X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Standing in front of the door of my own room, I desperately restrained my own anger and breathed deeply.
Inhale slowly, exhale. I repeated it until my anger gradually cooled down.
I calmed down to some extent but annoying things are annoying.1 If it’s Marina, it’s possible to make her ahegao easily by just attacking her weak points. I’ll make her scream until she faints, no, I want her to taste the climax hell even if she does.
But, I mustn’t get provoked. Marina’s obviously provoking me. She’s also observing my behavior in her own way and she has seen through it.
I don’t rely on violence even I’m provoked, she might be convinced that I’m only going to retaliate with an erotic attack. If Marina wants to test Yuka’s technique, that’s convenient. If I lose control of myself from anger, it would become disadvantageous for me.
The most troubling situation for Marina would be me attacking her calmly. She needs to provoke to prevent that.

「Let’s enter」

Raising my glasses with the index finger of my right hand, I entered the room while smirking.


When I entered the room, I felt amazed from the spectacle that came in sight.


I felt sweat coming down my cheek.
Marina’s reflected in my sight but she should be wearing a uniformー.

「It’s the first time I went to a cosplay shop. I abandoned my own hobby and sensitivity, and asked the shop assistant to pick the cosplay that suits me best」

Marina says with a smile. Marina’s wearing a tank top that sticks closely to her skin and a shorts that’s exposing the root of her thighs.
Uniform, perhaps for track and field events.

「There are others like nurse or cheerleader too. Also, Suzuhara-kun once did me while I wear a school swimsuit. That’s why I was worried but this is the result on choosing the best fitting for me」

The one that suits oneself best. Marina said that but, it certainly suits her well. The tank top and shorts are simple clothes but that’s why Marina’s good point is charming without any left overs.
Marina’s taller than Yuka and Asahina, she’s also the one with the strongest breast out of the three. Asahina’s a thin and delicate line, Yuka has huge tits but she’s thin however, Marina’s plump on all sides.
She’s not that fat but very healthy plump.
That kind of Marina would look good in a track and field uniform with her violently exposed healthy body.
Fresh and healthy, and her clothes have high exposure. And her obscene limbs. Though it’s fresh and healthy clopth, Marina’s obscene body converted it to an immoral feeling.
And her bare feet increased the lewdness.
If I rape a beautiful girl and let her dress matching her hobby idea and disposition, I think I’ll get more aroused. No, I’m practically aroused.
But however, is this how charming clothes that suit the person are?

「I realized it when I saw Nee-san」
「When she came here the other day, nee-san’s wearing shorts. But, I’m sure that she wanted to wear a skirt」
「What do you mean?」

She wants to wear a skirt in reality? And yet she wore shorts? If she wants to wear skirts then she should just do what she like? Why does she have to not wear what she likeー.


That’s when I noticed it. Marina’s talk connected.

「Did you notice? That’s right. Nee-san who put on the shorts was very cute. Nee-san who looks very girlish wore a boyish shorts. Nee-san’s charm is drawn out more than usual because of the contradiction」

That’s certainly true. I was aroused when I saw Yuka wearing shorts. Shorts certainly suits the very girlish Yuka. For Yuka to wear a boyish shots and tartan makes me think that it’s very cute.

「Nee-san’s fight happened before she came to this house, no, it has began the moment she accepted Suzuhara-san’s invitation. She threw away her preference and chose what suits her」

What the hell. It’s not just her speech and behavior but she also had a strategy to capture me through clothes?
Just like what Marina said, Yuka started the fight the moment she accepted my invitation. I invited Yuka without thinking.
There’s no way I can win.

「That’s why I followed it. How’s it? I don’t get it that much but right now, aren’t I very attractive?」

Looking at me, Marina says that while snorting.
It’s irritating but it’s as Mariana said. Marina’s abnormally erotic right now. Her tank top raises and grips her breasts, the shorts makes me want to stick my dick inside immediately.
However, there’s something that’s not convincing.
If you threw away your preferences, then you should’ve stopped the ringlet curls. If you just obediently tie it to a ponytail, then I’d be more aroused now.
Ringlet curls spoiled it.

「Your face wants to say something」

As I stare at Marina, she asks while clearly looking down at me.


When I answered, Marina glares at me angrily.

「If you want to say something then say it. That’s not so manly」

Though Marina asks while glaring at me, it seems that she’s not calm somewhere. I saw a hint from that Marina.
She told me that she threw away her preference and let the clerk choose. She told to choose the one that suits her best but she also said that she doesn’t understand it herself.
In other words, she doesn’t have confidence if it really suits her.
She unintentionally thought that she’d be attacked, the difference of experience with Yuka is clear as she’s in panic. Because of that, Marina revealed her faults immediately.

「W-Why are you staying silent? If you want to say something then say it clearly!」

Her unease is fueled because I’m staying silent? Marina’s voice is obviously shaking.
She has confidence earlier but she became suddenly embarrassed because she’s uneasy, her face is bright red.
I took off my jacket ignoring Marina and put it on the hanger. And I sat down on a chair and unfastened my pans and took out my raging penis.

「Well, it suits you that it could make my dick erect anyway」

Answering her with a grin, Marina glanced at my dick, hid her chest and rub her thighs.

「I-Isn’t your penis larger than usual?」

She averted her red face and pouts her mouth sulking.
My response was subtle that it seems that she got more embarrassed than usual.
That was honestly dangerous. The track and field uniform suits Marina well. Furthermore, she looks so healthy that it’s so lewd. If I attack Marina right now, I might be done in a moment. But it became advantageous for me when she lost her confidence.

「You want to testy the technique you got from Yuka-chan, right? Then suck my dick already. I’ll use your pussy after doing a shot in your mouth」

Answering her, the bashful Marina felt down immediately.
This girl’s biggest weak point isn’t her erogenous zone. It’s her up and down of emotions. But it’s her biggest point at the same time. It’s troublesome if she gets carried away but she’s weak that she can get depressed immediately.
Marina sends me a glance while looking down and she approached me insecurely. She then stand up in front of me and kneeled on the floor.

「T-Then, I’ll use my mouth?」

Marina mutters as she look up at me, she quietly griped my penis with her right hand and was about to lower her face. I slapped Marina’s cheek lightly.
Surprised, Marina looked up at me.

「What did you learn from Yuka-chan? Just fellatio should be fine? Yuka-chan emphasizes her cleavage while sucking my dick, she sends me an upward glance while swinging her head that’s holding my dick, she’s displaying her pussy by shifting her shorts. That way always arouses me. And yet, you…」

Talking indifferently as I look down at Marina, I leaked a sigh.
Pointing out what I noticed from Marina, her eyes became watery and panicked.

「W-What should I?」

And she’s asking help from me.
Even though she boasted that she wanted to try the technique that she got from Yuka but, she’s no good.
She thought that she can do it inside her head but this will happen if she actually try. Well, it’s not something that could be done overnight. I think that she’d feel greatly depressed.

「Don’t just stand on your knees, bend forward as you such my dick. Of course, raise your tank top and expose your tits. Every time you such my dick, your breast would shake」

Marina nods as she receive my instruction and she stood up from the place in an instant. Then she raised her tank top while blushing to her ears.
Her breast sways when it was exposed and Marina’s face got even redder.
She was overflowing with confidence earlier like a different person earlier and yet, Marina’s now driven with shame and is timid.
The danger of this violent swing of mood is the possibility of her showing unexpected power when she gets cocky.
She’s used by her boyfriend rudely, he’s even having affair with other girls yet she’s dedicating her body for such a boyfriend. And no matter how down she is from being cornered, she can recover quickly if there’s a chance. She might be more dangerous than Yuka and Asahina in that meaning.
Anyway, I have to take care because since she’s dangerous. I’ll swat it steadily if a stake nearly goes out. But it’s too dangerous if I swat it too much. If I pass it once, she might jump out immediately.
She fell that much on the public restroom and yet she instantly recovered when she saw Yuka’s technique. I mustn’t create that kind of situation as much as possible.
Mariana bent forward and exposed her breasts, gripped the pole with her right hand and buried her face between my groin. Next, I felt a slippery meat wrapping my glans.
Marina’s head began to move slowly. Her movements is matched with an obscene wet sound and the slimy meat strokes the glans. And her breast sways.
Hmm, fellatio’s really good. It has a suction power and a tongue which a pussy doesn’t have. But, still not enough. Compared to Yuka’s fellatio, the difference is heaven and earth. Thanks to that, I can observe Marina slowly.
Thinking that, I used my ability as Marina’s doing her fellatio.
If I use my ability, I can see through the weak points of women. But, it harms me in reverse. Since I can see through, I was preoccupied as I stick too much importance on the weak points.
Reflecting inside my mind, I observe Marina’s body while I use my ability.
She’s holding the dick with embarrassment or she’s aroused? The muscles surrounding her weak point is convulsing. I ignored it this time. The one I’m looking for isー.

Found it. I found it.

When I look carefully, my eyes can easily find it.
I can’t say it as a weak point but it’s sensitivity seems to be high. Though the surroundings of the weak point is convulsing, this one’s twitching faintly.
Because the sensitivity of the weak point is too high, it’s possible to make her reach climax disregarding the upsurge of feelings. That’s enough to make Marina ahegao but that’s not enough for Yuka.
Then I have to deliberately attack the part with high sensitivity and it’s also necessary to improve the pleasure slowly.
I found some places inside Marina’s body with higher sensitivity, I tested it and I poked my finger between her collarbone and breasts.


Marina who’s sucking my dick, trembled for a moment and stopped moving. But she began to move her head immediately.
It doesn’t have that much sensitivity like the weak point but it has sensitivity to the extend that her consciousness was taken for a moment.
I can use this.
I thought as I smile in my mind and I poke the part with high sensitivity one after another.

「N,nnn, nkuu」

Marina who’s having my dick inside her mouth trembles. Looking at her pussy with my ability active, she’s generating love nectar quickly. But she’s not reaching climax.
Okay, good. Let’s move to the next stage then.

「Huh? Marina-chan, could it be that you’re feeling it」2

Poking the part with high sensitivity, I ask Marina with a pretend ignorant voice.
The feeling of wanting to tease her rise up a bit. I have to create such atmosphere.
Marina trembles as the parts with high sensitivity are poked then she shake her head as she’s holding my dick inside her mouth.
Oh, she’s denying it? Then, I have to confirm it.

「Then, show me your pussy. Your pussy should be dry if you’re not feeling it right?」

Asking her with a smirk, Marina trembled. Then the swinging of her head stopped.
It seems that Marina herself has noticed her pussy is overflowing with lover nectar. If she show it even though she denied that she’s feeling it, she’ll be troubled.

「What’s wrong? You have a reason why you can’t show it?」

I ask as I slap Marina’s cheek lightly.
Marina stiffened, she took off the dick from her mouth and raised her body.
Releasing my body, I looked at Marina’s body as if I’m licking it from top to bottom.
Blushing, her skin sweats faintly. Her nipples are hard erect.
Red to her ears, she withdrew her gaze away from me, Marina who’s body is writhing hides her erect nipples and covered her groin with both hands.

「You don’t have to take off your shorts. Just show me your pussy by moving to the side」

Ordering her, Marina withdrew her gaze away from me, bit her lower lip, then she moved her shorts to the side with trembling hands and teary eyes. But she’s closing her thighs so her pussy’s also shut tight.

「I can’t see it」

Marina closed her eyes and frowned from my words. But, she didn’t say anything and opened her thighs. As a result, love nectar flowing from her thighs was exposed.

「Huh? Aren’t you feeling it? You’re producing a lot of love nectar」

Marina frowned in vexation when she’s ridiculed by me.

「Marina-chan, you’re so lewd compared to your pure and innocent look3

When I asked that, Marina opened her eyes wide looking surprised.
Eh? Huh? Her reaction is different from my expectations.

「You already know that I’m lewd right? Or rather, I’m pure and innocent? Suzuhara-san thinks of me that way? That’s unexpected…」

I was troubled when I heard Marina’s words.
Shit, I failed. I just said what’s written on the magazine.

「Could it be that Suzuhara-san recognizes me as such? Or rather, could it be that you really like me?」

I felt Marina’s tone feeling uplifted suddenly. As proof, Marina’s eyes began to shine.

「Ah, what? You’re really aroused from my clothes right? You thought of it as super cute, right? You should just say it honestly . Are you embarrassed? Good grief, as expected of puberty」

Marina’s voice is getting improved every second and her as looks like it’s about to shoot a laser beam.
Puberty? That’s you. Why are you having an arrogant attitude.
Or rather, this is dangerous. The one that’s dangerous when she get carried away got carried away. I want to deny it but that’s certainly a bad move. She’ll just think of me as embarrassed when I deny it and she’ll get even more carried away.

「You’re the one that’s feeling embarrassed」

Instead of denying it, I need to counterattack.

「Ah, that’s it. Lewd syrup comes out even though I’m doing almost nothing, You thought that I became a pervert from feeling by just taking your dick inside my mouth?」

Saying that, Marina put her hand on her mouth and laughed.

「Feeling embarrassed from seeing me, and you felt it as pure and innocent? And you got aroused. Isn’t the devil and brute Suzuhara-san quite a cute one?」

Marina’s completely getting carried as if the depression was a lie. It’s so annoying that I can feel blood vessel surfacing on my forehead, but I endured the anger that could kill.
If I lose my temper here, she’ll definitely think of me as a Tsundere.
Calm down. Calm down first. Anyway, breath deeply until you calm down.
I breathed deeply on a way Marina won’t notice and I pressed my right hand on my chin and laughed.

「I don’t want to say it but..」

Muttering with a smile on my face, Marina asks while becoming uneasy.

「You’re bad at fellatio」

Marina who heard me sigh with the mutter, fell on her knees from the shock and put her hands on the floor4 Her big tits swayed greatly because of that.

「I-I didn’t want to meddle with it…」

Marina raised her face while on all fours and speak out in a trembling voice. Her face looks like it’s about to cry any moment now.
Ooh, I tried to gloss over the talk to the fellatio topic but it seems that she received more damage than expected.

「I can’t help it! No matter what kind of technique nee-san uses to serve with her mouth, I could never see what’s happening inside」

Marina speaks out with a teary voice.
Well, certainly, it’s impossible to see what’s going on inside the mouth when doing fellatio. I can see it though.
For Marina, when Yuka’s doing fellatio, she wants to see what’s happening inside the mouth but there’s no way she can show it. Then, she can do nothing but to ask for Yuka’s explanation but Yuka hates Marina. She will never learn because she’s never taught.
Marina’s sobbing while down on all fours. She wants to retort but she can’t, she got uplifted instantly and fell down almost at the same speed. I felt relieved when I saw that.
It’s really troublesome to deal with the people that gets carried away quickly with burning passion. When their feelings explode, they can display power that’s surpassing their original. They can fall hard when they fall but that’s why I have to take care not to underestimate them.

I laid down the depressed Marina on the bed and decided to try various stuffs.
I failed a bit but I understood that attacking the part with high sensitivity carefully is considerably effective. I have to use it and lead Marina to the climax she never reached before.
With that said, I covered Marina who’s lying facing up and made my tongue crawl on her neck.


Marina’s feeling dull but when I licked her nape, she raised a voice and her cheeks blushed.

「W-what’s going on? You’ve never done this kind of things before?」

Marina felt something out of place when I made my tongue crawl on her skin so she asked.
I’ve been attacking Marina’s weak point to make her ahegao till now, then I pierce her pussy without mercy when she does, I’ve done nothing but to vent out lust so far. Thus she’s confused from the sudden gentle caress.

「Well, I just felt like it」

Answering her like that, I made my tongue crawl on the parts with high sensitivity and made a connection.

「N, ah, uu」

Marina trembles as my tongue crawl on her skin, when my tongue passes through the part with high sensitivity, she shakes and raises a sweet voice.

「R-Really, what’s going on!? Something’s weird」

Blushing, Marina raises her voice as she gasp, and she twists her body to run away from my tongue. But it seems that she doesn’t have the intention to resist.
She’s quite shaken. If you think, Marina probably lacks experience from being gently caressed. Shinozaki’s using her just like a hole and I only just make her cum earnestly.

「I-It feels a bit ticklish. Ah, no, please stop it. It’s like a slug crawling on my skin, nn, it feels disgusting」

Marina’s breathing roughly as she twist her body left to right. She’s breathing roughly even though she’s saying that it’s disgusting, her skin’s blushing and sweating and her nipples are erect.
She’s feeling confused from the sensation she never felt before. Furthermore, the amount of the love nectar overflowing from her pussy isn’t half-hearted.
This is more than I expected.
Having those thoughts, I make sure I never touch the weak point, connects with the high sensitive part, and deliberately licked Marina’s body on every nook and cranny.

Thirty minutes laterー.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

A large amount of sweat spouts from her blushing skin, Marina’s twitching as her breathing got worse.
I poked Marina’s breast.


Marina raised a sweet scream and she went convulsing as if she climaxed.
This is amazing. The place I poked doesn’t have that high sensitivity and yet she showed this much reaction.
When I licked Marina like a prostitute5, her whole body seems to have become an erogenous zone.
However, I didn’t just lick her like a prostitute, the parts with high sensitivity makes a connection and seems to have been effective when I made my tongue crawl on it.
And what’s more amazing is that the sensitivity of her body raised so much but, Marina hadn’t climaxed yet.
Since she’s used to climax when her weak point is attacked, pleasure needed for her climax seems to be lacking. Furthermore, with her whole body getting higher sensitivity, the sensitivity of her weak points would go up too. If I attack her weak point, just what would happen?
While having such thoughts, Marina moved her left hand. Then she stretched her left hand to her left breastー

「Something wrong?」

I gripped Marina’s wrist and asked as I press her left hand against the bed.

「P-Pl-please…I beg you」

Breathing roughly, Marina raises her voice that vanishes in intervals.
I know what Marina was going to do. Marina’s left nipple has a weak point. The weak point has a sensitivity higher than usual erogenous zones. When her whole body is licked, the sensitivity rises but Marina never reached climax, she was going to obtain big pleasure to reach climax.


Holding Marina’s hands against the bed, I asked her while looking down.
Her breasts sway with her rough breathing and Marina looks me with moistened eyes, then her face grimaced in pain.

「E-Even though you’re teasing me like usual, your tease today…I can’t endure it」

Marina who looks in anguish has said in a trembling voice and opened her legs by herself. Andー.

「P-Please. Make me cum. Please put your penis inside my pussy as usual. I want to cum so much but I can’t. I never came. I’ll go crazy if this continues…」

Her voice trembles weakly. She’s declaring her defeat from the bottom of her heart.
I won.
But, hmmm, I understood that it’s quite effective to connect the high sensitive parts by licking her but, I think that it’s still weak when and has ways to go to make Yuka Ahegao.
Well, I don’t intend to wish for Marina to have the same willpower as Yuka. It’s great just to know which attacks are effective. She’s a guinea pig after all so it’s enough if she can just fulfil her role properly.

「Got it. As I grind Marina’s left nipple which she likes very much, I’m going to thrust in my penis inside her penis which she loves even more」

When I told Marina that, she withdrew her gaze bashfully and felt relieved somewhat.
Idiot, what are you getting relieved for? The experiment is not over yet.
Ridiculing Marina inside my mind with such thoughts, I released Marina’s hands, wedged inside her open legs, I gripped her shorts, slid it on the side and exposed her pussy.

「Aah, what’s this? There’s a limit on being so sloppy」

A terrific amount of love nectar is discharged, I look at her twitching meat hole and speaks out a disgusted voice then looked down on Marina.
Marina trembled and tried to close her open legs, but she opened it again while trembling.
She’s being looked down on, spoken ill of, but she wants to cum that she can’t bear it. Then, should I just thrust in your favorite dick inside your sloppy pussy?
Gripping my angry penis with my right hand, I placed my glans and gave it to her wriggling meat hole. Then, I slowly moved my waist in.

「Nkuuuu♡ It’s comingーiiiiiin~♡」

The glans invades her, Marina raises a sweet scream and her body convulsed violently.
Marina’s feeling carefree in her head because she hadn’t cum yet but she frayed on her nerves.
I don’t intend to make Marina cum yet. But Marina right now can cum with just the penis going inside her pussy. To prevent it, I pay extreme caution as I slowly put it deeper.


When the glans gradually invade the interior, Marina gripped the bed sheet to the very limit, her blushing body has spouted out sweat, she’s breathing roughly while convulsing violently. Then she clenched her teeth and glared at me with teary eyes.

「W-Why? Why are you so mean? I want to cum. I want to cum helplessly. Please make me cum. I beg you, make me cum. Even though you usually don’t stop when I tell you, why!?」

When I pierced the whole dick inside her pussy, Marina thought that she’d be able to feel easy at last but I won’t let you cum that easily.
I ignored Marina’s plead and slowly pressed my glans deeper, feeling glans reached the deepest part, I stroked my chest in relief.

「No moree~! I want to cum! I want to cum helplessly! Please don’t tease me and make me cum! Suzuhara-san no baka! Demon! Devil! Pervert!」

Marina seems to have felt the glans reaching her deepest part, she began to act violently while screaming.
She’s not cumming even though the penis pierced her deepest part, the stress build up had exceeded the limit and it seems that she exploded.
Well, don’t be so impatient. I’ll thrust it in right now.
Grinning as I mutter in my mind, I lightly thrust in my waist and I suddenly pressed the tip of my glans to the weak point on the deepest part of Marina’s pussy.


Marina who’s raging convulsed abnormally and violently immediately, she bent her back like a shrimp, her breast was thrusted out and she raised a sweet scream. Butー.

「Huh!? Huh!? Huh?!」

Marina’s eyes looks surprised as she convulse violently.
Kukuku, Baka. I won’t let you get that satisfied that easily.
Your weak point isn’t exposed on the surface. If the deepest part isn’t stimulated hardly, it’s impossible to obtain full pleasure on the erogenous zone that’s inside the skin. I understood it from the repeated experiments.

「thatsh notit! mooe shomething mow ameshing!」

Marina shouts words she can’t articulate properly in confusion, she desperately shakes her own waist. She wants the glans to penetrate her weak point somehow. But I can see the weak point so I’m not letting her.

「pleashe! make me cum! pleash maek mii cum liek usshual!」

Swinging her waist madly, Marina desperately appeals. Ridiculing as I look at Marina, I gently caressed her weak point with my glans.

「Noooooo~! pleash maek me cuuuum! No moooore! my head’s goooing crazhyyyyyy!」

Marina shouts as her pussy shuts abnormally tight. No matter how gentle I caress it, the sensitivity of the weak point from the other parts are a degree different. Marina would surely cum because of that. But Marina knows the pleasure when the weak point is attacked violently. If she’s caressed gently like this, even if she climaxes continuously, there’s no way she can be satisfied.

「You want to cum?」

I ask Marina as I caress her weak point with my glans.

「I-I want to cum! I’ll do anytheeng! thaats wai pleash maek me cum leik ushual!」

Marina answers my question desperately. I see, is that so? You wanted to be teased that much?

「Got it, get on all fours then」

I pull my waist as I say that and the penis was slowly pulled out from her pussy.
It’s tightening amazingly. My penis seems to be bitten off. And yet I can easily pull out because of the terrific amount of love nectar. Just how pleasurable it would be if I swing my waist violently.
Ah, I want to cum soon.
Having those thoughts, I pulled my penis out from her tight vagina.

「Ju, Jubojubo, jubojubo me please. Hurry up, hurry up and jibojubo me and make me cum lots」

Marina does baby talk as she can’t articulate properly and she tries to get up desperately. But since her body kept convulsing, power doesn’t enter her body and she can’t get up easily.
Unable to stand it anymore, I rolled Marina and made her facing down. And I gripped her waist and raised her ass.
Lying down, Marina entered the state where her ass is the only thing raised, her meat hole wriggles and drips lewd juices.

「H-Hurry up ♡ Hurry up ♡ Hurry up ♡ Hurry up and give me your dick ♡ put it in ♡ jubojubo it violently ♡ then dopyu let out a lot ♡」

Marina fuels me while raising only her ass.
I see, is that so? Do you really want me to pierce you that intensely?
Very well. I’ll pierce you and go in and out to my hearts content.
Gripping my pole as I grin, I spread her pussy with my left hand and placed my glans on her open meat hole. And thenー.


Marina convulsed along with her sweet scream, her tight pussy had been invaded by the glans to the depths instantly. The glans pierced her uterus instantly.

「Aeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaーーae!? Ae!? ae!~?」

Marina screamed in pleasure but it seems that she noticed something unusual.

「waii!? waii!? thash not eet! itsh much mow amaeszhing usushally!」

Marina’s confused even though she’s convulsing.
Fool. The weak point of your pussy are all on the navel side. And my penis is bent backwards. Your weak point would be hit if it’s on the usual position but it will never hit if I pierce you from the back. In short, your body is made suitable for missionary position.
Addressing Marina in my mind, I gripped her ass and began to swing my waist without mercy.

「Noooooo♡ This isn’t it! ♡ It feels good but that’s not itttt!~♡」

She’s screaming sweetly. I beat Marina’s ass with my groin without mercy.
Though she’s cumming, since Marina’s pussy knows the pleasure of the greater climax, she’s shutting much more amazing than before.


I reached the peak of pleasure instantly and pierced her uterus with my glans, then I released my semen.
The pleasure burned into the brain that the semen let out is poured inside her womb.

「Ah, aah, aaaa…」

Even though she’s convulsing violently, Marina raises a sorrowful voice. I ejaculated without making her obtain the full pleasure she know of and it seems that she despaired.
Well, don’t be so impatient. I can still cum so don’t worry.
Finishing my first ejaculation, I dragged my waist and pulled my penis while soaked in the reverberations of pleasure.
Marina’s pussy isn’t satisfied at all and it remained shut abnormally tight.
Shit, I almost came just by pulling my dick. And because her pussy is so tight, the glans is caught at the entrance.


It made a sound as I forcefully pull my glans, Marina raised a sweet voice while still convulsing. I embraced Marina forcibly and placed her between my groin. Then, I dropped her quickly. The penis pierced her pussy instantly and reached her uterus.


Marina dived in while convulsing and she raised a sweet voice as her uterus is hollowed. And she bent her back as if falling and thrust her breast towards me.
Now then, feeling refreshed, should I lead Marina to the true climax?
Gripping Marina’s waist with my left hand, I picked up her left breast and pinched her erect nipples with the finger of my right hand.


I attacked her weak point violently and Marina raised a sweet voice as her back is bent and she convulses abnormally. And her pussy shuts tight as if biting off my penis.
This is the serious mode of Marina’s pussy? This is amazing. I thought that she’s a disappointing beauty but she can do it if she try.

「Hora, cum as much as you want!」

I speak out as I pinch Marina’s weak point in her left nipple and push up my waist without mercy.
Marina’s weak point is pierced by my glans as I push up my waist.


Obtaining the enormous pleasure at least, Marina sticks out her tongue as her eyes peel white and she raised a scream of pleasure. While I thrust Marina’s pussy, I kept piercing her weakness even though she fainted and I ejaculated the second time.
Ah, this is nice. Aside from whether this can win against Yuka or not, this feels amazingly good.


  1. Fun things are fun, people die if they’re killed
  2. He’s going to make a mistake in 3….
  3. Goddammit! You just said that you’ll take care
  4. Creative Visualization: Orz
  5. Read as Daruma, so I might be mistaken about it but it’s also defined as a prostitute, Do people lick the Daruma doll?