s grateful of me so she probably fell for me. If it’s Yukaー.

「I-If I fix my hair, she might notice it…」1

Muttering as my heart throb, I opened the lid of the hair wax and applied it on my finger.
Right now, perhaps, I’m enjoying youth for the first time.

Preparing to go to school, I went to the living room to eat breakfast.
Entering the living room, I saw my mother making breakfast in the kitchen.


Greeting her, mother looked up and saw me.

「M-Morning, Mota」

Mother returned the greeting with a smile. But, it’s somewhat cold.
The cause is me. I recklessly used my ability on my own way. It’s no use regretting it. I was a kid. Common sense is unknown for a kid2, so it’s impossible for me to understand that it’s an unusual talent even if I’m told so.
Even after entering school, I was using my ability as I like until I acquired common sense. I was treated like a monster in the school because of that but the closes who I’m making contact to are my parents.
I used my ability in a way that won’t be noticed by people when I learned common sense but that wasn’t a reason for it to be cancelled.
Thanks to that, my parents, especially my mother who has a lot of contact with me has a very cold attitude.
Well, I’m still thankful for them that they didn’t take me to the hospital as an experiment material, nor throw me because I’m a monster.

Taking my seat, I silently ate my breakfast.
Mother sat in front of me is also silent. I’ll normally answer if she talk to me but it’s rare for mother to talk to me.


However, mother began to talk. I looked up her face in surprise.

「Your hair looks cool」3

Mother says with a smile

「W-well, I feel like it…」

Answering mother with a smile, I withdrew my gaze.
I throbbed. Who’d thought she notice my hair? No, I thought she’d just be silent even if she noticed.


Mother voices when she heard.
The conversation ended with that.
Just what is my mother thinking? What is she thinking of me?
Though I haven’t introduced Marina to mom, she surely knows her existence. She’s coming to my house daily after all. But mother doesn’t ask anything. I’ll lie to her even if she does.
Though I have the urge to confirm my mother’s insides, I stopped it.
I’m using my ability as I like but I never used my ability on my parents.
Maybe because it’s scary. I’m afraid that I will know I’m disliked.

I drink my coffee when I finish my breakfast, then the interphone rang.

「Could it be Ito-san?」

Mother washing the dish in the kitchen, wondered who it is and went out of the kitchen.
The interphone would be meaningless if you go directly on the front door. My mother’s like that.
Before long, I heard mother’s voice from the door. Was the visitor the neighbor, Ito-san as mother expected? It seems she’s talking at the door.
It’s because my mother stays away from home every weekend to take care of my father who’s away from work. For that reason, the neighbors comes on Monday morning.

『N-Nice to meet you. I-I a-a-a-am Suzuhara-kun’s f-friend, T-T-Tamoe Yuka』

I spit out my ko-fi when I heard the voice.
Am I hallucinating?
Looking through the wall with my ability, I saw the door.
My mother’s standing in the door, and in front of her isーーI really didn’t hallucinate.

「Hey hey」

The panicking me stood up and approached the wall of the living room.
Who’d thought Yuka would come to my house. She came to meet me? I think she does.
I didn’t tell her not to come. But I told her that mother’s coming home./ That’s why I thought she won’t come till the weekend.

『E-err…M-Mota’s friend?』

Mother asked with her eyes doubting and Yuka tilts her head.

『A-Ah, Mota’s name is Motarou, right? That’s why I’ve been calling him Mota for a long time』
『I-I see!』

Yuka’s eyes shine as she nods at mother’s explanation
AAH! Dammit! Stop that!4 No matter how much you call me Mota, Mota, I hate that name.

『Mota-kun. Fufu. Mota-kun. Fufufu. Mota-kun…Cute』
『Right? My child always looks at me with angry eyes every time, he hates to be called like that but I like it though』
『Mom’s naming sense is amazing! Can I call him Mota-kun too?』
『Ufufu, go on』

She’s taciturn in front of me but mother who often turns to the listener while talking with the neighbor somehow talks to Yuka happily.
Shit, this is dangerous. It’ll be troublesome if they get along well. That’s why I don’t want to let them meet each other.
But, what should I do? Mother would question me a lot if I came out now.
It’s the first meeting of mother and Yuka so they shouldn’t get in deeply. Even Yuka won’t say anything that would be disadvantageous for me. You won’t right? I trust you.
Anyway, it’s a chance when mother calls me. If mother calls me, I’ll go through the front door, lightly answer hee, pass through and come out of the house like that.

『By the way, uhm, Tamoe-san』
『Yuka is fine! Please call me Yuka, mom!』5

Yuka straightens herself when mother ask her and she speaks out while blushing.

『T-Then, Yuka-san』

Mother who was overpowered with Yuka’s force puts her hand on her lips, cleared her throat and asked Yuka.

『C-Could it be, I’m only thinking that perhaps…could it be, you’re Mota’s girlfriend?』

Mother asks the timid Yuka. That came out in the end. I beg you Yuka, try to wash it away.
Failing to live up to my expectations, Yuka’s eyes opened wide as an expression of her surprise.
Hey! Why are you shaking!? Parry it lightly. You’ll get doubted!

『G-G-G-Girlfriend!? M-M-M-Me!? Aha, ahaha, ahahaha!』

The blushing Yuka’s eyes are swimming around and she unnaturally laughs with a shaking voice.
Ah, this is no good. Even if it’s bad, I thought of timing it and escaping but I’d rather go out of the house without being doubted.
I thoughtー.

『I-I-I’m sorry! It’s accidentally asked a hard question to an adolescent girl! Mota would get angry at me!』

I thought she’d go asking the shaking Yuka but my mother’s also shaking like Yuka.
Ah, I see. Seeing Yuka’s panicking appearance, she thought that it’s a question that mustn’t be asked.
In short, Yuka’s not my girlfriend but, when my mother asked, she got troubled as she doesn’t know how to answer. Yuka’s panicking appearance can be seen by mother’s eyes.
It seems that she’s not doubting yet but as long as she see Yuka panicking, it won’t be strange if it comes out. Let’s escape the house immediately.
When I thought that.

『I-I-I-I-I’m far from his girlfriend! For me to become Mota-kun’s girlfriend! I’m just Mota’s sefuー』6

Yuka raises her voice while becoming bright red. Hearing those words, I squatted on the place feeling helpless.
You’ve done it. You baka!7, You’ve fucking done it!


Mother tilts her head.
Sefu would only be sex friend8 if the other is an opposite sex.
It’s over. It’ll surely come out.


However, Yuka raised her voice while colored crimson and she spreads her arms.

『Safe! Safe, safe! Ahahahaha! The night game baseball yesterday was a climax isn’t it?! I got excited when I remembered it! it was an infield hit nine time two out third base10 The player who kicked the third base slide to the home base, safe safe! Goodbye reversal! like that…』

Spreading out her hands horizontally, Yuka desperately explains and she looked at mother when she finished. Then she laughed.
My speechless mother tilts her head while smiling.

『Yuka-chan loves baseball. I’m not well informed with it but I think it’s amazing』

Mother was somehow convinced with mother’s explanation, she laughs while applying her hand on her cheek. Yuka felt relieved when she saw mother doing that.
Y-You did it well. As expected of a last boss. Showing such a counterattack from sefu.
Still, it got me in panic. I thought my heart stopped.

I thought that I should leave the house as soon as possible, I went to the door on a quick pace, silently put on the shoes, lightly greeted out mom and went out of the door.
Yuka bows to my mother in a hurry too and went out of the house running after me.
Mother hadn’t said anything in particular when we left out of the house. She just waved with a smile.
I thought that she’d stop us but we managed to avoid further problems.

Walking silently, Yuka walks and sticks behind me.
Yuka walks on a faster pace sometimes and she looks at me from the side then she silently falls behind. That repeats.
She seems to be reflecting from almost saying sex friend and now she’s uneasy if I dislike her.
That was a blunder but I was able to know the internal condition of Yuka.
Yuka intends to keep our relation a secret. The proof is that she lied to mother. In short, Yuka’ proven to be a safe person.

「I’m not angry. You should just pay attention next time」

Talking to Yuka who’s walking in the back, she sped up and walked next to me. She looked up to me then bowed.

「I-I’m really sorry. I thought that it was rude for me to think that I’m Mota-kun’s girlfriend so I thought that I’ll remove the misunderstanding, my head got full and…」

Apologizing as she bow, she sent an upward glance to me.
Yuka’s figure is like a scolded puppy so I patted her head instinctively.
Yuka’s ears are bright read, she looks embarrassed but she laughed gladly.
She’s harmless11 She would never reveal that I’m having sex with her. She’s someone who doesn’t think of binding penis to get fucked. There’s no meaning on doubting her. If I doubt her poorly, Yuka might think I hate her and run wild. That’s much more dangerous.
Even if she’s trained, there are those who only give whips, there are those who use carrot and stick properly and there’s a guy who prefers giving a lot of candies.
I think Yuka would follow me even I only give the whip./ But she won’t get cocky when given candy, she’s the type that would raise the loyalty.
If I manipulate her well, I can make use of her talents.
Having those thoughts, I patted Yuka’s head and she looked up at me. Andー.

「Your hair looks cool」

Saying that, she smiled while her ears are bright red.


Withdrawing my gaze from Yuka, I answered while scratching my head.
I want you to notice but it’s embarrassing when you did. However, werll…it’s not bad.

Arriving at the school, I separate from Yuka in the corridor and entered my classroom.

「Asahina-san, good morning!」
「Hey hey, Asahina-san, why don’t we come home together today?」
「Ah, you sly! I also want to go together with Asahina-san!」
「Asahina-san, let’s eat lunch box together」
「Me too, me too」

Asahina’s sitting down on her seat. The schoolgirls gathered around her are calling her out.
The former followers of Asahina who abandoned her are now desperately flattering her.
Time has passed since the delinquent group is annihilated and it seems that they have spread the rumor that it was Asahina’s act properly.
It seems that Shinozaki-kun my best friend and his companions have done a great work.
The attention paid to me would be lost.
Then, I have to halve Shinozaki-kun’s punishment. But let’s work again on the remaining half. The half of the punishment would be halved since they did well but Since it’s half of the half of punishment, there’s still a half remaining.
Fufu, as long as there’s half of the punishment, there would be half of the calculation no matter what you think.
I don’t mind if you decline of course. However, you’ll only suffer the remaining punishment if you do.
That said, it’s amazing how they flatter Asahina. Abandoning Asahina, they already ignored her but they changed their attitude quickly when the situation changed.
They’re like locusts.
Perhaps, someone has to become a sacrifice so they can return as followers of Asahina. It’s the girl who “suggested” to abandon Asahina.
The crimes will all be framed on her and the remaining would become Asahina’s followers.
Looking around the classroom with those thoughts, I found a schoolgirl standing alone in the corner of the classroom. It’s the schoolgirl who had such power after Asahina lost it.
Carried like a portable shrine, she was tossed away when she became a disturbance and put all of the crimes into her.
Aren’t you girls a greater demon than I am?
While I have such thoughts, Asahina stood from her seat. And she walked towards the schoolgirl standing alone in the corner of the classroom.
The surroundings made a commotion. They thought that Asahina who recovered her power would pass down the iron hammer on the sacrifice.
The schoolgirl standing in the corner of the room had her face turn pale when she saw Asahina coming close to her. And she looked around while trembling, there’s nowhere to run, nor a friend to help her either.

「You’re alone?」

Asahina stops in front of the schoolgirl, put her right hand on her waist, looked down on the schoolgirl with a coercive attitude, and called her out.
The schoolgirl trembled and bit her own lower lip.
Ridicule sounds in the classroom. The followers of Ashina began laughing as they see the iron hammer is being given to the sacrifice.
Those girls are a problem. They just laugh at the appearance of the person shamed in front of others but they should be feeling uneasy inside.
After all, they betrayed the betrayer. They don’t know when they will become the sacrifice?
They might be the sacrifice Asahina looks down on tomorrow.
They’re struckー. I think that they’d be much more stiff the more they’re suspected.

「That’s a coincidence. I was also a loner till recently」

The scorn suddenly stopped. The schoolgirl looks up at Asahina.

「You’re lucky. You’re a loner right now. Value it if there’s a person who called you out. Falling at the bottom becomes the biggest chance. When you fall on the very bottom, the only person who stretch their hand is the true friend. And surely they’ll become a good friend for life」

Saying that, Asahina presents out her right hand towards the schoolgirl.

「As a person who also fell on the bottom, don’t you think that we can understand each other?」

The schoolgirl’s eyes opened wide from Asahina’s words, her face crumpled and she shed tears like rain. And she took Asahina’s hand with trembling hands.

「It’s often said to be afraid of failure but it doesn’t mean that you should fail without thinking. They’ll speak ill of you if you fail. Insult you. Abandon you. Understanding that you’re driven in such a situation, don’t fear and rise. That’s what I understood from falling down below」

The schoolgirl stares at the narrating Asahina.

「However, humans aren’t that strong. When standing up, isn’t it good when someone helps? No, it’s really a happy thing when someone holds out their hand」

Asahina’s voice quieted the classroom.
The schoolgirl nods a lot of times while worn out with tears, she raised a voice and sobbed like a child.
I was irritated seeing such spectacle.
Asahina got caught up in the moment.
Fufun, well fine. You can be the queen of the kill as much as you want till it’s late. If I acquire the technique to make Yuka ahegao, I would be invincible. I’ll make you ahegao with just one finger.
Till then, you should enjoy the brief moment of being queen.

Lunchtime, Asahina stood from her seat. She’s going to eat lunch with Yuka as usual, when I though she’s going out of the classroom, Ashina went to the desk of the schoolgirl who’s crying greatly.

「I’ll introduce my best friend to you. However, that child is my great breast friend I’ll get angry if you steal her」

Ashina calls out the schoolgirl sitting alone, she presented her right hand while closing one of her eyes.
The schoolgirl blushes an felt flustered, nodded while laughing embarrassed, she tried to grasp the stretched hand.

「Y-Yuu-chan tasuketeeeー!」

A sudden scream echoes in the classroom. The schoolgirl who tried to grasp Asahina’s hand trembled and Yuka run into the classroom the next moment.
Yuka who’s about to cry rushes inside the room and met with my eyes. As soon as she did, she smiled as if not panicking at all and waved her hand. But, she looked around the classroom in panic immediately after.


A roaring shout. The schoolgirl who stretched her hand towards Asahina looks around with teary eyes and towards Yuka’s cry, then Yuka rushed looking like a demon.
The classroom was frozen from Asahina’s excessive spirit and vigor. Not a single one looks at Asahina, they avert their faces.
They desperately felt that they shouldn’t involve themselves with Asahina right now.


Contrary to seeing Asahina in surprise, Yuka felt relieved and smiled.


She recklessly rushed. Asahina charged vigorously while shouting, she clings to Yuka.

「Are you injured!? Did they do anything cruel!? Say if it hurts okay!? I’ll do pain pain go away!」

Asahina cheks Yuka’s body while asking.

「I-I’m fine. I’m not injured」

Though Yuka should be experienced being fondled, it seems that the same ex is different. She has a wry smile floating on her face.
Great. It seems that Yuka doesn’t have that hobby. Asahina’s suspicious.12

「Please wait boss! If you hate boss so much I can call you nee-san!」

The voice echoes, and immediately after, Marina jumped to the classroom.
It seems that she’s following Yuka even in school.

「Don’t come near me! I told you that I hated you already!」

The gentle Yuka raised a non-Yuka-like voice. Marina laughed when she heard Yuka’s voice and she stepped forward facing Yuka, then.
Marina stiffened and trembled. Asahina’s looking at Marina with a serious face.
It’s weird that she’s expressionless. Furthermore, her pupil is open.

「I don’t know who you are but Yuka hates you. You’re someone Yuka hates. In short…a hostile existence」

Looking at Marina with open eyes, Asahina murmurs in an indifferent cold voice.
Huh? Asahina don’t know Marina? I surely thought she does.
Well, it would be strange if Asahina is obsessed in something she’s interested in, and she won’t be interesting in something she’s not.


Marina leaks out a small scream when she saw Asahina and she trembled intensely.

「A-Asa-Asahina, Asahina Yuu…San」

Marina mutters palely and she withdrew her eyes from Marina and saw me. Then, her face turned paler.

「I-I’ll be killed by a demooooooooon! Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」

Marina raised a piercing scream and went out of the classroom at full speed.
It seems that she’s not intending to meddle with Asahina from the start. In case of Marina, Asahina’s an existence that cause her a lump of trauma.
Or rather, she’s scared that she would anger me if she deal with Asahina badly.
I felt better when I thought that but, Marina still has long ways to go.
Don’t worry, Marina. I won’t kill you. However, I’ll kill you in a different meaning.
Still, she’s not that scared when she look at me but it’s strangely afraid when she saw Asahina and me.

Marina jumps out of the classroom and Asahina sees her escape, the rumor about Asahina would now get credibility.
Marina’s the famous girlfriend of the leader of the delinquents. Marina saw Asahina and ran away in full speed.
Because of that, Asahina’s influence would increase quickly and her power would keep expanding.
And there’s a person who came to admit Asahina’s superiority.
Asahina’s fixated, she’s favoring someone like it’s the apple of her eyes, an existence she’s pampering. It’s Yuka.
They’ll provoke Asahina’s wrath if they deal with Yuka badly. That sort of rumor would spread instantly and Yuka would be able to walk in the corridor as she like now.
It’s somewhat a strange development but I don’t care as long as I can do as I like and fuck beauties. I’m fine as long as they don’t pay attention to me.

That said, neither Ashahina nor Marina noticed my hairstyle.
I’m the type who bears a grudge.


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