X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 35

Chapter 35

The sun has completely fallen down in the park. It’s a park that’s a bit close to our house.

The trees make a blindfold of the park’s surroundings so the light of the residential area is cut as a result. Therefore, those that can be called a source of light are some light outside the park and the light of the fluorescent lamp that’s lucky to be in the entrance of the public restroom on the corner of the park. Lastly, the moonlight.
It’s that dark in other words. Furthermore, since the lights sticking on the entrance of the public entrance is blinking, it has a quite eerie atmosphere drifting.
I stand in the lawn of the park and Yuka’s standing in front and back of me. Though the place is a bit away from outdoor lights, you can still see thanks to the moonlight. But it’s impossible to see things in detail with normal eyesight. That’s how dark it is.

That’s right, it’s impossible to see if it’s the normal. If it’s normal.

Yuka’s standing in front of me and Marina’s behind me. I can see that well. No, it’s not just on that level. I can see them well as if they’re standing in the brightness of the sun.
As expected it’s the right choice to do the experiment in dusk. I can understand the obvious difference when I use my ability and when I don’t.
As a result, I proved that my ability isn’t controlled by light just like in the past. Furthermore, I know that it’s not controlled with light but I want to confirm that first.
I think that’s the most dangerous part of the ability. My ability doesn’t have any offensive power. In short, it would be very difficult to recover from failure. That was also true from before and a mistake in belief would be fatal. That’s why no matter how obvious it is, I need to confirm it properly.

That said, the relation of the two I’m between is interesting.

Though Yuka who’s in front of me seems to have the power, it’s slightly different.
Yuka didn’t take the first position. It’s Marina. Marina took the rear position.
Marina intends to transfer Yuka to my front. In case of Yuka, Marina’s turning it over. Yuka looks displeased because of that.

Yuka’s a loser so Marina’s giving it to her. It’s obvious that it’s not fascinating.

Marina’s unnecessary consideration and useless effort shake Yuka’s heart.
If the surroundings is bright, Yuka would smile at me hiding her true intent. But the surroundings are dark so Yuka thinks that I can’t see her expression so she’s showing her true face.
And Marina’s not noticing the shaking heart of Yuka.
This is unbearably fun.

The two of them are having another interesting point.

What they have chosen.
The two of them grips a golf club in their right hand just like I told them.
Yuka chose is an iron with a comparatively short handle that’s excellent in utility. Yuka’s low and slim so she can’t swing anything too big.1 She knows that so she’s not pushing herself and chose the simple iron.
A typical choice for Yuka.
Marina on the other side is very interesting.
Abused by Yuka, Marina is a sore loser being defeated by a just argument. Surprisingly, Marina chose a driver.
The golf club has a flower pattern, the handle’s very long and furthermore it’s the manliest violent driver. It’s exactly a metaphor of a penis2 That’s reflecting the bottom of Marina’s heart.
Even though she’s taller and has a better figure than Yuka, Marina who’s a woman chose something that’s best swung, the driver is a bit heavy it seems. Still she calmly chose the driver, she chose freely without exceeding the limit of common sense.
Yuka’s iron is simple. She considers the practicality but it also seems that she understands her own limit.
Distance more than precision. Practicality from power. It’s exactly like Yuka.
It’s really interesting.


I who feels unbearably fascinated is dying for fun so I called Marina to start it.


Marina who’s standing behind me raised a weak voice, then Yuka trembled.
I grinned and approached Marina who’s a bit further back.
Marina started retreating as I approach but her reaction was delayed because it’s dark. I caught her before she retreats as a result.
I moved my hand to embrace Marina’s waist and she sends Yuka a teary glance. Then she shows slight resistance to escape from me. Yuka’s glaring hard at that Marina.
The appearance of me hugging the panicking Marina and the appearance of Yuka that’s glaring at Marina’s back is well seen.
Yuka’s standing in my blind spot so she probably think that I’m not seeing her expression. That’s why her real face is showing up. That’s a face Yuka will never show to me.
But there’s no blind spot in my all direction space grasp. This can be used for lewd stuffs more than I expected.


A small sweet voice echoed. I stole Marina’s lips and she reacted.
Marina who closed her eyes while blushing, I who snatched a kiss from her pushed her breast with my left hand.


Marina shows some resistance but when I pierce my tongue inside her mouth and twine with hers, Marina lost the strength in her whole body and fell. My jacket is gripped as I push her breast with my left hand and I press the lip strongly.
Wriggling inside my tongue, Marina’s tongue is twining with mine. Then my saliva’s sucked out. With the sound of the gulping throat, Marina drank my saliva like it’s delicious.
She’s the loser right now but she’s already burning with just a small spark.
Marina’s fault is that her emotion shows up too much but that fault explodes even if she fall to the very bottom and it’s possible to make her go top gear instantly.
She raised her face when we separate our lips and Marina tries to stretch herself so the lip won’t go away, then she desperately wriggles her lip inside my mouth and made them twine. Then it makes an obscene wet sound.
She resisted at first but Marina willingly demands me. Yuka’s gripping her golf club while glaring at Marina. Yuka will never show that kind of face in front of me but she’ll start showing her real intent in expression and gestures when I can’t see.
Certainly, Yuka doesn’t notice. Those feelings swirl in Yuka’s mind right now. And her feelings spout out endlessly. Those are “Anger” and “Jealousy”.
Yuka’s devoting herself to me. She’s suppressing all of her emotions and tries to be the most convenient woman for me. That woman would have a “jealous” heart. That’s why Yuka feigns her own feelings and doesn’t notice her own behavior.
No, I’m sure that it’s not that naive. Yuka might be strongly suggesting herself to not notice that she’s pretending.
And yet, Her feelings begin to leak. Her real self begins to leak.
Go on, Yuka-chan. That expression is the best. I’m getting unbearably aroused.
Grinning as I have those thoughts, I raised my face. Then I separate my lip from Marina’s.


A lewd string stretches out from the tongue thrusted out and Marina’s looking up with charmed eyes as she breath roughly. But she came to her own senses when she heard her mutter and her expression stiffened.

「N-No we can’t ♥ Nee-san is watching ♥」

Even though she just said that she wants more, Marina starts rejecting me.
Even though you’re saying no, who’s the one taking the lead? There’s a limit on playing innocent.
This is why I like Marina. This odd attitude of Marina fuels and drives my sadist heart.
On the other side, Yuka must’ve heard Marina’s voice. Gripping the golf club to the very limit, she’s clenching her teeth as she glare at Marina.
Wishing it voluntarily, Yuka uses it as a pretext to to put a blame on Marina from rejecting me. She feels offended by Marina’s speech and behavior.
Shit, this is fun.
I intend to have a light combat training in for the sake of my grasping ability but I played for a bit before that.

「It’s fine. She can’t see coz it’s dark」

I purposely said it in a voice that Yuka could hear and I inserted my right hand inside Marina’s uniform and grabbed her breast violently. Then I massaged her breast and pinched her nipples. Furthermore, I insert my left hand inside her skirt and played with her clitoris with my fingers.

「N ♥ Ah ♥ Nn ♥ W-we can’t ♥ We can’t, Suzuhara-san ♥ Please stop it」

Marina covers her mouth with her right hand and grips with my uniform to the very limit, she’s raising a sweet whisper while trembling.
Please stop it. She’s saying that but she’s sticking out her breast to be groped more, she’s stretching her legs apart for her pussy to be played more.
Marina’s actions and speech are contradicting.
Her mind’s telling no but her body’s telling yes.3 We’re not seen but it’s different. Marina’s mind and body seeks me. And yet she’s showing that she doesn’t want it in consideration of Yuka.


I heard a groan.
Yuka’s glaring at Marina with a blood vessel surfacing on her temple.
It’s normal to be angry. She’s being cherished by me and yet she’s pretending to be minding Yuka and refuses, she’s completely making a fool out of Yuka.
If you think of Yuka’s character, Marina should be taking the lead and embracing me. Respond to my request. Even if it’s not her, she wants to satisfy my desires. That’s Yuka’s desire.
But marina’s taking the opposite action. She’s considering Yuka but that action only does conflict Yuka’s wrath.
She’s really fun.

「Marina. You’re so cute」

I massage her breasts with the hand inserted in her uniform, I play with her nipples with my finger then I play with her clitoris with my left hand that invaded her skirt, then I whispered sweetly in Marina’s ears.

「Ah ♥ aah ♥ naah ♥ T-That’s ♥ I’m not ♥ Nee-san is much more cuter ー Nnnn♥」

She intends to suppress her voice but Yuka clearly heard it and Marina’s convulsing while panting. However, she’s trying to flatter Yuka desperately.
Even though I’m calling her cute, even though she’s accepting my caress, she’s trying to flatter Yuka as thanks.
For Yuka who’s dying to please me, that action of Marina is nothing but a defiance of my will.
Yuka’s pupil opened as she glare at Marina, a blood vessel surface in her temple. Then Yuka laughed.
Her smile’s distorted.
Oh, she lost it?
Amazing. Marina’s absurdly good at stimulating Yuka’s heartstrings. The person herself doesn’t notice it though.

「You’re an idiot. You’re super cute. Let’s have sex」
「B-But ♥ 」
「I told you it’s fine. It’s dark so we won’t be found out」
「H-However ♥」
「I want to make a mess of your pussy using my dick. Isn’t that fine?」
「T-That’s ♥ N-Nee-san is watching, I’m troubled ♥」
「Even though I’m pleading you so much you’re not going to let me? Even though you’re my girlfriend? Hey, let’s fuck Maria-chan」

Marina’s pretending to dislike it but she trembled with the “Girlfriend” keyword. Then she looked up at me while breathing hard.
Her eyes are already melting.

「T-Then…Just for a bit then♥」

Marina whispers with voice like they’ve been sprinkled with sugar, she strokes my penis with love on top of my pants.
“Just for a bit”, what an arrogant attitude. You’re so depressed just a while ago, you’re really someone that get’s caught up in the moment easily.

「I-If you don’t want to…」

A laughing whisper is heard from the back.

「If you don’t want it then stop!? Mota-kun’s telling that you’re cute! Even though he’s telling that he wants to have sex with you because you’re cute!? What’s with that!? What the hell is with you!? Who do you think you are?」

An angry voice echoes in the dark park.
Amazing. Marina, do you know how amazing you are? Let’s not think of when I’m not here, Yuka really got angry even though I’m here.
Marina doesn’t understand it at all but that’s so amazing.
After all Yuka never lost her temper no matter how much she was violated by those delinquents. Furthermore Yuka’s putting me as her priority. She was going to play the perfect meat hole I expect in front of me. That Yuka got angry in my presence.
Marina paled instantly and trembled as she shrink.
If you’re gonna get scared from her anger, then you should’ve not get caught up in it.
But this is why I don’t stop playing with marina.


Wanting to hop from so much fun, I turned around and feigned a face then glared at Yuka.
Yuka trembled when she saw my glare.
Yuka has forgotten herself from losing temper and she returned to her senses when I glared at her.

「I-I’m sorrー」
「Eh? What? I can’t? Even though I’m having fun? Do I need Yuka’s permission to fuck Marina? Ooh, so Yuka’s that important. I didn’t know」
「T-That’s not」

Yuka tries to apologize but I cut her words and she turned pale in nervousness. Thenー.

「I-I’m sorry. I was too forward. Please forgive me. I’ll do anything for Mota-kun’s sake. That’s true. And yet I hindered you, I’m sorry. I won’t hinder you anymore so please enjoy Yuuki-senpai」

Yuka put the golf club in her hand to the ground and kneeled in the place in a hurry, she’s making a splendid dogeza.
Amazing. What an excellent dogeza. It’s an example of all dogeza. No matter how much you dogeza, can you even acquire such an excellent dogeza as this? That’s how much is here dogeza.
Marina dogeza in front of me too but the level is too different.

「W-What an amazing dogeza…」

Marina mutters as she sees Yuka dogeza. Yuka trembled as she kneel in reaction.
Marina-chan. You’re telling how amazing the dogeza of the other person, you’re completely looking down on them. I’m truly admiring what you’re doing now but I don’t think that you have the right to say that.
I can say that she has said it without hesitation.
The kneeling Yuka has an angry expression floating. She’s kneeling so I can’t see her expression if it’s under normal circumstances.
This ability is really useful.

「Marina. Why are you still standing?」

Hearing my words, Marina came to her senses and raised a foolish voice as she look at me.

「You don’t know why Yuka-chan’s kneeling?」
「Eh? Uhm, that’s…」

Marina’s flustered from my question and she look at Yuka with teary eyes. Then, she looked up at me.

「T-That’s Suzuhara-san should be cherishing nee-san but I’m the one being cherished…」

When Yuka heard Marina’s trembling whisper, she clench her teeth and grasp her hands to the very limit.
Marina has no clue at all why Yuka’s kneeling. Yuka’s fanned because of that.
Yuka got angry not because I’m cherishing Marina. Even though I’m cherishing her, she’s pretending to not like it because she’s looking after Yuka, she’s trying to transfer the role to Yuka. Furthermore she’s hiding her real intent and making an excuse out of my request, she can’t help but put the blame on me and she gave it up.4
That’s the reason why Yuka got angry. And Marina doesn’t get it at all. Furthermore it’s much more wicked when she doesn’t mean any bad.
Marina’s a genius for stirring Yuka up.

「That’s right Marina. It’s Yuka’s original role to be cherished by me. But you’re so cute that I want to eat you up」

Desperately enduring my urge to laugh, I gave Marina an answer.
Marina blushed, sends a glance at me and fidgets bashfully.

「You get it Marina? It’s your fault for being so cute. That’s why, okay? Apologize to Yuka-chan」
「C-Cute? T-That’s…♥」

She’s denying it but Marina’s leaking out delight then she hurriedly kneeled on the place. Then she dogeza in front of Yuka who she learned from.

「N-Nee-san. Suzuhara-san’s sympathizing for this useless me. Nee-san’s too excellent. Nee-san’s much more suitable. And yet Suzuhara-san cherishing me is just a show of mercy」

Kneeling in front of Yuka, she tries to lift Yuka while denying herself. Those words made Yuka’s breathing abnormally rough.
Yuka who’s kneeling on the ground opened her pupils. Then, she laughed frivolously. It’s a crooked smile that you won’t imagine it from the usual Yuka.
If I’m not here, I feel that she’s so mad that she can seriously kill Marina.
Marina. You’re really amazing.
Admiring Marina as she naturally agitate Yuka, I squat behind the kneeling Marina and rolled her skirt. Her panties are exposed as a result and it has a big stain made from the large amount of love nectar.
Well, I know even if I don’t roll her skirt.
Rolling up her skirt, seeing Marina’s panties drenched in love nectar, she trembled in shame.

「Hey hey, this is an amazing amount of love nectar. Are you seriously apologizing? You’re apologizing even though you’re spouting so much lewd love nectar, there won’t be any persuasive power nor sincerity」

Marina trembled from my wordsー.

「S-Suzuhara-san’s playing with it!」

Of all things! Marina put the blame on me.
I know that she’s that kind of person so I’m having fun playing with her. But those are the worst and the lowest excuse that would break through Yuka’s anger.
She’s blaming me. That’s something unforgivable more than anything for Yuka.

「Aha, hahaha, hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha…」

A calm laughter sounds.
Yuka’s laughing expressionlessly while kneeling down on the ground.
You’ve done it. Yuka’s trying to hold out her anger somehow because I’m here but she finally has broken.

「Eh, ehehe. Thank you for the laugh」

Raising her face, Marina laughed bashfully.
That’s not true. Marina-chan, that’s not it. Yuka-chan’s laughing interestingly.

「Ahahaha! ahahahahahahaah! Ahahahahahaahhaahahhahahahaha!」

Her mad laughter echoes in the moonlight.
She gripped the golf club on the ground and Yuka stood up slowly. Her pupil dilated and her distorted smile is overflowing with madness.
Yuka kept enduring even though she’s been severely toyed with the delinquents and looked by miserable eyes as a meat hole. No, Yuka could do nothing but endure. She survived by enduring and enduring.
Her heart closed as a result. Her heard closed hard to exceed the absolute zero. Marina naturally stirred and destroyed that gate and the darkness she’s accumulated till now is opened in a dash.


Yuka smile under the moonlight is filled with insanity. Seeing those eyes, the shivering on my spine runs up.
The gate of her heart breaks, Yuka’s darkness went out quickly and she obviously hopes for destruction.
Hate. She hates everything. She hates those who defiled her. She hates the world who didn’t save her. Those thoughts are transmitted desperately.
Yuka under the moonlight is exactly the embodiment of hate.
That’s normal. That’s human. That’s okay.
Grinning, I grabbed Marina’s nape and pulled it up forcibly.


Marina leaked a groan since I pulled her back by force. Then the golf club pierced the ground Marina’s kneeling from.
A single blow without mercy. If it hits her head, marina would’ve been greatly injured.
No, she might be dead if unlucky.
Yuka who’s gripping the golf club with both hands put power on it and pulled out the golf club that pierced the ground.

「I’ll kill you…」5

Then she looks at Marin with a empty pupils as she mutter while grinning.
Marina sees Yuka filled with madness but she can’t swallow the situation.
I like this. This is the best situation. This is far from my plans but allow me to make use of this situation.
I used my ability and put my concentration to the very limit.
I can’t get enough. I’m getting goosebumps. She’s not strong. But that’s not the problem. Yuka really wants to kill Marina.
Is this blood thirst? The opponent is a slender woman but the blood in my body boils and I’m getting goosebumps. Everything’s making an alarm on how dangerous Yuka is right now.
She’s much more dangerous than the delinquents.
I’m affected by Yuka’s madness and I’m so sensitive thanks to that.
Up down left right, the 360 degrees of my surroundings. All the spaces within the range of the ability are formed in my brain


Marina raised a small scream. Her body collapsed. That’s because I lightly kicked the back of Marina’s knee.
The golf club passed above Marina’s head after a moment of delay. A dreadful sound of gust showed it’s power.
The golf club was swung at Marina’s head with all of her effort. If I was late to kick the back of Marina’s knee even for a moment, it would hit her head directly.
Shit. Amazing. I can understand. I can understand Yuka’s movements perfectly. I can see it even though I’m not looking at the inside of her body.
I can grasp all of the space. This ability is truly extraordinary.
Yuka and Marina’s within the range of my ability. I can recognize even the hair of the two. That’s not all. I can completely grasp how rough the grass that are growing on the ground. No, even the ground.


Marina who’s kneeling screamed and fell face flat on the ground. That’s because I lightly licked Marina’s back. The golf club grazed Marina’s overheard because of that. It would certainly hit if she’s still standing on her knees.
I can see. I can see what kind of movement Yuka would take.
I can grasp even the single hair. It’s normal for the outside of the body but I can even grasp the shape of the clothes she wear, even the fiber.
Before I was penetrating the inside of their body to predict the movement. But right now I can grasp every small operation outside of the body as if I can see the future. It’s not like I’m reading the future. Because I can grasp even the smallest movement, I can see ahead by myself.
Comparing it with water, the space I can grasp is like the space filled with water. I can see the water. And all of the movement existing is conveyed. It’s normally not seen but I can see it.
Furthermore I can only use my X-ray on those that comes to my sight before but there’s no more blind spot now. Predicting Yuka’s attack, and the position and body pose of Marina is perfectly grasped.
Grasping the space is this much.
Having a pleased surprise, Yuka raised her golf club and moved immediately.
The predicted spot of the golf club is where Marina fell down. The range is big because she fell down. Furthermore, there’s no time to raise because Marina is down.
While Marina’s trying to raise herself, the golf club was swung and hit Marina’s head directly.
Knowing it beforehand, I gave up on moving Marina and jumped in front of Yuka. Then I gripped Yuka’s raised hands with one of my hand.
Amazing. This is amazing. I’m only looking at Yuka’s face but I easily caught her hands. Because I grasp the distance and position of Yuka’s hands perfectly, I only need to stretch my hand.
Predicting the future is possible when grasping the space and in addition I know the distance without looking at it. In addition, this has an amazing advantage for having no blind spot. It’s overwhelming.


Yuka who’s hands are gripped by me muttered as she returned to her senses.
It seems that Marina’s the only one caught in her sights.

「What have I done…?」

Gripping the golf club with both of her hands. The ground was hollowed by the golf club. Then Marina’s lying down on the ground. She must’ve understood the situation from seeing that. Yuka paled and began to shake.

「I killed, I killed Yuuki-senpaiー」
「Yeah, that’s right」

I answered Yuka who’s trembling from fear.

「Yuka-chan, people who had darkness in their heart would seriously think of killing a person. You actually know it. But you’re lying to yourself. You don’t hate Marina. It doesn’t matter who it was. It’s okay no matter who it was as long as the darkness of your heart is thrown out」

Yuka’s body quiver as I talk to her.
Tears flow on Yuka’s cheek under the moonlight.

「I know that it was hard. But Yuka-chan endured it right? You’ve endured it yourself and you killed Marina from the outburst of your anger. Won’t that be worse than those guys who toyed Yuka-chan? I know that it’ shard but that’s the worst.」

The amount of tears running through Yuka’s cheek increased.

「Then you don’t have to endure it anymore. If you became the worst scum just like me, there’s no need to endure it anymore. Why don’t you do as you like just like me? Ease yourself more」

Saying that, I beat Yuka’s heart then soothe it.
The grasp ability was more than expected that I was able to evade Yuka’s attack. That’s great but any more is dangerous. It would be bad if Marina’s killed. Or rather, murder isn’t a joke.
The power from Yuka’s hands was lost and the golf club fell down on the ground.
The teary Yuka looked up at me and laughed like usual. The murderous intent disappeared away from that smile.

「Can I cry?」

Yuka’s asking even though she’s already crying.

「You don’t need a permission to cry」

Answering that, Yuka smiled. Then the gentle smile distorted.6


The scream pains ones ears echoed in the night sky where the moon floats.
The darkness from the bottom of her heart went out and Yuka tried to kill Marina as a result. That’s the evidence that her mind is much more tainted than her body. I pointed it out.
Thus there’s only one thing left for Yuka. The threw her shame and honor and just cried.
Yuka’s only one small weak lone girl and I thought that Yuka’s so small. I’m being aroused by such Yuka.
The too defenseless figure of a woman who wore an armor and showed her heart for the first time.
Yuka doesn’t need to hide anything anymore.
Would she break? Or would she be reborn like Marina?
Marina did but Yuka’s standing on the crossroads right now.
She still has a use when broken. I can use her as a meat doll to deal with my desire. But if she gets rebornー.
Just what kind of change would she show? I’m greatly excited.


  1. Except for my dick
  2. Now I can guess why Marina chose it
  3. Sorry, I can’t help but put the song in here. lol
  4. しかも俺の頼みを言い訳にしてその本心を隠し、俺のせいにして仕方なく抱かれて“あげよう”としたことだ。
  5. https://youtu.be/xOz-T3NPtLA
  6. https://youtu.be/lXX7dRULFaE