X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 34

Chapter 34

I’m shutting myself right in the toilet. I’m not taking a shit. I was driven in a situation where I need to retreat temporarily.
I miscalculated. It became dangerous.

「What should I do…?」

I mutter worriedly as I sit on a western style toilet.
Coming to contact with Yuka at the entrance, I intend let her watch Marina.
Understanding that I can’t win completely, I became serious. And because Yuka’s answer isn’t “Attack” but an “Invitation”, I wasn’t able to concentrate on attacking.
That’s not as expected. Yuka understands my feelings.
Inferiority complex arises from the overwhelmingly inferior knowledge and technique. Yuka sees through my feelings chose to devote in inviting me.
She intends me to take the lead no matter what.
Since she sees through it, even if I make Yuka ahegao, I didn’t necessarily win. It’s because Yuka lets me win.
Realizing that, I felt relieved in some meaning. Yuka won’t change even if I win or lose. She merely want to please me.
Therefore I’ll throw away the thought of victory or defeat, I thought of enjoying Yuka without reserve.
That’s when an unexpected miscalculation occured.

I wasn’t able to grasp it.

Standing in the entrance with a lewd appearance, her arms raised by me, Yuka fidgets while sending glances at me. As I play with Yuka’s nipples, I tried to look inside Yuka’s body to know where to attack.
That’s when I noticed something outrageous.
Even if I use my ability, I can see Yuka’s naked body.
When I use my ability before, I can see the human’s inside. But because my ability has evolved, it would only penetrate clothes even if it’s active.
That’s what I was seeking strongly. Seeing the inside of body makes me wither from disgust. I always thought that seeing through clothes is the best. And that wish was granted.
My ability penetrates clothes and I can indulge myself on naked women. Isn’t that the best? There’s no other ability that specializes in lewds other than this.
But, even if I see Yuka’s naked body, I don’t know where to attack. After all I’m just seeing her skin. I can’t see the inside and I don’t know the weak points.
When I concentrate, I can see one point inside.
That’s right, just one point. I wasn’t able to grasp all of it.
I need to see the whole image to know the weak point and it’s difficult. After all the weak points have different sensitivity. It’s part of a big convulsion and that part is having great strange convulsions. Also, it’s a part that’s convulsing delicately.
It’s difficult to judge the difference if I just look at it one by one. I can understand the difference if I can see the whole thing.
Furthermore, when I see the one point inside, if I found the rare weak point, I’ll lose sight of it once I change my glance. I can easily understand it if I see the whole image but I can’t do it today.
I can’t understand Yuka’s insides.
Why I didn’t notice it? The cause is Marina. I know Marina’s body too much. Because of that, the information of Marina’s body is filling my head. That’s why there’s no problem even if I just look inside on one point. Where and what kind of erogenous zone is there. Where and what kind of reaction Marina would show if I attack there. I know it too much that I don’t have a problem even if I don’t see all of it. That’s why I didn’t notice it.
But Yuka’s different. I don’t know the inside of Yuka’s body. And I can only see one point of it. Even if I can find the weak point, I can’t see anything but there. Looking only at that place, I won’t be able to know the reaction of the surroundings. I can’t change my glance when I find it and I won’t be able to point where it was when I change my glance.
And yet I need to caress her carefully to connect the high sensitivity parts with my new technique. There’s no way I’d be able to do that if I can only see one point.
In short I can use my new technique on Marina because I know her insides and I can’t use it for Yuka.
For example, it’s like shining a dark cave with a flashlight.
I can only see the place the flashlight hits. But the other places are dark. And it’s virtually impossible to understand the whole image.

「I thought that it evolved but could it be?…」

My ability degenerated?
No, for some reason this is not a degeneration. However, I vaguely think that My ability’s stronger than before.
Instead of saying degenerated, it’s better to say that it changed.
It’s certainly what I hoped for., I desired it. Seeing the insides of humans are gross. But I began to notice the loss of the benefit of that ability.

「No, don’t be pessimistic」

Perhaps, I didn’t lose the ability.
Perhaps, there are a lot of things pulled out of my head. Most of my ability is putting away what’s in.
The reason is perhaps my brain can’t process it. If I use all of the abilities at the same time, my brain won’t be able to deal with it and blow itself.
It’s light when I say blowing up but my brain would surely exceed the limit. Perhaps I would die. If lucky then I would be in comatose.
That’s why when the load is too much, an extra ability is put out.
If so it won’t be strange.
Ability to penetrate clothes. The specs has obviously fallen when the ability penetrate the human’s insides. If you say that the load on the brain is too much, it’s strange for the spec to fall.
Thus, the current ability can penetrate clothes and penetrate one point of a human’s inside.
My ability certainly evolved. And if I don’t notice that ability.
Isn’t there a point different? Did something change?


Feeling that I’m hitting up to something, I activated my ability.

「Ah, I see. Is that how it is?」

I mutter as I look around, I laughed.
It’s too simple that I didn’t notice.
Yeah, my ability certainly evolved. To be elaborate, it depends on the load of the brain.
It’s very disappointing but my ability isn’t specialized in lewd stuff. But I intend to only use it for that. I will use it only for lewd stuffs. This has become complex because I’m thinking like that. That’s why I didn’t notice the true evolution of the ability.

「Dammit, it’s truly unrelated to lewd stuff, it’s unbearably regrettable but this is an absurd power」

The scenery reflects to my view. The door in the front. Then, the toilet paper that’s on the back placed on the water storage tank.
The position of the fluorescent lamp and height of the ceiling. And the left and right distance of the walls.
I’m looking at front and yet I can understand everything.
Because I see it normally, I didn’t notice all of it.

「As expected, I’m not looking with my eyes. This isn’t an ability that uses my eyes.」

The space of the bathroom is formed in my head. And the other side of the wall.
360-degrees. I can keep and understand all things within the control of my ability naturally.
The volume’s consumed by this. The load depends on my brain.

「Seeing through is seeing through but my true ability isn’t seeing through but “Grasp”」

My ability is to “Grasp” every object in the space. I feel that this is the original form of my ability. But it evolved at time along with my growth to not let my brain blow up when I use it.
First is simply seeing through. Being able to see through the things I see, seeing only through walls and clothes. It evolves and the scope spreads, it can see through several walls and the insides of a human body. And right now, I can “Grasp” a useful range of 360-degrees of my surroundings.
Perhaps, the quality of my ability might change in accordance to organic and inorganic matter. It’s because my brain process the information. The process necessary to understand the inside of an organism is big and using it to understand the surroundings, the load might be too much for the brain. That’s why my ability set back temporarily to open it’s capacity.
But when I concentrate, a part of my head is drawn out and one part of my ability is invoked. Something like that.
I see. I get it now.

It’s the ability that can “Grasp” everything in a useful range.

「Well, this is a cheat class on support」

I’m just a human so even if I use all of my ability, I can only use almost 10 percent of my ability.
My ability demonstrates it’s true value when I use it to support someone. When I who has low power use this to assist a person with power, this ability would demonstrate extraordinary power.
And the person who receives assistance from me, I’ll gain an overwhelming geographical advantage.
That’s ironic. I don’t need a guy to support with my ability.
My ability is an ability to support only me.

「Well, it’s not it lost it’s purpose for lewd things」

I became accustomed by the present capability and processing rising up, that it’s possible to draw out the ability by emptying the capacity.

「If I can switch it freely, It would be best possible to be used on lewd stuff」

Muttering so, I decided to take a shit.1 Shitting as I worry on the toilet seat, what a funny story.

Feeling refreshed as I walked out of the toilet, I walked towards the living room.
I stopped in front of the door and went inside the living room when I opened it.
Yuka and Marina weren’t in the living room. The two of them are in the kitchen. I know even if i don’t see them. This is my new ability. All direction grasp ability.
Yup, I think that this is quite lewd in itself.
Grinning with such thoughts, a fragrant aroma tickled my nose.
The two standing in the kitchen are cooking in silence.
When I see them standing in the kitchen, I saw Yuka sauté the frying pan.
Yuka tries to separate her hand from the frying pan. Pepper was put on the pan abruptly. Marina’s the one who put on the pepper. Then Marina returned in front of the chopping board2 and cut the vegetables
Yuka sent an angry glance at Marina but she took the pepper without making any remark. Oh, so Yuka can make that kind of face. It’s not fun if she’s not paying attention to Marina.

Yuka who finished frying up lifted the frying pan and looked back.
The tableware is already prepared on the table.
Yuka sent an angry look at Marina but she set up the dishes in the table without making a noise.

「You’re much skillful than I thouhgt. I thought that Yuuki-senpai is unable to cook」

Yuka mutters as she set up the dish.
Marina who turns her back on Yuka laughed. That smile was somewhat masochistic.

「It seems that you’re mistaken in some ways. I should’ve been a normal girl but I became a cheap woman before I noticed」

Marina who makes a satisfying sound of cutting vegetables turns back a murmur to Yuka.
Hearing Marina’s words, Yuka glared at her back.
Oh, what a nice face. Doesn’t that expression of your real intent much better than laughing frivolously? Yuka-chan.
I can’t see the two from where I’m standing. But Marina’s turning her back. And Yuka naturally can’t grasp Marina’s expression.
As expected, it’s an outrageous ability. What’s amazing? I can understand all the space within the range of my ability, I can grasp the two people in 360 degrees and yet I’m not confused at all. I can grasp all of it even in chaos. It’s too normal.

「Please don’t call yourself a cheap woman carelessly. You’re the person Mota-kun chose. If you despise yourself I don’t intent to be an obstruction but I won’t allow you to curse Mota-kun」

Yuka mutters whisperingly as she set up the dishes.

「That’s true but Nee-san’s much more suitable for Suzuhara-sanー」
「That’s not for you to decide!」

Yuka shouted angrily, interrupting Marina’s mutter.

「You’re not the one to decide if who’s suitable! You were the chosen one!?3 Mota-kun’s the one who makes the choice!? You don’t have the right to choose if you’re suitable or if you have to pass it to me! If there’s dissatisfaction, you should just shut up and leave! You are much more suitable, what a thing to say, then what should I do with that!」

A blood vessel comes to the surface of temple of the shouting Yuka, she gripped the frying pan and threw it towards Marina.
Marina can’t move. The frying pan collided with the right wall, bounced and fell on the floor.
Hey! Don’t destroy the kitchen. I’ll get angry.

「What? Yuka’s cute in that way」

Yuka worked out measures over the nights to make me pleased. That Yuka is lovely, exiting, lewd and improper.
But Yuka who throws her anger and real intent at marina is much cuter.
Or rather, Yuka really had a grudge against Marina. It’s quite strange. At the time of time of the public restroom, even if she vent her anger, I certainly thought that she’d bear a grudge. But right now, I feel that there’s something different.
How should I say it? Yuka’s not the type that would pour in those level of insults, she seems to be the type that won’t say it by her mouth.
That kind of Yuka threw her real intent on Marina. Yuka who’s hiding her real intent even towards Asahina just threw it to Marina.
Could it be that the public restroom is the trigger.
Yuka certainly said that. She’s having a grudge against Marina, she said she won’t forgive her.
Rather than hiding her real intention, Yuka can’t express her true feelings and she might’ve let out her real intent for the first time.
In other words, Marina is someone whom she can talk her real feelings.
Thinking about it, I imagined three people in my brain.

Asahina’s the power.
Yuka’s the obedient.
Marina’s the passion.

She’s an idiot but Asahina’s advancing because she’s an idiot. That Asahina supports Yuka’s back. But Yuka can’t express her true feelings and she’s not good in expressing her will. That can be said as Yuka’s biggest fault. And mutual understanding is absolutely necessary to use Yuka’s power. But Yuka’s not good at it. Thus, Yuka’s ability is half ineffective.
Asahina’s intuition is sharp but Yuka’s too careful. The gears doesn’t move because of that.
But Marina who has an explosive power as the passion joins in.
The relation of the two is stirred up because of Marina’s involvement however, because they throw their real intent, they’re able to understand each other.
It’s Marina’s fault for displaying her emotion too much. That fault is necessary for Yuka. And if Yuka’s able to say her real feelings, Asahina would be pleased. And the need of Marina would be noticed.
When I connect the three, I think they would make a beautiful triangle. In short, I think that the chemistry of the tree people is outstanding.

「When I leave her like that, I feel that it would be a disadvantage to me」

Hmm, what should I do? There’s no problem if I can manipulate the three well but I’ll lose my head if I make a wrong step.
But it’s a waste to throw Marina away and Yuka’s somewhat interesting. Or rather, she’s the cream on top when it comes to the sexual techniques so it’s regrettable to throw her away. And Asahina, I won’t be satisfied until I make her ahegao. I intend to throw her away after making her ahegao but I don’t want to throw her away and say something bad about me.
It’s a difficult problem.
That saidー.
Marina still turns her back on Yuka. Yuka’s looking at Marina’s back as if she’s going to kill her.
I don’t care if you fight to your hearts content. It’s not bad to watch a catfight and also the victory or defeat is already determined. Yuka would hit Marina one sidedly if the fight begins. Marina would never lay her hand down on Yuka.
Well, I think that it’s impossible for Yuka to use violence.
That said, let’s try out something. Ensuring the fight.

「Yuka-chan, Marina, come here」

When I call them out, both of them turned around at the same time.
Yuka began to move first. Marina glanced at the living room and began to run. Marina walked next timidly.
Ah, this is unbearable. Marina who’s being abused and angered on by Yuka is too fresh. Also, the feeling of immorality of Marina which is depressed from being knocked down by Yuka is great.

「What’s wrong!?」

Yuka dashed out from the kitchen and entered the living room has entered my view. Then Marina entered my view a bit late.
She’s making a calm look but Yuka’s face is red and she’s breathing roughly. And behind Yuka is Marina forcing out a laugh with teary eyes.
She intends to be silent and hand over the seat. Marina told Yuka that but she settled on this place almost crying. And perhaps, she’s going to blame herself for staying.
After all Yuka’s words were a fair argument. If she thinks that Yuka’s much more suitable then she should just shut up and leave. But Marina can’t do it. That’s nothing but an act of looking down at Yuka. But that’s why Yuka’s real intent came out.
Marina’s passion is burning like fire and she made a lot of failures and slips of tongue. And Yuka doesn’t. That’s why the gears move.

「Ah, I just want to do something. Or rather, what’s wrong? The two of you are crying」

I know everything but I pretended that I don’t. The two of them trembled from my words. Yuka who did bad withdrew her gaze and Marina fell silent.
This is fun. Playing dumb even if you know everything is so fun.

「I just thought of having a light exercise before meal」
「Eh, ah, yeah!」

Yuka tilts her head for a moment and she sent a glance at Marina on the back. Then she looked back at me with a big smile and a nod then she gripped the hem of the black knit sweater that shows up only the nipple.
She moved as she heard, it seems that she thought of sex.
Marina who’s standing behind Yuka bit her lip while looking down and gripped her skirt with both hands. Then.
She backed off. Marina backed off.
Ah, great It’s not possible to leave this place but she can’t oppose what Yuka said so Marina moved back suffering, great.
Yuka’s aroused and what kind of reaction would Yuka show if I violate Marina right now? Then what kind of reaction would Marina show?
This has become very interesting.
In any caseー.

「Not lewd stuff. I’m not talking about that」

Yuka felt down when I told her and Marina felt a bit relieved somewhere.
Ah, dammit, I want to fuck Marina. I want to make Marina ahegao in front of Yuka. And I want to see what kind of face Yuka would show as I fuck Marina. But, endure it. I have a lot of time. I want to test the performance of my current ability.
This ability “Grasps”, but it’s not laughable if I don’t know how to grasp my ability.

「You know, want to see me killed? 」

The two of them raised a foolish voice as I say that with a laugh.

「I’m joking about killing but you at least have the feeling of wanting to beat me up? I’ve got my father’s golf club. Let’s go to the park right now and I want to be beaten down by a golf club. I want to be attacked by those kind of feelings」4
「Eh? Wait…Eeeh?」
「A-Attack? Golf Club?」

The two of them are shaking. Even if I order the two of them, the won’t attack me seriously I guess. But they’re likely to attack lightly if I tell them to.
But if I tell them to attack with intent to kill, they won’t get serious but they would surely attack with moderate power.
Because this is the first experiment, I guess that’s good enough. Furthermore it’s already dark outside so it’s the best time to test my ability.
With that said.

「There are some golf clubs in the door so let’s go to the park」

Saying that as I walk out, the two of them are still shaking but they began to follow me.
The two of them are at my back but I clearly understand.
This is really an amazing ability.
Grasping the ability quickly and I have to think on how to use it for lewd stuff.
I’m unwilling to use this grasping ability other than lewd stuff but my ability is grasping, I have to assume that this ability is most suitable to deal with combat. I’m very unwilling though.


  1. Lol
  2. Also known as Asahina
  3. Star wars reference
  4. No, he’s not awakened to Masochism.