X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 30

Chapter 30

A beastly scream echoes in the room.

「Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♡」

Marina who sticks her tongue out as her eyes peel white stiffens her body, she’s convulsing as if she was a fish let out of water.
Just how many times it happened today? Marina already fainted. Yet she’s still continuing to climax grandly.

New training began on the third day. I thought the new technique has a considerable effect but it’s more than I expected.

Not attacking the weak point but rather tying the sensitive parts to a line and tracing that line by caressing it with a finger and tongue. It’s not a proper caress but the high sensitive part is surely grasped.
If a woman’s body is deliberately caressed all over, penetrating it without missing a single little reaction, it’s a possible method for an ordinary man.
But my eyes doesn’t just see the outside reaction but I can also see what’s inside.
In short, the person who’s receiving the caress isn’t self aware and the hidden erogenous zone can be discovered too. And it’s possible to capture that too.
Usually, the methods are almost impossibly limitless, but my eyes are unusual so the methods are simply possible.
The hidden erogenous zone. For example, the space between the middle finger and fore finger of the right leg, a point in the right ass, or the left cheek.
When those parts are stimulated, the pleasure would be felt, and it would feel so embarrassing. It’s an erogenous zone which the person in question isn’t aware of so the act makes her conscious on how improper and lewd she is.
Thanks to Marina’s feeling and sensitivity, it’s limit has risen to the limit along with the passage of time.
Shame, self-torment, uplift, and arousal. Those feelings and pleasure are doubled, but her weak point is never touched, without being able to reach climax, Marina’s body and mind would reach the critical point before long. Ascertaining it, the weak point is attacked instantly.

「Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♡」

She screamed as a result.
Making her reach climax in this way, compared to the forced climax by just attacking her weak point, this one makes her reach a different magnitude of climax. Though reaching climax by attacking the weak pint is a level superior, this reaches climax several steps further.
It’s no exaggeration if it’s called true climax.
Furthermore, it won’t just end when she climax once.
Things heated instantly is easy to cool down. But it’s hard to cool down things that are heated without rushing.
Forced climax is the former and deliberate climax is the latter. And the former is easy to cool down but the latter takes time.

「Cumming~♡ Cumming~♡ Cumming~♡ Cumming~♡」

Marina continues to jump and and bang her stiff body. My penis inserted inside Marina’s pussy.
I’m not doing anything. Marina jumps and pulls the penis out and she inserts it as she lower her waist. The glans pierce her and hollows out her weak point and a scream echoes inside the room and Marina’s waist jumps up again.
In other words Marina’s fainting is caused by her selfish movements.
She’s shutting her pussy to the limit and I feel that I’m being bitten off. And yet, her pussy strokes my penis filled with love nectar.
Since there’s too much love nectar flowing, no matter how tight her pussy closes, the penis moves smoothly inside her pussy.
Ah, it feels great. Marina’s screams are a bit noisy but it feels good enough that I can endure it. Furthermore, it’s easy because she’s moving her waist selfishly. Marina who’s peeling her eyes white as she sticks out her tongue while convulsing is funnily interesting, her nipples are erect so hard as if it’s going to explode and the breasts shaking greatly arouses me.
This started as a training to beat Yuka but I left out the idea of taking Yuka out and liked this training.
Amusing me every day, Marina shows more reaction than I expected that I began to think doing her gently for a moment.

Next day, the classroom was buzzing as I seat on my own chair.
I looked around thinking of what’s going on, I looked at the entrance and opened my eyes wide.
Marina blushes as she stands fidgeting. Standing in front of Marina is Asahina placing her hands on her waist and glares down at Marina. And Yuka glaring down at Marina behind Asahina. The students in the classroom are frightened because of the three people’s atmosphere.
Even I am surprised. Marina’s really rejected by Asahina. That’s why I thought she won’t come again to this classroom.

「P-Please move. I have to talk to Suzuhara-san」

Blushing, breathing roughly, Marina speaks out to Asahina timidly.
She’s quite scared but she’s not pulling out.

「Marina’s really fun」

Muttering, I placed my hands on my cheek while watching them carefully.
I want to violate beauties as I like but it’s not fun if I can do everything freely. As expected, stimulation is fun.
To that respect, Marina was troublesome when she got carried away but the betrayal of expectations is good in a meaning.

「Could you tell me why Yuka dislikes you? I won’t pry further if you don’t want to. But it’s true that she hates you. And Yuka’s enemy is my enemy」

Glaring at Marina, Asahina asks her with a dignified voice.
Ooh, Yuka didn’t tell Asahina why she dislikes Marina?
She probably thinks that it’s her and Marina’s problem till the end. She also probably think that borrowing Asahina’s power would be unfair. Even though her breast and pussy are so soft, she’s quite a hard one. You should use the stuff that you can.
Incidentally, Asahina said that she won’t pry deep but she perhaps know the truth.
She must’ve investigated a lot to confirm whether or not I really annihilated the delinquents. Then, she surely knows how Marina is related. And yet she’s pretending not to know perhaps to save Yuka’s face.
You’re annoying.

「M-Me too!」

The glance of the classroom concentrated on one point from the sudden voice extending out.
The one standing on her seat trembles as she stand up.
The sacrifice for Asahina’s former followers to come back to her.
Errm, what’s her name again?

「A-Asahina-san’s enemy is my enemy!」

The sacrifice shouted in a shaking voice and she turned around and glared at Marina with teary eyes. Leaving her seat, she walked towards Asahina and Yuka with trembling knees and she stood next to Yuka.

「Y-You’re the most important person for Asahina. Nice to meet you, I’m Kisaragi Sayaka」

Kisaragi introduces herself and bowed lightly towards Yuka.

「I’m prepared to be scorned. I was the one who leaded the students to obstruct Asahina-san. But Asahina-san stretched her hand towards me」

Kisaragi speaks out while having a masochistic smile.
What’s with the class leader? You’re just a portable shrine.

「Please scorn me. I’ll take whatever honest opinion you have. In addition, I will repay my debt towards Asahina-san」
「I get it!」

Yuka raised her voice at the same time Kisaragi finished talking. Then, Yuka embraced Kisaragi.

「I know! I get it! I’m the same as you! I also betrayed Yuu-chan! A worst kind of human!」1

Yuka’s in tears as she shout and cling to Kisaragi.
Well, Yuka also experienced betraying Asahina. She can’t think of Kisaragi as an unrelated person.
That one called Kisaragi is surprised as Yuka clings to her.


Kisaragi looks at Yuka who’s embracing her while crying, her face paled and looked at Asahina.


Kisaragi thought that she’d be jeered but Asahina didn’t move and only raised a mortified groan.
She can complain if Kisaragi’s clinging to Yuka but Yuka’s the one clinging to Kisaragi. If she makes a complain, that would be denying Yuka’s will. That’s why Asahina can’t move.
That one called Kisaragi is being stared to death by Asahina and her face stiffened and paled.

「Kisaragi-san. No, Sayaka-chan. I think we can deeply, deeply understand each other」
「D-de…deeply? deeply understand each other?」

Kisaragi mutters as Yuka clings to her while crying, Asahina became teary eyed and uneasy when she heard that mutter.

「Y-Yuka, hey Yuka, how deep is that? Tell me? Could you tell me? I won’t get angry. I definitely won’t get angry. Just how deep do you understand each other? Mentally? Or is it physically?」

About to cry at any moment, Asahina trembles as she has a cramped smile floating on her face, she pulls Yuka’s arm and asks in a strangely flattering voice. And, she sent a glance towards Kisaragi. There’s no light in in those eyes.
Kisaragi trembled and her eyes became moist. I can say that it’s normal to be scorned, well, do your best.
By the way, Asahina’s seriously a lesbian? If so I think it’s a bit disgusting but fun.
I know that it would have an excellent effect if I use Yuka as a pretext but if she really is one, then what would happen if I violate Yuka in front of Asahina? I get excited just by thinking.
But it’s dangerous that I might get killed though. Even if I violate Yuka in front of Asahina, I have to make the foundation of where Asahina can’t rebel against me first.
Well, that’s easy though. I just have to make Asahina understand that Yuka’s the one wishing to be embraced by me.
And I want to see Asahina’s face when she knows it.
Grinning while having such thoughts, Marina who’s standing in the entrance has entered the classroom and walked restlessly.
Yuka cries as she cling at Kisaragi. And Asahina looks at Yuka with empty eyes and glares at Kisaragi. And, Kisaragi’s stiffened.
A three way struggle. Because of that, they haven’t noticed Marina invading the classroom at all.
Marina who successfully broke through Asahina’s defense has walked towards my seat. And she placed her hands on my desk at the same time she arrived to my seat and bent her body facing me.
Looking straight at me with moistened eyes, her hot rough breathing blows my face.

「I-I can’t endure it. My body’s so hot that I can’t turn back anymore」

Marina who’s red to her ears, draws her lips almost touching my face, she speaks out in a painful voice while breathing roughly.

「For a long time, I’ve been cumming since yesterday. I’m cumming with just something hitting my nipple for just a bit. I’m cumming from just something hitting my clitoris for just a bit. Even with the underwear, just wearing the uniform, just walking, just touching, I’m already cumming」

She draws her face further. And her faint pink moist lips touches my lip. Speaking in such state, Marina desperately appeals.
Looking at the surroundings, most of the students are looking at the three people at the entrance. But there are several students looking this way with blushing faces.
We’re not kissing but we’re in a situation where kissing is no exaggeration already. Our lips touches even though it’s faint.
I don’t want to stand out so Marina’s actions only bring harm to me. But there’s a good idea that sprout on my head.
I kissed her boldly in the classroom where there’s a lot of students. I can use it in this state.

「Be my girlfriend」

Asking her, the shadow in Marina’s eyes fell down. And she separated her lips that’s touching faintly.
She’s obviously showing rejection.
Go on, that’s fine. Getting violated by me that much, releasing a lot inside her, I defiled Marina without anything left out. Still, she’s still thinking about her boyfriend.
Marina can no longer intend to go back to Shinozaki. She can’t reunite with Shinozaki anymore. But, she doesn’t intend to become someone else’s thing. Keeping the though that she “was” Shinozaki’s girlfriend, she intends to stick with it.
I thought she’s going to become no good but she’s an intense woman. I like that part of Marina.

「Throw away Shinozaki and become my girlfriend. Well, you’ll be my girlfriend on the outside though」

Looking at Marina’s eyes that cast a shadow, I ask while grinning.
Because of the new training with marina, her body’s burning up. Despite being rejected by Asahina strongly, she still came to my room as she can’t endure it.
Marina’s body, no, her pussy has already became a meat that can’t live without my penis.
The new training is interesting and Marina’s pussy became good. Also, her breasts. The feeling of massaging Yuka’s breast is great but Marina’s breasts takes the lead when it comes to visual impact.
While her pink nipples points hard, that thick and heavy thing sways and Marina’s breast is the only one that does it.
In short, it’s regrettable throwing Marina away.
But, Marina has no place under the current situation. Hated by Yuka, and since Asahina’s hostile towards her too, if I violate Yuka and begin to train Asahina, Marina would completely lose her place.
That’s why I’ll make Marina’s place. That’s becoming my girlfriend. If so, Marina would be on my side for just cause.
If Marina complains, it would become my complain at the same time.
If so, Asahina can’t say anything. Because she’s my slave. The problem would be Yuka. Yuka fell in love with me and she would feel uneasy because she’s only my onahole but there’s no way a sex friend would complain.

「P-Please let me think about it…」

Marina mutters a trembling whisper while casting a shadow on her eyes. I laughed at Marina.

「Yeah, think about it. I’ll say it though, I don’t mind if you refuse. I won’t give you a punishment even if you refuse so don’t worry」

Answering her with a smile, Marina’s eyes shook.

「Please don’t misunderstand. I’ll accept your proposal. I’m not lying about abiding your will. I’ll come your girlfriend if you tell me to. Whether it’s temporary or official, I’ll be your girlfriend. But please give me some time. Please give me some time to sort my thoughts」

While her voice trembles, Marina looks straight at me and speaks. Marina’s answer satisfied me.

「Yeah, got it」

I nodded at Marina’s words.
Though she has a conclusion, she still want some time to sort her thoughts. Marina saying that would perhaps be reborn when she finished thinking. The current Marina would become a different person.
Though Marina’s looks are flirty, her true character is unexpectedly old-fashioned. She would keep believing her partner once she falls in love, she’s such a woman who’d walk three steps behind her husband. And yet, a passion’s burning furiously in secret.
She was annoying when she got carried away but there’s no human with good points only. Strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin.
Shozaki’s an idiot. You sold the existence that would never betray you no matter what. You might’ve let go of a fish that’s larger than you think.

Lunchtime, Marina came to the classroom.
Marina entered the classroom in a dignified manner and stopped in front of my seat.

「Can I borrow this seat?」

Marina looks around the surroundings as she speak, carried the vacant chair and placed it in front of the desk I’m in front of.

「Thank you for giving me time. Thanks to that, I was able to sort my thoughts」

Marina’s voice sounds inside the quiet classroom.

「It can’t be helped for today but I’ll make your lunch box starting tomorrow」

While unwrapping the lunch box she put on the desk, Marina speaks out to me, opened the lunch box and held chopsticks in her right hand. Then, she looked straight at me.

「Let me say it clearly. I don’t intend to forget Shinozaki. But I swear to be your girlfriend」
「Yeah, that’s fine」

Marina talks while looking straight at me and I answered while nodding with a grin.
That’s fine. If she said that she’ll be my girlfriend and forget Shinozaki, I would throw Marina at the place that time. I’m not interested in such a loose woman.
Marina who heard my answer, had a troubled smile floating on her face.

「I really don’t get you. You’re so strong yet unfair. And you never give mercy to your enemy at all. And you show comparatively flexible interaction in a logical manner3 If a person like you was born in the warring states period, you might’ve been a hero」

Marina laughs while showing a troubled smile, placed a side dish from the lunch box to her chopsticks and carried it to my mouth.

「Okay, aahn~」

And she speaks out in a strangely sweet voice.


I open my mouth as I rest my chin on my right hand, the omelet entered my mouth.
I closed my mouth, chewed, and swallowed it.


Marina asks while tilting her head.

「Yeah, it is」

Answering her, Marina blushed and happily laughed.
Looking at the glances from the surroundings, the students inside the classroom looks at us dubfounded.
The delinquent group is annihilated, Asahina who’s expected to be the one who did it is hostile at Marina. If there’s a rumor associated about Marina would spread, none of them would pick a fight with me.
After all, if they got involved badly, they might antagonize Asahina.
Furthermore, when I make Marina my girlfriend, they won’t be feeling out of place when I’m involved with Asahina and Yuka.
Asahina and Yuka are hostile with Marina. It’s very normal for them to pick a fight on me who’s her boyfriend. It’s not unnatural even if we’re together.
If I keep Marina’s company, I think I would have much more advantage than I expected.
It was an instant judgement but it was unexpectedly wise.

If there’s a problemー.

I sent a glance on the vacant seat of Asahina. She went out of the classroom to eat lunch box with Yuka today. It seems that she has taken Kisaragi even though she was a bit unwilling.
Yuka’s interested in Kisaragi after all. Asahina wants the two of them to not make a contact as much as possible but she doesn’t want to see Yuka’s sad face.
With that said, Asahina and Kisaragi aren’t in the classroom. That’s why there’s no one complaining even if I’m eating lunch with Marina.

Excluding one person.

Seeing a glance at the entrance of the classroom, I got thrilled from the shivering cold feeling.
There’s a schoolgirl hiding herself at the entrance and observes.
Yuka’s looking at Marina with eyes that lost it’s light.
Marina walked in the first year’s corridor to come to my classroom. In short, Yuka who should be eating lunch with Asahina won’t be strange if she noticed Marina.
Since Asahina and Kisaragi aren’t nearby, she must’ve pretended to go to the restroom and followed Marina.
I can’t honestly read what’s Yuka’s action but I’m sure that she can’t use Asahina and Kisaragi to crush Marina.
Because of Yuka’s character, if she has a complain then she’s going to try and do something by herself.
It’s becoming troublesome but, that’s why it’s interesting and exciting.
It’s also bad when I can’t read her.

「U-Uhm, so…」

Marina who’s diligently putting the side dish and rice to my mouth is blushing, breathing roughly, fidgeting, as she looks at me wistfully. Thenー.

「I-I want your penis…♡」

Marina bent her face forward, pleased for my penis with a sweet melting whisper.
Even though she sorted her thoughts, Marina pleaded for my penis that day.
I’d normally think of her as loose but I don’t think so.
With my new technique, Marina was continuously given a climax that would make her crazy for a long time. Furthermore, she can’t escape from the climax even if she faints. Marina has become mad for the penis because of that.
I deliberately observe that Marina. That’s why I can say it clearly. She’s not loose.
Even if it’s just half a day, Marina chose the penis when she sorted her thoughts, she did well and spoke honestly.

「Got it」

Nodding, Marina fidgets from embarrassment but she laughed gladly.
Looking at her, it’s a waste of a beauty that she became my girlfriend. Furthermore, she’s a senior and has big tits.
Yuka’s looking at Marina with eyes that lost it’s light from the shadow of the door of the classroom.
Uhyoooー this is fun. Yuka looks dangerous. Her eyes looks like it’s going to kill Marina.
I don’t know what action would come from Yuka but I don’t have the room to look at Yuka right now., That’s whyー.

「I can see a breakthrough」

Marina tilts her head to my mutter.

「No, nothing. Should we do it till your belly’s filled?」

Marina who’s tilting her head blushed when she heard my words and looked down. But she’s laughing and she began to put away her lunch box.
I don’t have the room to see Yuka right now so there’s a possibility of winning.
Having such thoughts, I left my seat to have sex with Marina.


  1. hahahahahahaha
  2. Sound of Jelly
  3. その割に筋を通せば柔軟な対応を見せる。