X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 40

Chapter 40

After the two of them returned at Sunday night, I plopped down and despaired on the bed.

「It had such a defect too…」

I lied down the bed while putting my hands behind my head, I complained on the serious defect that revealed itself.
I thought that this space grasp ability is quite good but there was an unexpected pitfall.

Yesterday morning, in other words Sunday morning, Marina suggested that we go shopping. She frolicked alone as she wants to purchase cute clothes.
Yuka who’s taking my dick inside her pussy in a way Marina won’t know has no reason to refuse either so the three of us decided to go shopping.

Or rather, she’s agreeing greatly as she’s going downtown.

With my new ability, I can grasp the space and I indulge myself stealing a glance at on the women in the town, naked.
Though I can see the inside of a human with my X-ray vision, space grasp is different. Though I can grasp everything within the range of my ability but I can’t see inside the human body. And the ability can only reach to penetrate the clothes.
In other words, I can steal a glance of a naked woman while I walk downtown.
It’s unbearable just imagining it. Women feels relieved because they’re wearing clothes. I’m thinking of it as a dream to watch nude bodies.
Just like that, I glanced at the naked woman while walking in the town with a eased face.
With my eyes, it’s possible for naked women to walk calmly in the town where there’s a lot of men.
The calmness is essential. I like shy women but it’s also unbearable to see women who’s walking on the town naked calmly.

The woman that’s stands in the bus stop is naked
The shopping woman is naked.
The eating woman is naked.
The woman walking with her dog is naked.
The woman riding the bicycle is naked.
The housewife who bought an eggplant and cucumber from the vegetable is naked.1
The pregnant woman going to the gynecologist is also naked.

The town’s a paradise with my eyes.

A woman who’s living in her normal daily life, I can indulge myself and make her naked.
Wonderful. It’s the best. I obtained the ability to rule over the world.
With that said, I went out of the house with an excited heart.

It was great at first. Walking around the residential area, I used my ability every time a beautiful onee-san or a cute girl is found, I indulge myself satisfied with their naked body. The newlywed woman standing the pregnant woman who’s on her last month of pregnancy, I enjoyed seeing them naked. The innocent girl who seems to be carrying a red satchel on her shoulder2 Then there’s two meat holes that are ready to use when aroused.
Enjoying the naked women, I violated Marina under the shade and used Yuka as an onahole behind Marina’s eyes.
I was doing that so it took some time until we reached the station. But there’s no problem in particular as we don’t have a business to hurry to.

The problem appeared when we arrived at the station. The traffic in the residential area is small, and it’s Sunday morning too so there’s a lot of young wives and newlywed wives appearing. That’s why I didn’t notice the defect of this ability.

There’s a lot of people gathering. If it’s crowded then the ratio of encountering beautiful onee-san and cute girls naturally increases too. That’s why I used my ability willingly. Howeverー.

「I feel sick just remembering it…」

The moment I used my ability a lot of naked men have jumped to my view.
That’s right, space grasp ability is indiscriminate. It indiscriminately penetrates the clothes of all the humans within the ability’s range. Furthermore the image flows forcibly in my brain and I smoothly understood everything in detail without letting anything pass.
In other words, at the same time I see the details of a woman’s body, I can also understood a shitty bastard’s naked body more detail than necessary.
It goes without saying that I almost vomited. Or rather, I seriously wanted to die.
Just how much damage it caused to my heart?

Thinking about it, it’s like that since the start. The usual X-ray vision penetrates human clothes indiscriminately when I used it.
I who’d rather die than seeing a bastard’s naked body tried to control the ability desperately. Then it succeeded splendidly to penetrate women’s clothes only. Then when it evolved to X-ray, the restriction continued.
But, that restriction hasn’t adapted to space grasp ability.
I tried to desperately limit the ability in panic but it was no good. All of the human clothes within the range of the ability is penetrated whatever I do. And those image forcibly flows in my brain.
I might be able to apply the restriction if I train, Howeverー.

「I can’t get any motivation…」

If I’m going to do that training again, I’ll go through hell.
To apply restriction on my ability, the practice I used as a child is to put restriction on what targets to see through.
It’s difficult to put a restriction on the ability to just see through only women. If I can’t see what I don’t want to see then it’s meaningless to see what I want.
That’s why I looked at men and persuaded myself to remove it from he objects3, and I kept wishing.

It’s easy to say that but that was an extremely ghastly training.

It’s a very steep and long way. It’s really a thorny path. But because I want to see women’s naked body only, I kept seeing naked men bodies even if I want to die. Those days were so hard that I cried and vomited blood.

It’s all for the lewd. Therefore I did my best.

I succeeded and I have added a limit on my ability.
In other words, to put a restriction on my current ability, I need to take the lead and look at men and train and pray to remove them from the object.
I was a kid before. I’d rather die than to see naked men but I was able to endure it somehow. But it’s different now. I’d still rather die than to see a naked man and also I have tasted a woman.
I can endure a very difficult training to matter what just for the lewd butー.

「It’s impossible to look at a bastard’s naked body, never」

Instead of saying I’d rather die, I think that it’s unpleasant to die.

「Well, there’s no problem as long as I can use the ability on a situation where there are only women」

If so then there’s no problem but the beauties won’t go to my convenience.
Only the beauties know whether they will show up.
When you walk in the town, it’s only by chance that a beautiful onee-san or a surprisingly cute girl pass in front of you. That’s a splendid chance to use my ability. But I can’t use my ability if there’s a man nearby.

「Ahー! Ahー! Ahー! Don’t fuck with me you shit!」

Men should be annihilated from this world.

「Uー! Uuuuー! It’s so annoying! It’s unbearably mortifying!」

Facepalming with both hands, I rolled in the bed.
Even if I go out in the town, there’s rarely a girl that exceeds Marina and Yuka That’s how high the level of the two is. With two beauties at hand, I can do lewd stuff with them whenever I want, so there’s no need to be depressed with this ability just because of the defect I found.
But that’s different, it’s wrong, that’s not it.

I can see yet I can’t. That’s frustrating.

For example, if there’s a lot of beauties that went to a hot spring, you’d want to peep as much as you want. If the girls doesn’t notice you peeping then it won’t be a crime.
Any man would be happy to peep then.
And yet let’s say that you can’t peep because there’s a construction? Furthermore, you don’t know when the construction will end?
That would be frustrating. It should be frustrating. It’s so frustrating that you want to cry.
That’s what I feel right now.

「Uー ahー uwaー au au aー」

I went out of the town in high spirits, when I found a good woman with an oily old man on her side, I don’t want to but I used it even though I don’t intend to.
It was hell because I was able to grasp the whole naked body of of the fat oily old man. 4 No matter how cute or beautiful the naked body of the girl I saw is, the impact of the old man’s naked body is too strong that my spirit is damaged greatly.

And all the more in the town. It was a circle lower on the department store and the train where there’s a lot of people.
There’s a lot of girls holding to the strap inside the train. I steal a glance on the naked body of the calm girl. It’s really the best situation. But there’s an oily old man on both sides of the girl.
There’s a girl sitting there too. If I use my ability, I can see the naked appearance of the sitting girl. And yet there’s an oily old man sitting next to her.5

Dammit! I want to see! I’m seeing it and yet! The old man’s a hindrance! But old man didn’t do anything wrong!6

What’s more frustrating is I saw a beautiful girl with a big breast and a very long black beautiful hair but there’re oily old men surrounding her. 7

Long black haired big breasted beauty Versus five old men.

No, because the range of this space grasp ability is wide, I don’t just see the old men around the beauty, I can grasp all the humans in the effective range. That’s whyー

It is a long black haired beauty and several cute girls versus six oily old men.

Which impact is much stronger, there’s no need to explain.
That long black haired beauty with big tits is amazingly cute and beautiful. Her looks equal Asahina but she’s much more beautiful at worst case. I had the golden chance to worship that kind of naked body of a beautiful girl.
I know. The old men aren’t at fault. The oily old men wearing worn out suits riding the train aren’t at fault. Rather, they seem to have a good impression instead of me who’s looking at the future. However.

「Dammit, that girl’s super cute」

I can see but I can’t. Just how painful it is?
In the end, I hardly used my ability inside the town. No, it’s better to say that I can use it but I didn’t.
After all half of the human race are men.
When it comes to it, there’s another problem.
The space grasp ability’s effective range is wide. And that range can’t be changed. If I can narrow the range then I can move the ability to aim only at women where there’s no men surrounding her. However since I can’t change the effective range, I can grasp all of the humans automaticaly.
Half of the human race are men. There’s a lot of women in a crowded place but there are a lot of men too.
If I can only narrow the effective range at least.
In other words, I can’t use the space grasp ability in a place where there’s a lot of people.
It’s difficult to use it at home. At least I can on the girl’s locker room or the ladies room where there’s no men.
Though I can see through, I can’t be invisible so I can’t sneak into such places.
Being able to become a peeping tom without the risk is the wonder of X-ray but if there’s a risk, then there’s no meaning.
I can use my ability fully in an all girls’ school but sadly, men can’t enter those.

「Aahー! DammitDammitDammitDammitDammit! Uga!」

It’s too frustrating that I rolled and turned in the bed while shouting.
If it comes to this, X-ray was better. The frustration increased because it’s a half hearted ability to steal a glance on a naked woman.

I was depressed all the time after returning from shopping. Marina and Yuka saw me like that and they were at panic because they thought there was a problem.
Don’t mind it because it’s not your fault, I said but they seem to have been in more panic because I told them.
The two of them are worrywarts.

『Sorry. You didn’t do anything wrong. I’m the one at fault.8 Haha』

Saying that, the two of them turned pale and tried to take me to the hospital by force.
Even I know that I became depressed but it’s more dangerous than I thought when I saw the two people’s eyes.
I wasn’t able to recover during the end of the weekend and the two of them returned while worried about me.

「It doesn’t change that I’m depressed and I have to get over it too」

The use of my ability is quite restricted but it’s still usable. Since I can still watch naked women as long as it matches the condition. Butー.

「The condition is annoying」

The performance of understanding everything within the range of my ability is too high. And it’s backfiring.
I don’t want performance. I’m just fine if I can see through women’s clothes only.
I felt depressed when I can see through human body before but it’s much more hard this time.
Why is my ability evolving in a bad sense always?
I’m going to begin my training with Asahina tomorrow and I’m not feeling motivated at all.
Should I raise my feelings with peeping tom videos?

Monday morning, Yuka came.

「Huh, where’s Marina?」
「Huh, where’s Marina-chan?」

We looked at each other and asked at the same time.
Yuka can’t come to meet me recently but it seems that she came here to oppose Marina. Howeverー.

「I didn’t meet her until I arrive at Mota-kun’s house so I surely thought she’s inside your house…」

Yuka speaks while being confused.
Certainly, she should be already here this time. And yet she didn’t even meet Yuka who’s facing my house on the way, she’s not going here today?

「Is she taking Yuka-chan into consideration?」

Asking her, Yuka’s expression froze.

「Marina-chan isn’t that naïve. Mota-kun should know that best, right?」

Yuka answered back while glaring at me.
Well yeah. Marina gets washed by affection easily but she’s a very passionate woman. Also, she’s determined to fight against Yuka. There’s no way she’d run.\

「It’s strange, it’s definitely strange. Mota-kun got depressed, right? Marina-chan’s so worried that she’s about to cry. That’s why she should be going here earlier than usual. There’s no way she wouldn’t come. Even if Marina-chan has a fever, she’ll definitely come」

I agree with Yuka’s words.
It’s strange no matter what you think. It’s unnatural. I felt depressed from knowing the defect of my ability and Marina’s flustered in worry. And yet for her not to come…
If ever there’s something happening why she can’t come, she’ll surely report beforehand. But she didn’t.
Is she in a situation where she can’t make a contact? Or could it be that she met an accident on the way?

「I’ll try calling her」

Yuka said that while taking out her phone, she operated it then pressed it against her ear.
Eh? You know Marina’s address?
You exchanged addresses, aren’t you two arch-enemies?

「No good, it won’t connect」

Yuka who had her phone to her ears for a while mutters with a stiff expression.

「I’m not being conceited but Marina-chan’s respecting me so she should be answering the phone immediately. But she doesn’t. Did she not notice the call or…」

Yuka mutters with an expression with no room and she looked up at me while separating the phone from her ear.

「This is really strange. It’s frustrating but Marina’s feelings is the real thing so it’s definitely strange that she’s not coming for Mota-kun today. I’m sure something happened」

Yuka looks at me as she speak, *dokun* the heart splashed.
Aren’t you just overthinking? Since it’s that idiot, she perhaps just overslept.

「Do you know where Marina-chan’s house is?」
「Ah, no, I don’t」
「Then let’s go to school. There should be a directory at school so let’s examine that and go to Marina-chan’s house」

Yuka said as she take my hand and pull it.
Hey, there’s no need to pull that harー

No, Marina should contact me at least if something happened. It’s as Yuka says, her earnestness isn’t halfhearted.

「Yeah, got it」

Nodding, I began to run with Yuka.
She’s dumb and hasty unlike Yuka. If ever she was used, even if it is a trapー.
Then it would be the same pattern as Yuka who tried to save Asahina.
Dammit, I feel uneasy.

Arriving at the school, I tried to take out the contents of the shoebox. Then I noticed something inside it.
There’s a western pink colored envelope. It looks like a love letter. It’s the first time I took a love letter in my life but now’s not the time for that.
I took it and placed it in my pocket, then I felt uneasy.
Isn’t it too timely? Marina didn’t come to my house then there’s a love letter in my shoebox.
Is this really a love letter?


Marina who changed her shoes rushed to me while raising her voice.
If by any chance, the love letter isn’t a love letter.

「Yuka-chan, go to the faculty office and confirm Marina’s address. I have some minor business so I’ll come with you after I finish it」

Saying that as I face Yuka, Yuka stopped and her eyes shook, then she tightened her expression immediately.

「Got it! Leave it to me!」

Yuka then answered with a nod then turned her heel.
I have some minor business so go ahead, that’s too clichéd.
Yuka might’ve seen though it.

「Now then」

Confirming that Yuka’s away, I took out the western envelope from my pocket. I cut open the envelope and took the letter out.
The content isー.

「The bad feeling proved to be right」

Just as expected, a common threat is written if I want Marina back.
You’re threatening me? You’ve done it.
Who did this? Shinozaki? No, he should be aiming at Yuka or Asahina if they’re the one who did this. After all I moved to save those two. And yet it’s easy to contact Marina who’s their former friend but her value as a hostage is low.

Then who?

There’s not much information understood from this letter no matter how much I think.
Well, they sent the invitation politely. It’s clearly evident that their aim is me. And since they kidnapped Marina to lure me out, Marina must be safe for now.
Then the fastest way is to meet the criminal?

「There’s no way I can let Yuka know」

If Yuka knows that Marina’s kidnapped, she’ll surely poke her nose to it.
Yuka has a grudge against Marina but she recognize that Marina’s a wall she should exceed. Also for Yuka, Marina’s an existence that can speak her true thoughts. She might be her best friend more than Asahina in a certain meaning.
However Yuka’s a burden to ben frank. I should move alone.

「Let’s meet at the youth park at 5PM」

If the opponent observes his current trend and is not a fool, it won’t come to the meeting spot.
I’m tricky and unfair after all. Even if I go to the meeting spot, I need to prepare. If they see through it, they’ll send a subordinate to the meeting spot and inspect my properties, they’ll definitely restrict me.
They should be excelling in information, smart and, has a huge number.
Well, it’s better to assume the worst case. Alsoー.

「This might be a bit dangerous opponent…」

There’s no thing like “Don’t call the police” in the letter at all. It’s as if it’s saying that I can just call the police if I want to.
Did he just forget to write it? Or could it be that they’re optimistic that I won’t report to the police. If so then they’re just idiots but if it’s not bothー.
The sentences are direct, there’s no waste of words and it’s easy to understand. It only specify the threat and the time and the waiting place.
If I notice the police, what would they do? Would they be troubled? They’ll write if they do.
Is it merely being bold? Orー.
Also, this one chose Marina, not Asahina nor Yuka. If it knows that Marina’s the woman most deeply related with me, it’s better to think that it has fairly grasped information.
With that in mind, the sentences in the threat has no waste.
With the material to threaten me, it’s unlikely to want to show it off.
Why? My ability’s not revealed and it would cause hesitation to the opponent. If confused and in panic, it’s easy to be unable to judge coolly because shaken.
Why do you think so? It’s because I’m likely to do that.
This is because they won’t be having a problem if even if I notify the police so they removed that sentence. Because the one who kidnapped has something in hand. If so then they’re prepared to throw everything away.
Thinking about it, as long as she didn’t do anything unnecessary, Marina should be safe.
After all, they have something that’s prepared to throw everything away. They have to value feeding the fish.
If ever I kidnap someone for some reason, if I send a threat aiming for the prey, I think that the shortness of the sentence needs to be considered.
I see, I get it, I understand.

This guy’s like me.

However, I’m alone. It’s possible that he is a they. That part is clearly bad. Howeverー.

「Go on, I’ll take it on」

It might be quite a dangerous opponent but it seems interesting.
Also, no matter how much the enemy knows about us, there’s no way he’d know about my special ability.
It’s troublesome to be restrained but if I can take advantage of itー.
I feel irritated when I found a big defect with my new ability.
It’s unsuitable for lewd purposes but it’s proven useful in combat.

「Just in time, I wanted a sandbag」

The opponent has no pity nor mercy at all. I welcome it. I’ll beat and crush you thoroughly. Until you can never stand up.
Having such thoughts, I grinned and began to walk to join Yuka.
Yuka should only stick to contacting Marina. Even if I tell her the circumstances, Yuka can’t answer back.
Now then, we still have time till 5PM, allow me to scheme out carefully.
I’ll throw all of my anger from the pain of seeing the naked oily old men down to all of the details.


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