X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 37

Chapter 37

To give Yuka a harsh punishment, I decided to inspect the properties of the two.
What’s the relationship of the punishment to property inspection? That’sー.

「As expected」

I mutter as I inspect Yuka’s bag then I grinned.
When I looked at her, Yuka’s eyes met mine. At that moment, Yuka’s ears turned red and she turned her glance away from me.
There’s a lot of lewd tools inside Yuka’s bag. It’s a so called sex toy. Starting from Rotors, vibrating electric massager, a suction apparatus for clitoris then there’s a pin for nipples too.
There’s also an anal plug and anal pears included.


As I rummage inside the bag, I found something unexpected.


I took that out and looked at Yuka again.
Yuka who’s red to her ears while looking away at me felt my glance and looked back. Then when she saw the thing in my hand, she trembled while teary eyed.
I took out an enema set from her bag. It’s not a market enema. It’s a large capacity medicinal solution used for medical treatments.

「T-That’s…That’s not used yet」

Yuka who’s trembling teary eyed withdrew her gaze away from me and speaks out in a trembling voice while fidgeting.
The other sex toys are used but the enema set is new just like Yuka said.
But, it’s not used yet. Just what kind of excuse she can say?
I don’t care whether it’s used or not. But for her to bring this to my house, she’s silently telling me that she wants to be teased with this kind of thing. She’s silently telling me that she’s a pervert with an abnormal fetish.
Any kind of excuse would be meaningless.
Well, that’s probably calculated.

「I see」

A super huge syringe and a gum tube for pouring. It’s not something a beginner would have at hand.

「Yuka-chan’s a pervert that likes it in her ass after all」1

Yuka tries to deny what I said. But she looked down as she’s unable to.
I know. Along with the enema set, the other anal sex toys are relatively new. In short, Yuka-chan’s not originally an analyst.2
She perhaps have an experience in anal sex but looking at the used sex toys, she’s the type that feels it in her nipples, clitoris and pussy.
And yet why did she bring newly bought anal sex toys.
Yuka must’ve noticed it. The one who’ll be the greatest hindrance in the future is the one who’s a big anal enthusiast.
She might’ve eavesdropped all of my conversations with Asahina.
Should I say I was careless or should I say that Yuka’s information gathering skill is high?
Well, it’s convenient for me if Asahina knows my relation with Asahina.
Yuka’s existence is needed to corner Pechahina. Pechahina doesn’t move no matter how I attack her but if I show Yuka’s violated appearance in front of her, her spirit would be shaken greatly. Furthermore, if she knew that Yuka wishes to be violated by me, she won’t be able to move.
With her being immobile, I can take my time breaking her mind.
Ooh, I almost ejaculated just by thinking about it.
I’ll finally start my training with Asahina when the break starts. I have to completely understand how to handle Yuka until then.
There’s no chance against the Yuka who fools herself to serve me earnestly. But it’s different now.
Burning with rivalry against Marina as she wants to steal me away from her, it would be much easier than the time I made Marina fall. Yuka’s ability is high in a sense but if I try to push her right now as she’s in love with me, it’s possible to use it against her.

With Yuka’s inspection almost finished, I decided to check Marina’s property next.

「Then, next is Mariー」

Marina responded energetically when I called her out.
Marina’s sitting quietly next to me while I inspect Yuka’s bag then her eyes shone as she raise her right hand when I called her out.
Don’t women hate when their belongings are inspected? Yuka’s feeling quite shy. And yet why are you so pleased?
Well, it may be an act in Yuka’s case.

「Err you see」

Far from feeling shy, Marina happily opens her bag and took out something from the inside.

「Bear stuffed toy, Bear stuffed toy, Bear stuffed toy, Bear stuffed toy, Bear stuffed toy, and Bear stuffed toy!」

She took out bear stuffed toys from the bag one after another.
Eh? What? Wait…I don’t get it.3

「Ehehe. Actually, I can’t sleep easily if my favorite stuffed toys aren’t near me. I haven’t brought it last time but I did now. Ah, it’s okay. Don’t worry as I also have stuff toys to put on Suzuhara-san’s room」

Marina speaks happily while making an embarrassed grin.
She’s saying that she has a difficulty in sleeping when there’s no stuffed toy.
What do you mean by leaving some in my room? I don’t need that.

「Also, Bear stuffed toy, bear stuffed toy, bear stuffed toy, bear stuffed toy, bear stuffed toyー」

She’s still taking out the stuffed toys from the bag. Just how much do you love bears? Shouldn’t you be passionate in pig stuffed toys because you’re a sow?

「You still have moreーHey what the hell is that!?」

In addition to the bear stuffed toys she took out, a conspicuous object is mixed among them.
Suzuhara-doll? Could it beー.

「You, that, could it be?」
「Ah? I’m exposed? Ehehe, it’s something I modeled from Suzuhara-san, Suzuhara-doll no.7!」

Marina tried to conceal that thing then, “I’m exposed?”, her face says as she stick out her tongue.
No, you didn’t hide anything to be exposed, you took it out yourself. Furthermore, no.7? There’s still six others?

「How’s it? Don’t you think it’s cute? It looks like Suzuhara-san, I think it’s a cute deform! No.7 is my masterpiece!」

Marina who shown the hidden Suzuhara-doll no.7 to me, she rubbed her blushing against Suzuhara-doll no.7.
It surely is cute like a stuffed toy just like Marina says. Or rather, it’s amazing that you made it yourself. It’s on a level that it’s not strange when marketed.
That’s great but I don’t like Suzuhara-doll no.7’s eyes. Its eyes looks like a dead fish’s. What’s with that unmotivated eyes? Also, what’s with the “Brute ♥” sewn on the back? What’s with the heart marks?
I glared at Marina but Marina didn’t mind my gaze as she rubs her cheek on Suzuhara-doll no.7.
I didn’t think of it but did she also make the bear stuffed toys by herself? If so then that’s amazing.
This is already a skill not acquired in just one year. I feel that this is a hobby that she had worked hard before.
Well, Marina’s quite good in cooking too. I can understand that she’s good at housework at a glance. But who would’ve thought a former delinquent has a hobby like this.


Yuka who’s standing straight next to the wall raised a vexed groan.
Yuka’s bag is filled with sex toys to capture my heart. On the other hand, Marina’s announcing her hobby.
Both of them are exactly like north and south pole.
And for Yuka who decided to steal me away feels irritated from Marina’s egoistic actions. But she’s also envious.
I’m permitting Marina’s selfish actions after all.
Though she was reborn, majority of Yuka’s life is enduring so Marina right now is shining brightly.
Go on Marina. Just go and keep shaking Yuka’s heart.

「Can I put Suzuhara-doll no.7 in Suzuhara-san’s room?」

Marina presented Suzuhara-doll no.7 to me then asked while tilting her head.

「You want to curse me?」

Stop that. Seriously, stop that. I don’t want that stuffed toy with a dead eyes inside my room. Furthermore, it strangely looks like me so I’m scared that I’d be cursed.

「Buu, it can’t be helped then. Then, Betchi, rotchi, ratchi, I’ll endure」4

Marina who looks she had abandoned the idea of leaving Suzuhara-doll no.7 in my room pouted and displayed three stuffed bears.
It seems that she wants to place a stuffed toy in my room by all means.
Well, I don’t care if she puts anything other than the Suzuhara-doll. As long as I can sleep well in my room.


With that said, I felt something out of place on the Suzuhara-doll so I reached out to the Suzuhara-doll next to Marina who’s sitting womanly.


The surprised Marina tried to get the Suzuhara-doll. But I got the Suzuhara-doll faster and I noticed what’s out of place immediately.
A part of Suzuhara-doll is risen unnaturally.

「Waiー, don’t!」

Marina still tries to grab the Suzuhara-doll away I stole from her.
What “don’t”? Even though you wanted to put this in my room.

「Y-Yaa♥ Please don’t look ♥」

Clinging to me while feeling confused at the moment, when Marina realized that I began to notice what’s with Suzuhara-doll, She blushed and felt embarrassed5
The palms of Suzuhara-doll is risen unnaturally. I understood it immediately. There’s a rotor shoved inside.
As I examine the Suzuhara-doll ignoring the bashful Marina, I found the remote control under the uniform Suzuhara-doll is wearing.
When I turned on the switch as experiment, the rotor began vibrating. Furthermore, it’s not just the hands. The mouth expressing ‘x’ vibrates too.
Marina, you’re kissing this as you masturbate? Furthermore, with this thing’s mouth vibrating, that’s a firm evidence that she’s imagining me licking her as she masturbate.


When it was exposed that Suzuhara-doll is a masturbation doll, Marina placed her hands onto her cheeks and shook her head.
That’s why you want to put this one on my room? It’s obvious that she wants it to be found out. And yet it’s clear that she’s feeling shy.


Seeing the vibrating masturbation doll, Yuka raised a vexed groan. It seems that Marina took one point against her.
Please, don’t drag this rivalry to a strange direction.
That saidー.

「Aaah, Suzuhara-doll no.7!」

When I throw the Suzuhara-doll no.7 away, Marina screamed and made a dive towards Suzuhara-doll no.7.

「Did it hurt!? It hurts doesn’t it!? There there, I’ll relieve you with your loved breasts immediately」

Marina embraced the Suzuhara-doll no.7 pats it’s head then pressed the point of her breasts against the mouth of it.


Since it’s still turned on, the vibrating mouth of Suzuhara-doll no.7 attacked Marina’s nipples. Marina leaked out a sweet voice because of that.
Don’t do it by yourself.
I glared at the writhing Marina for a second then looked inside her bag again.

「There we have it, it’s this one」

When I found what I was looking for, I took it out from the bag.
That’s something I ordered Marina to bring. A school swimsuit that Marina’s wearing when she still has a red satchel.
The school swimsuit she used before is something Marina used until she graduated from the red satchel. But I let her bring this thing she used before this time.
Looking at the back of the cloth, “Fifth Grade Class 3” the name of her class is written.
Since Marina grew up, this thing she used before is considerably plump. But the size she used before is small in size. It’s impossible for Marina to wear this.
That’s right, it’s impossible for Marina.

「Yuka-chan, can you change into this?」

I presented Marina’s school swimsuit to Yuka who’s standing straight next to the wall.


Yuka tilts her head as she timidly take the presented swimsuit.
It’s impossible for Marina but for Yuka who has a low delicate frame, she would be able to wear it somehow. But it will be considerably plump.

「M-Marina-chan’s swimsuit, me?」

Yuka who’s holding Marina’s school swimsuit mutters as her eyes shake.
Yuka who will receive the punishment from me from now on. That Yuka will wear Marina’s school swimsuit.
That’s not a thought Yuka chose to metaphor Marina.
Marina’s my girlfriend to the last. But I’m embracing Yuka at the same time I do Marina. If that’s what Yuka thinks then great.
I don’t intend to forcibly dress her. I intend to say that she may not wear it if she doesn’t want to. I don’t intend to pose a penalty when she broke it off either.
What would you do, Yuka-chan? Run? Dodge? Orー

「I-I’ll wear it!」

Yuka looked at the swimsuit with shaking eyes but her expression stiffened when she looked at me then she raised her voice.
Is Yuka’s answer ahead on fight?
Even though she has a superior vision and observation power, Yuka still took it head-on and answered frankly.
Yuka surely thought that Marina would’ve done it this way.
But, Yuka-chan. Even if you copy Marina’s behavior, you won’t be able to become Marina.
Yuka lost her good point because her rivalry with Marina is burning like a wildfire.
This is easy vicory then.

「I think it’s tight but well, do your best」

Saying it with a smile, I grabbed Yuka’s bag that’s filled with sex toys, stood up and approached Marina.

「Ah ♥ Suzuhara-san ♥ That’s ♥ Please don’t attack just my left nipple ♥ ah ♥ Yaan ♥ Where are you touching me? ♥ Suzuhra-san no ecchi~♥」

Marina’s praising the Suzuhara-doll as she masturbate.
She’s doing it at her own house everytime?
I’m disgusted but I can’t get angry when she’s masturbating with a doll that looks like me.

「Let’s go」
「Ah ♥ Suzuhara-san no.1 ♥」

I call out Marina while looking down at her, she raised her enchanted eyes then raised a sweet voice.
Who’s no.1? You want to say that I’m the prototype? Then, are there six Suzuhara-dolls? I don’t care though.
I silently gripped Marina’s nape then began to walk while dragging her.
I have to prepare Yuka’s punishment.
Facing the bathroom, I entered the bathroom with the naked Marina.

「Haa ♥ Haa ♥ Haa ♥」

Marina who’s masturbating with the Suzuhara-doll no.7 has sweat spouting from her blushing body, her nipples and clitoris are hard erect and there’s a large amount of love nectar dripping away making her completely ready.
Even though there are some that are unripe, her fruits are stuffy.
Looks delicious. No, I know that she’s delicious.
I want to cover her and eat.
But endure it. I have to endure for this to be fun.

「Put your hands on the wall and bend forward」
「Y-Yes ♥」

Receiving my instruction, Marina moved to the wall fast while breathing roughly, she bent forward and her breasts swayed greatly, she thrust her hands on the wall and pushed her ass towards me.
She thinks that I would pierce her from behind. Marina likes missionary position because the weak points of her pussy can’t be attacked when I pierce her from the back. But she didn’t hesitate and thrust her ass out.
It’s to the extent that it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the front or the back, it seems that she wants my penis in any case.
Sorry to break your expectations but the penis will be for later.
I took the shower while looking at the bending forward Mairna, moved the bucket on the corner of the bathroom then poured in hot water.
I poured hot water in the bucket. Grinning, I took out the enema set from Yuka’s bag. Then, I poured in hot water in the super huge injection.
Is it two litters? It’s impossible to do all of it as expected.


Sensing something that made her uneasy, Marina sent me a side glance while bending forward.

「Do you have experience in anal sex?」

Showing the super huge injection filled with hot water to Marina, I asked her while grinning.
Marina turned pale instantly. It seems there’s no need for an answer.

「T-That’s scary…」

Looking at the injection with shaking eyes, Marina raised a shaking voice. Her paled face and stiff expression fuels my sadist heart.
The fool who was just manipulating a puppet to masturbate a while ago transformed to a weak girl that’s frightened immediately.
This is why I can’t stop teasing Marina.

「I won’t put everything in so don’t worry」

I mutter as I put on the gum tube at the point of the injection then I stood up and approached Marina.

「N-No, no way. It’s scary…」

Marina shakes her head while still bending forward and sticking her ass out. Her big tits shook as a result.
Though it seems that she’s afraid of a play she doesn’t now, she’s still firmly sticking her ass out and it seems that she’s not resisting seriously.
It’s true that she’s scared but she’s much more scared of resisting me?
Even though she’s scared, it seems that she’s actually interested for a bit.

「It’s also my first time on using enema on someone. That’s why I won’t do if forcibly so don’t worry」

Standing in front of Marina’s ass, I speak to her while squatting then Marina sent me a side glance while trembling.

「If you really don’t want to then I will stop」

Asking her, Marina’s shaking eyes shows a wavering behavior for a moment but she shook her head. That appearance strongly drives my sadist heart.
I really can’t get enough of her.
Seeing Marina agreeing, I took out a lotion from Yuka’s bag.
The gum tube is thin but it would be painful if it just goes in like that. I’ll use lotion just in case.
The container has a sharp vinyl pint so injecting the lotion directly to the hole seems to be impossible.
Putting lotion to my left hand and applied it to the fingers of my right hand, I stretched that finger towards Marina’s anus.


When the fingertip reached the hole, the anus closed tightly. Then, Marina trembled and leaked a voice. The voice doesn’t have the usual sweetness so I can perceive that she’s driven with unease and fear.
Because I’m squatting in front of Marina’s ass, I can’t see her face. But it’s possible with my ability.
Using my ability I concentrated on Marina’s face. Then I saw Marina’s face as I can grasp all things within the range of my ability.
Like with the ability to see through human body, this has a zoom function of what I want to see.
But while I recognize Marina’s face, I also understand all the things within the range of my ability and it’s amazing because I’m not confused.
Having those thoughts, I rubbed the lotion around Marina’s anus.

「Ah, nn, uu」

Stimulating her anus, Marina leaks out a voice while trembling. She’s puzzled with the sensation she doesn’t know yet? Her face is distorted.
I played with her anus for a while then Marina’s cheeks began to color.
Even though she’s inexperienced in her anus, I developed Marina’s whole body. And she’s dependent on the pleasure I give her. That Marina instantly adapted in a play she doesn’t have experience herself if she knows the pleasure just once.
However, it’s only her body that’s adapting. Her spirit doesn’t

「Uu, fuu, ukuu」

The tip of my finger covered with slimy lotion plays with Marina’s anus by going round and round, she’s blushing, breathing roughly, and her face warps.

「Are you feeling it from being played in your anus?」

Asking her while grinning, Marina’s warped face suddenly stiffened.

「T-That’s not…」

Then Marina tries to deny it.
Ever since Marina got violated by me, she almost never experienced any abnormal play. She’s still not used to it that much since it’s her first time being attacked by the anus.
In other words, she’s feeling shame and hate from the feeling in her anus.
The anus is a dirty and a defiled place as a general common sense.
Marina’s making ugly faces as she writhe, I forgot the time and kept playing with the surrounding of her anus.

Thirty minutes laterー.

「Haa ♥ Haa ♥ Haa ♥」

Marina who’s red to her ears breathes roughly as saliva drips down.
Her anus that was shut tightly swells as I kept turning and playing with it, then the hole that was shut twitches bit by bit.
The beginning is essential. If she felt pain from the first planting then it would be troublesome to exploit.
But if pleasure is planted at her first, the pleasure won’t be forgotten even if it’s done impossibly then she’ll be accepting the hard training desiring that pleasure.

「Does it feel good?」

Drawing an arc with the tip of my finger that’s covered with lotion as I tease the surrounding of her anus, I asked while grinning.

「I-I don’t know」

Making a warped face, but being invaded by pleasure, Marina answered vaguely.
She’s definitely feeling pleasure. But she wants to deny that she’s feeling pleasure in her anus. But she surely is feeling pleasure. That’s why she can’t deny and she only answered vaguely.
Marina’s bad at lying unlike Yuka.
Also, her anus that’s twitching is dripping and making a string with an obscene mucous and it seems that Marina also noticed.
It’s impossible for her to deny it when her pussy’s so drenched like this.
Now then, I should be doing thisー


When I made my fingertip invade her hole, Marina raised a muffled scream and trembled.
Her anus shuts hard and Marina was confused as her expression turned distorted.

「S-Sto-stop…P-Please don’t put in your finger」

Breathing roughly with sweat pouring out of her whole body, Marina requests with a trembling voice, she’s obviously confused. However the sweat gushing out of her is different from usual.
It’s not sweat from pleasure but a greasy sweat from the abnormal sense of unease.
Every human has experienced excretion. But there’s only a small number of people who used the excreting organ in insertion excluding those for medical purposes.

「Got it」

Shaken, confused, I grinned as I see Marina’s distorted face, I listened to her request and pulled my finger.
The hole shuts abnormally and it’s possible to put it out easily because of the lotion.

「Ah, aaah, aaah…N-No, don’t pull it out」

Marina’s waist trembled as she speak out.

「What? What’s with you? Got it. I’m putting it in then」

When she told me to not pull it out, I sighed and thrust my finger in.


Her anus shuts tightly, Marina bends her back as she convulse, she raised her voice like a fur seal.

「D-Don’t put it in」
「Ha? Seriously, what’s with you? Got it」

When told not to put it in, I sighed and pulled the finger out.


Marina’s beastly voice soaks inside the bathroom.
The anus holds the finger inside it with a terrific tightness and the movement can’t be suppressed by the lotion.

「D-Don’t pull it outー」
「Again? Then I’m putting it. Hore」
「What? I can’t put it in? Hore」
「Which is it? Hore」

Together with my finger pulled out, Marina raised a beastly voice that echoes in the bathroom.
Her whole body’s blushing, her nipples and clitoris is hard erect, large amount of love nectar is pouring from her pussy and Marina’s panting hard as saliva drips from her mouth. Her pant is different from earlier.
The unknown pleasure is attacking Marina. Marina desperately tries to deny that pleasure.
It’s abnormal to feel it from the anus.
If I attack Marina right now, the chains of common sense is more than the pleasure brought to her anus.
A dirty place. A defiled place. An unclean hole. It’s too immoral to feel pleasure from such a place. Marina desperately tries to deny the pleasure or she’ll rebuke, and look down on herself. But Marina’s too used to pleasure. She depends on it too much. Thus she’s desiring it.
The unknown pleasure is ahead.

「Aaaaaa, aaaaaaaa, aoooooooooo」

Bending forward while sticking her hand on the wall, a terrific amount of sweat spouts from her blushing whole body, Marina keeps raising here voice while her back bends and convulses.
A finger goes in and out of Marina’s anus.
She might’ve known that she can obtain bigger pleasure. That’s the evidence that she has began to accept pleasure.
And that time came.
Marina who has her face distorted from the unknown pleasure turned it into a sloppy one.
It’s obviously a face of a sow defeated by pleasure.
I’m getting abnormally aroused by seeing that kind of face and dug around Marina’s anus.
Just how much time has passed?

「Ah ♥ ah oh ♥ ah ♥ oh oh oh oh ♥」

She’s making a sweet shout that’s different from usual.
Three fingers were swallowed by Marina’s anus before I was aware. Furthermore the three fingers stir Marina’s anus and she’s on the top of the brink of reaching the climax.
She didn’t cum once yet but that’s because the anus doesn’t know how to cum yet.
It would end if she cums once. If she ever came, she’d become a complete pervert that loves it in her anus.

「You want to cum? Hey, Marina, do you want to cum in your anus?」

Moving the three fingers piercing to the root, I asked Marina while making an obscene sound.

「N-nooo ♥ Ah Ah ♥ That’s not it Ah oh oh oh oh ♥」

Her face distorts from the pleasure attacking her, her saliva drips down sloppily and still, Marina’s shaking her head saying no.
The whole body completely holds the pleasure obtained from her anus. But it seems that her spirit is resisting.
Then I’ll make her cum forcibly.
Having those thoughts, I concentrated on her ass and seen through the anus.


I clicked my tongue instinctively.
I can see the inside of her anus. But can only see the circumference of her hole and I can’t see the whole. Furthermore, when I use the ability to see through human body, the space grasp ability is released.
It’s okay with the pussy that I’m used to seeing but this won’t go for the part that I’m playing with for the first time.
Just what kind of reaction the other parts would show when the anus is played with. Which part of the anus needs to be played with to cause a reaction.
I need to see through the whole body with my ability to somehow understand it, but it’s only possible to see one part with my ability now.
The space grasp ability is suited in the meaning to “me having fun” and the x-ray ability that can see through human body is suitable in the meaning of “pleasing a woman”
To please women. To make a woman happy. And make them depend on pleasure. It connect to the result of my amusement sooner or later.
Space grasp is convenient but x-ray is much more excellent in lewd stuff.
I don’t know whether it’s possible or not but it’s a short term task to use the two abilities perfectly at the same time. I won’t regret an effort for that.
Persuading myself, I pulled out the three fingers piercing her anus.

「Oh Oh ♥」

When I pulled my finger out, Marina raised a sweet beastly voice, her eyes peeled white as her waist swings with her open anus.
She might cum by herself if I played with her for a while but I lost the sight of the purpose since she’s gone crazy.
I didn’t come to the bathroom to play with Marina. I entered the bathroom to give Yuka a punishment.
However, it’s fun to play with the anus. No, I might be enjoying it because it’s Marina’s anus.
Each of Marina’s reactions is fun.
I took the gum tube while thinking of it then inserted the gum tube that’s open wide.


I was surprised when I inserted the gum tube.
It became troublesome. The anus was opened too much that the gum tube can’t be held.

「Marina, close your anus」

Slapping Marina’s ass, I ordered her. When that happenedー

「Ah, u…Ah, hy, ah♥」

Marina’s thighs shook as she take my instruction. Then her anus twitched. But it didn’t close that much. It’s completely loose.
The twitching by the unknown pleasure seems to have exhausted the muscle that’s not usually used. She can’t put in power well because of that.
It can’t be helped. Let’s tighten it forcefully.
I took out a vibrator from Yuka’s bag and placed the glans of the vibrator at Marina’s pussy.

「Nhi ♥」

When I placed the point of the vibrator in her drenched pussy, Marina convulsed and leaked out a sweet voice.
If it’s this drenched, then it’s fine to just put it in.
Having those thoughts, I pushed in the vibrator.


I pushed in the vibrator and it was swallowed in. Marina raised a sweet scream while convulsing violently as a result.
Her tightening is amazing as usual. Furthermore, it’s drenched and slimy, I want to taste it with my dick instead of this vibrator. But endure it. I can’t do any useless action if Yuka’s not here.
I get used to pleasure immediately. Marina who climaxed with the vibrator pushed in had her loose ass tightened.
Good, it went well.
I confirmed that the gum tube can’t be taken out from the tight anus, I turned on the witch of the vibrator that’s deeply inserted just to make sure.

「Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♥」

The vibrator began winds while vibrating. Marina’s reaching climax as a result. Then her anus shuts more than necessary.
I pulled the gum tube as test but it doesn’t come off easily.
Fumu, It’s safe if it shuts this tight.
But I can’t be careless.
I took out the sex tools from Yuka’s bag and decided to install it to Marina.


Installing the clothespin with weights in her right nipples, she clenched her teeth while dripping saliva, she convulsed violently and her big breasts shook. Next, I installed the same kind of clothespin in her left nipplesー.


Marina made an abnormal convulsion and she pissed herself.
As expected of a weak point. The reaction is a digit different.
Enjoying Marina’s reaction, I placed a clit cap with weights in her clitoris.

「Ah, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♥」

The cap sucks to the clitoris immediately and it pulled the clit with it’s weight, Marina raised a sweet scream.
The sensitivity of her clitoris should be higher but the reaction when attacking her left nipple is much more violent so it’s interesting no matter how you look at it.
That said, because the weight sticks to the clothespin and the clit cap, the weight shakes even if she move a bit and the nipple and clitoris are attacked. In short, it would automatically attack Marina when she twitch, it’s a very selfish article.
Yuka, you brought something good.

「Ah ah ah ah ah ♥ ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah♥」

With a vibrator attacking her pussy, she’ll climax and convulse. The clothespin with the weigh and the clit cap would shake violently and her clitoris and nipple would be attacked as a result, then she’d climax and convulse. The weight would shake when she convulsesー.
It’s an infinite loop.
Feeling convinced as I look at Marina, I took out the super huge injection and began pouring in the water.
Her first large amount enema. She’d normally suffer from agonizing in unease. But Marina has no room to suffer right now. As long as the suffering doesn’t exceed the pleasure, she won’t notice the enema.
It’s her first time but I have to hurry injecting it to her.

The start of Marina’s suffering is one litter of hot water injected.

A greasy sweat spouted from her whole body and Marina pants in pleasure.
The hot water injected is around 1.5 liters.

「U, Uuu, auuuuu」

She’s spouting a large amount of greasy sweat from her burning hot crimson face, Marina clenched her teeth as saliva drips down. Her abdomen swells faintly.
Because she has a good style, you’d feel an amazing unease when you see the abdomen swelling even for just a bit.
She’s like a pregnant woman on her early days.
Her pussy, nipple and clitoris are attacked with pleasure at the same time. And the pain is equal to the pleasure.
Marina is attacked with the desire to excrete while she still continue to climax. It’s exactly an unknown sense.

「T-Toilet, please let me go…」

Marina wasn’t able to speak out straight from the pleasure from a while ago but was her consciousness forcibly waken up by the pain? She speaks out with a trembling voice.

「Do what you need here」
「I-Impossible. I’m at my limit. Please let me go…」
「You can just shit here if it’s impossible. I won’t get angry」

I won’t get angry even if she shit here. When I told Marina that, Marina’s anus shut tightly.
It would be filthy. That’s why she chose to endure. But just how long she can do that.
Grinning, I pulled the gum tube that’s inside her anus.

「Nononononononononono, it’s coming out, it’s coming out, it’s coming out, it’s coming out oooooooooooooooooo」

When I pulled the gum tube, Marina’s eyes opened wide and she raised a sorrowful scream. I ignored Marina and pulled out the gum tube.


Marina raised a small scream as she opened her eyes wide. Then hot water gushed from her anus at the same time6


Closing her eyes hard, Marina’s face distorts as she clenched her teeth then her whole body stiffened as she raise a groan. Her anus shuts tight as a result and the hot water spouting out instantaneously has stopped.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Breathing roughly, Marina spouts out a large amount of greasy sweat.
Oh, you’ve done it.
Dammit, I’m jealous of the vibrator inserted in her pussy. The nus that spouts hot water shuts tight and Marina’s pussy should be tightening firmly. I want to put my dick in sooner and thrust it like a monkey.

「As a reward for working hard, I’ll cork it so it won’t leak」

Saying that, I took out the anal plug from Yuka’s bag, rubbed lotion onto it then placed the anal plug in her anus. Then I pushed it in forcibly.
Pressing against the anus that shuts tightly, the anal plug starts invading her anus.
It might be a bit big for a first time but well, it’s okay, maybe.


Raising a sorrowful groan, Marina kept enduring it earnestly.
She’s excreting effort to accept the anal plug easily, Marina knows it. But she can’t do it. No, her real intent is that she can’t pull it off even if she pulls it out.
Marina’s state of pain exceeds pleasure right now. No, the pain will be much more intense from now on.
But Marina should’ve noticed it. She’s suffering if she does but the thing called pleasure opened is growing. Then that pleasure is the reward of this training.
That’s why Marina’s desperately enduring it without any resistance.

「If you endure it properly, I’ll thrust in my penis while you take it out in the toilet. I’m sure it’ll be an amazing pleasure」

At the same time I tell Marina I pushed in the anal plug in her anus immediately.


Marina raised a sorrowful groan and convulsed.
You won’t notice it normally. But you can’t lie to my eyes.
The moment I show her a clear reward, just for a moment, the distorted face of Marina turned to pleasure. Her anus loosened for a moment and it accepted the anal plug.
Her anus shuts unconsciously so that the hot water wouldn’t come out. It’s not that easy to loosen it yourself. But Marina was able to.
That’s how much she wants the reward.
Somehow, how should I say it, she’s quite an excellent pervert.

「Now then, should we go to Yuka-chan’s place?」
「Haa, haa, haa…Eh?」

Suffering from pain, Marina raised a foolish voice when she heard my voice.
She don’t have any room to spare that she has forgotten Yuka’s existence.

「Let’s show Yuka how much you have grown」

Saying it as I grin, Marina looked at me with shaking eyes.
That’s right, that’s the punishment for Yuka. I won’t do anything to her. I’ll only let her watch Marina silently. The appearance of Marina that’s being attacked by pleasure and pain from being violated by me.
Marina will surely endure and do it. She’ll exceed her limit and do it. Marina would be able to endure what’s normally impossible. I’m convinced.
She’ll exceed her limit with her burning passion. That’s the kind of woman Marina is. And I have to make a compensation for someone who works hard. That’s why I will definitely give Marina her reward. And I have to let Yuka see that Marina perfectly.
She’ll only watch without doing anything. Furthermore, Yuka’s wearing Marina’s swimsuit. There’s nothing more of a punishment than this for Yuka.
Yuka told Marina that she’ll steal me away from her. I want to test on how much serious her thoughts are.
If she’s able to endure the punishment splendidly, I would be convinced and I might give Yuka a reward.
If she’s able to endure it though.
Grinning while having such thoughts, I gripped Marina up and forced her to stand up.

「N-No, no. If I move right nowーKuuuuuuuu」

Marina who’s body is moved forcefully pants in agony. When she stood up, the swelling of her belly is noticeable. I ignored Marina’s request and forced her to walk out of the bathroom.


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