X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Lying down on top of the bed, a pussy’s exposed right above my face and Marina’s taking my penis inside her mouth while on all fours.
It’s the so called 69.

「Nbu Juju ♥ Juppo Juppo ♥ Juju ♥ Ju ♥ Jupojupo」

An obscene wet sound originates from the glans.
It’s still inferior compared to Yuka’s fellatio but it’s pleasant. Though it’s inferior to Yuka, Marina’s technique improved greatly.
But I feel that it feels good not because of the technique.
There’s something else that arouses me and that doubles the pleasure.

「じゅぽっ♡ れろれろれろ♡ ちゅっちゅっ♡ むちゅっ♡ ぐぶっ♡ じゅぽっじゅぽっ♡」1

Taking out the penis, Marina kisses the glans like her beloved and strokes the rod with her hand, then she put it inside her mouth again and then swing her head.
She’s inferior than Yuka but she wants to please me. She wants me to have fun. Her polite fellatio transmits those thoughts.

「Marina. Let’s end after I ejaculate」

I ask Marina while looking at her obscene pussy right in front of my face.
Marina trembled, then stopped swinging her head for a moment. Her meat hole that’s drenched with love nectar closed up.
It would end with the next ejaculation. If I ejaculate with her fellatio, her pussy won’t taste the penis today.
Marina thought so butー.

「じゅぽっ♡ じゅぽっ♡ じゅぽっ♡ じゅぽっ♡」

Marina resumed her fellatio while her love nectar drips from the convulsing greedily meat hole.
I didn’t tell her to stop the fellatio. That’s why I intend to ejaculate in fellatio.
Even though she wants to cum to death.
Then how about this?
Raising my right hand, I placed my forefinger and middle finger in her meat hole and put strength on it.
Along with the obscene wet sound, the two fingers are swallowed inside her meat hole.


Marina who has my penis inside her trembled and she raised a sweet muffled voice.
Activating my ability, I looked through her pussy only and I bent my finger and scratched the place that’s a bit off from her weak point.
Her vaginal wall is scratched.

「Nnnnnnnnnnn♥ Nnnnnnnnnnn♥」

Along with her sweet muffled scream, the finger swallowed to the root is being shut tightly.
Just a bit more, if the finger shifts just a little bit, it would hit her weak point.

「Nu♥ Nuuuuu♥ Nku♥ Nuuuuuuuuu♥」

An obscene wet sound is created as her pussy’s stirred. Even if she knows her weak point, there’s normally a chance that it would be hit if the attack shifts even for just a bit. But that won’t happen to me.
I can clearly see her weak point with my x-ray vision so it’s possible to stir her pussy violently without touching that part.
That’s already a torture.

「ん゛ん゛ん゛♡ ゛ ん゛ん゛ん゛ん゛ん゛ん゛♡ ゛」

Marina’s blushing body spouts a large amount of sweat. Then she convulsed abnormally along with her sweet muffled scream.
It’s possible to cum even if the weak point isn’t attacked. Marina reached continuous climax by just being stirred with two fingers. But for Marina who experienced and had the true climax carved into her body, this pleasure can’t be called a climax to her.
It would end if her desire is stimulated but she’d only be sorry if her desire isn’t.
You want to cum? You want your weak point to be attacked? You desire the climax that would not let you escape even if you fainted right?
Say it, Say it Marina. Say that you want my penis. Say “Make me cum”
I’ll tease you more if you do. If you know that, you’ll lose to your desire and beg for it. Become a sore loser.

「ん゛ん゛ん゛ん゛ん゛ん゛♡ ゛ ん゛う゛う゛う゛う゛う゛う゛♡゛」

My finger’s feels like it’s going to be bitten off. And yet, I still sir her pussy violently.


I stir the meat hole and it created an obscene wet sound as it scatters love nectar.
Her urethra’s convulsing that she’s going to piss soon.

「く゛ふ゛ふ゛ふ゛ふ゛っ゛♡゛ ん゛ぶ゛っ゛♡゛ ん゛ぶ゛っ゛♡゛ ん゛ぶ゛っ゛♡゛ ん゛ぶ゛っ゛♡゛」

Even she’s convulsing abnormally, Marina still doesn’t separate from the penis that she’s swallowing to the root. And she’s swinging her head violently.
It’s a deepthroat. Furthermore, she’s not just swallowing it deep. She’s not hitting the penis with her teeth and she’s sucking firmly when the penis is pulled out.
She’s not engrossed in escaping the desire. I can certainly feel that her want to serve me is fighting with her lust and desire. Furthermore, Marina should be pissing when her pussy’s stirred by my finger. And yet she’s not pissing no matter how intense it is.
My face is right under her urethra. If she pisses, it’ll pour on my face. That’s why Marina’s desperately holding it.
It’s something that can’t be done with self control but Marina’s doing the impossioble.
That’s how much she gives thought about it.

「You’re so cute」

Hearing my mutter, Marina’s body shook hard and stiffened. Then she covered her urethra with her right hand.


The next moment, a gushing sound echoes and urine gushed out of the gap of her hand.
The momentum of her piss was stopped by covering with her hand but it still drips. And it fell on my face.
Marina took out my penis from her mouth.

「I-I’m sorry」

Marina separates from me as she cover her urethra with her right hand and she apologizes with a pale face.

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry」

Marina’s kneeling as she cover her urethra with her right hand and apologized to me over and over again.


I licked my lips while looking down on the kneeling Marina, I mutter as the salty taste spreads through my mouth.

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry」

Marina apologizes desperately while kneeling. She’s still covering her crotch with her right hand. Her peeing doesn’t stop.
I don’t have peeing fetish. But I’m not angry that she pissed on my face. Or rather, I like to see beauties leak out. It just hit my face by chance.

「Calm down. I’m not angry」

Marina persists on kneeling as I talk to her.
But Marina, she was able to endure it even though I attacked her that much and yet she lost it when I called her cute.

「You do know that you’re a beauty yourself, don’t you?」
「T-That’s not…」

Marina denies my question while kneeling.

「Stop with the modesty. If you’re not a beauty of the class beauties, then what are the others? Well, I know that it’s hard to call oneself beautiful」

Muttering as I scratch my head, I sit cross-legged on the bed.

「I don’t get it. Why are you so happy when I call you cute? You’ve been called cute by people around you, right? You should be a pampered class so you should be used to being called cute. There must be a lot of men much more handsome than me who confessed to you. Shinozaki’s quite good looking too」

Marina didn’t answer my questions and just kept kneeling.

「I’m not blaming you. I just don’t get it. Yuka’s quite a beauty but she fell in love with me so I get it. I can understand it. But you’re different. I should be your enemy. It’s normal to curse me. I threatened you so you should be holding a grudge against me. And yet why?」

I’m happy that Marina’s submissive. But it’s a fault of trouble hidden when you get carried away.
But the uneasiness grows stronger.
After she became my girlfriend, I can feel stability from Marina’s unstable spirit when we have sex. Her glance towards me is getting hot in contrast.
I’m not complaining. Marina’s cute right now so I like it. But I don’t get it.


Marina mutters as she keep kneeling. Then, she slowly looked up.
Marina’s crying. Laughing, mourning, her tears throw that kind of expression.

「Even I don’t get it」

Her sobbing voice trembles. Hearing those words, I finally understood.
I see, Is that so?

「Even you don’t get it. Then there’s no way for me to get it either?」
「Ehehe, I’m sorry」

Marina laughs bashfully from my words.

「No, don’t apologize. It’s normal that I don’t get it so I feel refreshed when I do now」
「That’s a strange expression」
「Is that so?」
「That’s so」

Marina looks at me and laughs.

「You don’t have experience in love, do you?」
「N? Yeah, none. I’m not popular, and I’m quite hated」

When I answered her question, Marina laughed.
When I’m asked about love talk before, I get irritated before but I’m not irritated right now. Marina laughs as I told her that I don’t have experience in love but I’m not angry.

「I might be too」
「I might not have experienced love too」

Ha? What are you saying? Don’t you have a boyfriend?

「Just talking to myself. Please don’t mind it」

Marina looks up at me and laughed.
Her eye’s are obviously provoking me.
Correction. I said that I’m not irritated but she’s really irritating.

「Don’t get carried away you pig」

Saying that, I throw Marina down the bed.

「I want to go shopping this weekend. I’ll buy cute clothes. Then, you’ll surely say it. Whether it suits me or not」
「Because you’re properly looking at me」2

She’s provoking me but she’s not resisting when I pushed her down, Marina closed her eyes and muttered to herself.

「Well, It’s better to violate cute ones」

It’s obvious that women should be cute. But it’s painful to chose Marina’s clothes. While I’d like her to take the clothes she like, my thoughts changed a bit when Marina wore the track and field uniform.
I thought that the clothes she prefer would be charming and the clothes that suit her is unrelated. If so, I thought of entrusting it to Marina before.

「Then, I have to work hard」
「Fufu, I’m talking to myself」

When I ask the muttering Marina again, she opened her eyes and laughed and she looked at me with provoking eyes.
I’m irritated but I’m already horny so I bury my face between Marina’s breasts.
The soft elastic feeling sandwich my face and I can feel the chilly sweat from her skin. And I can feel her pulse even if I don’t use my X-ray vision.


When I licked her skin, Marina trembled and raised a sweet voice. I pinched Marina’s nipples and licked her skin as I stir the pinched nipples.

「Ah♥ Ah♥」

I hear her sweet voice while tasting her sweaty skin. And an obscene female scent tickles my nose.
I raised my face, put her left nipple in my mouth and pinched her right nipple with my fingers. Then I caressed it with my tongue and bit it with my teeth.


The trembling Marina gripped the bed sheets to the limit and she clenched her teeth while having a bright red face.
I look at Marina while caressing her left nipple with my mouth and playing with her right nipple with my hand, then I stretched my hand in her thighs. Then I stroke her erect clitoris with my finger and then invaded her meat hole with the finger.


Marina raised her waist while convulsing.
Bending my finger inside her meat hole, I hollowed her weak point with the tip of my finger. Then the meat hole made a sound as I stir it.

「Higi♥ Higuuuuuu♥」

Marina convulses as she raise a sweet scream and she spouts a tide while her weak point is being pierced and stirred.
I attack both her weak points in her left nipple and inside her pussy at the same time.
Marina normally would stick her tongue out and white her eyes already but she’s gritting her teeth while clenching the sheet and refuses to ahegao to the very limit.
It’s impossible to endure. I’ve confirmed it with my experiments to say that. But Marina’s enduring it. It’s something impossible but Marina’s enduring it.

「J-Just me」

Marina raises her voice while desperately enduring it.

「I don’t want just myself to be the one feeling pleasure」3

Blushing as if her whole body is on fire, she’s spouting a large amount of sweat, Marina convulses violently as she spouts tide and yet she looks straight at me with her reddish brown eyes and clearly spoke.
I felt Marina’s gaze.
Her skill’s inferior. but Marina can possibly exceed Yuka.
It’s vague but I can certainly feel it.

「Then, please me too」

Marina’s talking to me while feeling the strangely fast pulse of her heart, I pulled my finger from her meat hole and I thrust myself between Marina’s thighs. And my penis so hard that it’s about to explode any moment is placed on the meat hole that’s wet with hot love nectar.

「I-I wanted to give my first to you…」

Even though she’s convulsing abnormally, Marina mutters with a shaking voice.
First time? Well, I thought that virgin would be better for a relationship butー.

「If you’re mine right now, that doesn’t matter」

I thrust in my waist while saying that and my penis goes inside her meat hole to the root instantly.
I like virgins even now. I want to violate virgins if possible. I want to deprive a woman’s everything while she’s not tainted yet. However, even I don’t understand it butー.

「You’re you」

Marina’s Marina, her virginity doesn’t matter. That’s what my real thoughts right now.

「Y-You’re really…a demon♡」

Those were the last words of Marina as a human. Marina ceased to be a human after she said that and she’s nothing but an animal.
Marina’s pussy is the best, I swing my waist in ecstasy and I pierced her weak point again and again.
That’s the best pleasure I know.

Friday after school, I’m going to meet Marina outside the classroom so I went towards the entrance.


I stopped walking down the corridor and turned around. Then, Yuka’s standing there.5
It’s weekend today6 Yuka’s not in contact with me till then.
I had an unpleasant hunch but I thought it was nothing and she escaped. But it seems that I was wrong.
Well, there was no incident with Pechahina I was 50-50 in the thought she ran away. And I thought that she’d be moving today.


Marina’s standing in front of me, her eyes shook as she mutter and hid herself behind my back.
Marina’s yearning for and chases after Yuka, and she noticed Yuka’s feelings for me.
Then she became my girlfriend. That’s nothing but an act of stealing me away from Yuka. That would be shameful.

「Yuuki-senpai, don’t mind it. I won’t forgive you but I don’t intend to make any complain if Mota-kun chooses you」

Yuka’s speaking in a soft, dignified voice against Marina who’s hiding behind me. There’s clearly a shade under the pupil of Yuka’s eyes.
She really felt depressed from the shock after all?
To be honest, I’m disappointed at Yuka. I was somehow expecting a remark from Yuka. And yet, she accepted and advanced as an onahole and yet, she got depressed when Marina stole me away from her.
It would be great if she ran away butー.


I thought that Yuka would be a much more interesting woman, yet it seems that I overestimated her.
It won’t end if she ran away. I won’t threaten you anymore and you can do as you like. But you crushed with the other side of the blade.
You should do it when you have the opportunity to kill. It’s impossible though. Because I’m stronger, and cold-hearted.
I don’t need to give affection on something that doesn’t have the profit.

「I’ll be going to Mota-kun’s house today. Yuuki-senpai’s Mota-kun’s girlfriend but I don’t care. Because I’m just his onahole. I’m not a person but a thing. That’s why I won’t complain and I don’t have the right to speak either」

I’m on the point that I think she’s boring but Yuka said something that attracted my interest.

「Right, I’m lacking in sleep already. But I was able to study hard thanks to you」

Marina said that while laughing, she approached me and presented me a paper back in her right hand.

「This is the result of my study. Then, I’m going to Mota-kun’s house later, okay? Later, bye-bye」

Yuka pressed the paper bag against me, waved with a smile then left us jogging.
Study? You’re not depressed that there’s a shadow below your eye?

「Book? Magazine?」

The paper bag is the so called Yuka’s outcome of study. There’s a magazine inside that.

「Hey hey…」

I tried to take out the magazine inside the paper bag and put it away immediately.
She brought this to the school? They’d tell me off when they see this.
It’s clearly a porn mag inside the paper bag.
This is the result of her study? I don’t get it.
Yuka, did the shock turned her head turned crazy?
Well, that’s interesting on it’s own way.

Receiving a declaration of war from Yuka, Marina got depressed. Marina’s idolizing Yuka but she’s also feeling guilt. That’s because she stole me away from Yuka after all, it’s normal for her to feel down.

「You’re going to break up with me for Yuka’s sake? At most, I’ll dissolve our relationship of violating you though」

I ask Marina while walking on the road.
Our relationship is just a pretext. Marina would return to a guinea pig if it’s cancelled.
Marina’s walking totteringly while looking down, she shook her head while looking up.
She’s depressed but she seems to be accepting Yuka’s declaration of war.
The previous Marina would’ve certainly pulled back. She would’ve ignored my will and surrender to Yuka. But the Marina who’s going to pull back driven by guilt is a different person.

「Yuka’s bearing a grudge against you. Well, she’s just like snarling at you. She’s not really bearing a grudge against you. Not you but you’re not in the standpoint to complain either. Remaining as a spectator is a sin too」

Marina nodded weakly to my words while looking down.

「Then, bear a grudge. No matter how much you get troubled, I don’t think that there will be no other answer」

Marina’s not responding from my words.
She’s assuming action from being grudged against. And Marina perhaps would accept that grudge. In addition, I think that she’s searching for the atonement. And yet, she took me away from Yuka.
I’m giving Marina a choice. If she refuse my suggestion, I’ll give her a punishment.
It was Marina’s will to be in a relationship with me. That’s why Marina’s suffering. The suffering Marina is strangely erotic and the light impression thickens and it excites me.
I think suffering women are good.

Arriving at my house, I sat down the sofa on the living room and take a breather.
Marina has become taciturn and went to the kitchen to make ko-fi.
Ah, I’m horny. I’m seeing a new light on the Marina that’s carrying a heavy burden. The immorality from Marina’s atmosphere is unbearable.
How would Yuka react if I violated Marina in front of her? I’ll knock down Yuka immediately by making good use of my super powered technique and would make Marina ahegao in front of the depressed Yuka.
I grin while having such thoughts, then I took out the magazine from the paper bag Yuka gave me.

「What are you studying with a porn mag?」

I mutter as I turn the pages.
It’s improper to study porn mag if it’s sexual techniques. Porn mags are made from man’s perspective. You would read those with female perspectives if you want to improve your sexual techniques.
Though I think that Yuka is much more knowledgeable in it.


I looked at the magazine and felt uneasy.

「N? Huh? Joints?」

Opening the magazine again, I looked carefully, an obscene image of legs only is seen.
This, could it be that she clipped and pasted the photographs from various magazines? Why did she…

「Wait. Hey wait a moment. Hey hey, could it be, no way…」

Flipping the pages, I swallowed my saliva.
All of the women reflected are cute. But not just cute. They’re all women of my preference. Women of my preference are filling the center. Furthermoreー.

「Seriously? Hey, seriously!?」

I turn the page in panic and felt a chill running on my spine.
Innumerable numbers of lewd images are pasted and created a porn mag. And all of the women are my taste, the play, posture, even the expression and line of sight, all of them raises my arousal to the highest.
This magazine is a hall of fame. I’m confident that I would masturbate on this magazine for years. That’s how deep my preference is captured.
It’s an extreme porn mag where I don’t feel complicated at all. To make such a thingー.

「T-This magazine…is Yuka’s message」

There’s no doubt. Yuka’s handing a message through this magazine.

ーーI completely understand your tastes.

She says.
My god! If she knows this perfectly, I’m already out of defense. I will challenge a killing machine that’s equipped with whole body armor heavy firearms.
But why? I haven’t made a contact with Yuka recently.

「C-Could it be」

No, that’s the only way.
It’s Marina. Yuka used Marina to collect information.
Yuka watched Marina with eyes that lost it’s light from the shadow of the door of the classroom.
She’s surely watching Marina but the glance isn’t jealousy. Yuka observed Marina’s actions and behavior. She knows I like Marina and she observed her actions and behavior, then she was able to understand my taste.
For Yuka, Marina’s just a tool. A convenient tool to learn my preferences. For Yuka, Marina’s just a tool to teach her how to please me.
She stayed silent and collected information using Marina steadily, and she finished this magazine.
What devotion. What passion. What effort.
Her overwhelming effort doesn’t permit compromise at all.
Nothing changed in Yuka. She didn’t change at all from when I tasted my defeat.
It’s for Pechahina to not notice.
I, I…

「I might’ve woken up the sleeping lion…」7

I mutter as I grasp the magazine.
A flawless ritual was born from overwhelming steady effort.
For Yuka, it doesn’t matter if she’s going out with me at the very least. She just want to please me.
It’s someone I can’t win against.8 It’s an opponent that I can’t see through with my ability.


I was excited as I feel obedient admiration from a convincing defeat.
Just how much pleasure would be born from the study she invested in.
A man should stand and take it head on. Because it’ll definitely be pleasant.


  1. You guys know what that is. lol
  2. Yup, that’s it, Marina’s in love with MC
  3. That’s love
  5. With a knife behind her back
  6. weekend starts when you finish your weekday work, is that it?
  7. Even speedwagon is scared!
  8. White flag! White flag! Don’t even try to fight her. Use her to get more girls instead