X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Yuka’s weak. She’s not just weak. She was shallow and stupid.

She felt gratitude from Asahina who saved her from being bullied and she tried to repay that debt.
She was just helped because of the mood. Asahina said that but she selfishly felt debt of gratitude and she tried to repay that debt selfishly.
As a result, she was made a toy by the delinquents and betrayed Asahina who helped her before.
She has the spirit of a bullied child and a shallow and stupid woman.

Return evil for good. It’s the lowest possible act you can think of. Furthermore, it’s great that she had me but if she was ever rescued and returned to her senses, she’ll be corned by the reality that she returned evil for good and will be cornered. And that fact doesn’t disappear. No matter how much atonement she does, the fact that she returned evil for good would never disappear while she lives.
And yet, Yuka was saved again by Asahina.
When she came to her senses and was rescued from the very bottom, Asahina is reflected on her eyes.
Would it end with a simple thanks? It won’t be. She’ll writhe in agony from the guilty conscience from as she won’t be able to endure it and that pain would follow her till she dies.

There are three roads to choose.
Turn away from the reality.
Or, atonement.

It’s easy to choose the first and second. Yuka’s a bullied child so she should’ve chosen one of those. But it ended with the third. Yuka chose the road of atonement.
Asahina’s the cause. Choosing Asahina was too stupid.

She didn’t help Yuka but she also will fall on the same place as Yuka, a foolish choice.

Everyone would say it. But Asahina seriously tried to carry it out. Yuka had no choice but to stop Asahina. And now Asahina’s stopped, she can no longer run away from Asahina.
Yuka didn’t choose the road of atonement. Death of escape, Asahina forced the third option from those two and forced her to choose it without giving the room to choose.
It’s an unexpected power. It’s too tactless as a choice. She’s so delicate but she’s like a gorilla.

She hit on an iron wall while walking down the road.
The opponent is iron. Then you can do nothing but detour. Would you return to the unpleasant way or would you look for a tool that can destroy the iron? If it’s impossible then you have no choice but to stay and be at loss.
But Asahina’s going to tear the iron wall bare handed.
There’s no way it would. There’s no way a hand could break an iron wall. It’s a common sense everyone knows.
But Asahina smashed it. She raised her fist while shouting out loud then struck the iron wall with that fist.
There’s no way it would be broken. Rather, her fist would be smashed. It breaks through her skin and her bones were crushed, blood sprays and she felt acute pain.
Normally, you’d give up. But Asahina kept hitting the iron wall with her crushed fist.
No matter how foolish Asahina is, she should at least know that hitting the wall with fists won’t break it. But she continued hitting it.
Asahina’s purpose isn’t to break the iron wall. I think that she want to teach Yuka that there are idiots in this world.
A clumsy power. But not everyone can do it. It’s a stunt that can only be done by a serious genuine fool.

She helped her because she felt like it. Asahina said that. And she have known that Yuka who she helped because she felt like it sacrificed her body to protect her.
For Asahina, the betrayal was trivial.
It’s a small insect drowned in the river. She could ignore it as usual but she felt like saving an insect that day. And she forgot the insect’s existence. But the insect didn’t forget the favor.
Even if she knows that she’ll be aimed by a million troops. And she knows that the million troops would challenge the insect.
Even though she knows that she’s going to be defeated, she still began a suicide attack on the million troops being a single insect to repay her debt.
The insect was beaten down and her mind and body has been defiled completely.
Even if the insect betrays her, should you bear a grudge?
Would you bear grudge on the insect you save because you felt like it that was in an absolutely hopeless situation without a winning chance and yet she still put courage in herself and went to a suicide attack?
Would you bear a grudge when you know the small insect that no one helps, the insect that’s always looked down on swings it’s small teeth and went to a suicide attack on the million troops?
The answer isー

「There’s no way you can」

Muttering as I close my eyes and sit on the sofa, Marina who’s bending forward licking my penis while looking up tilts her head.
Asahina and Yuka are two sides of the same coin. It’s light and shadow.
Asahina who steamrolls her power everywhere and Yuka who uses superior vision and observation power with knowledge to pile up her techniques. They have the highest chemistry if you think about it.
Yuka grew up interestingly but witnessing Yuka’s overwhelming effort make me shiver.
Yuka’s not the danger1 It’s Yuka who have Asahina’s support.
Yuka must’ve noticed it too. How much of a monster she had become. Did Asahina notice it? How much of a monster is the girl laughing beside her?
Should I leave it just like that? Should I let them stay together? Should I just leave them and not get involved?

I feel that uneasiness.

If I didn’t rape Asahina, perhaps Asahina and Yuka’s contact never happened.
I raped Asahina and she fell on the very bottom. Asahina became alone because of that and she was marked by the delinquents. And Yuka was chosen as the envoy to Asahina who has fallen to the bottom. And then Asahina’s eyes was opened on the actual situation of Yuka. And a terrible monster was born from Asahina’ awakening.
Yuka’s still a small insect. But she’s keeping an incredible power. Her eyes can capture 360 degrees of the surroundings and gain insight. And she has the ability to understand steadily the large amount of information that she’s getting from her eyes. You can say that it has the same supporting system as my ability. She’s weak as an individual but she has accepted an assistance from a gorilla with a marvelous physical strength.
I feel that those two together are dangerous.
That said, if I throw Asahina away, I will throw Yuka at the same time.
Well, I might be overthinking it and Asahina’s training would begin next week. Should we see how things will go while training her?
If I judged it as dangerous, I’ll crush her right away. Before it gets out of control.


I came to my senses when I heard a voice and I lowered my gaze. Marina looks up to me while tilting her head.

「I’m just talking to myself. Just shut up and lick my penis」

Blushing from my words, Marina bent forward again, then she stroked the rod with her hand and licked the glans with her tongue.
Hmm, feels good. The feeling of the slimy tongue creeping through my glans feels good. But I can’t ejaculate. It’s too slow going that it’s unbearable.
That’s fine right now. Yuka will come later so I can’t make wasteful efforts.

「Rerorero ♥ Chuchuchuhcu ♥ Muchu ♥ chupochupo ♥ rerorerorero」

Licking my glans, kissed by the moist and soft lips, she puts just the glans in her mouth as she suck then Marina licks the urethra with her tongue.
It’s just licking but the act is getting gradually obscene. Furthermore it’s dangerous as she’s stroking my pole with her hand.

「Haa ♥ haa ♥ haa ♥」

Marina looks up at me while sticking her tongue out and licking my glans deliciously.
The pole’s stroked. *Licking* and the urethra is stimulated. And her eyes looks at me as she face up.
Marina who’s looking up at me greedily while breathing hard is having her left hand inside her skirt and it makes a lewd wet sound.
She’s too aroused from licking the dick and she began masturbating as she’s unable to bear it.
Furthermore, because the buttons of her uniform around her breast is off, her deep valley can be seen. No, she’s showing it.
Letting the breast lover me see her cleavage, she has the ulterior motive of inviting me. But it’s too plain.

「That kind of eyes are no good」

Marina felt desponded when I told her that and she lowered her face and yet, she’s kissing my glans. Then she sucks the urethra as she lick the glans while she plays with her own pussy.
Yuka would be inviting me better. Much more natural, much more charming and much more skilled.
And in comparison, Marina’s invitation is bad. But I feel the desperation and get aroused in a different meaning.
For analogy, she’s a woman not good at cooking but she still grip the distorted rice ball with love and she’s laughing with pure thoughts.
Knowledge and experience, and an effort that doesn’t allow compromise makes up a dish that would obviously be delicious. But the rice ball, pickles, miso soup is a superior treat.

That’s right, Marina’s using something other than technique.

Yuka overwhelms her on the technique but I’m certainly aroused by Marina. This is perhaps what Yuka should pay attention to. And Yuka stole it. The answer is that magazine.
Women printed on the magazine are definitely women that can be called a beauty but there are women that aren’t much included there.
Something else other than beauty? When a hundred people is asked, 80 of them would answer that woman isn’t cute but 10 of them would answer that she is.2 I belong to that 10 people.

Cute women are cute3 But women that aren’t generally called cute have a strange charm in them.

Asahina’s the woman among the women I know who’s appearance is my type. She’s having a twintails and an arrogant attitude and her cat eyes produces even an even more arrogant attitude. Or rather, she’s really arrogant. It’s really just her appearance that’s good. Her insides are shit but her appearance is the best. You want to tease her exactly because of her arrogance.
Next is Kisaragi. She’s a beauty rivaling Asahina when it comes to appearance. She even became the portable shrine as Asahina’s substitute. As for the ability, there’s a possibility that she might exceed Asahina in being gorgeous.
And next would be Yuka. Yuka has low height and black eyes and hair, yet her character is humble and a bit plain. She’s quite a beauty but she’s lacking gorgeousness like Asahina and Kisaragi. On the other hand, she’s wearing a pure and innocent atmosphere.
Then there’s Marina but her she’s too good to be a beauty. Furthermore, her height and style is good, and her tits are big. However, Asahina, Kisaragi and Yuka’s level is too high that she’s inferior to the three others.
That’s right, she surely is inferior. However, I think Marina’s much more cuter than Asahina, Kisaragi and Yuka right now.
In short, I’m being attracted to Marina by something else but appearance. Even I am not clear with it so I can’t say it. However Yuka understood it. Though it’s an element that I should know but it’s impossible to understand it well. But Yuka understood.
What a frightening power. Yuka might have the power to see and understand something that has no shape. It’s much more dangerous than my X-ray vision.


I called Marina while grinning.
A chill runs through my spine. My body trembles as a result. But I’m not feeling unease nor fear.
It’s so fun.
I set Asahina aside for the time being and Yuka has grown into something interesting.
Marina separates her lip from the urethra and made a churun sound effect.

「She’s going to come soon」

The small blade shakes, sending a suicide attack to a million troops while crying, was knocked off and crushed, the insect became a toy.

「Listen Marina, don’t get involved whatever happens. You’re a surprisingly passionate person after all. Don’t lose me whatever happens」

She’s no longer an insect. She became a monster that has a third eye.

「…N-No way」

Marina who’s facing me bending forward tells me off with a serious look wile stroking my pole.

「It’s not an opponent you can beat. If you do poorly, your mind will be beaten till it can’t recover anymore」4

Marina swallows her saliva while stroking the pole of my penis as I tell her.

「I’m not thinking of winning. Nee-san is an exception. If I confront Nee-san, I might just die in vain. However…」

Marina said in a trembling voice and she smiled while stroking my penis.
Fufu, she said something good.
Or rather, Yuka only wants to please me. I’m somewhat worrying but I don’t think she’s that dangerous.

「Well, if you want to fight Yuka then suit yourself. She’d turn the tables anyway. But the defeated you is arousing on it’s own」

Marina blushed for a moment from my words, she snorted and stroked my penis violently.

「Please give me your penis♡」

Looking up at me with wet eyes while stroking my penis violently, Marina requested in a sweet voice.


I rejected her request immediately.
I told you I can’t waste my sperm.

「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」
「Please give me your penis♡」

I’m clearly rejecting her but Marina kept repeating her request.
It’s irritating but she’s like a dog that’s wagging it’s tail so I don’t get angry at all.
If I have this kind of exchange other than Marina, I might lose my temper already. But I kept teasing her severely, sometimes rebellious, and sometimes she’s taking an arrogant attitude, Since it’s Marina I can somehow forgive her.

「Please give me your penis♡」

Marina who’s wagging her tail beats me with her persistence so I leaked a sigh and tried to reach Marina’s breasts.
Marina’s eyes shone. Thenー.

「She’ s here」

The interphone echoed in the room.
Marina who’s stroking the pole gladly stopped moving and her expression stiffened.
The moment she knows Yuka has come, she seems to have shrunk.5
Marina decided to confront Yuka even though she’s confronted with the feeling of guilt but well, it won’t go that easy.

「Come with me」

Saying that as I stand up, I walk while my angry penis is still outside.
The moment I saw the opponent in the other side of the door, my penis out in the open might surprise Yuka. Furthermore, Marina’s standing beside me.
Marina licks my penis while playing with herself so the female scent is intense. For a veteran like Yuka, she’d surely notice that the female scent comes from Marina6 Thus she’d think that the two of us are fucking already before she comes. I made Marina lick my dick for that reason.
I don’t know if it’s effective. But I have to make the first move. And I’m also expecting an effect in another meaning.
If she thought that Marina and I fucked already, but even if she’s shocked, she might take it out to Marina.
In short, if she thinks that my lust decreased already because I ejaculated a lot already, a chance might come. And I never ejaculated yet actually and I completed my preparation for the action by having Marina lick me all this time. I can go full power anytime.
If Yuka shows even the slightest chance, I can use the new technique I cultivated with Marina and attack her immediately. Continuing the attack, I’ll lead Yuka to the true climax without giving her the chance to counterattack.
It’s my win if she cums just once. She can’t escape the true climax even if she faints. I’ll just continue it and make her cum until her mind breaks.
But the probability of this strategy is extremely low. It’s the end if she didn’t show any chance. That said, it’s better to try for a preemptive strike than doing nothing.

Walking down the corridor with Marina, we stood in front of the door. Then I used my X-ray vision and looked at the person on the other side of the door.

There’s no doubt. It’s her.

I swallowed my saliva and my eyes widened when I lowered my glance.
Marina’s licked my penis that much but my penis withered.
I’m scared.
Fufu, I see, that’s how it is.
That’s right, I’m scared.
Challenge accepted. Don’t turn your eyes away from reality. I accept that I’m scared and let’s take the first strike.

「Marina. Stroke my pens while playing with your pussy」

Marina who’s trembling while watching the door nods to my words and put her left hand inside the skirt. Then she stroked my penis gently while making an obscene wet sound, she looks up at me with wet eyes while stroking my penis.
My penis got rock hard immediately like it’s magic.
Okay, let’s change the plans, let’s open the door while Marina masturbates and strokes my penis.

「I’m opening it」

Marina nodded to my word. I returned a nod when I saw it and placed my hand on the doorknob while swallowing my saliva. Then the door was opened forcefully.


At the same time I opened the door, Yuka rushed in the entrance like falling down. I stiffened in surprise for a moment.
Calm down. Cheap tricks won’t do against Yuka. Marina may be masturbating while stroking my dick but the possibility of Yuka warding it off is high.
Because I set up the plan with the assumption of failure, I’m not in panic even if it doesn’t go well.

「W-what should I do, Mota-kun!」

Even though Marina’s making a lewd wet masturbation sound as she stroke my erect penis, Yuka looks up at me with teary eyes without even looking at Marina.
As expected, first move victory is a failure.
Then let’s move to the next one.
The next plan isn’t something called a plan. Violating Yuka while pressing her against the wall. Though it’s forced and I can’t do a satisfactory caress, I must take the move anyway.
I can’t let Yuka do what she wants.
I stretch my hand towards Yuka while having such thoughts and at that time.

「I finally bought a cute clothes! I did my best worrying to choose the clothes Mota-kun would think cute and yet!」

Yuka’s covering her breast with her hands, speaks out with a trembling voice with tears spilling from her eyes.
Clothes? Cute clothes?
I just told myself that I won’t get on Yuka’s invitation but I’m so curious right now.
Her semi-long black hair is tied as a ponytail. She’s always lowering her hair at school as always but Yuka’s wearing ponytail when she comes to my house.
She knows that I like ponytail after all.
To be frank, Marina’s ponytail has a light impression and Yuka’s ponytail is wearing a pure and innocent, neat atmosphere so it suits Yuka in all respects.
Also, there’s no drill.
Yuka’s wearing a black knit dress that makes her body line stand out. It looks the same as the thing Marina wears when she came to stay at my house the last time. And there’s a high black boots that’s reaching her knee.
Yuka’s whole body is black and it looks much more mature than usual.

「I-I want to come sooner, I run as I want to meet up with Mota-kun sooner! And then my clothes are caught in a tree branch」

Yuka’s looking up at me while shouting.
Her clothes are caught in a tree branch.
Hearing those words, my glance was naturally attracted to Yuka’s breasts.
There’s no tear in her clothes. Her hands are covering nothing but her breasts.

「W-Where were you caught」

There’s none but her breasts. Her hands aren’t covering anything but her breasts. I know that but I can’t help but ask.


Yuka looks up and her ears got red immediately, then she withdrew her gaze abruptly. Then her hands covering her breast stiffened and her thighs are fidgeting.
There’s no doubt. The branch caught up with her breasts. The cloth’s been caught off are her breast area.
I used my ability and looked at Yuka’s breasts but because she’s covering it with her hand, I can only see the inside of her mouth so I can’t see her breasts.
I want to see. I want to see how her clothes are torn.

「C-Could you let me see?」

Asking Yuka with throbbing heart, Yuka trembled and retreated with red ears.

「N-No. I can’t show it…」

Withdrawing her gaze away from me, Yuka whispers while retreating.
What does it look like? How was your clothes torn?
You really feel that embarrassed? You can’t show it by all means?
I want to see it. I want to see it by all means.

「J-Just show it」

I urged Yuka and pressed her against the door. Then I gripped the right hand that’s covering Yuka’s breasts.

「N-No. You can’t, Mota-kun. I don’t want to show it. It’s embarrassing」

Yuka withdraw her gaze away from me and then looks up at me with watery eyes, then she begs for forgiveness with a red face.

「S-Shut up. Just show it already」

Saying that, I forcibly lifted Yuka’s right wrist.


Yuka raised a small scream, she closed her eyes hard and her face is red hot.

「O, Ooo…」

Yuka’s right hand is covering her left breast. The point of the breast covered with the black knit cloth is showing off a pink bud.


A pink bud showing up from the black knit cloth. A peach flower is blossoming on the darkness.
Of all things, her nipples are showing up from her black knit cloth.

「I-Is the nipple the only part the tree branch hit?」

I ask Yuka while I raise her right hand and breath hard.
Yuka shuts her eyes tight and trembles, she then nodded to my question.
Lewd. What a lewd accident. It’s too obscene as an accident as if she’s being loved by the God of Lewdness.
No wait. Yuka’s left hand is covering covering her right breasts.
Could it beー.

「L-Let me see this one too」

Asking Yuka while my heart beats hard, I gripped her left wrist.

「N-no. Please, don’t look. It’s something I can’t show Mota-kun, please release me as this is a foolish appearance」

Averting her crimson face, Yuka mutters as she tremble. Then, Yuka’s putting power on her left hand to the very limit.
No matter how much power she puts, she’s still a woman. Furthermore, Yuka’s short and delicate.
I lifted Yuka’s left wrist. Yuka’s making a banzai pose as a result. And her hidden right breast is exposed.

「O, Ooh, Oooooh…」

A peach bud blossoms on the black darkness. Along with her left breasts, nipples from the tip of her breasts peep from the black knit cloth.
Impossible. It’s impossible for the tree branch to hit only the part of the left and right nipples.
This is a trap.7 It’s a trap Yuka set8 I know. I know that. Howeverー.

「Uuuuu…It’s embarrassing」

Gripping both her wrists, Yuka’s making a crying banzai.
Embarrassing? Even though you’ve done a lot of lewd things and showed a lot of lewd appearance, it’s still embarrassing?
Dammit, I know that this is a trap but the embarrassed Yuka is unbearably lewd.
Furthermore she chose the clothes hoping that I would think it’s cute, it’s a black knit dress that’s like the dress Marina wore before.
Yuka throws away her pride and copies Marina’s behavior.
Lovely. What a lovable production!
Furthermore, the breast area of the black knit dress has only her nipple peeping out.
Even if it’s a trap, even though I know it’s a trap, it’s unbearably lewd.

「M-Mota-kun. Please, I beg you. Don’t look down…」9

Yuka who’s bright red and teary looks up at me while trembling and pleads.
Down? Down you say?
It’s a trap. It’s definitely a trap. She can just shut up if she doesn’t want me to see. And yet she purposely said to not look, she’s just completely inviting me. But I want to see. It’s unbearable that I want to see what happened down.
While holding Yuka’s wrists up, I used my x-ray vision and looked at the other side of Yuka’s dress.
If it’s before then I’d be seeing Yuka’s insides but my ability evolved and I can concentrate and chose to penetrate only clothes.


I saw naked Yuka. Because all of her clothes are seen through, I’m seeing naked Yuka. But my ability can recognize the things I see through.
The black knit dress Yuka’s wearing. Since I can see her nipples, she’s not wearing a bra. And down under, Yuka’s wearing a shorts under her dress.
That’s okay. That’s fine, butー.

「I-I squat down in surprise when both of my chest hung on the tree branch. Then a sharp stone is positioned between my thighs and the shorts…」

Yuka raised a shaking voice while bright red.
A sharp stone positioned between your thighs when you squat?
Bakana, it’s impossible. There’s no way it can be.
The shorts Yuka’s wearing, is torn around her pussy.
No, that’s not it. To be precise, there’s an open hole on the clitoris part and the erect clitoris is showing up. And her obscene pussy is exposed from the gap and love nectar is overflowing.
It’s no coincidence. It didn’t tear off just by chance.
It’s in purpose. She obviously tore it off on purpose. Or rather, it’s too impossible for tit to just have a hole only on her clitoris. But, Butー.
Blood concentrates on my penis and it’s so rock hard that I feel it’s going to explode. Marina who’s stroking the penis noticed it too.
It feels strangely pleasant indeed.

「D-Did it really tore of by chance? Yuka?」

Asking Yuka while my heart beats hard, Yuka who’s wrist is gripped upwards by me trembled. She looked at me with teary eyes then she withdrew it immediately.

「I-If you know then don’t make me say it…」

Those words admit that she tore it on purpose.
Red as if burning, Yuka admits it while she’s about to cry.
She wants to be done lewdly by me and she worked at night and played tricks on her clothes. That’s very lovely. But hiding it adds TsunTsun. But she immediately got deredere and confessed immediately.
It’s endlessly deredere more than tsundere.
My favorite attribute. But it’s an attribute that’s hard to reproduce. And yet, Yuka reproduced it splendidly.
Unbearable. This is unbearable.
I know that this is a trap but I can’t help but get on it.

「Nee-san, beautiful…」

Turning the gaze on the voice, the blushing Marina looks at Yuka with moistened eyes.
Understanding my preference, Yuka chose the masochistic tsundere that’s more deredere tactic. Marina seems to be fascinated from the posture that’s inviting me.
It’s a complete defeat. However, why is it? I lost and yet I feel so refreshed.
Laughing, I gripped Yuka’s hand with just my left hand. Then, I played with Yuka’s right nipple with my free hand while raising her wrists.


Yuka raised a lovely voice while her arms are raised and her body twists and trembled. Then, Yuka’s nipples got hard.
Lewd. Too lewd.

「M-mota-kun, please. I ran. I ran in a hurry. That’s why please let me take a shower first」

Every time I played with her nipples, Yuka’s body trembled and twists, she looks up at me with teary eyes and makes a request while leaking out a hot sigh.

「M-My body’s dirty but at least please let me cleanse my body from the dirt. Before you cherish me…」

She wants to take a shower to wipe off the sweat. Even if she’s defiled, she wants her body to be beautiful when she offers it. Yuka appeals so but I noticed her real intention.
It’s the opposite. She ran and she’s indirectly telling me that she’s hot. She ran sweating and her body’s flushed thinking of me. And her obscene defiled body feels tormenting itself and she’s beating around the bush telling to “eat before it cools down”

「Nee-san, beautiful…」

Marina muttered again.
For the sake of being embraced by me, she worked hard to give her tactics and Yuka arrived at my house freshly steamed.10
And she’s inviting me lovely.
That Yuka’s so lewd, obscene and bewitching that she’s so beautiful just like Marina says, andー.

She’s like a pure and innocent lewd demon.11


  1. “I AM THE DANGER!” Sorry, I feel like I need to add this one
  2. The remaining 10 committed suicide
  3. Fun things are fun
  4. Dammit! What’s with this final boss lines!
  5. Like a scolded puppy, also, Yuka is coming, Just like winter
  6. Veteran Yandere
  7. You don’t say?
  9. Dammit Yuka! Those are just leading words
  10. Lit. Hot
  11. Can also be read as succubus