X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 42

Chapter 42

On the road at the back of the school.
I walk ahead and Asahina follows me silently.
Before long we arrived a space where the trees are deforested.

Now thenー.

I used my ability then gripped Asahina’s shoulder as I turned around then I made her fall by hitting her foot.


A small scream was heard.
Asahina who had her feet kicked lost her balance and danced in the air gently that it was interesting. Thenー.


Asahina who just had her back thrown at the ground let out her breath.


Asahina’s eyes opened wide, then she gulped down her saliva while having a red face. Thereー.


Asahina raised a frog-like groan, she then convulsed.
I weighted on the Asahina who was thrown at the ground.
Gripping the nape of the uniform and I used a technique to roll and throw her foot. It’s almost a one arm back throw but, “I rolled her” instead of “Throw”
It’s a judo body drop I learned from PE before.
Amazing. It’s a new discovery. Since I don’t have a blind spot with this ability, I can shift to this technique immediately the moment I turn to my opponent.
They might be resisting when I face them straight but if I thrust in unexpectedly, this technique would surely be used.
It might not be bad to learn Judo.

「Gego, Gaha」

Asahina’s coughing intensely as if her eyes are about to pop out.
I suddenly turned around, she suddenly danced in the air then she was thrown at the ground. Then I pressed on top of her so she’s unable to bear it.
Asahina who was thrown down wasn’t able to understand what’s happening, she was just forced to the ground lying face down. I gripped her right hand and turned it on her back, I locked her joints.


Asahina who’s arm isn’t bent on a direction where it won’t bend by force, Asahina clenched her teeth, groaned and her saliva dripped down.
She wishes to be raped after all.
Though she wants to be raped, but there’s no way she can’t say that she wants to be raped. It’s just merely fornication. Thus I have to rape her this way.
Furthermore, I don’t know whether Asahina really wants to be raped or not. I can’t read her mind after all.1
But it’s true that her nipples is erect and she’s dripping love nectar when she thinks that she’s going to be raped by me Alsoー.

「Gu, gi, igi」

Asahina is pressed against the ground with her face lying down, her arms turned to her back and her joints are locked down, she’s having dyspnea as she was thrown to the ground and she’s feeling intense pain from locked joints. And even though she’s humiliated from being pressed against the ground, a large amount of love nectar is dripping from her pussy.
Ohh, she’s really sloppy.
There’s no mistake. She really has awakened to rape desire.
Marina and Yuka are quite masochistic but this one’s the real masochist.
Though she’s neglected a lot, I feel sorry for her so I’ll violate her mercilessly to show the true rape.

「W-What are you doing suddenly…」

Asahina who clenches her teeth while saliva drips down from her lips as her back’s pressed, she’s raising a groan as I lock her joints by placing her hand on her back.
I want to violate beauties as I want. I thought of that but when I violated Marina and Yuka, I’ve somehow thought of various things.
However, I can violate Asahina as much as I want.
Without answering Asahina’s question, I unzip my pants and took out my penis while holding her arms.
A thick blood vessel rise to the surface of the bent backwards trembling penis.
I feel that the glans is bigger than usual.
I’ve gotten depressed because I noticed the defect of my new ability and I never ejaculated from Sunday till now.
The penis who’s trembling has precum dripping as if telling it wants to enter a meat hole right now.
Aren’t you glad, Asahina? I’ll let you savor a very thick semen from the penis you haven’t tasted for a while. I’ll let out such thick semen inside your womb.
Grinning silently, I thrust in my left hand inside Asahina’s skirt and took off her panties. Then I pierced two fingers inside her meat hole.


Asahina trembled and raised a sorrowed groan.
Usually, you won’t be seeing inside unless you roll the skirt. But not for me.
Thanks to my space grasp ability, I don’t need to see to carry it out smoothly, it’s really convenient.
That said, even though a lot of love nectar is dripping, Asahina’s pussy accepted a man only once. If two fingers were put in that kind of pussy, she’ll only feel pain instead of pleasure.

「Hi, igi, guu」

The two fingers went inside to the root and bent, and pluck the wall of flesh.
A heavy obscene wet sound echoes.
Asahina can probably only feel pain but she clenched her teeth to the limit and blushed when she heard the lewd wet sounds from her pussy.
She’s covered and mud, violated and humiliated as she’s pressed to the ground. And yet the sound of her pussy tells Asahina’s true feelings. It’s helplessly shameful and it must be frustrating.
Or rather, I can see her feeling really frustrated. Isn’t the acting to vivid.


Pulling the two fingers that’s scratching her wall of flesh mercilessly, Asahina trembled, clenched her teeth and raised a sorrowful groan.
The fingers twines with a large amount of love nectar and the lewd liquid drips on the ground.
Showing those fingers to Asahina, “Are you getting aroused from being violated?” It’s interesting to ask but I didn’t say anything. However, I moved the finger casually to a place where Asahina can see it.


With her face facing the ground, Asahina saw my finger at a glance, her ears turned red and she withdrew her gaze.
She’s probably embarrassed when the love nectar is pointed out but it’s much hard not to say anything.
Frowning from frustration and embarrassment, Asahina blushed and clenched her teeth. Seeing her lying down face clearly is the best.
Though I became pessimistic when I noticed the serious defect, this ability really depends on how it’s used.
Having such thoughts, I pulled the belt of my trousers, placed both of Asahina’s hands on her back and tied it with the belt.


Asahina leaks a groan and shakes her body. She seems to have forgotten how to resist as she can’t catch up with the sudden continuous events, but she finally showed some resistance. But it’s too late.
I completely deprived Asahina of her freedom, thrust in my hands inside her skirt and took her panties. Then, I took it off immediately.

「W-Why are you doing this!」

Asahina finally spoke out after she was thrown to the ground. Her voice is obviously angry.

「I told you I’ll be your slave right!? I told you I’ll obey your orders, right!? And yet why are you doing cruel things like this!? Do you have no fragment of emotion!?」

Asahina shouts as she twist her body, tears spill from the corner of her eye and stream down her cheeks.
It seems that she really hates it. I misunderstood that she desires to be raped.

「Please! I don’t want this! I’ll do anything willingly so please stop doing cruel things forcefully!」

Asahina struggles violently while crying as her arms are restrained on her back and pushed down the ground.
She’ll do anything willingly so stop with the rape? What a strange talk.
Or rather, I can’t stop since I’m already halfway through. Let’s do it for the time being.
Having such thoughts, I sat between Asahina’s thighs, gripped my pole with my right hand and placed it in her meat hole.

「S-Stop it!」

Her shout echoes. Thenー.
When I pressed the glans against her meat hole, an obscene wet sound echoes.
I know that her pussy’s wet but this isー.
I grinned and released my space grasp ability, then used my X-ray ability.
Penetrating her skin, the inside of her pussy is exposed. Though I can only penetrate one part, everything from the entrance of her meat hole to her womb became exposed.
The vaginal walls are convulsing here and there and it’s generating love nectar with a terrific power.
What’s with you? I thought that she really hates it but she’s extremely aroused.
Could it be that Asahina doesn’t notice that she had awaken her desire to be raped?
There’s something welling up in her heart. There’s something piercing her but she can’t understand. She understands that something unconsciously, it stirs her up and she provokes me.
Thus, there’s no need to tell Asahina.
Why does she feel it when she’s violated forcibly. Why is she feeling it from being raped by a man she doesn’t love.
That worry will corner her.
Also, as long as she doesn’t notice her own wish, I can say she’s imprisoned. That’s much fun that way.

「W-Why!? I said that I will do anything! I told you I’ll be your slave, right!? And yet why…」

Asahina who’s shouting looks funny for a moment.
Why, why, she repeats as she sheds tears. But her pussy’s like this.
I know. If you want it that much then I’ll give it to you.


As I try to screw in my penis inside her pussy, I noticed something.
The twitching place inside her pussy. I don’t understand it when I can’t penetrate the whole body, it’s surely a weak point.
There are three remarkable weak points inside Marina’s pussy. All of Yuka’s pussy is convulsing violently so I can’t distinguish her weak point. Then Asahina’s weak point isー.

There’s seven locations inside her pussy that’s convulsing intensly. It’s quite a lot more than Marina.

That’s great but Asahina’s weak points are completely opposite of Marina’s
Marina’s weak points are all in front of her pussy. On the other hand, Asahina’s weak points of her pussy is on the other side, in other words, the side near the anus. Furthermore, it’s more than double of Marina’s number.
Feeling uneasy, I concentrated on her anus. Thenー.

「Ku, kuku, kukuku」2

I laughed instinctively.

「D-Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh! Laughing while doing something this cruel, you’re the worst! A scumbag!」

Asahina shouted angrily. Asahina probably thinks that I’m laughing because I’m seeing her shout as I rape her.
No no, that’s not it. I’m laughing because of another thing. Well, it’s true that I’m a scumbag, I’m admitting it.
The reason I laughed isー.

The wall of flesh in her anus is convulsing abnormally. Furthermore, its the side near the pussy.

That’s right, Asahina’s weak point is concentrated on both sides of the wall of flesh that separates her pussy and anus.
If you stimulate the weak point of the anus side of her pussy, the weak point of the pussy side of her anus would be stimulated and if you stimulate the weak point of the pussy side of her anus, the weak point of the anus side of her pussy would be stimulated.
She’s already an anal lover.
Or rather, in other words, a penis pierce her pussy then a penis pierce her anus, if those two holes are simultaneously stimulated, the two weak points separated a wall of flesh shows it’s best self when the two holes are pierced.
Oh, I see. Is that how it is?
Asahina who was a virgin had a sex toy in her pussy. But Asahina’s weak points on her pussy are twice more than Marina’s pussy. She concentrated there because of that and she tried to obtain pleasure somehow or another. Therefore her anus is developed.
After all the pussy side wall of flesh on her anus has the same weak point with her pussy. With her anus being exploited she can feel enough pleasure.
This is great. Asahina’s pussy and anus is a huge pervert that loves having those hole attacked at the same time. Furthermore, she wishes to be raped.

I can’t find any waste inside Asahina’s intestines.

It seems that she has processed her anus to be attacked beforehand.
Sorry Asahina. I don’t have a vibrator right now so I it’s impossible to attack two holes I’ll creampie you so let me go with that.
Having such thoughts, I laughed in my mind and thrust in my waist to push in my penis inside her pussy.


Asahina trembled and raised a groan.
Ah, dammit, I’m using X-ray so I can’t see Asahina’s face. But I need to attack her weak points inside her pussy so I can’t release this X-ray ability.
Well, I’ll violate her until I’m tired so I’ll compromise this time.


Then my penis tears up the meats as it invades. With the glans sticking to her uterus, Asahina convulsed and screamed.
The surroundings of her uterus is convulsing violently. I can’t say it clearly but it seems that the other weak points have concentrated in the surrounding of her uterus.
Asahina loves to be attacked on both holes at the same time but it seems that she also loves to have her uterus pierved.
This might’ve been a birth of a meat toilet.

「I-I’ll curse you! I’ll curse you! I’ll never forgive you! I’ll definitely take my revenge sometime!」

Asahina curses with a shaking voice while convulsing.
Just what kind of face she’s making? Your voice is high pitched though? Your ears are red though? Aren’t you actually feeling good that you can’t bear it? Or rather, you can’t bear it that you want your womb to be pierced a lot?
That said, this pussy’s no good. It’s good as new so it’s tight and hard, furthermore, it’s abnormally drenched with love nectar. And yet it doesn’t feel good.
The meat is hard. Since it’s not yet developed, it’s flexibility is bad. Because of that, it doesn’t stick like Marina and Yuka’s pussy.
I was so impressed that I felt good on the first time but Marina and Yuka’s pussy is too good that I can only think of Asahina’s pussy as no good.
Well, Marina’s pussy is far from Yuka’s pussy at first. But with steady development, the pussy matured to be considerably good.
Development is important.

「Brutal! Savage!3 Enemy of women! Scumbag!」

With the penis piercing to the root, her uterus is hollowed out and Asahina vigorously speaks abusively.
Thanks to my severe experiments with Marina, I was able to understand that the sensitivity of the weak point is high enough. Even if there’s an individual difference, the sensitivity of the weak point is abnormally high all the same.
Other than Yuka, the difference of the pleasure won’t be different.
It’s a place that you can ignore the person’s will and force her to climax. That’s the weak point. That weak point is concentrated in her anus and pussy. Just how long can she resist?
The penis that’s erect to the limit has it’s swelling felt by the pussy.


Asahina raises a painful groan because the vaginal walls were pressed. I’m dying to see Asahina’s face but I can’t release X-ray vision.
The beginning is essential. For the time beingー.
I pull my penis out then thrust it in vigorously.


I hollow out her uterus with my glans then Asahina shouted while jumping up.
Please. Don’t just ahegao instantly. I won’t have fun if you do.
Having such thoughts, I pull out my penis then mightily thrust it in.


Deep inside her pussy, I hollow out one of her weak point near her anus then Asahina convulsed while raising a sorrowful voice.
Her love nectar scattered. Ashina raises a sorrowful voice but the inside of her pussy is becoming amazing.
With the abnormal amount of love nectar, the entire vagina began to convulse violently.
Asahina definitely came. But she’s hiding it right now.
Her willpower is terrible just as thought. It’s equal to Yuka? At worst it would be more.
Okay, that’s the spirit. Hide your climax at any cost.
That said, I have the ability to see through a human body. I can understand Asahina’s body reaction at just one glance.
Asahina’s weak points is crowded at the pussy and the anus side but there are other weak points existing. But searching for the weak point on her whole body when I can’t see the whole body is too inefficient and it takes time. Furthermore, even if I find the weak point, it’s necessary to record the exact location to remember it
It’s the best as I can take my time to search her whole body as it’s attacked while it’s restrained.
It would be great if Marina and Yuka fellate me while I look at Asahina’s weak points.
The idea appears while I think.
The excursion might be the best time to have fun.

「Ah, gu, igi, aga, higu」

Speeding up my waist, as I enjoy Asahina’s sorrowful voice, I think on how to train her after this.
However, this pussy’s really no good. It’s tight, hard, and wet and yet the squeezing is bad.
The shutting is quite considerable but since it’s not flexible, the wall of flesh doesn’t stick to the penis. Furthermore, the gap opens whenever I pull out and insert so it became boring.
When I thought of thatー.


A sound of the wind came out from her pussy and Asahina reacted.
As my penis thrust in, wind enters the gap then the wind makes fart like sound when the penis pushes it out.
This phenomenon doesn’t happen to the pussy of Marina and Yuka that sticks to the penis greatly.l

「N-No! That’s not it! That’s not it!」

Since it sounds like fart, it seems that she misunderstood that she farted so Asahina desperately denies it. Butー.
Speeding up my waist, Bubum Bubi, bubo, bibyu, bubibibibi, the sound of farting continues to echo.

「No! That’s not it! That’s not iit!」

Asahina shakes her head as she shout and she’s desperately denying it while sobbing.
This is fun.
I’m raping her, even though she’s cursing me, it’s too far on being shameless like farting.
Well, I know that she’s not farting but I don’t have the obligation to tell Asahina that. Insteadー.


I laughed.

「Kuuu, uguu, higuuーーNo, that’s not it, that’s really not itーーHigi, aga, ngi」

Asahina raises a sorrowful shout to deny it even though the sounds originate from her pussy that’s being violated by me.
This is fun. But this pussy’s no good that I can’t cum
I’ve been too used to Marina and Yuka’s good pussy that I hardly feel any charm from this new pussy.
I might hate virgins now.

In the end, it took me 30 minutes to ejaculate.

It was painful but Asahina can’t endure it I guess. After all I kept piercing her weak point for thirty minutes.

「I-I’ll definitely take my revenge…」

Breathing roughly, her face is dirty with mud and her pussy’s dripping with semen, Asahina glared at me and cursed.
Amazing. Even though she surely came, it didn’t show on her face at all.
Did she mind her farting too much?
Nay, weak points aren’t that sweet.
Even Yuka can put a good face no matter how much I attacked her but her whole body flushes and sweats when I attack her weak point. No matter how much she hides it, there’s still a limit.
Asahina’s body is also blushing and sweating and her nipples and clitoris are erect. There’s no doubt that she’s attacked by the terrific pleasure and came. She’s the same as Yuka but there’s a huge difference with Yuka.
Asahina doesn’t have experience at all. And for her to be able to hide it on Yuka’s level, that’s the proof that her willpower is higher than Yuka.

「Then, you’re going to stop being a slave?」

Putting my belt again and fixing my clothes, I ask while looking down at Asahina who sits on the ground.

「I-I’ll keep my promise. I’ll still be your slave. But I’ll definitely take my revenge one day」

Clenching her teeth to the limit, Asahina talks to me in a very low voice as while glaring hard.
I grinned as I used my space grasp ability,
I can’t see her insides but I can understand the surface of a human body with my space grasp ability.
There’s a large amount of sweat on her blushing body. Her clitoris and nipple as so erect it might explode and her whole body is convulsing here and there. Then the semen I let out, the indecent viscous liquid I let out is overflowing endlessly.
It’s futile even if you hide it. It won’t pass through me.
Knowing that she’s hiding it, it’s the best amusement to see how long she can hide it.
Also, even though it would be found out, Asahina will desperately deny it, she’s exactly like a clown.
Right. To enjoy it moreー.

「Asahina, I’ll give you a chance」

Grinning as I speak to her, Asahina tilts her head while looking puzzled.

「I’ll give you a chance to attack me once a day. You can attack with your chosen weapon whether it’s a knife or a chainsaw. However, I’ll punish you when you fail. But don’t worry. I’ll only give you lewd punishments」

I grin as I talk and Asahina’s face stiffened.

「Are you seriously saying taht?」

Towards the Asahina who’s asking as she’s being careful, I nodded with a smile. Thenー.
Asahina stands up while her thighs shake up. The cloudy mucous drips from the inside of her skirt towards the ground.

「Then, let me take your offer」

Saying that, Asahina who’s thighs are trembling grasped her right hand. Thenー.


She shouted.
Asahina steps forward with her right leg then shot out the clenched right hand with all of her heart and soul.
However, I kept attacking her weak point for a long time as I severely violate her. Her right knee that stepped forward breaks then she decelerated before her special right straight reached me. I gripped Asahina’s right hand and draw her towards me.

「I won’t use any weapons. I’ll defeat the unfair and the worst cum like you upfront. I’ll defeat you with this hand, with this fist!」

Embraced by me, Asahina’s complete exhausted but she still peel her fangs and barked like a silent hungry wolf.
The pleasure runs through my back.
She’s really great. Her pussy’s no good but she’s super interesting.
I took her virginity, I broke her, and then Asahina tries to overthrow me.
Asahina bets everything and tries to challenge me. That means that all of Asahina is mine.
This is unbearably fun.

「The share for today ended. I’ll punish you because you failed」

Grinning as I say that, Asahina who’s angry and tired out only glared at me.

「D-Do as you like…」

Asahina answered in a sulky voice then averted her face.
Oh, do as I like you say? I’ll do as I like then.
Holding Asahina with my left arm, I thrust in my right finger inside her skirt then thrust my two fingers inside her pussy.


Ashina raised a muffled groan, her cheeks blushed, her breathing turned rough, her thighs trembled and her knees turned pigeon toed.
Oh, she’s making such a face while I rape her?
Her cheeks blush as she breathes hard. Even though she can endure it, it’s impossible to hide it completely?


Asahina raised a small scream then trembled. I bent the two fingers piercing her pussy and scratched her weak point. Thenー,

「Ah, gu, igi, hii, higu, guuuuuu」

The inside of Asahina’s skirt is making a lewd wet sound.
The two fingers bent inside is scratching her weak points. There’s no way she can endure.
Clenching her teeth while being teary eyed, Asahina raised a sorrowful groan, convulsed greatly and her Pidgeon toed knees are shaking. Then an indecent viscous liquid drips to the ground.
Her skins flushed like it’s burning, she’s letting out a large amount of sweat, her nipples and clitoris are erect and yet Asahina’s hiding the pleasure.
Satisfied with that Asahina, I kept stirring her pussy without mercy.

Asahina who’s been attacked by me severely obviously reached climax. But she never raised a sweet voice, she didn’t faint, she endured it splendidly.
Though I gave her a chance to attack me once a day, is she seriously thinking that she can beat me?
Losing to pleasure,it would end when she comes to attack wanting the punishment.
Well, do your best and amuse me, Pechahina-chan.


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