X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I face the desk in my room, put my hands behind my head then leaned back on the chair, I recalled what I did in the shrine.

「I overdid it…」

I raised the tension as I was so aroused that I can’t deny that I got caught up in the moment.
I intended to firmly remind Asahina about the threat when I was about to return after the act but I stopped.
Light has been lost in her eyes as Asahina stares in blank space. There’s no need to threaten her any further.

「It’s lucky that Asahina was weak…」

She’s weaker than expected. Asahina’s mind has been broken completely that I thought it’s not strange for her to do something.
She might tell someone about me raping her. Well that’s fine. No, that’s not good.
The problem isー.

「I hope she won’t commit suicide…」

That’s troubling. There will be a lot of questions if she does.
I thought of doing as I like with Asahina tomorrow but I might take a look on her state first.

Next day, when I entered the classroom, Asahina’s being surrounded by the schoolgirls as usual. Asahina’s sitting on her own chair. I felt relieved when I saw that.
But the relief was only for a moment as the surrounding is different from usual.
Asahina that’s sitting on her chair just stares ahead absentmindedly. The schoolgirls around Asahina began to whisper to each other.

「Asahina-san, did something happen?」

There’s one student who muttered in worry. But Asahina didn’t answer, she just kept staring at emptiness absentmindedly.
I confirmed Asahina’s anus using my x-ray vision but, there’s nothing today. Aren’t you enjoying the feeling from your anus?

「Isn’t Asahina-san today quite awful?」
「Asahina-san seems to be marked by Senpai you know?」
「I saw her head straight home today but maybe she received a call from senpai?」
「Ah, that might be. Asahina-san is quite…arrogant isn’t she?」
「Yup yup. Even if she was glared by a scary senpai, she just glares back」
「I get why Senpai marked her」
「But that means that being with Asahina would be dangerous right?」

Looking at the Asahina that seems strange, the schoolgirls began to speak rumors. There’s no one thinking about Asahina seriously.
As long as they’re close with Asahina who has power, they can secure their safety. But when Asahina falls, the advantage of being with Asahina is lost and only the only remaining are the disadantages.
For an arrogant girl like Asahina, the surroundings will be her enemy once she fall. Then, enemies who’d make use of Asahina’s weakness would come one after another.
Before that happens, they have to find a new host to parasite.
That’s their only thoughts.
In short, there’s no human with goodwill that would stay friends with Asahina Yuu.
The one who speaks is the rapist but, Asahina’s a pitiful girl.
At any rate, I concluded that it would be dangerous to corner Asahina more than this so I decided to not concern with her at school.

During the class, Asahina sends me some occasional glance. It seems that she’s bothered with me.
Well, she should be. I have Asahina’s weakness in my hands. When would I expose Asahina’s secret? She can’t help but feel worried about it.
A secret that should never be found out. If everyone knows Asahina’s secret, she’d be treated as a pervert. But I’m the criminal who raped Asahina. I’m the one troubled if it’s found out. That’s why I’ll protect the secret, but Asahina won’t believe even if I say that.
There’s no way she’d believe the words of the man who raped and threatened her.
But I better keep the promise for the time being. If not, Asahina might not come to school anymore.
I thought, so I decided to make contact with Asahina after school.

I went out of the school after school, I pretend to go home like usual then hide myself on the road that Asahina takes going home then waited for Asahina to pass.
At her state, Asahina would definitely come home immediately. She’ll definitely pass as long as I wait.
I waited for a while thinking that, then Asahina walked alone as expected. I then appeared in front of her as she walk totteringly.
I who was hiding in the utility pole secretly run after the tottering Asahina then gripped her right arm.


Asahina made a small scream when her right arm was gripped, then she turned around trembling. Thenー.

「Ah, aaah, aaaaa…」

She raised a weak trembling voice the moment she saw me, her face turned pale then her eyes tremble.
It seems that she’s been traumatized by me. Well, it’s normal. Or rather, the scared Asahina is cute.

「I-I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry…」

Tears flow in her cheek, Asahina apologizes repeatedly while trembling, she put her hands inside her shirt then took off her panties.
We’re in the middle of the road.
I’m in front of her. Then, you must have sex. Otherwise, everything will be exposed. Those thoughts were probably the only thing inside her head.
That Asahina is cute but this is quite dangerous.
I want to taste the frightened Asahina that opens her legs voluntarily but I might become no good if I lay down my hand on Asahina here.
I’ll do as I planned and tell her that I’ll keep the promise then go out.

「I’ll protect our secret. I just came here to tell that」

I quickly released her arm after telling Asahina that, I left her then fled quickly.
I thought that I got a convenient onahole but it’s troublesome if she’s too weak.

「I already tasted her once, there’s no problem if I just throw her away」

Asahina’s cute but I don’t need troublesome onaholes. Furthermore, she might die any moment.
I should just throw her away and just look for another onahole.
But, I might not be able to find a woman with a body like Asahina and a pervert. Furthermore, a cute perverted woman with the same level as Asahina probably doesn’t exist.
Even if not a pervert, it’s fine as long as I can grasp their weakness.

The next day and the day after that, Asahina was like an empty shell, her eyes lost light and she just stares at blank space. The surroundings of Asahina separates from her one by one until she lost everyone on the fourth day.
Well, that’s the end of the fate of a woman with arrogance and worst character.
She’s really no good after all. Though she’s still coming to school, it’s not strange for her to not come anymore. She might really die if I rape her one more time.
I should just throw her away and look for another. I decided. Howeverー.

「Asahina-san, do you have a moment?」

Asahina’s being absent minded while sitting on her chair after school then , there’s one schoolgirl who called her out.
Asahina looked quietly at the girl.
The girl trying to talk to Asahina is looks obviously strange as she smiles at Asahina. I felt something strange from her appearance so I used my xray vision.
Asahina’s heart is making a dark displeased pulse. It’s as if it’s telling Asahina’s feelings.
On the other hand the schoolgirl who called out Asahina has a random rhythm pulse. It’s as if she’s totally happy. I saw it and was convinced. That girl intends to crush Asahina.
Asahina’s ‘former’ follower. It’s obvious that this kind of friend of Asahina’s never felt pleasant. As evidence, when Asahina turned strange, they’ve given up quickly. Being with Asahina any longer won’t give any advantages but only disadvantages. That must be her thoughts.
Asahina lost her popularity.

「I want to talk with Asahina alone so can you accompany me for a moment?」

The schoolgirl talks to Asahina with a smile.
Asahina nodded silently and stood up from her seat. The schoolgirl who saw it began to walk then Asahina followed that girl.
After they walked off some distance, I followed them.

The destination of the schoolgirl was the back of the school building. Several students are waiting there. There’s five schoolgirls and two schoolboys. Seven people in total, all of them are Senpai.

「Sorry, Asahina-san」

The schoolgirl who brought Asahina laughed while sticking out her tongue, then run towards the senpai waiting on the other side. She then stood between the two schoolboys.

「Aren’t you the arrogant first year they’ve been talking about right?」

One of the schoolboy talks toward the schoolgirl waiting.

「I’ve played with Yuka. Well, I’ve fucked her. But I never hit her face. Like hell I want to fuck a girl with a crooked face」

The other schoolboy raised his voice then he grabbed the breast on top of the uniform of the student named Yuka who brought Asahina.

「Ahn~. S-Senpai, we’re doing it here?」

The schoolgirl named Yuka raised a lovely voice while having her breast massaged on top of her uniform.

「Yuka, you want to crush that woman right? Then won’t having sex while seeing that woman get crushed is the best right?」

The schoolboy who showed a vulgar smile moved his hand inside her uniform then squirmed inside.

「Yuka is so lewd after all. Last time we went to Karaoke then she did all of the men gathered there」

The other man that holds her while having her breast massaged said that while smiling and putting his hand inside that Yuka’s skirt.
With her cheeks blushing, that Yuka was trembling. Is she a slut that gets aroused because two men are groping her body? But I understand that this isn’t what she wish from the bottom of her heart.
Her heart makes an unpleasant beat. Her whole body is stiff. She’s raising a voice to invite the man but her inside is obviously rejecting him.
That Yuka probably sacrificed her body to obtain power. She sold her body to the Senpai to obtain power. She’ll crush Asahina with that power then she’ll try to obtain further power.
What a fool. She’s probably just being played. They’ll get tired of her sooner or later then throw her away.
Well, it’s not an obligation to say by someone who raped and made Asahina an onahole.

「Asahina seems to be weakened. Then why don’t we give her a hand?」
「For you ignored me even I called you out gently, I’m telling you that I’ll help you」
「Getting so arrogant even though you’re just a first year, I’m telling you to join our group」

Asahina stares in front with her eyes that lost its light. The three schoolgirl senpai surrounded Asahina and spoke out.
Behind them are the two schoolboys and that Yuka starting their fun.
Leaving her like that, Asahina will definitely be done. The group of schoolgirls will look down on her and possible the group of schoolboys would do as they like and gangbang her. Just like that Yuka.
Please spare me from that.
I fully intend to throw Asahina away but it’s not interesting to give Asahina to other men.
Hmmm. It took me some pains to get to a school where no one knows me so I’d like not to cause as much trouble as possible but it can’t be helped.
They don’t seem to be people that can be persuaded so let’s crush them.

「Hey guys, that’ girl’s mine. I’ll kill you if you touch her」

I who was secretly hiding in the school building began to walk and called them out.


The schoolgirls who surround Asahina looked at me with a dubious face.

「Hey, some fool intruded here. Don’t play and get him」

The other schoolgirl senpai called out to the schoolboys that were enjoying 3P on the back.

「What the hell you shit I was just about to start」

Yuka’s leaning forward while putting the penis inside her mouth, the guy who’s been holding her head with both of his hand raised his loathsome voice.

「Where’s that idiot? Beasts don’t go easy on those who interrupt their copulation」

The guy who slouched behind that Yuka gripped her ass from inside the skirt using both of his hands, he made a banging sound while swinging his waist then grumbled while making a foolish smile. What beast? You just said that because you think it’s cool right?
Or rather, isn’t that Yuka a like an onahole? I want to use Asahina like that too.
The man who pulled out his penis from Yuka then the other man pulled out his penis from Yuka’s pussy. The two separates from Yuka then walked towards me while putting their dicks away.

「I said that woman’s mine. Why don’t you turn around and go away while you’re not in pain, you insects. Should I say shitty insect or small fry?」

I said while walking briskly. I cancelled my restriction ‘for women use only’ that I acquired from a long time training.
Ah, shit, dammit. Even though women’s insides are already disgusting, I’d like to die rather than seeing this guy’s body.
The two schoolboys are walking with composure then suddenly ran towards me them then stopped. Then, they laughed after looking at each other.
Hmm , the man on the right has a fighting power of 5 I guess. The one on the left is a bit stronger so 7 or 8 I guess. Well, they’re both small fry for me.
I can understand it from the development condition of their muscle. I’m not taking the reflexes into account but the main point is that it holds to last.

「Hey, aren’t you a first year?」
「You want to die?」

The two laughing men looked at me and said that.
I can say that to myself but I look pretty weak. It’s normal to be looked down but that’s just fraud.
Actually, I’m strong senpai.
By the way Iー.

「I don’t like to fight that much but I never wanted to lose」

I rush over the front of the gap in front of the two then drawn power into my fist just like that.


I hit his face straight even before he could defend, the man on the left collapsed while spouting a nosebleed. The man on the right looked at the other like a dove that ate a peashooter.1
First, take down the strong. Then, the guy on the left naturally became confused. Then, he made a suicidal act during combat.

「Are you sure that you shouldn’t guard?」

I talked to the dumbfounded man then drew my right fist towards his stomach.


The remaining man was different, he used both of his arms to defend his stomach. He slouched because of thatー.


I gave him an upper cut then raised his jaw.
The man looked at the blue sky. It’s as if he was blasted then he crumbled straight to his knees, his head then hanged.
Too weak…

「Then, the senpai over there. These two might die if you don’t stop me so do your best in stopping me okay? Ah, but I also hit even if it’s a woman so take care」

I smiled and talked to the schoolgirl senpai that are surrounding Asahina then raised my foot towards the men who fell and convulse then trampled down their face, then repeated it.


One of the guy I hit can’t move while the other man who took the uppercut received a cerebral concussion with great praise. The two of the men has no power to resist so I trampled them down as I like, they asked for help while crying.
Crying even though you’re already a senpai? That’s so miserable.
But well, having their face trampled down while being unable to resist is quite severe. It’s more of a problem of their pride being trampled than the pain. They might be mind broken by the helplessness anyhow.
They’re the guys that usually dominates then they end up like this. They’re the same as Asahina in some meaning.

My xray vision is a gift to see naked women. But that’s not the fearful part of this ability.

I can see everything. The muscle, bones, internal organs.
There’s a large preliminary movement inside the body when a human tries to move. For example, if you raise your right hand, the pectoral muscle and the latissimus dorsi muscle and the muscle on the shoulder would move before the right hand, then the right hand would move finally.
For boxers, you can see the spare movement on the surface so you can predict an attack but my eyes aren’t uncool to only see the surface’s preliminary operation, it’s possible to to see the preliminary operation that occurs inside the body.
It’s usually impossible to see the preliminary operation. But it’s fully exposed to me. Furthermore, it’s not just the preliminary operation that’s seen by me. I can see the bone so I know where’s the gap. I can clearly see the position of internal organs so I know where my hit will be effective. I short, their weaknesses are in full view.
This is too dangerous when used in combat. Speaking frankly, I’m invincible, I can easily kill a person if I want to. But this power is meant to be used in lewd stuff.

That’s right, its significance is only for lewd stuff. For that reason, I believe that there’s no doubt this ability is bestowed.

Despite that, it’s only unpleasant to see inside a man’s body. I don’t want to see everything, fighting isn’t even interesting.

「These guys would die if you don’t hurry up and save them. Are you thinking that ‘We’re weak girls so we can’t help him’ Or rather, aren’t they your allies? Help them. Well, you’ll be like this guys when that happens though」

As I trample down the faces of the two man without mercy, I talked to the schoolgirls while laughing.
Being called out by me, the schoolgirl senpai were so pale and they’re trembling.
I’ve already failed before so I tried not to stand out but I do it when I decide to do so. These guys would definitely get conceited when you try to go easy on them.

「Hey, you intend to throw away your companion? Call out your friends! I’m okay even with 10 or 20 people you know?」

The schoolgirl senpai who can’t move at all was pressed to call out their friends.
I’m not bluffing when I said that they can call out their allies. I’m confident that I’ll win no matter how many the enemy is.
I began the preemptive strike with the men I’m trampling just now. The two of the men sank disappointingly as I attacked their vital point off guard. But my ability isn’t just for preemptive strikes. It’s the opposite, it’s a counter.
The reason is that that can see all preliminary operation in the inside of the body. More than preemptive strikes, I can perceive the enemy’s movement beforehand and dodge it, then give a blow to the vital point while defenseless. I can give the maximum attack in minimal movement using this method so the fuel cost is very nice. Furthermore, I give gaps to the opponent for me to counter, and turn a blow into a faint. It’s a strategy mainly used on fighting numbers.
Using the strategy makes me possible to win even with a lot of enemies.

「What a cold hearted bunch…」

I stopped trampling down the two men that wasn’t moving anymore then looked at the three schoolgirl senpai that surrounds Asahina then I broadly grinned while muttering.
The two of them are already no good. Even if they endured my attack and countered, I can perceive it. Even if they hide it, the interior of their bodies don’t lie. The internals of the two men makes it impossible for them to counter attack anymore.

「You people are just unlucky. If you didn’t stick, you wouldn’t have been involved with me. But that’s no good anymore. I’m a timid type of person that holds a grudge. That’s why it’s my principle to completely pick off those who make me uneasy wherever it is」

I approached the three schoolgirl senpai while speaking, thenー.

「I’m the worst man who’s calm even when hitting women」

When I raised my right fist, one of the schoolgirl senpai screamed then crumbled down. Then, it made a sprinkling noise as she wet herself.
The remaining two had their faces pale as if the world is ending.
They were so cocky when they had a man on their side but this happens when they’re beaten up.
Well, the two of the bodyguard were defeated disappointingly. It wasn’t a fight but a one-sided lynching so it’s normal for them to be afraid.

「Asahina, let’s go」

I consented even while feeling astounded, called out Asahina who still has her eyes lost it’s light as usual, took her hand and began to walk.
They’ve seen my strength, I also threatened them that I’d hit them fine even if they’re a woman so it’s probably okay now. If they intend to retaliate, I’ll just turn the tables at that time.
However, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a man’s insides, I felt very depressed thanks to that. I’d rather die than see a man’s insides.
Since Asahina’s the cause of this so I thought of making her take responsibility but it seems that she’s no good anymore.
Haa, Yareyare. Things don’t go well.


  1. その様子を鳩が豆鉄砲でも喰らったような顔で見つめる右の男。