X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 38

Chapter 38

We faced the living room as we walk down the corridor.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Marina’s pigeon toed as she tremble, bending forward with her left hand sticking on the wall and her right hand holding her abdomen, she’s breathing roughly like a dog.
Her face is pale and she’s sweating greatly.
It’s only several meters away from the bathroom but Marina already reached her limit.
Watching and enjoying Marina’s body writhing in pain, I grinned.
I caught Yuka’s figure within the range of my space grasp ability.
Yuka who’s wearing Marina’s school swimsuit is watching what’s happening secretly.
It seems that she came to investigate since Marina and I didn’t return that fast.
This is really a convenient ability. I’m able to obtain information about the opponent without being noticed.
That said, Yuka has gone to the living room without permission but she’s not going against my order either.
After all I told her to change into swimsuit but I didn’t tell her to wait in the living room.

「Marina, want to have it easier? If it’s that painful then let it out. I’ll have you clean it but I won’t punish you」

Standing behind Marina, I massaged her breasts with both of my hands then I drawn my lip to her ears to whisper.
The weight of the clothespin sticking to her nipples sway as I massage her big breasts, and the nipples make a scream.

「However, there will be no reward」

Adding those words while grinning, I gripped the weight of the clothespin that attacks her nipple and I pulled it.


The breast stretches out and the clothespin that attacks her nipples as if tearing it up. Then Marina blushed and raised a sweet scream.
She’s feeling pleasure in this kind of situation.

「P-Please don’t misunderstand…」

Her pale face blushed, clenching her teeth as saliva drips down, Marina who’s breathing hard like a dog speaks out in a trembling voice.

「I-It’s not that I’m enduring it for the reward…」

Her narrowed legs trembled, Marina’s crumbling right now yet she spoke strongly with light shining in her eyes.

「Oh, you don’t need a reward?」

Muttering, the eyes with strong light shining shakes violently and her pace turned pale in sadness.
There’s no way she doesn’t need a reward. She’s telling that herself but Marina showed that face when she knew that she won’t have it.
Let’s stick with it if she’s being stubborn.
Having such thoughts, pleasure runs up my spine and I felt precum leaking out of my penis.

「You want it? Hmm? Do you want a reward? How’s it, Marina?」

I pull the weight while asking her.

「Ngi ♥ Igi ♥ Higiii♥」

The breast is stretched by pulling the weight and the nipples pinched by the clothespin is attacking hard. Marina raised a sweet scream as a result.

「I-I’m not working hard wanting the reward ♥ …But if you have one then I’ll take it ♥」

Though she’s panting as her nipples are attacked, Marina tried to respond obstinately with a tightened expression but she’s asking for a reward.
Why is this girl so good at fueling my sadist heart?
Why did Shinozaki not notice the charm of this one? There’s nothing much more interesting than this toy.

「I’ll definitely give you a reward if you’re able to endure it completely」

A smile floated on Marina’s face the moment I whispered at her and power entered her whole body.
She’s really easy to understand. She’s annoying sometimes but I don’t hate it.
Even though she’s feeling down after scolded, and her tail wags as soon as she’s praised like a dog so I can’t be cruel.

There’s an abnormal amount of greasy sweat gushing from Marina’s body and she went to the living room desperately. But she’s unable to move halfway.
Marina’s collapsing as she drag herself with her left hand on the wall.
She’s completely exceeding her limit in every aspect. But Marina’s mind isn’t broken yet. But her body doesn’t listen to what she says.
What to do? I want to violate Marina in front of Yuka but it seems that we can’t go to the living room.
Impossible things are impossible, she also did her best on her first time. Also, Yuka’s looking this way so it’s still according to plan. Then should we do it here?

「U, guu, uuu…haa, haa, haa, haa」

Marina who’s sitting on the floor began to move staggeringly while leaking a groan.
I thought she’s trying to stand up but Marina did something unexpected.
It’s impossible to stand. But she’s still heading to the living room. Marina thought so she began to crawl on all fours.
There’s a vibrator stabbed in her pussy, an anal plug in her anus, Marina’s swinging her ass while advancing unsteadily. Then her swollen abdomen makes wet plopping sounds.
She’s moving very slowly and she’s completely like a dog.
A bitch that’s been given a lot of enema is there.
She threw her important dignity as a human and exceeded the important line as a human, Marina degenerated to a beast to achieve her purpose.
I thought that it would be impossible but she’s really betraying my expectations in a good meaning.
The reward settles it.
Marina has reached the passing line of this training now. Even if I make mistakes after this she’ll only be settled for the reward

「Hey Marina, let it out, hore hore」

Squatting down in front of Marina’s ass, I called her out as if making fun of her then I picked the handle of the anal plug sticking out of her anus. Then I pulled it.

「Agu ♥ Aaaa ♥ Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥」

The anal plug tries to spread the anus to run away. But Marina raised a sweet sorrowful groan and shut her anus tight. The anal plug was sucked in the hole as a result.

「Let it out. Hore, just let it out」

The anal plug sucked in has its plug pulled and pulled again.

「Higu ♥ Ugu ♥ Uguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ♥」

The anal plug is being dragged out but when I loosen the power, the hole sucks it like magic.
So fun.
Since the reward is fixed, there’s no need to for Marina to endure anymore. However Marina doesn’t know that.
The anus is being opened impossibly while being pulled out, Marina groans as she shuts tight and suck in the plug.
No matter how much I pull it the anal plug is still being sucked in by Marina.
That’s unbearably interesting that I pulled the anal plug a lot of times.

Marina advances while in all fours as there’s a chaponchapon wet sound echoing.

「Haa, haa, haa, haa」

Her saliva and greasy sweat drips down.
Her big breasts shake every time she moves. The weight shakes as a result and the nipples and clitoris are attacked.
The vibrator piercing her pussy that’s drenched with love nectar is making a vibration telling that it’s giving up from the suffering of the tightness. Then the knob of the anal plug thrusts in the swelling anus. Thee plug inserted is completely swallowed inside and the knob of the plug is just peeping from the opening of the hole faintly.
Because I’ve been pulling it a lot of times, the power tightening the hole seems to have been exhausted.
If she lose her consciousness even for a moment, the plug will dash out with the large amount of water and shit.
Any more than this is impossible as expected. I thought of it over again and again but Marina was able to endure it more than the limit. In the end, Marina reached the door of the living room.
Hat’s off. I’m honestly praising her. But it would end if I praise her.
I mustn’t spoil this bitch because I want to see how far Marina could endure.
Having such thoughts, I opened the door to the living room and entered. Next to me is Marina who’s crawling on all fours entering while staggering.

Yuka’s standing straight next to the wall.
Yuka’s watching us stealthily but she’s standing like she doesn’t know.
But in front of my space grasp ability, I can understand the slight distortion in her expression.
Yuka’s surely shaken. She’s sending a glance at Marina and she’s obviously shaken.
Yuka wants to be liked by me as she serve me. But Marina and Yuka are polar opposites. Marina doesn’t serve me at all. She’s just being played by me.
Intimate service pleases men. For Yuka who’s thinking so, Marina’s existence is extremely mysterious it seems.
After all she kept being played with and she’s panting sloppily from the given pleasure.
It’s okay at first but that that kind of incompetence would be immediately get tired of. And yet I still like Marina. That’s the undoubted truth.
Then how should she do it to be liked by me? Yuka’s surely thinking of that but she’s making a huge mistake.
Marina’s Marina. Yuka’s Yuka.
Her technique is bad but she’s making a sloppily panting right away. That kind of woman if fun to attack but you’ll get tired immediately. But I don’t get tired with Marina. That’s because Marina is Marina. She’s not copying anyone , Marina’s just revealing herself. That’s all. That’s why Marina’s holding my heart.
If you can’t notice that, Yuka, you won’t be able to win against Marina.
But, Yuka has the potential to surpass Marina.
“I am myself” If she notice that, she won’t mimic Marina and Yuka would surely be able to draw out her own charm.
Yuka, how will you betray my expectations? In a bad meaning or a good meaning?

「Sorry for being late. This bitch is so incompetent. This mongrel is too much of a trouble」

Calling out Yuka who’s standing straight next to the wall, I looked at Marina who’s on all fours next to me.

「Haa, haa, haa, haaーーw-wan. Wanwan」

When I called Marina a mongrel, she barked as she’s repeatedly breath like a dog.
Dammit, this girl’s really fueling every inch of my sadist heart. I instinctively slapped her ass.

「…U, uun」

Yuka’s desperately making a good face but when I looked at her with a smile, she shook her head. But her eyes are shaking faintly when she sent a glance at Marina.
Why does he like Marina this much? Her thoughts desperately revolve to investigate the cause.
If she copy Marinaー
I’m sure Yuka had reached to the answer a lot of times. She tried to copy Marina’s behavior after all. But she can’t decide.
For Yuka who kept enduring and enduring, it seems that imitating Marina’s free actions and rudeness can cause nothing but fear.
If I ever hate herー.
The fear applies a break at Yuka’s heart.
That’s why she’s trying to copy the behavior. She’s being cornered because she’s trying to obtain something she doesn’t have.
Marina has something Yuka doesn’t have. But Yuka hasn’t noticed it. There are a lot of things Yuka have that Marina doesn’t.
Experience. Yuka overwhelms Marina in that one point.
I tried to point the fact that she tried to kill Marina, I thought that Yuka would be broken but she’s able to accomplish a splendid revival.
But because the husk has been broken, Yuka’s thrown out in the ocean.
The current Yuka only earnestly act on what men requests, only trying to act as the ideal convenient for a man, that’s how she was able to defend herself. That’s Yuka’s everything. That’s why Yuka’s able to put on a world class technique in her body. And she tried to use it as a weapon to hold my heart.
A convenient woman for me, a meat hole that can be used, just being next to me.
But she decided to steal me away from Marina. She decided and yet, Yuka doesn’t know the means on how to take me away.
That’s obvious. Yuka’s a human who was kept being stolen from.
Did Yuka notice that?
She kept being stolen from and that’s the charm of Yuka.
That’s the only mean for Yuka to exceed Marina. Not increasing her bad point but draw her good point to the limit.
Yuka’s merit. She has an abundant experience, superior observation power and insight. Understanding the information obtained and a sublime overwhelming effort.
If Marina’s a fire burning in passion, Yuka’s a calm honest pile of effort and steady as a soil.
However, on top of that soil, Marina’s burning red flame is dancing.
The soil can’t be fire. It only exists there in silence. And yet it tries to take in the fire forcibly but it’s impossible. It dances when it wants to dance. However, no matter how much the fire dances, the vast earth can’t be burnt completely.
The ground’s increasing in straightforward triumph and it’ll swallow the fire sometime. That’s the road Yuka should aim.

「Yuka-chan will be watching Marina’s growth after this. I’ve got something to tell Yuka-chan beforehand」

Yuka who’s sending Marina a glance trembled when she heard my voice.
Yuka’s forcibly smiling as she look at me. The hesitation appears and disappears in Yuka’s black eyes.

「Yuka-chan’s been violated by a lot of men. Pussy, anus, breasts and nipples and even clitoris, you’re defiled from head to toe. That’s you, your woman appearance is just a sperm tank」

Yuka stiffened from my words. I clearly said what’s the most obvious. It’s normal to be shocked.

「I know everything. I haven’t seen everything actually but I know. And yet you’re here right now. I know what your head wants to say」

Talking to her, Yuka’s eyes opened wide.
I won’t call a woman if I don’t like a defiled woman. I won’t invite her to my house.
Yuka’s defiled and she was able to endure that hellish situation so she’s hiding such a charm that a normal woman would never have, that’s what I’m expecting from her.

「After all, I can’t lose you」

Yuka closed her eyes then mutters in a low freezing voice.
She noticed. As expected of Yuka. She’s different from Marina.
Well, I gave her a hint already. I’d be troubled if she doesn’t notice.

「A sperm tank that has her everything defiled. I remembered when you told me. That’s right, I’m such a defiled existence」

Those words are nothing but self-torment. But Yuka’s eyes expresses a thin smile and it begins to shine silently like a permanently frozen ground.1

「I lost sight of myself trying to draw out Marina-chan. I’m not Marina-chan. I’m not an unknown child of a famous man. I am myself2 I’m a sperm tank that’s well informed about men more than anyone, Tamoe Yuka」

A calm and completely shining eyes along with the freezing voice. There’s no more hesitation seen there.
That’s great, defiled sperm-tank-chan

「Marina-chan, show me how much you have grown. If ever I thought you’re no good, then I’ll be Mota-kun’s partner then. I’ll be silent until then」

Folding her arms, Yuka looks down at Marina and spoke in a dignified manner.
She’s performing like a best friend in front of me Saying that, Yuka provokes Marina.
A large amount of sweat spouts from her whole body, enduring the pain earnestly as her face distorts, Marina trembles but her trembling stopped when she heard Yuka’s words.
Then she looked up at Yuka while still on all fours.

「S-Sorry to disappoint you but Suzuhara-san will give me a reward if I can endure this. Yuka-san won’t have time to cut in」

Marina’s breathing roughly but she still had a fearless smile floating on her face as she provoke Yuka.

「I’m feeling irritated with your words and actions. It’s strange. You’re laughing no matter what’s done to you, being made to kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness, lick a feet no matter how right you are, it would irritate someone else if you’re speaking flattery with no skills. You’re really amazing, Marina-chan」

Yuka spoke indifferently and Marina’s face cramped.

「I-I don’t intend to be irritating though…」

Then Marina with a wry smile answered back.

「I know. No, I finally understood. Why Mota-kun likes you」
「You are you. I am myself」
「W-what do you mean…」
「Who knows? Why don’t you think about it yourself? I’m not an idiot that helped the enemy in hardships」

Being thrown off by Yuka, Marina looked up at her as if clinging. Looking down at Marina, Yuka laughed.
That smile of Yuka’s different from what she had shown before.
Being reborn is a good thing, though Yuka has lost her way, she has cleared up her hesitation completely.
What’s scary with Yuka is her superior observation power, insight of information to steal. And her power to analyze information originally and make them sublime.
That’s her power of imitation.
The thing imitating can never exceed the original. But she can adapt to what she had stolen and by subliming the original, it’s possible to exceed the original.
Marina, you definitely don’t understand a thing but I think that you should think that Yuka will steal everything from you.
After all the opponent is a monster. And you’re the one who made shape of that monster.

「I-I won’t lose」

The flustered Marina stiffened her expression and provoked Yuka. Yuka who’s looking down at Marina laughed from her nose.

「Uhn, it’s fine for Marina-chan to win」

Yuka answered with a grin and Marina raised an astonished voice.
As expected. Yuka firmly understands what I’m trying to say.

「There’s nothing interesting even if I continue to be defeated this late. Don’t you think so? Mota-kun」

Yuka glanced at me and asked. The flirtatious glance is abnormally charming.
That’s right, winning doesn’t suit Yuka. Yuka’s a sore loser to I’m unbearably attracted.

「I’ll give you the win as much as you like. I’m okay losing. If that’s what pleases Mota-kun, then I’ll be the sore loser」

Marina looks confused from Yuka’s words.
Marina probably doesn’t understand what Yuka’s saying at all.
She’ll lose me if she lose. Marina thinks so. But Yuka must’ve noticed.
You’re the only one deciding that losing is a negative. I don’t care whether you win or not. I’m the one to choose. Yuka must’ve noticed it.
The situation is about to reverse. Yuka almost lost sight of herself as she’s unable to understand Marina. But she’s able to understand that she’s unable to understand, she was able to return to herself.
She shouldn’t force herself something that she can’t do and do only what she can.
The important one isn’t win or loss but the road to find oneself.
Marina naturally accomplished it but Yuka was able to do it after understanding it well.
That’s the obvious difference. Furthermore, when she understood, the growth is amazing.

「Thank you very much!」

However, Marina expressed her gratitude to Yuka.
Yuka looks at Marina with a surprised eye.

「I won against Yuka-san! I’m amazing!」

Even though she’s sweating in her whole body, Marina lifts her spirits selfishly.
Hey Marina, that’s not what Yuka wants to say.


Seeing Marina getting lifted, Yuka raised a vexed groan.
The important one isn’t win or loss but the final result of snatching my heart. Yuka wants to say that but it’s hopeless when the other is obediently pleased.
I thought that the situation would incline to Yuka but Marina overturned it instantly.
As expected Marina’s fun. She’s a bomb that betrays my expectations in a good meaning.
Marina’s explosive power overturned the stuff that was piled up steadily. On the other side, Yuka can’t do anything but pile it up steadily. No matter how big the explosion is, she has the foundation of huge rocks that would never waver.
But if Marina causes a nuclear explosion, no matter how firm the foundation she laid in, all of it would be useless.
If it’s the normal then her heart would break.
But Yuka’s in a senseー.
I’m having expectations from Yuka because that’s what I think.


  1. だが薄く笑みを浮かべるYukaの瞳は、まるで永久凍土のように静かに輝いていた。
  2. Holy shit, this is PERSONA!