X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 36

Chapter 36

She got tired from crying? Yuka has already lost consciousness.
Her sleeping face is so tranquil as if a demon has been exorcised.
Should I say that it came off? Or could it be that it was taken off.
Yuka’s the one who can answer that.

「Marina. Get up」

Putting the sleeping Yuka in my shoulders, I called out Marina and sighed.

「Eh, ehehe, ehehehe…I’m sorry」

Marina who’s sitting on the ground laughs as she looks up at me with watery eyes.
I can understand from just looking. She can’t stand up.
Well, it’s normal for that to happen.
Yuka tried to kill Marina but she was unable to swallow the situation a while ago. But when time passed, she was able to understand what kind of situation she was in.
Marina’s inferior to some extent compared to Yuka and Asahina but she’s good enough to be called a beauty. Thus she must’ve experience being a target of negative feelings like jealousy and enmity.
She didn’t do anything bad, she was just beautiful, she was just cute and yet she became a subject of jealousy, be soured, be cursed on. It’s all the more because of her faulty character.
Because of that, Marina who displays her emotion too much receives hatred, jealousy, and grudge easily.
And she might’ve been turned with murderous intent. She’s the girlfriend of the leader of the delinquents so it’s not strange if it does.
But it’s doubtful if the murderous intent is the real thing.
Humans would ad least think of killing a person once or twice in their lifetime. However that doesn’t mean that they would translate it into action.
The negative feelings of jealousy, hate, grudge , and bias would strengthen that to some degree. False intent to kill means that they don’t really intend to murder. If the hate vent out has the stress of hate to the degree of wanting to kill, their own spirit would make a self-defense to keep heir own feelings.

But Yuka’s murder intent is different. It’s not that sweet.

She aimed at a person’s head and swung the golf club with all her effort. That’s a very simple movement but not every human can do it. Or rather, it’s troubling if every human can do that.
What would happen if that’s true? If you swing the golf club with all your best, what would happen to the head of the person if hit directly? It’s obvious even if you don’t think.
The person’s common sense would adjust. Even if the mind doesn’t adjust, the chain named common sense that was given since infancy would unconsciously put brakes.
And yet, Yuka swung the golf club with all of her power to strike.
How would it turn out if the golf club hits Marina’s head directly? What would happen to her if Marina dies?

A person isn’t afraid to kill a person. A person who killed would be disgraced by the name of murderer, imprisoned, erased from the society and must walk in the shade. That’s the scary part.
In the end, human won’t kill another just because oneself is cute.

Yuka didn’t know those things at that time.
She doesn’t know what would happen if she killed a person.
Because she was exposed in a clear pure urge to kill, it’s natural for Marina to be unable to stand up.
To be honest, Marina was lucky that she wasn’t able to swallow the situation when Yuka wanted to kill her.
If she was able to, then Marina would surely be confused. Then her body would stiffen driven by fear. She might try to act violently and run to save herself.
If Marina’s body was stiff that time. If Marina acted violently that time. The possibility of me not handling Marina is high. She’d be lucky if she was only injured. If unlucky, then she would be dead.
Unable to swallow the situation, she lost the strength of her body as a blank surprise so I was able to control Marina and made her evade Yuka’s attacks.
No matter how amazing my ability is, this isn’t a physical action ability.
There’s no meaning if I don’t have muscular strength nor strong reaction speed. This can’t form a barrier nor dominate the opponent.
It’s just a vision power till the end.
That’s my power.

「Want me to lend my shoulder?」

Approaching Marina with Yuka on my shoulder, I called her out as she look down on the ground.


Marina who sees Yuka sleeping when she glanced at me, looks at me with a troubled face.
Do you think that it would impose a burden to me who’s already carrying Yuka? Or?ー

「Are you scared of Yuka?」

Asking her, Marina tilts her head.

「Scared? Eh? Why?」

She answered back with an unintentional dumbfounded response.
Why? She just tried to kill you you know. It’s normal to be afraid.
Could it be that she didn’t even notice that Yuka’s trying to kill her?

「Could it be that she tried to kill me?」

Marina spoke in an ignorant tone.
Oh, she noticed. That would be amazing in some meaning if she didn’t even notice the murder intent, but she noticed it as expected.
But why is she not afraid? It’s a bluff?

「Why are you not afraid? You might’ve been dead, not joking. Could it be that you thought I’ll protect you? Don’t say that」

Marina knows that I’m strong to some degree. But Marina haven’t seen my strength. She only know the result when she saw Shinozaki’s eyes who’s completely broken.
In other words, she doesn’t know the nature of my strength.
The nature of my strength. Marina doesn’t even know if it’s physical strength of scheming. Of course, she doesn’t know that I have an ability either.
It’s just foolish to believe in an ambiguous strength.

「I’m not making a fool out of Suzuhara-san but I didn’t think of Suzuhara-san helping me. How should I say it? I didn’t want your help in the first place」

I leaked out a foolish voice from Marina’s unexpected answer.
You didn’t even think of wanting my help?
I don’t feel that she’s lying. I can only see Marina seriously thinking that.

「I don’t get it, but my vision suddenly flows, I sat down on the ground suddenly then fell down on the ground suddenly. That’s what I all know. But I saw Nee-san when I looked up. Raising a golf club as she look down at me. When I saw that, Aah, I thought I was going to die」

Marina smiles softly as she speak in a gentle voice. That appearance won’t be thought of as the human that was about to be killed just now.

「Looking at Nee-san, I was finally able to notice Nee-san’s heart even for a bit. And the size of the sin I committed…」

Marina closed her eyes and tears flow along her cheek. Then she breathed in deeply, she opened her eyes and looked up at me with a smile while crying.

「Even if I bet everything even my life at this point to make up for my sins, it can’t be undone anymore. It’s not about whether Nee-san forgives me or not, it can’t be undone anymore. Nee-san carried such a wound. That’s what I understood」

Marina shed tears while smiling. I’m looking down at that Marina with wide open eyes.
It can’t be undone. The wounds carved in Yuka’s body won’t be erased anymore whatever you do. For her to notice itー.
Marina noticed the size of the wound in Yuka’s heart more than herself being killed, and her head’s filled with it?
It’s easy to say but Marina’s about to be killed by Yuka just a while ago. And yet, she shows a face that she’s able to understand it.
Marina’s fun as expected.

「Then, what would you do? if you can’t repair it anymore are you giving up on paying for your sins?」

When I asked Marina, her expression stiffened and she refused strongly.

「It can’t be repaired anymore but I need to live my life continuing to compensate for my sins. That’s the only thing I can do」

Looking up straight at me, Marina declared clearly. There’s no hesitation felt from her words.
How big is Marina’s sins?
If Marina didn’t lead Yuka to the trap, she won’t be taken by the delinquents.
She knew it and kept watching. That’s all.
If I’m in Marina’s standpoint, I won’t be feeling guilt from it.
She’s just weak. It makes me laugh when I think that.
Also, that’s not why Yuka wanted to kill Marina. She might be having a grudge on it but that grudge would just be barking on the wrong tree.
The reason Yuka tried to kill Marina is because Marina’s here. The reason is just the way it is.
The darkness in Yuka’s heart is perhaps accumulated before she was made a toy by the delinquents.
She was bullied till Asahina saved her. After she was saved by Asahina, the bullying suspiciously stopped.
Asahina helped her because she felt like it. She just saw Yuka being bullied that day by coincidence and she stopped it. That’s all. If so, it won’t be strange if she’s still continued to be bullied behind Asahina’s back.
Yuka kept living the majority of her life being unlucky and enduring it for all those years. The darkness accumulated from those days was let loose and Marina was just in front of her.
Marina’s the one who broke the gates of Yuka’s heart but I think anyone’s fine for Yuka that time.
Everyone can be the target of the darkness in her heart.
Yuka’s lucky thinking about it.
If Yuka turned her murder intent to me at that time, I wouldー.
Well who cares.

「You should just do whatever you want. I don’t care about it」

I just pushed Marina away with those words but Marina showed no discouragement and just nodded.
She’s not shaken. That’s good. If not, it won’t be interesting.

「That’s why you’re so fun」

I saw Marina tilt her head from my mutter then I laughed instinctively.

「I’m talking to myself.」

Answering Marina with a laugh, she puffed her cheeks and voiced like a pig.

「It suits you barking like a sow. Buubuu doesn’t feel incompatible with you one bit」
「Buubuu! Buubuubuu!」

Marina felt happy when I teased her? She pretended to attack me and plays like a pig while blushing on her cheeks.
It seems that she’s happy.

「Then, let’s go back. Hey, hold onto my shoulders」

Saying that, I squat down next to her.

「Then, I’ll take your offer♥」

Blushing on her cheeks, Marina looked up at me and stretched her right hand to my shoulder. Then she gripped my shoulder.
The vibration is transmitted.
The vibration won’t be noticed as it’s just weak.
The vibration transmitted on my back make me suspicious whether it’s really a vibration because of how faint it is. But I who’s keeping my ability can clearly see it.
Yuka who’s carried by me is trembling faintly. Being able to see it made it possible for me to feel the vibration.
She’s awake. I don’t know when she woke up but well, I’d be troubled when I ask so I didn’t.
Oh right. It’s convenient now that Yuka’s pretending to be asleep.

「Marina. I want to tell you something while Yuka-chan’s asleep」

I call out Marina while she’s trying to stand up trembling as she hold my shoulder.


Marina tilts her head when I called her.

「I said it a while ago but no matter how much guilt you feel for Yuka-chan, even if you feel a debt, those are unrelated to me」
「I don’t care about your problem with Yuka-chan. That’s why don’t get me involved in your problems」

Marina tilts her head from my words for a moment but she immediately understood it and nodded firmly.
Did she really understand it? Are you making assumptions from misunderstanding by yourself?

「You’re my girlfriend. Don’t forget that」

Marina raised a foolish voice when she heard my voice, her eyes shook and she turned red gradually then she laughed sloppily.
She doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say at all. She only is happy when I tell her that She’s my girlfriend.
Well fine. It’s okay even if she doesn’t understand.
Right, Yuka-chan? Yuka-chan would understand what I’m trying to say.
Marina’s my possession. I just made her understand that I don’t care about what kind of relationship they would have but I won’t let her do what she wants in front of me.
Marina’s my girlfriend and Yuka’s my onahole. In short, Marina has the higher position for me.
I have to let her know it.

Marina doesn’t seem to understand the real intention of my words at all and we went back home with her laughing frivolously.
Looking at Marina, I regret seeing her in a new light.
I should make Yuka my girlfriend and demote Marina as a guinea pig.

Arriving at my house, I laid down the pretending to sleep (perhaps) Yuka on the sofa.
She was awake a while ago. But she’s honestly sleeping right now.
With my current ability of grasping the space in all directions, I can grasp anything that goes within the range of my ability. But the human body is different. No, should I call it an organic matter? Such a thing makes me grasp only the surface. If I try to look for the contents, it’s only a part.
Because of that, I can only guess whether Yuka’s pretending to sleep or if she’s really asleep.
And I understood another thing. When I change my consciousness to see the through the human body, the space grasp ability can’t be used.
Then if I release my space grasp ability, though I can see the whole human body before, it’s no good anymore.
Perhaps, even if I completely release my space grasp ability, I think that my brain can’t empty the capacity to make it available anytime. That’s why I can’t draw out all the ability to see through the human body.
Space grasp ability and X-ray vision. If I can only train to perfect the shape of the two.
But it might not be possible if it’s impossible to empty the capacity of the brain.
If I train and get used to the ability would it make a space? Or could it be that the space grasp’s capacity is too much that it makes a limit in the current form.
Well, the answer would be given if I work hard and train the ability.

「Marina. I’m entering the bath so I’ll leave everything else to you」

Squatting down in front of the sofa, I was looking at Yuka’s sleeping face before I called Marina and stood up.


Marina who’s sitting straight on the floor nodded obediently while looking up.
Though I thought I might suggest that we enter the bath together but it seems that she’s not that much of an idiot.
Could it be that she noticed Yuka feigning sleep.
If Yuka’s awake and I leave this place, Yuka would probably open her eyes. Marina knows that so she thought of staying in this place.
Now then, what would happen to the two of them?
Yuka might not attack Marina anymore. That’s why I pushed the nail in while Yuka’s pretending to be asleep.
I won’t let her feel at ease when she lay a hand on my girlfriend.
Knowing that, and she was able to almost kill Marina, what kind of change Yuka would show.
Would she break? Or would she be reborn?
If it’s the latter, it won’t advance as long as she can’t make a conclusion with Marina. And perhaps, Yuka’s the latter.
If she’s broken, there’s no need to pretend to be asleep.
And Marina would also try to reach conclusion with Yuka.
It would be convenient for me if they think mutual. It would be difficult if it ended badly for the two of them. At worst, I have to dispose one of them.
If I do it will be Yuka. Though Yuka’s ability is higher, Marina’s much easier to use and more interesting. Yuka should know that.
Thus I’ll leave it to the two of them and I’ll soak myself in hot water.

Soaking in the hot bathtub, i leaked out a sigh.
The lust well up. My penis is raging as if it’s going to explode.
To be frank, I want to violate Marina immediately. No, I was driven by the impulse that I want to covet any woman possible.

「Is that the murder intent. That’s really unbearable…」

Yuka’s figure crossed my mind.
Her smile filled with insanity under the moonlight.
I heard that humans show their true nature when they feel death.
I certainly felt death that time.
I don’t think Yuka will defeat me. My physical power and ability is advantageous and Yuka forgot herself. Yuka has an overwhelming observation power and perception of death.
The delicate woman’s only forte. It’s an easy victory. I’m certain that I will win. Even if an unexpected situation occurs, I can just use Marina as a decoy when the times comes and it would be easy to crush Yuka.

「Winning and killing are completely different things」

That is murder intent. A lump of hatred that sincerely wishes to kill people.
Even if I could win, the clear death exists.
Witnessing those kind of things, Iー.

「I’m able to know my true nature thanks to Yuka」

I almost ejaculated. That’s how aroused I am. It’s the first time I was able to feel such strong arousal.
It’s laughable. With the overwhelming mayhem of the murderous intent, I feel neither anger nor fear, I wasn’t driven by the destruction impulse either, I was just desperate to let out my sexual desire.

「My true nature is really lewd」

It seems that I only seek for lewd stuff till the end.

Going up from the bath, I went to the living room, I stopped in the corridor and used my ability.
If my guess is right, the two of them are in the middle of the discussion.
My existence would only be a hindrance for the two of them right now. I must not get involved to let them reach the conclusion.
I’ll take a read at it though.
Walking down the corridor with my ability active, I stopped when two living being entered the range.
Marina’s sitting on the floor. And Yuka’s kneeling on the ground in front of Marina.
She’s feigning sleep as expected.

『Please raise your head』

A faint voice is heard. I’m a bit far from the living room so it’s not possible to catch even a faint voice usually. But I can hear it. No, should I say that I can see it?
My hearing isn’t that great. That’s why I can’t hear what a normal human can’t hear.
Then why can I hear it?
My ability clearly understands the movement of Marina’s lips. The movement is complemented with the faint voice I hear then the words are supplemented.
So it can be used like this too?
I’m able to complete their words because of the movement of their lips and faint voice. But in a situation where I can’t really hear the voice, it would be difficult to complete their words by just the movement of their lips.
If I train then I may perhaps read the words by just watching the movement of their lips.
Well, that would be lip-reading.
Because I can grasp the movement of the lips perfectly, I have higher accuracy from the usual lip-reading.
Aside from lip reading, I might find other functions if I train.

『Until when are you going to lower your head?』

Marina who’s sitting straight talks to the kneeling Yuka with a strong tone.

『There’s no need to worry about when you tried to kill me. Because I don’t have even a single scratch』

Marina talks to Yuka but Yuka keeps her dogeza without moving an inch. Marina leaks out a small sigh while looking at Yuka.

『I should be the one kneeling instead. But I can’t do that. The only thing I can do right now is accept Nee-san’s apology. And I’m certainly accepting it. That’s why please raise your head』

I felt admiration from Marina’s words.
Marina said that she was able to understand that Yuka can’t recover from it, thus she said that she’ll bet her life for atonement. That’s why I certainly thought that she’d lower her head at Yuka if she wakes up.
She probably would undergo it for Yuka’s sake. She wisely judged to accept Yuka’s apology so she won’t be left a debt anymore.
I don’t know if she’s an idiot or clever.

『This apology isn’t for when I tried to kill you』

Yuka speaks out while kneeling down. Marina raised a foolish voice to those words.

『I really did something inexcusable to you. I can’t apologize for that even if I do. I also don’t know how to compensate for it』
『That’s why I told you I’m accepting your apology. I’m convinced already. That’s why you don’t need to do anything more than this』
『Understood. Then, I’ll make another apology』

Marina said that she accepts Yuka’s apology. And Yuka agreed to Marina’s words. With that in mind, Yuka made a new apology and Marina raised a foolish voice because of that.

『Yuuki-Marina senpai. Please let me declare that I recognize you as Mota-kun’s girlfriend』

Yuka speaks as she look up and stare at Marina with both hands on the floor.

『I love Mota-kun』

Yuka speak out clearly while looking straight at Marina, then Marina tilts her head.
Marina tilts her head but her face is stiff. She must’ve noticed what Yuka is about to say. That’s why she must be thinking of 「Ah, this might be somewhat dangerous」

『This apology is an apology for NTR-ing1 Mota-kun away from you』

Stealing me away from Marina. Yuka said it clearly and Marina tries to tilt her head ignorantly while sweating.
NTR-ing me away? You’ve said it. She didn’t say that she want to steal me away nor desires to do so, she clearly said that she’ll take me away.
A remark Yuka wouldn’t say before.

『I don’t want to lie anymore. I’ll speak honestly. I was saved by Mota-kun and fell in love with him. That’s why I want to hold onto Mota-kun’s heart. But I’m not qualified to love. I who became tainted has no qualification to be Mota-kun’s girlfriend. The only thing I can do is to use this defiled body, at least I can be next to Mota-kun. But I realized that I was wrong』

Unwavering, unhesitating, simple, but hot, Yuka’s talking powerfully.

『Mota-kun blocked me calmly as I try to kill the person in front of me. And I was told to live as I like. I was told that I don’t need to hide anything anymore. That’s when I understood it. I was blaspheming Mota-kun. I told you to not blaspheme him but it was me who’s blaspheming Mota-kun. I’m using the reason that my own body is defiled, believed in him and only ran away』

Yuka keeps talking. Marina silently listens to her and her actions are obviously doubtful. A large amount of sweat is pouring out as she’s flustered.
It became dangerous. This has become extremely dangerous. That’s what she probably thinks.
Yuka’s fault. That is she can’t speak her real intent.
Yuka’s a subject of Marina’s atonement and she’s also an existence whom she respects as a teacher. She doesn’t feel she can win against a serious Yuka. But she probably didn’t think of Yuka getting serious.
But Yuka became serious.

『Even if I tell him my feelings, I don’t know whether Mota-kun would accept my feelings. But that doesn’t matter. I will take Mota-kun away from you. That’s all. That’s why I’m making my apology right now. I’m sorry for stealing Mota-kun』

Saying that, Yuka bowed deeply.
Amazing. She already spoke of my thoughts and made an apology assuming that she will steal me away.
She’s got some confidence. She already decided.
Yuka who wasn’t able to say her real intent asserted it here. Yuka will no longer hesitate. Yuka who’s stopped all this time began to run with all her best.
Just like Asahina who’s beating the iron wall barehanded as she laugh.
Fun. This is interesting. Shit, I’m so aroused that I almost ejaculated.

『W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-wait a moment! You want to apologize for stealing? I’m not dumping Suzuhara-san yet!』

The flustered Marina somehow answered back to Marina. But she’s considerably shaken.

『I don’t care about that. You only have to work hard on your own way. I will steal Mota-kun away and become his girlfriend. Then I’ll be cherished round the clock. That’s all』
『I-I told you, Suzuhara-san hasー』
『I don’t need Mota-kun’s confirmation of his will』
『I won’t confess to him out of the blue. I won’t forget that I am defiled. Thus I know what I can do』
『Wai, but, howeverー』
『The one chosen can just be the girlfriend. There’s no means on choosing that. I will definitely steal Mota-kun』
『Pya, pyaa』

Yuka asserts herself in a dignified manner. Being pressured by Yuka, Marina creaks a strange voice while trembling.
Pyaa, what?
That saidー.

「My will doesn’t matter? Very well, I don’t hate that」

She’s not going to court me by saying that she loves me but she’s going to make me fall for her. She has to choose the means for that.
Or rather, hey Marina. What are you doing running right away? Do you not have a pride as my girlfriend?

『T-Then would you allow me to say something too?』

Marina raises her hand timidly while speaking out in a shaking voice.
Oh? I thought Marina would only say Pyaa but she’s going to make a counterattack?
What will you say?

『I don’t have a problem for Suzuhara-san to be in a relation with nee-san. A-Also, I’m Suzuhara-san’s girlfriend. That’s why I have no intention of giving away Suzuhara-san』

Marina raises a signal of rebellion to Yuka even while crying.
Though she intend to hand over the seat before the incident in the park, it seems that she had a change of heart. But she’s so timid, can she actually win against Yuka?

『You don’t intend to hand him over?』

Yuka reacted from Marina’s words and asked Marina. Marina nodded to the question timidly.

『That’s fine. I don’t intend to ask him to be given. I don’t even think of asking you from him. Because I’m going to steal him away』
『Pya, pyaa』

Yuka’s glaring up at Marina and speaks out the word “Steal” with emphasis. Marina’s raising a strange voice from Yuka’s pressure.
I told you, what’s Pyaa?

『T-Then I have no choice but to fight』

Teary eyed, Marina said that she will fight.
Oh, Marina speaks Pyaa while trembling but she declared that she will fight.
She’s trembling but she doesn’t intend to back off at all.
Seeing that Marina, Yuka smiled.

『Right. I’m glad to hear that. There’s no other road than fighting』

Yuka asks Marina while smiling.

『Let’s throw away our mutual foolish debts. I, Tamoe Yuka, declares a war on Mota-kun’s most important woman right now』

Erasing her soft smile, looking straight at Marina, Yuka speaks in a dignified manner.

『Pyaa, pyaa…I-I-I accept it』

Trembling while raising a strange voice, Marina still receives Yuka’s declaration of war.
No matter how scared she is, she accepted it while standing, Marina would never withdraw.
It’s hard to deal with the motivated Yuka but Marina’s not that naive.
That said, Oh, I see. This is Yuka’s answer?
Even though she said she’ll steal me away, even though the won’t chose the means, that is all on the purpose of making Marina mind it.
Perhaps, It’s all to fight with Marina fair and square.
But are you sure about that Yuka-chan? That woman’s breaks will break when you fire her up. She’s trembling right now but she’s going to explode and and reach high gear immediately. It’s stupid to challenge such woman with a frontal attack.
If it’s me, I’d seal Marina’s movement s with the debt and obtain what I want easily, butー.

「You’re much cuter than before, Yuka-chan」

I don’t hate a meat doll just for dealing with lust. I can do what I like whenever I like and throw them away when I get tired.
But I’d prefer a woman I won’t tired of. No matter how much you hold her, no matter how much you play with her, that woman shows different face every time.

『Then, our fight will only be ours, with that said, let’s get along in front of Mota-kun okay? “Marina”-senpai』
『T-That’s right. We’ll be best friends in front of Suzuhara-san then, “Yuka”-san』

Looking at each other, the two of them nodded as they talk over.
“Yuka-san”, right?
Marina called Yuka boss and nee-san, she’s still respecting her however, she’s unable to call her name even feeling the debt of sense of guilt.
But she called her name. In short, she has determined herself to throw away the indebtedness to fight with all her best.
Yuka also called Marina “Marina-senpai” She can fight with all her best if she’s not feeling indebt.
Marina’s scared when you look at her but it seems that Yuka had fired her up.
Yuka-chan. You shouldn’t have fired up that woman.

『Yuuki-senpai and Yuka-san. I can’t consent to be called like those by a best friend』

Raising her finger, Yuka muttered with a worried face.

『Suzuhara-san’s a brutal savage but that’s why he’s watching properly』

Marina muttered in a worried way as she raise a finger just like Yuka.

『Marina-chan. Could you stop calling my boyfriend a brutal savage?』
『Eh? Ah, sorrーEh? Boyfriend!? Eeh!?』

Marina apologized as Yuka ask her then she raised her voice.

『M-My boyfriend you say, Suzuhara-san’s my boyfriend!?』
『I know but I just want to say it. I’m just saying it selfishly』
『Eh!? Huh!? C-Certainly you’re saying it selfishly thenーHey! I can’t agree to this!?』
『I don’t need for you to agree. I’m just sayin it selfishly. I don’t need to ask Marina-chan』
『Huh!? P-Please wait a moment! Ah, my head, my head’s in chaos! Pya, pyaa!』

Being confused by Marina’s words, Marina looks perplexed. Looking at Marina, Yuka smiles while laughing fufu.
Yuka’s looking black right now. Or rather, Marina’s the one causing confusion but now Yuka’s doing it.
It’s as if she’s a different person.
Is this the wicked Yuka? How should I say it? It feels so lewd.
Enough of that, it seems that the two have finished talking so I assume that I can deal with this lust now?
It’s so unbearable that I might go in masturbating. I won’t settle with one or two today.
I released my ability and went inside the living room in a hurry while wondering which meat hole to use.

Entering the living room, Marina and Yuka sits side by side in the sofa.

「Ah, Mota-kun!」

Noticing me, the two of them stood up at the same time. The two of them are holding hands.2

「N? What’s with the two of you? The two of you are getting along strangely」

I know everything but I naturally played ignorant. Since it’s somewhat interesting, then I activated my ability again.

「Ehehe. I actually talked a lot with Marina-chan, then we understood each other! right? Marina-chan!」

Yuka answered grinning then she looked at Marina while tilting her head.
Her speech and behavior isn’t strange at all.
As expected of Yuka. What a wonderful acting. She’s living by lying on others.
But when you think about the size of what she’s holding, won’t it be strange if they suddenly get along well? Also, she tried to kill Marina just recently? Then it would be strange that they suddenly get along.
Well, it would be troublesome if I ask them so let’s let it pass.


On the other hand, Marina’s in blank surprise, Yuka’s pinching her on the angle I can’t see then she screamed.

「We made a conclusion and became best friends aren’t we? Right, Marina-chan?」

Yuka glared at Marina for a moment then she made an overflowing smile and asked Marina.

「Eh? Ah, right! Right, rightー?」

The teary eyes Marina has her ass pinched, she then she answered while tilting her head as she look at Yuka with a cramp smile floating on her face. There’s only unease with her appearance.
It’s impossible to ask Marina to act.
That’s Marina butー.


Yuka screamed.
Marina pinched Yuka’s ass in the position I can’t see.
Marina looks at me with watery eyes.
Oho, well done.
Yuka glared at Marina with teary eyes then she laughed immediately after. Thenー.


Marina screamed and jumped.
Yuka pinched the back of Marina’s thighs in a position I can’t see.
That must’ve hurt. The pain in pinching the thigh area is no joke.
It’s no wonder she shouted Pyaa.


Marina glared back at Yuka with teary eyes.

「N? What’s wrong?」

Yuka tilts her head while smiling.
Then Marina who’s glaring at Yuka laughed.


Slap. Marina raised a surprised voice.
Marina tried to pinch Yuka in her thighs on the position I can’t see but Yuka slap it with her hand.


Marina glares at Yuka vexed then Yuka laughed.


Marina raised her face and beat Yuka’s front of the face. She drawn out a cat paw.


Yuka shut her eyes and screamed


Marina who saw Yuka got caught with the cat pay and raised her voice, she immediately reached for the back of Yuka’s thighs.

「Just kidding」

Yuka who should be surprised sticks out her tongue and jumped.


Marina who’s completely taken by surprise looked up at Yuka while bending forward then stiffened.
Yuka’s pretending to be caught by the cat paw.
Yuka won’t be overwhelmed in terms of deception.


Pyon! Yuka jumped to distance herself from Marina then pinched the thighs of Marina who showed the opportunity.


Marina jumps up and down while crying then she fell down on the floor, she rolled on the ground while holding the back of her thighs with her hand.
Uwaa, that hurts. Just looking at it hurts so much.

「Huh? What’s wrong Marina-chan?」

Looking down at Marina who screamed and rolled on the floor, Yuka speaks out triumphantly.
What a black smile! She’s really a different person now. It seems that she’s completely unbound. Alsoー.
It seems that they’re not acting when she said that she’s now getting along with Marina.

「Hmm, you really get along well now. I don’t care anyway」

Muttering so, I approached Yuka while Marina avoiding Marina who’s rolling on the floor.

「It’s fine if the two of you get along well. But, rather than thatー」

I stand in front of Yuka and looked down at her, I pinched the pink nipples that’s coming out of the breast area of the black knit dress.


Pinching her nipples, Yuka trembled and leaked a sweet voice.

「I don’t care if you get along now or anything. What I care about is Yuka-chan ruined my training」

Stirring her nipples with my finger, Yuka’s nipples got erect immediately, then she tilts her head while blushing.

「I thought of having a light exercise before dinner but Yuka-chan ruined everything, didn’t you?」

The result was more than expected but Yuka thinks she made a blunder so let me use that.

「I-I’m sorrー」
「I’d be troubled if you apologize. My principle is to have you apologize with your body」

Yuka apologizes teary eyes but when she heard my words, her ears turned red immediately. Then she breathes roughly and looked up at me with wet eyes.
Obscene liquid flows in Yuka’s thighs.

「I have to punish the bad kid. A very harsh punishment.」

I say while pinching Marina’s left and right nipples then pulled those nipples to the very limit of her breasts.

「AH ♥ Na♥ Y-Yes ♥ Yuka’s punishment ♥ A very severe punishment Hurry up…♥」

Yuka trembles from pain and pleasure then she requests for the punishment with a sweet and hot voice. But she became pigeon toed, her face distorts and she trembled.

「I-It hurts Mota-kun ♥ Please forgive me ♥」

Writhing in pleasure, Yuka seeks for more pleasure, then she asks for forgiveness while showing frightened gestures. But she can’t hide the fact that she’s unbearably happy.
She thinks of pleasing me more than the pain or fear and it seems that she changed courses immediately.
I know that it’s an act butー.

「Got it. I’ll cherish you a lot as you wish. Until you break」

Laughing, I pulled Yuka’s nipples to the limit until her legs float.

「Naaa ♥ I-It feels good ♥ Not, It hurts! ♥」3

Pulling her nipples until her legs float, saliva drips down from the edge of Yuka’s lip.
Her real intent leaks out but it maybe an act to please me.
So fun. I wonder how much room she has? This is a punishment I won’t let Yuka do anything, this is a one sided bullying.
Let’s see how far she could act.


  1. Of course that’s not the literal translation, the literal is “Steal”
  3. K-Kimochii ♥ Janakute itai yoo♥