X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Grasping Asahina’s hand, we walked towards the temple.
Although Asahina shows a very unpleasant expression, she didn’t show any resistance, we then entered the worn out temple.

「This place is so dirty」

Asahina mutters while looking around the dim temple while having her hand held by me.


I try not to match my glance with Asahina but I answered muttering. Then, the hand clasped doesn’t try to separate.
I said that I’m not going to threaten but I’m threatening Asahina. Then, I took Asahina inside the dim and dirty temple. Being taken to such a place, Asahina should naturally know what’s going to happen after. Yet she doesn’t resist, it’s the proof that she’s accepting it.
Asahina’s heartbeat goes crazy but it seems that she had given up the thought.

「Well then, Asahina-san. Why don’t you stand like a dog on this dirty floor?」

I asked while grinning, Asahina clenched her teeth then forcibly shook of my hand that’s holding her,

「I get it」

Asahina is obviously angry and disgusted but she kneeled then put her hand on the floor then stood like a dog.
Hey hey, she’s really on all fours. I’m the one who ordered it but I never thought that she’d follow me easily.
Does she resent me? Does being driven into corner and being ordered by a small fry like me makes you feel mortified? Do you want to kill me right now?
But, Asahina-san. How about stopping the love nectar from your pussy first? No matter how much your face says no, my eyes can clearly see the huge amount of love nectar that’s overflowing from your pussy.
You may really hate it but there’s no mistake that you’re feeling aroused right?
The inside of the temple was dirty and dim and it seems that it’ll rot away any moment but the orange daylight streams from the hole opening the wall, it was a good substitute.

「Why do I have to…」

Ordered by me, she was driven in a situation where she can’t do anything but follow me, Asahina trembles in humiliation. But her pussy overflows with love nectar it’s too full that it begins to leak out.
If you like it that much then do something about the love nectar. You’re not convincing at all.

「Then, take out the vibrator from your anus. Oh, don’t use your hand okay? I want you to take out the vibrator that’s inside your anus like you’re shitting」

I squat down before Asahina’s anus as she’s on all fours, when I said that I rolled her skirt and took off her panties without hesitation.


A small ass with a good shape appeared and Asahina leaked out a mortified groan. But her love nectar smears and her anus is twitching indecently.
She’s aroused to some degree but the me who sees through Asahina’s pussy and womb and the vibrator that’s been inside her rectum from the start isn’t aroused by spectacle.
Seeing the things that can’t be seen, is like adventuring even though you already know the location of the treasure from the beginning. The wakuwaku1 feeling decreases. But that’s why I got hold of Asahina’s weakness.
That’s that but, hey hey! What’s this? Isn’t she shaved? Though she’s assumed to have a young slit, there’s not a single hair found there. Since my X-ray vision penetrates the skin and sees the internal organs, I never thought that she has no pubic hair.
She’s acting arrogantly but she’s still a kid there.
I took out my phone from my pocket and take a photo of Asahina in all fours and her exposed pussy and anus.


Know ing the meaning of the sound and the flash, Asahina raised a surprised voice. But I ignored it and still continued to take pictures.
Asahina trembles and is red till her ears, but she didn’t say anything, she kept her all fours posture.
Having someone find out that there’s a vibrator pierced her anus and is inside it made love nectar overflow endlessly from her pussy. Even if she makes an excuse by force, it’ll only become much more miserable. Asahina who has a high pride would never do that.

「Hey, I’m taking photographs, so take out the vibrator from your anus like you’re shitting」

I aimed the lens of the phone to Asahina’s anus while speaking then I gave her ass a slap.


Asahina leaked out a groan while trembling.

「I-I get it」

But she didn’t try to resist, she put her strength on her lower half while answering in shaky voice.
I’m seeing Asahina’s constrictor convulsion violently through my x-ray vision. Then the vibrator that’s sticking inside her ass moved.
The vibrator is pushed out of her constrictor. As a result, her anus wriggled and twitch, it began to open and close repeatedly. Then her anus was spread out and the vibrator appeared from the hole.
Ooh, this is unbearable. The vibrator that went out of her anus, the vibrator that’s inside her ass is exposed and it arouses me so much.
The vibrator that’s wet with intestinal juice began to go out then slipped away when she pushed it.

「Fuu, fuu, fuu, fuu」

Asahina who breathes bit by bit excretes the slimy vibrator using her constrictor and then her ass made a leap. It feels quite good.
The anus was spread out forcibly, I took pictures of Asahina that’s excreting the slimy vibrator like a shit, I caught the vibrator with my right hand before it fell then pushed it back in.


The vibrator that came off and about to drop pierced her again, Asahina raised a scream while twitching violently.

「Sorry, I wasn’t able to take good pictures. Sorry but can you do it again?」

Pushing in the vibrator inside her anus, furthermore, I made my finger push the vibrator deeper, then I talked to Asahina playing dumb.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Asahina breathes heavily while her face is red to her ears, her convulsions repeated.

「I-I get it」

She then answered in trembling voice, she put power on her lower half again.
I looked at Asahina with a grin, I put away my phone to my pocket then unfastened the belt on my pants. Then I took out my penis that’s on it’s limit and it stood up before Asahina’s ass.
Seeing the appearance of the vibe excreted from her anus made me super aroused. Asahina made me aroused. She has to take the consequences.
I grasped the penis that has blood vessels floating on the surface then lowered it to aim at Asahina’s pussy.
Without noticing what I’m doing, Asahina kept putting power on her lower half to take out the vibrator.
Then when the glans touched her slit, Asahina’s waist jumped.


Asahina twists her neck from her all fours position then gave me a sidelong glance. Her face looks pale.

「W-wait…A-are you joking?」

Her eyes and voice are shaking. A foreign body is held into her pussy, she noticed what’s going to happen to herself right now.

「P-please! I beg you, please spare me from that. Aren’t I doing what you wanted? I definitely don’t want a small fry like you to be my first. Please, spare me from that…」

Even though she’s begging, Asahina still calls me a small fry, as expected. Asahina seems to have enjoyed when I put the vibrator inside her anus but she really don’t want me to deprive her virginity. But her pride stops her and she wasn’t able to sincerely beg me to stop. Your virginity would be lost because of that.
It’s bad that you have high pride.
Well, even if she beg seriously, I never intended to stop.

「It’s fine, be at ease, Asahina. I’m going to put in just the tip」

I said that while thrusting in my waist.


Asahina and her pussy screamed at the same time.

「S-stop! I beg you please stop! I want to give my virginity to someone I love! I put the toy in my ass because I don’t want to lose my virginity! I’ll let you do my ass so please spare my virginity!」

Shaking her head, Asahina shouts something sorrowful and begs. But she can’t run on this posture.
She also knows that this won’t solve anything if she just run.
She’ll be driven into corner if she just run away.
There was no evidence of the vibrator piercing and going inside her anus from a while ago. Though I saw it, it won’t become an evidence. Cutting through that fact, she can actually threaten me for putting my hand on her forcibly. But it’s different right now. She’s on the floor like a dog, her ass and pussy is exposed, love nectar overflows from her pussy, and I’ve taken a lot of photos of the vibrator going out of her anus.
It’s the evidence that can put Asahina to shame. Taking hold of it, Asahina can no longer run away.

「It’s okay Asahina. The tip hasn’t entered yet」

I play dumb as I force my glance into Asahina’s pussy, I pushed my waist with all my might while grabbing Asahina’s ass with my two hands.


Asahina’s ass jumped and she raised a scream as the glance pirced her hole.

「It’s okay, it’s okay. It’s not all in」

The glans is completely inside her hole but I pat Asahina’s ass while playing dumb then pushed in my waist further.
But still, her pussy is so tight.


As the glans invade the interior of her hole, Asahina raised a scream while convulsing.
I burn the appearance of Asahina loosing her virginity in my memory as I look at Asahina’s vagina using my x-ray vision. Then, I pushed in my waist deeper.


Along with Asahina’s scream, I clearly see the appearance of the glans breaking her hymen. The glans invaded straight further then it bumped into her uterus.
Ooh, so this is a pussy? It’s so tight, syrupy and drenched, it’s unbearable.

「Ah, aah, aaaa…」

Asahina raised a scream while having convulsions, her voice is trembling in despair.
I though of gore when I saw through but seeing my penis go inside her vagina and hit her uterus feels arousing.

「It’s okay, you didn’t lose your virginity yet. I just put in my tip after all. Then, I’m going to pull it out」

Saying that, I pulled out my waist.


She raise a muffled scream then goes into convulsions.

「Ah, can I put in my tip again? It’s just the tip」

Before I pulled out all of my penis, I asked Asahina while pushing in my waist again.


The penis invaded her meat hole again till the glans reached the uterus again. As a result, Asahina raises a miserable scream while her whole body twitch.

「P-Please. I beg you. Not inside, please don’t let it out inside. Please. Please. I beg of you…」

Ignoring my words that she didn’t lose her virginity, Asahina desperately begs.
Well, if it’s about losing virginity, no one but Asahina would understand it the most. But, she has no room to despair after losing her virginity.

「Please, please don’t release it inside. I’ll do as you like. I’ll do anything you say. That’s why, please don’t release it inside」

Asahina petitions that she doesn’t want it inside. Furthermore, she’s being polite on the small fry like me. That’s how much she doesn’t want to be creampied I guess. She even threw away her pride as it’s necessary for her to not be creampied. That’s why Asahina threw away her pride and begs sincerely.
Don’t worry Asahina. It’s fine. Since I can grasp the position of your uterus, I’ll be sure to pour every drop inside your womb.

「Asahina, there’s no way I’d cum inside right? It’s just the tip in the first place.」
「Aa, aaaah, cruel, you’re cruel…」

Listening to me, Asahina leaks out her hopeless voice. Towards me who pretended to not know, she probably realized that her wish won’t be accepted.

「It’s okay Asahina. You can just stop going to school when you get pregnant. That’s just it. Also, Asahina has so many reliable friends so I’m sure they’ll help you」2

I answer like it’s someone elses problem then gripped Asahina’s ass again then began to swing my waist forcefully.
I throw my waist into Asahina’s ass mightily then it makes a banging sound inside the shrine. The wet sound that echoes mixes with that sound.
Ah, shit. Asahina got some good pussy. Her pussy is drenched with love nectar even if she doesn’t like it. Furthermore, the tightening and the twining of the meat is the best. In addition, the feeling of the glans hitting her uterus is unbearable. Then, having the full view of the scene just increases the arousal.

「Cruel, you’re cruel! Oni3! Akuma4! I curse you! I curse youuu!」

Every time I thrust in her back makes a jump, Asahina curses me while crying.

「It’s fine I told you. I won’t marry you even if you get pregnant. That’s why be at ease and get pregnant」
「Eh?! No!? Please! I beg of you please don’t let it out inside! I’m sorry for saying harsh words! I apologize so! I’ll do anything! That’s why, just please, don’t let it out inside meeeee!」

I mercilessly pierce her from the back, Asahina raises a sorrowful shout, desperately begging to be spared as she shake violently. Her pussy tightened even more as a result.

「Got it. I won’t cum inside. Ah, I just did」

Pushing in my waist to the fullest, I let out my semen while talking to Asahina.


The Asahina that screamed desperately raised a idiotic voice.
The glans that shot out the semen inside her womb as it hit her uterus, I clearly see that spectacle.

「Ah, aaa, aaaaa…」

The semen was poured inisde her womb, Asahina raised a small trembling voice.
She wasn’t just deprived of her virginity, she was also creampied. Losing her virginity was now trivial for Asahina.
She might get pregnant if it was let out inside. Her head should be filled with that.
Ah, I smiled. Though it’s my first time thrusting inside a pussy and first time cumming inside, sex feels so good This might become a habit.
When I poured in all drops of my semen inside her womb, I pulled out my penis.
When I dragged my penis out, it created a spectacle of semen flowing backwards, I can clearly see it with my x-ray vision. Then after pulling out the glans from the hole, the hole had cloudy liquid overflowing from it. The proof of virginity was mixed with the viscous liquid.
I took out the phone from my pocket then took a lot of pictures of Asahina’s pussy that has semen dripping from it.

「Hey Asahina」

Then I turned the lens to Asahina’s face and called her out.
She slowly moved her head then sent me a glance, her cheeks is wet tears, she looked at me with eyes that lost it’s light.


That’s the only word Asahina said, I then took a picture of her face.
The despair of her virginity being taken away then adding that she was creampied, Asahina’s mind might be broken. Looking at her eyes that lost it’s light through the lens, a smile without emotion floated.
The cold smile was the cutest of all Asahina’s smile so far.

「You’re going to be my sex friend from today. It’s fine. I won’t tell you to marry me, I’ll throw you away if I get tired of you. You can refuse of course. I’ll keep our secret even if you refuse」

While taking pictures of Asahina over and over again, I talked to her as she smiled without any emotion.

「Because I have no intention of threatening you after all」

I added.
Looking at Asahina’s eyes that lost it’s light through the lens, a smile without emotions float without giving any answers.


After a while, Asahina answered in a feeble voice. That’s the proof she accepts being my sex friend.
I never thought that Asahina would fall this easy. Her pride maybe high but her heart is weak from breaking.
Well at any rate, I got my convenient onahole. Asahina’s appearance is the best, if her mind breaks, her bad character won’t have anything to do with it.


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  2. I love this sarcastic MC
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  4. Also a demon