X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 39

Chapter 39

An obscene wet sound echoes in the room.

「Ku u u u u u u u u u u u u u u ♥」

Standing on her knees as she stick out her breasts by bending her back, Marina’s convulsing violently while her eyes peel white, she keeps raising a sweet sorrowful groan as she clench her teeth.
Her pussy’s stirred without mercy.
I’m gripping the vibrator that’s piercing her pussy, using my x-ray vision, I violently piercing Marina’s weak point in the innermost part of her pussy with the point of the glans of the vibrator.

「Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ♥」

Love nectar and urine scatters. Marina raises a sweet and sorrowful shout and her body’s trembling abnormally.
The breasts stuck out as she bend her back shakes greatly along with the violent convulsions. As a result, the weight of the clothespin installed in her nipple sways to and her nipples are attacked like it’s being torn off every time. In addition, the weight of the clitoris cap jumps up and down too so her clit is also attacked.

「Ah, oh oh oh ♥ Ah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♥」

Marina shouts as her eyes go white.
Marina’s body is completely ready when she went out of the bathroom. If I pierce the weak point of her pussy in that state mercilessly, she naturally would receive a true climax. Furthermore, her left and right nipples and clitoris are attacked at the same time. Marina would’ve fainted if it’s the usual.

「Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♥ oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♥」

Marina who just keeps her sweet sorrowful voice, has already fainted at one glance. But Marina’s anus is firmly closed.
A *chapon chapon* wet sound echoes every time her pussy is pierced.
If she faints and her anus opened, around 1.5 liters of hot water and shit would gush out. She can’t faint to prevent it.
Marina shuts her anus like she’s about to die, that’s what’s inside her faint consciousness.
Her pussy is shutting tight as a result. Wet with love nectar, it’s shutting to tight that it’s trouble to pull out the vibrator.
I was convinced that Marina would be able to endure it but I never thought that she’d endure this far.
She’s not enduring it because she wants the reward. Marina said that and that’s certainly true. There’s no way you would be able to endure this far if you only want the reward.
This is because she doesn’t want Yuka to steal me away from her.
She has such thoughts but perhaps, Marina surely isー.

「Marina-chan wants to be embraced only by Mota-kun. She’s already a splendid girlfriend…」

Yuka who’s facing Marina that’s standing n her knees, mutters while sweat flows along her cheek and her eyes shake.

「I was naïve. I never thought she’d grow this much. Marina-chan has become a splendid girlfriend of Mota-kun before I was aware…」

Marina exceeds her limit no matter what you think but for Yuka who’s witnessing the appearance of her enduring it, her eyes that watches Marina clearly changed.
Those aren’t the eyes of watching someone at the same rank. Her eyes looks at the senpai that’s ahead of her with respect and fear.

「You got me. Rather than win or lose, I have to not let myself get overtaken first…」

She thought that she’s inferior than herself but she has surpassed her before she was aware. Acknowledging the fact, she looks down at her with respect. That’s not something easy. There’s no way you can easily admit that. But Yuka had changed her thoughts to 180 degrees already.
She’s not an opponent she can fight equally, she’s an opponent she needs to catch up first. If she’s unable to catch up, there’s no way it will be a fight.
Arriving at that thought instantly, continuing the loss, that’s probably why Yuka gets being robbed.
Grinning, I pierce the vibrator in the deepest part of the pussy and violently pierced the weak point in the deepest part.

「Ah, ha ♥ i ki ya ♥ i ki i i i i i i ♥」

Marina who’s bending her back has set her back even more like a bow and she placed her hand on the floor while standing on her knees. Looking at the ceiling, she spout out a tide while convulsing abnormally.
With her back making an arc as she stands on her knees and hands, her urethra faced front. The tide spouted out hits Yuka as a result.
But she didn’t show any shaking at all, Yuka’s looking at Marina intensely.
Her rivalry with Marina seems to have faded away completely. What’s reflected in Yuka’s eyes right now is Marina’s back who’s running ahead of her.
That’s enough. Any more would be dangerous for Marina so should we give her the reward now?
Having such thoughts, I pulled out the vibrator that’s piercing her.

「N, hoo ♥ 」

With the vibrator pulled out suddenly, Marina’s body jumped and she thrust her tongue out. Next momentー.

「Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♥」

The anal plug jumped out and hot water gushed out powerfully from her anus along with Marina’s insane scream.
Oh my, should I have pulled the vibrator in the toilet?

「Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♥」

The mad scream echoes in the room. The swell in Marina’s abdomen flattens along with the hot water spouting out from her anus.
There are other stuff coming out aside from the hot water but well, we didn’t see that.

「O, oho ♥ Ahya ♥」

The power of the hot water gushing out of her anus became weak then Marina who’s pushing out the remaining hot water had her elbows supporting her hands collapsed. I caught Marina.

「Mota-kun should take Marina-chan in the bath again. I’ll be taking care of this」

I embraced the fainted Marina and Yuka talked to me.

「Yeah, thanks」

Looking around, I made a wry smile on the disastrous scene and answered Yuka.
Yuka heard my answer and nodded with a smile.
No matter what kind of play it is, cleaning up is a pain in the ass.1 It’s a big help that she’s taking the lead.

「Yuka-chan can enter the bath too after you finish cleaning. Come to my room after taking a bath. I’ll give you a reward」

Her eyes opened wide from my words and Yuka tilted her head. It seems that she’s surprised by the word surprise.

「I don’t care if you don’t want it. I’ll leave this one to Yuka. Then」

Saying that, I carried Marina, stood up and began to walk.


I can hear Yuka’s trembling voice from my back.
Would Yuka come to my room? Would she wish for the reward if she comes?
The desire of Yuka who kept being robbed off
I can’t expect what she’d say and that’s fun in itself.

I entered the room while carrying Marina, I leaned her against the wall then undressed her till she’s naked.
Precum comes out from the tip of my glans.
Somehow, in the end, I didn’t ejaculate at all.
I intended to violate her pussy and ejaculate while making Marina spout out hot water.
Well, it can’t be helped. I was responsible for taking out the vibrator in the living room. It’s good that I can enjoy more than expected.
Having such thoughts, I squat down in front of Marina and took off the clothespin sticking to her nipples and the clitoris cap.
Because it’s been attacked severely, the nipples and clitoris are congested red and erect.
When I pulled her nipples and clitoris, Marina who’s eyes are closed reacted.
She really did her best. I’ll take my time cherishing her later. Furthermore, I’m also similar in enduring. I’m aroused more than my limit. It won’t settle down with just one or two rounds.
Marina might be tasting a hell in a different meaning.
Having such thoughs as I look at Marina, I grinned and entered the bathroom while holding the fainted Marina.

I soaked the fainted Marina in the bathtub with me below.
The hot water soaks through the skin and I instinctively leaked out a sigh of relief.
How should I say it, I braced myself quite well.
If Marina and Yuka’s relationship is still not good, I could do nothing but to cast Yuka away. But Yuka is an exceptional talent that it’s a waste to throw her away. That’s why I tried to deal with it somehow but it went better than expected.
Furthermore, Marina and Yuka’s relationship became better is dangerous in some meaning as there’s the possibility of something inconvenient developing is high.
The especially dangerous one is Asahina. If she has Marina and Yuka’s power, her power would increase further. She might become an existence that’s out of control.
I have to enjoy training Asahina before that happens.
Even if my head would be cut, I’m fine as long as I enjoy it.
Fun is shadowed with risk after all. If my head is cut, then that’s what I deserve.


While I was indulging in worry, Marina trembled and leaked a faint voice. Then her close eyes slowly opened.


Marina who’s regaining her consciousness looked around with unfocused eyes and whispered.

「The bath」

Answering Marina, her trembling body stiffened. But her body lost power gradually and she entrusted her body to me. Then, she looked back at me with half asleep eyes.

「I-I was no good?」

Entrusting her head to my shoulder, Marina looked at me with half-asleep eyes and laughed as she ask.

「Just how far do you remember?」

Marina’s memory seems to be vague as I ask her, then she looked up with her reddish brown eyes. It seems that she’s searching in her memory.

「Since I went out of the bath. After that it was pure white and I can’t recall anything…」

Looking up at me, Marina looks apologetic.
It seems that she blacked out when she went out of the bath. And she’s asking how she endured it.

「What do you want as a reward?」

Asking her, Marina seems to have guessed it too. Marina opened her eyes wide but she closed it immediately. Then she buried her face on my shoulder.
The feeling of her huge breasts pressing against my chest is great.

「Can I ask for anything?」

Clinging to me, Marina asks with her eyes closed.

「I’ll judge after I hear it」

Marina laughed when I answered her that. Then Marina slowly looked up and sent me an upward glance while her cheeks blush.

「Say that you love Marina?」

Marina’s sweet voice echoes in the room and I felt a blood vessel coming to surface in my temple.
Just when I was thinking of what kind of reward she would want, sheー

「Don’t get cocky」

I got irritated with Marina’s impudent attitude so I pinched her cheeks and pulled it off.

「Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch! It hurts, It hurts!」

Tears oozes out the corner of Marina’s eyes.
I know that this kind of thing would happen but why is she digging her own grave?

「You said that I can ask for anything!」

Separating my finger from Marina’s cheeks, she criticizes while rubbing her red cheeks with her hand.
I didn’t say that anything’s fine. I said that I’ll judge when I hear it.

「Even though you actually love me」

Marina glared at me then muttered as she laugh.

「Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch! My cheeks is being torn apart!」

Marina makes splashes as she scream and rage from having her cheeks pinched by me.
You know that this will happen but why are you provoking me?
I pulled her cheeks while glaring at her, then I separate my finger while snorting.

「Uuu, I really thought it’ll be torn off…」

Patting her red cheeks with her red hand, Marina mutters with teary eyes. It’s normal to think that it’s torn off. I seriously tried to tear it off.

「But, fufu, I’m glad to hear the answer ♥」

Marina who pats her cheek with teary eyes clings to me while speaking happily.
Hear the answer? What are you talking about? I only pinched your cheek?

「If you didn’t love me, then there’s no need to pinch my cheek out of embarrassment, right?」

Straddling on top of my waist, Marina clings to me, placing her chin on top of my shoulder and she said that while pressing her lips against my cheek.


Hiding embarrassment? Who? Me?
I almost forgot myself in anger but Marina sticks to my lip before I was able to answer back. Marina’s tongue has entered my mouth.
A lewd wet sound echoes. Marina who’s red to her ears desperately twines her tongue with mine while looking up at me with half closed eyes. Then she pressed her breasts against me and I felt the two erect nipples of her get even more erect.
*Jupon*, a lewd wet string appears as Marina separates her lip.
Marina who had her arms behind my back stretched her right hand to my groin and grabbed the pole of my raging penis quietly. Marina then raised her waist and placed the glans in her meat hole.

「Can I put it in?」

With the tip placed on the meat hole, she’s breathing heavily, Marina tilts her head while raising a sweet pained voice.
Even if she doesn’t remember it, she still wants the penis even though she went severely mad.

「Do you know the thing called tiredness」

I who withered from feeling disgust, sighed and asked Marina.

「It’s true that I want your penis. But…」

Marina looks at me when she speak but she withdrew her gaze from embarrassment and looked at me with side glances.

「I want to be connected with you. For a moment longer…」

Then she whispered in a pained voice.
Seriously, she’s so…
Without answering Marina’s question, I gripped her waist then pushed up my waist while forcibly pulling her down.


My penis quickly pierced to the root and Marina trembled then raised a sweet scream.
The feeling of the meat wrapping my penis. The pussy that completely became my exclusive meat hole is tightening hard while drenched in love nectar, it’s so hot like magma.


I who wanted to ejaculate for this whole time had my semen released as a blunder.
Furthermore, because I’ve been enduring all this time, I felt that I released a large amount of semen I’ve never released before, my consciousness felt somewhat distant for a moment.

「Ah ♥ aah ♥」

Marina leaked out a sweet voice while convulsing, both hands are on my shoulder and her eyes looks melting as saliva drips down from her mouth.

「Ah, you see…sorry bout that」

The terrific pleasure becomes distant and I returned to my senses, I apologized instinctively as it’s abnormally shameful that I ejaculated by just putting it in.

「Just a bit more…like this ♥」

Marina who’s womb is convulsing from accepting a large amount of semen leaned against me and whispered in a vanishing sweet voice.
Then before long, the sound of Marina sleeping echoes in the bathroom.
Marina who exceeded the limit has slept while being connected with me. Her smile looks so relieved.
Well, it’ll save me when she doesn’t remember that I ejaculated immediately.
Having such thoughts, I embraced Marina to the extent her body won’t soak in the bathtub and slowly submerged in the bathtub while being connected with Marina.
Are women’s body this soft and delicate? And also, why do they smell good? Are all women like this? Or could it be because it’s Marina?
I don’t get it.

After finishing the bath, I embraced the naked Marina up to the second floor. I laid down Marina on my own bed and lay down next to her.


Facing Marina who’s sleeping while lying up, Marina leaked a faint voice and squirms and extends her right hand to the air.
Marina who’s catching the air with her right hand and closed eyes, her right hand touched me and she cling to me like she’s being drawn by gravity. Then she laughed peacefully and breathed asleep.
I’m amazed in that too sloppy face but she worked hard today. I will overlook it.
Having such thoughts, I looked at Marina’s sleeping face.

I can hear something from far.
A pure white world.
It feels so good, smells so good, it’s pleasant.
Is this sweet obscene smell of a female Marina’s? She’s in heat? Seriously, what a troublesome girl.
N? But what’s with this pure white world? Just where am I?


My consciousness came back to surface instantly when I heard a voice. I heard my own voice.
Yesterday I lied down to the bed with Marina and I stared at Marina’s sleeping face…

I fell asleep?

「Jupo ♥ Zuchu ♥ Muchu muchu ♥ Juzuzuzu ♥ Jupojupo jupo jupo jupo ♥」

I heard an obscene wet sound then the amazing pleasure originated from the glans.
I was dazzled by the light when I opened my eyes so I frowned and instinctively shut it.
Morning? It seems that I really fell asleep. I don’t remember falling asleep at all.

「Marina, you’re already preoccupied with my dick this early in the morning」

Intoxicated from the amazing pleasure felt from my glans, I called out Marina who’s burying her face between my groin.


I heard a faint voice. Then a soft feeling wraps my body.
Opening my eyes in surprise, I saw Marina’s faces in front of me.

「Eh? What does thisー」

Clinging to me, Marina’s breathing like a sleeping person. And yet there’s a wet sound an amazing pleasure felt.
Could it beー.


I swallowed the situation at the same time as my glans was, I let out the semen I endured.
My whole body stiffened from the large wave of pleasure surging in.
I drunk the saliva that almost went out from the pleasure, I let out all of my semen and I felt relieved while I soak in the reverberations of the pleasure, the semen that remained in my urethra is being sucked out and I was attacked by pleasure again.
The one who sucked out all of the semen remaining in my urethra swallowed my glans once again and stroked my glans with a slimy meat and it makes a lewd wet sound of *Jupo Jupo*, and a lewd sound of sucking up.
Even though I just ejaculated, I feel my penis gets erect again.
Lowering my glance, Marina’s clinging to my body under the futon and the area around my groin is risen unnaturally.
Yuka. Yuka’s doing morning fellatio as I lie down.
Dammit, her technique is amazing as ever.
Obediently entranced in the pleasure Yuka brings, she took out my penis.
The pleasure vanished immediately.
Hey, it’s not like Yuka to abandon halfway.
While having such thoughts, I felt Yuka squirming and beginning to climb up. Yuka’s face went out of the blanket and she smile as she look at me.

「I’m gonna put in my pussy but please don’t mind me okay?」

Yuka says while smiling. Don’t mind me? What do you mean?

「Mota-kun can just look at the sleeping Marina-chan. You’re masturbating on Marina’s sleeping face. You’re masturbating by using my pussy. Right? I’m an onahole after all」

Saying that, Yuka dived into the blanket again without waiting for my answer.


My penis split some meat and it was swallowed inside the wet, tight and soft meat.
Onahole? Sleeping face? Masturbate while watching Marina’s sleeping faceー?
I frowned as my glans feels an amazing pleasure, when I looked to the side, I can see Marina’s sleeping face.


The penis is pulled out from the slimy meat hole. And yet it was swallowed inside the meat immediately after. Then it was pulled out at the same time it pierced to the root, then it swallowed the root again. The movement has become even faster.
I can only hear the obscene wet sound. I’m not even hearing a breath other than that.
She’s really devoting herself like an onahole. Does she intend to let her rival in love become my masturbation material and just devote herself to become an onahole that absorbs my semen?
Is that Yuka’s answer? Is that how Yuka will fight?
It seems that she’s has made a complete breakthrough.
She’ll become a tool for masturbation while making Marina as the material. She’s just an onahole that accepts semen. It’s easy to say but there’s a lot of things to throw away to execute it. And that’s something Marina can’t do but Yuka can.


I just ejaculated a while ago and yet, the meat hole is too good, add the superior movement of her waist so I reached climax instantly.
I don’t have such time to use Marina as a masturbation Material.
Did she assume my ejaculation approaching? Yuka speed up the movement of her waist.
An obscene wet sound echoes inside the blanket.
Not leaking out a voice at all, she’s only moving smoothly without letting her movement stagnate.
The ejaculation feeling reaches the peak and I felt semen rushing up the urethra at the same time.


The next moment, the pleasure spouts out in a dash and my brain is about to be burned off, it became pure white.
Shit. This is seriously dangerous. It’s been a while since I tasted Yuka’s pussy and it’s really a magnitude different with the women I know. No, I can’t compare it with the time I violated Yuka last time.
Yuka’s surely evolving from yesterday to today.
While having such thoughts while soaking in reverberations of pleasure, my penis was pulled out from the meat hole. Then Yuka squirmed inside the futon, she swallowed the penis that just ejaculated inside her mouth and she began to clean it up.
This is unbearable.
While I receive a deliberate, insistent, polite and delicate fellatio, the urge to piss well up. I let it out without enduring.
My piss gushed out and Yuka drank it up.
I trembled then felt relieved from the pleasure. Then I looked at the side and stared at Marina’s sleeping face.


Marina then moved and she looked at me with half closed eyes. Then she smiled. At the same time, Yuka took out my semen as she finished cleaning, squirmed as she climbed up and swallowed my penis with her pussy again.

「Good morning ♥」

Marina greeted me happily while being half asleep and clings hard to me.
Perhaps she’s moving so that Marina wouldn’t notice, Yuka sticks to me, moving her waist skillfully and strokes my penis with her pussy.
Shit. It’s so dangerous but it feels great.
Yuka’s taking in my dick inside her pussy under the futon and Marina doesn’t know it at all, she’s rubbing her cheeks against me happily.
I stretched my right hand to Marina’s groin then I groped and played with her clitoris.

「Ah ♥」

Marina blushed and her body writhe in pleasure while half asleep. I ejaculated at Yuka while watching Marina.
This is unbearable.
Yuka thought of an unexpectedly good idea.
She’s not facing Marina upfront but she’s hiding herself and devotes to be an onahole and she intends to sleep together with me.
How should I say it? Sleeping together would begin the love if repeated. Yuka’s aiming for that.
Yuka took the unfair strategy. But she admits that she’s a sore loser and Yuka admits to herself that Marina’s a wall that she should exceed.
It’s fine as long as she can steal me. Yuka declared it in front of Marina that she’ll do what she said.
She’ll use unfair methods instead of fair and square. There’s no right to tell that she’s unfair.


Without knowing anything, Marina kissed me and twined her tongue with mine desperately. I pinched Marina’s left nipples, I ejaculated in Yuka’s pussy again while looking at Marina writhing.
Yeah, this is unbearable.


  1. Especially Marina’s eyes