X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 27

Chapter 27

After school, when I finished my preparation and went out of the classroom, I saw Yuka standing in the corridor.
Entrusting her back on the wall, both her hands are fixed on top of her skirt, swinging her legs while looking down, Yuka run up to me with a smile while waving her hands when she noticed me.
Yuka has a smile on her face as she runs while waving, it’s as if I can see a tail swinging on her ass violently.
She’s really like a dog.

「Yuka! You came for me!?」

Perhaps, no, Yuka’s surely waiting for me but Asahina has gone out of the classroom like the wind and has captured her.

「Aahn! I’m so glad Yuka came to me! Recently you’ve been looking at me with a delicate smile so I thought I was a bit irritating!? But it seems that I shouldn’t be worried!」

Asahina clings to Yuka, then pats Yuka’s cheek with her own. Showing a wry smile to that Asahina, Yuka let’s her do it.
Asahina, that’s not a needless worry I think. I think you’re really irritating. Or rather, just looking at you makes me feel annoyed.
But because of Yuka’s character, she won’t be able to say that you are. If you get cocky from depending on Yuka too much, she might lose her temper sooner or later.
Yuka’s the type that’s dangerous when she lose her temper so I think you should take care.

「You don’t have to say it! You don’t have to say anything Yuka-chan! It’s okay! I know everything! I’ve foreseen everything when it comes to Yuka.」

Yuka’s trying to call out Asahina but she’s not able to because Asahina kept talking without pause.
Yuka laughs in a troubled manner and she looks at me while Asahina rubs her cheek.
I know that you’re feeling a debt of gratitude towards Asahina but, I think you should say it properly if you don’t want it. If not, she’ll just get carried away endlessly. You’ll definitely get blown if she really got angry.
Or rather, I was honestly saved. Yuka intends to go home together with me. And she’ll come to my house like that and, one, no, two, nono, she intends to fuck at least three times.
If done poorly, I might just be defeated.
Well, it’s not bad though. A shot on her body after getting my body washed in the bathroom and soaked in the bathtub feels good, the massage and fellatio feels good too, it also feels good when I swing my waist selfishly on top of the bed, using dakimayuka as I sleep is also great, and the peeing and fellatio when waking up is the best above all.
But however, Sorry Yuka but I have an intensive training with Marina. I’ll postpone my battle with Yuka until the weekend.
With that said, it really helps me when Asahina binds Yuka.
Embracing on the corridor, or rather, it’s Asahina embracing Yuka one sidedly, while I indulge myself on thought as I look at the two, Asahina who’s laughing sloppily has glared towards me.

「Yuka, wait a bit here. It’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about」

Asahina talks to Yuka with a serious face and she felt reluctant to part from Yuka, she glared at me and walked towards my direction.
Yuka’s flustered as she look at me. I gave a glance telling Yuka that “there’s no problem”
Yuka’s looking troubled but she nodded when she saw my glance.
Ashina’s planned to become my slave to save Yuka but Yuka doesn’t know that. And Yuka became my sex friend to save Asahina but Asahina doesn’t know that.
I think it would be troublesome if the two of them found out but the that’s why it’s thrilling fun.
Or rather, Yuka’s standing on the point she wishes. Asahina’s laughable when I think that. She’s prepared to become my slave to protect Yuka yet I’ve already done a lot with Yuka. She’s exactly like a clown when she became my slave without knowing it. I can’t help but laugh.

「I have to talk with you」

Asahina stands in front of me, looked up at me with an overpowering attitude and she speaks out.

「Eh? M-Me? Asahina-san who’s the cutest and most famous in the class? Waa, I’m feeling nervousー」

I make a joke as I look at Asahina but she didn’t mind what I said.
Well, it’s true that she’s the cutest in the class though. Also, the best in the class, no, in the year, nono, she might be the best in the school when it comes to having no breast.1
So pitiful…

「Well thanks. I would be more glad if you’re not speaking in monotone」

Asahina unpleasantly laughed while looking up at me but she she said a sarcastic remark that won’t be heard by Yuka on her back. And she began to walk.
I sent a glance at Yuka then began to follow Asahina.

Asahina would become my slave for Yuka’s sake but there’s no way she’d ever let Yuka know it.
Because of Yuka’s character, she’ll surely feel guilt if she knew that Asahina’s body was defiled because of her. And she’ll surely try to stop Asahina. Asahina’s troubled because of that. If she null our contract, Yuka won’t be secured anymore. She’ll be exposed to danger.
After all, I’m the man who raped Asahina. If she nulls the contract with such a man, she don’t know what kind of retaliation awaits.
Asahina surely knows it more than anyone else. Because Asahina said it. I’m a deadly poison.

Asahina went to the staircase. This girl really love the stairs.

「It seems that it’s true that the group who’s threatening Yuka is annihilated. However, there’s no evidence that it wasn’t your act either」

Standing in front of me, Asahina speaks as she looks up at me.
Hey hey, are you saying that you’re negotiating to lower it? Since there’s no evidence that I annihilated the delinquent group, are you saying that you don’t want to become my slave?


I smirk as I look down at Asahina who’s looking serious.
I don’t mind either way. I still have the image of when I raped you after all. However, Asahina, you’ve done it.
I can say that Asahina’s forestalling her becoming a slave. It’s a policy to say it clearly. Thanks to that plan, Asahina has made an advantageous situation for herself.
She’ll become the same slave but a willing slave and a forced slave have a great difference.
“I’ll be a slave”, when you assume the situation, I can guess that Asahina took the best bet possible. I’m praising you for doing that. But if you’re going to make it nullー.

As expected I’m cute. But my partner was bad. I’m not a seigi no mikata2 I’m definitely taking my compensation. You’ll regret that I let out my desire.

「I don’t want you to misunderstand, I’ll still be your slave.」

I’m surprised from what I heard so I raised a foolish voice instinctively.
Eh? What do you mean? There’s no evidence so I thought that you’re going to make our negotiation null?

「I have asked you. And the group who’s threatening Yuka is annihilated. Even if there’s no evidence, there’s no way for someone else but you let this thing happen at a convenient time. It’s definitely your act. That’s why you’re dangerous」

There’s no evidence but you’re sure that it’s my work? That’s why I’m dangerous? What are you saying?

「It’s much more fearful that there’s no evidence. The group who’s doing as they like yesterday was just annihilated suddenly. And the annihilated group have their lips sealed when asked who did it. Just what the hell happened? I don’t know it but I can only say one thing」

Asahina looks up at me while speaking and she pressed forward. Until we’re almost touching. But, we’re not. We’re barely not touching. Yuka and Marina would surely have their breast touch but in Asahina’s case, the breast won’t touch even if she press to the limit. That’s how flat she is.
So pitiful…

「The annihilated group doesn’t even think of retaliating. In short, there weren’t just crushed. Their minds are completely broken. Who’s it? No, it was engraved in their body on how dangerous and frightening it is when they get involved with you. Surpassing anger and grudge, they’re afraid of you」

If I’m a god then I’d make it a bit bigger, I thought as I’m not interested in what Asahina’s talking about.
Hearing Asahina’s words, I remembered what Yuka said before.

『Asahina-san’s amazing She might be a natural airhead but she has a power to see through the core of things like no one else does. You know what’s correct or what’s wrong beforehand. Like you’re seeing the road ahead of you. Something like that』

Yuka said so.
I surely thought that she’s going to null the contract and yet, she’s telling me that she understands the situation
Even she said that there’s no evidence herself but she’s saying that she saw everything.
What a difficult woman.

「You’re boring」

Looking down on Asahina’s flat chest, I clicked my tongue.
It’s trivial that she has no breast but I surely thought that she’s going to cancel our contract but Asahina’s disappointing me by showing that she understands the situation. That’s incredibly boring.

「I’m fine being boring. I’m not here to amuse you」
「Even though you’re my slave?」
「Because I’m your slave」

When I asked Asahina with a surprising question, she clearly asserted.
What do you mean by being a slave but not amusing me?

「I’ll submit myself to you. I’ll do any order you give me. But that’s all. I’ll only follow your orders. I don’t intend to do anything by myself. I don’t intend to amuse you nor please you. I’ll only follow your orders. I’ll only obediently follow your orders. Isn’t that what a slave is? Did I say anything wrong?」

Asahina speaks indifferently as she looks up at me and she smirked.
Her smile on her whole face is clearly looking down on me.
I see. She’s going to follow any order but her mind would never be mine? She’s surely persuading herself by declaring it to me.

「There’s no mistake in what you said. That is correct. I don’t mind it」

Saying it with a smile, I felt my groin rising.

「I thought you’d say so. You’re really a difficult man to deal with」

Asahina makes a sarcastic remark with a smile on her face. That’s my line. You’re really a woman hard to deal with.
But you’re really interesting. Far from cancelling it, you intend to provoke me.
Asahina don’t have the intention to run away. Confronting head on, you determined steel yourself to drive yourself to the limit.
If Yuka’s an impregnable fort, Asahina’s a soldier who’d suicide attack the enemy attack without putting on a single protection on her body. She’s just an ordinary fool but it’s different for a fool of a different maginitude.
Somehow, she’s moving me to save Yuka. She’s being banged by me though.
Well, at worst case scenario, I make a more powerful enemy than Yuka. She doesn’t have the experience nor technique but her willpower is widely different. It would be much more difficult to break her heart. That’s why she’s interesting.
Even though she had a dead fish eyes when I raped her now she has become very strong.

「Then, I’m your slave now right? You said that it would be in a week? I’m okay anytime. I’ve already prepared my heart」

Ah, shit, I forgot. She’ll be my slave starting now.
This is bad. Right now, it would be hard to make Asahina ahegao. Even if I make her ahegao, it’s impossible to make her mind break. Or rather, “it’s this much?”, she might laugh and mock me.
When she underestimate me once, it might last long enough.


I told her to wait for a week and Asahina’s also determined. It’s bad if I retreat now. On the other hand, I can’t cancel my training with marina.
Ah, right. I just had a good idea.

「You’re my slave starting now on right?」
「Yes, that’s right. I’ll follow any order you give」

Asahina nodded deeply to my question

「Then, should we try a considerably hard SM play?」
「Certainly. I’m your slave. Not a person. A possession in other words. I’ll follow anything, even if you hurt my body, I won’t make a complaint. If you want, then you can pierce my nipples, go on, do as you want」

Even if I say hardcore SM play, Asahina’s not shaken, she’s even provoking me with a smile to show that she’s not shaking.
Damage her body. That’s an irreparable act. And she said it calmly.
As expected, her resolve and willpower is superior.

「Nipple pierce? Pupupu, what’s that? Yuu-chan thinks that’s hardcore? lol」
「…You’re annoying」

When I put my hand on my mouth and laughed as I speak, a blood vessel came to the surface of Asahina’s temple as she mutters while glaring at me.

「We’re skipping the beginning. A nipple pierce is quite a lukewarm training」
「Fun. At any rate, you’re going to put on enema and make me shit in public, or make me masturbate as people watch the vibrator in my ass? I’ll do it」

When I ask Asahina while grinning, Asahina folds her arm and answered back.
Given enema and shitting in public? making a vibrator pierce your anus as a lot of people watch you masturbate? Hey, you’re too hardcore. She’s blurting out a lot of things. Should we surprise her?

「Fufu, naïve naïve」

I’m grinning while thinking “She’s dangerous” inside my mind, Asahina’s surprised as expected.
For Asahina, she thinks of being “given enema and shitting in public? making a vibrator pierce your anus as a lot of people watch you masturbate” as the most hardcore play. Not able to imagine a much harder SM play than that, she’s in panic.
Fufufu. I’ll teach you the best SM play. It’s the polar region that’s reached by the extremes. That’sー.

「Neglect play」

I speak while raising a the forefinger of my right hand and Asahina raised a foolish voice.

「The sadist wants to oppress the masochist. The masochist wants to be oppressed by the sadist If you investigate the ultimate, it’ll reach to neglect. Being neglected is the ultimate pain for the masochist who wants to be oppressed as not being oppressed when you want to be oppressed is the ultimate pain」

While I explain with my forefinger raised, the glaring Asahina raised a voice without motivation.
What’s with that eyes? I’m not lying. Neglect is the last part of SM play.

「I’ve been neglected for a long time though? I don’t mind anyway」
「Ah, no, around one week」
「Just say it when you have some business to attend to. I don’t intend to run. If you have some business this week then I can wait, I get it」
「N-No! I just wanted to try neglect play!」
「Didn’t you just leave me for a week?」
「T-That’s not a play so it’s different in some meaning! I wanted to try neglect play this week!」

Hearing my explanation, Asahina raised an insulting voice as she stare at me.
Dammit, I think it’s impossible. But I’m not lying when I say that neglect play is the ultimate SM play, I can’t correct it this late so let’s just 3steamroller4 it.

「Well, if it’s what Master says, I’ll follow it. I’m an obedient slave after all. You want neglect play? Okay. Then I’ll be unattended this week. That’s fine?」

I thought she’s going to say something as Asahina pats my shoulder but she said that and laughed.
Be unattended? Be unattended you say?
I felt blood heating up and I gripped Asahina’s collar forcibly and scowled at her.

「Don’t underestimate me」
「You mad? Then hit me. Or do you want to rape me? If you want then you can throw me naked in the classroom? You want to humiliate me by showing that place dripping with your dirty semen? Go on, do as you like. Because I’m your slave」

Raising her as I grip her collar, I’m glaring at her and yet, Asahina’s calmly provoking me.
Even if her provocation is a bluff, I can carry it out as Asahina said. If it’s a bluff then she’d cry and apologize.
But she’s not bluffing. I know that.
Seeing Asahina’s heart through her skin, her heart is pulsing magnificently.
She’s really annoying.

「I’ll make you regret it」
「Sadly, You protected Yuka. Then I don’t have anything to regret」
「I’ll definitely make you ahegao」
「If that’s your order, master. only on the surface though」
「Shut up. prepare yourself as I’ll make you ahegao from the bottom of your heart」
「Oh is that so? Do your best, master」

No matter how much I threaten her but it’s all a waste of effort. My threat is calmly warded off, Asahina answers in a dignified manner, a blood vessel comes out of my head.
But my heart feels uplifted at the same time, I’m getting excited.
She’s fine like this. No, I’m troubled if she isn’t.
Yuka’s much more powerful than I expected, furthermore, she’s too convenient so I’ll be able to enjoy making Asahina ahegao because of that. But I was confronted and I realized.
She’s really interesting.
Yuka’s the ultimate convenient woman and Asahina’s the ultimate inconvenient woman.
I definitely want to see Asahina’s appearance when her heart breaks and surrenders completely. I want to see her crying figure by all means. And I definitely want to see her appearance of making ahegao and speaking penis, dick repeatedly.

「One week. I’ll defile you thoroughly this time and make you a swine who can’t live without penis」
「One week. Got it. I’ll practice my act so I’ll become a swine that Master wants」

Mutually ginning, mutually provoking each other, I separate my hand from Asahina’s collar.
Asahina fixed her uniform that was disheveled from being gripped by me, she looked straight at me and averted her face. And she takes her leave.

「It would be much more fun if your breast is a bit bigger」

I mutter as Asahina turn her back towards me.
I understand it from gripping her collar but she’s really a chopping board. I’m not asking much that it would be luxurious like Yuka but it would be fine if it was a bit bigger.
Asahina trembled and stopped at the place.
“What’s wrong”, I thought as I look at Asahina then she turned around.
Asahina who’s red to her ears hid her chest with both of her hands and glared at me with teary eyes.

「S-Sorry for being small!」

Asahina said that with a trembling voice, she averted her face and walked out in a fast pace.
Oh, as expected she has a complex on her chest.
She spoke calmly when it comes to putting an enema on her anus and making her shit on the public, I can pierce her with a vibraror as she masturbates in front of people, or raping her in the classroom, humiliating her by showing the dripping dirty semen from her pussy, but when her breasts are talked about, she almost cries huh.
That’s how she minds it.
Well, her best friend is Yuka after all. It must be so hard.
Sorry, sorry.
That said, though I’ve provoked Asahina a lot of times, once she successfully provoked me, I won’t be able to attack and violate Asahina’s weak point as I like.
But, I’m different now. I changed when I knew the powerful enemy named Yuka.
If you just attack the weak points to make her cum, there’s no effect if you don’t attack the spirit that surpasses the body. That’s what Yuka taught me.
I’ll use Marina to learn the technique by the end of this week and I’ll make Yuka ahegao by the end of this week. And, Asahina would be the last.
Fufufu, I’m itching to put my skills to use.


  1. Ouch, the burn!
  2. Also known as Emiya Shirou