X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 43

Chapter 43

For some reason, Asahina won’t be able to move.
It seems that stimulating he pussy made her cum too much that she’s unable to stand up.
With that saidー.

「I-I won’t say my thanks」

Asahina who’s being shouldered by me spoke in a sulky voice.
Grinning, I support Asahina’s ass with both hands and I stimulate her anus inside her skirt.


Asahina’s body jumped up from my back.
Marina and Yuka would have their breasts hitting it but it’s painful to feel the board hitting my back.

「What’s wrong?」

I ask Asahina innocently.

「N-N-Nothing. A grasshopper, a grasshopper jumped」

Asahina who’s clearly shaken makes a desperate excuse.
Asahina’s has a weak point on the pussy side wall of flesh in her anus. Though the pussy and the anus both shows high sensitivity, there’s a big difference on the two holes.
Her pussy’s a virgin and isn’t almost developed. But her anus is developed quite well. In other words, the anus has a higher sensitivity.

Just how did she play with her anus?

Also, there’s also a weak point concentrated around the uterus aside from the wall of flesh between the pussy and anus but the weak point of the anus is concentrated on the wall of flesh on the entrance and the pussy side.
In short, her pussy’s a deep wall of flesh. The entrance of the anus and the wall of flesh has high sensitivity.
Therefore, I pretended for it to be a coincidence and put my finger inside her skirt and stimulate her anusー.


Asahina’s body jumped up intensely.
She’s reacting like this by only lightly stimulating her anus with the tip of a finger.

「What’s wrong?」
「G-G-G-Grasshopper! A grasshopper jumped on my face!」

Asahina who seems to want to hide that she’s feeling it from her anus raises a violently shaking voice while her face turns red.
It’s obvious at first that you’re a huge pervert that loves to be done in the ass.
Furthermore, since I’m using my space grasp ability, I can smoothly understand the naked body of Asahina riding my back.
Asahina who’s shouldered by me have her legs open. Large amount of mucous begins to overflow from her open pussy because of that. I feel that it’s bigger than the time I played with it. And since I’m carrying her ass as a support, I’m spreading it out.
It’s twitching and wriggling wistfully. Do you really want to have your anus pierced that much?
Well, I won’t do it though.
I’ll develop your anus by attacking your pussy. I’d be troubled if you ahegao immediately, I also want to see your agony wanting to have me play with it.
You cursed me that much. I won’t be willing even if you you tell me yourself that you want it to be teased.
Don’t worry, when I advance with developing your pussy, I’ll cherish you and attack both holes simultaneously.
Grinning while having such thoughts, we arrived at the schoolgate.

「L-Let me down here」

Saying that, Asahina tries to get off my back forcibly.

「Is that so? Hore」

I separate my hands from the ass of Asahina who’s squirming on my back.


I heard a foolish voice and at the next momentー.


Asahina screamed as she fell from my back.
Asahina fell on her ass with her knees on the ground.

「Ouch! H-Hey, what are you doing suddenly…ah, ouch ouch」

Asahina who had her ass fallen to the ground glares at me with teary eyes and frowns from the pain.
What are you doing so suddenly? You’re the one acting violently saying that you want to get off suddenly.
Turning around, I point the skirt of Asahina who fell on the backside with her knees used to stand.

「I can see it」

Hearing my words, Asahina tilts her head while still teary eyed.
Asahina’s dripping down love nectar since I violated her. Then I poured semen inside her womb as I violate her, the semen then flowed backwards and came out with the love nectar and she spouted a lot of tide from my fingering.
Asahina’s underwear is dripping wet because of that and she took it off.
In short Asahina who’s standing on her knees falling to the backside had her pussy exposed.
There’s some students appearing to leave the school from time to time. But the place is at the side of the school gate. Asahina’s pussy is exposed for everyone to worship.


Asahina noticed that her pussy is exposed when she saw me pointing it out, she turned burning red instantly, screamed and held her skirt with both of her hands. Then she seat like a girl and glared at me with teary eyes.
Hey, why are you glaring at me? I even pointed it out.

「I-I’ll never forgive you」

Asahina raised an angry trembling voice while glaring at me.

「Don’t mind it. I don’t think of wanting forgiveness」

I look down at Asahina who’s glaring at me and answered like that.


Asahina frowned frustrated then grinned while making a blood vessel come to surface in the temple.

「I’ll definitely defeat you. Someday…」

An angry smile floats and Asahina who’s gripping her skirt with both hands to the limit mutters as if she’s persuading herself.

「I see. I’m expecting it. Well, do your best」

I lightly warded Asahina off.
It’s true that I’m expecting it. I even gave her a special chance to attack me once a day though?


Asahina reacted to the voice then she tuned her back towards it. Next a small girl invaded the range of my space grasp ability.
She looks like Asahina, she even has the arrogant looking cat eyes as well. Then she also has the same twintail as Asahina.
That’s a small Asahina.
If I’m not mistaken, it’s Asahina’s little sister that I saw on the eat all you can roast meat shop.
Since she invaded the range of my ability, her naked body’s exposed to me.
She’s the same chopping board as Asahina but her pink areola and nipples are surely a woman’s. Also, she’s still developing unlike Asahina. It’s not that it’s hopeless.
Or rather, that’s fine since she’s a loli.
Also, there’s a slit seen between her crotch. The crack is a genuine no hair.
Asahina has no hair too but I can see some pink flapping a bit. On the other side, the tiny Asahina has no hair at all. A genuine no hair.

「Onee-sama, are you okay?」

The loli Asahina comes running toward Asahina who’s sitting on the ground, the lolihina calls out Asahina anxiously.
Then I noticed something shocking there.
I was sure that lolihina’s at age where she’s wearing a red satchel on her shoulders but she’s certainly wearing a uniform. 2
A red ribbon tie on a white blouse. Then a tartan skirt on a dark green blazer jacket. A black kneesocks and a brown loafer.
Then a school badge embroidered on the chest area of the blazer jacket and on the black kneesocks.
There’s no doubt. It’s a uniform on a famous black lily school for famous Ojou-sama.
That’s a joint middle and high school. Asahina’s little sister is a middle school student then?
Seriously? She’s so tiny and yet she’s in middle school. No way.
*Sigh* I thought she had some hope in future even though she’s a chopping board but it seems that this might be no good.

「D-Did you take care of my elder sister? Thank you very much. I’m Asahina Yuu’s little sister, Asahina Yui. A third year on black lily middle school」

Lolihina looked at me and straightened her posture, then she introduced herself while bowing politely. I leaked out a surprised voice instinctively when I heard it.
I thought that she’d be a first year middle school but who’d thought that she’s a third year already?
I won’t feel uneasy if this lolihina is wearing a red satchel on her shoulder though. Even though it’s already impossible for her to be a first year, it’s too much impossible for her to be a third year.
Her chest…is already no good. Or rather, she might be more at danger than her sister at worst case.
But well, she looks much more blessed than her sister that’s because she’s smaller in every sense so it’s still okay even if she doesn’t have a chest. If she stops growing in that state, her demand from pedophiles would be high.

「Yui, you don’t need to greet that person. He’s a no good person that you mustn’t get concerned with」

Asahina who’s still sitting on the ground glared at me as she talks to Lolihina


Lolihina who’s surprised looked back at her sister.
However, she’s really loliloli more than her looks. I really can’t believe that she’s a third year because of that.
Since black lily is a prestigious school, is she a genius that skipped grades? I’m sure that’s how it is.

「Yui will come with me so I don’t need you anymore. Disappear quickly as you’re an eyesore」
「O-Onee-sama! You can’t say somethingー」
「Just shut up Yui」
「Y-Yes. I’m sorry, Onee-sama…」

Ashina who glares at me made nasty comments then Lolihina tried to stop it., But she was warned not to do something in reverse and she became silent while teary eyed.
They look alike but it seems that the character seems different.
Because the elder sister is selfish and tyrannical, the little sister has become weak nervous and timid.
The useless elder sister is causing a hard time.
While I look down at Asahina, she snorts and looks the other way, she then stood up unsteadily by borrowing Lolihina’s shoulder. Looking down at me while her knees shake then she looks at me with a high handed smile.
It seems that she wants to preserve her dignity by some means but with her knees like a newborn fawn, it doesn’t tighten at all.

「I’ll be the one to beat you. I won’t let you be defeated by someone else until then」
「O-Onee-sama, you can’t say somethingー」
「Just shut up Yui」
「Y-Yes. I’m sorry Onee-sama…

Asahina speaks out to something like a small fry while having a high handed smile floating then Lolihina tried to stop that. But she’s been warned not to do it and the Lolihina who’s supporting her elder sister felt despondent and her ears turned watery.
Though she’s speaking sharply, Asahina can’t walk straight, she was desperately supported by the tiny little sister and left staggering.
She’s putting that much burden on her little sister, why is she feeling important like that?
I have to train her firmly to change her character for the sake of her little sister3

Returning to the entrance, I borrowed one umbrella from the umbrella depository. Then I took out my phone from my pocket to confirm the time.

「Barely safe」

The time’s 4:50 PM Since the youth park is near the school, I still have enough time. But I wanted to go there earlier and inspect so I can have the geographical advantage and take the initiative against the opponent.
Asahina’s at fault here. It’s all the fault of the chest of Asahina that doesn’t hit even if you bring it near. I’ll give her a punishment of attacking her weak point for three hours.
Having such thoughts, I ran towards the youth park.

I wiped the sweat coming out with the back of my hand when I arrived at youth park.
The time’s 4:57 PM. I made it almost in time.
I fixed my breathing then used my space grasp ability while entering the park.

The time is weekday evening. Women with children stands out in the park.
There’s a mother coming for the child who is playing in the park and there’s also a mother who took the child and stopped by bath the park while shopping.
Thanks to that, it’s not painful even if I use my ability.

「That woman has a docile face, how should I say it…」

The beauty seems to be talking with a neat young girl. But I can see some indecent letters behind the clothes. There’s a meat toilet written on her abdomen. There’s other writings such as sperm tank and sow on her skin hidden with her clothes.
Did the husband write it or could it be a special circumstances.
At any rate, the world changes just by only penetrating the clothes.
Humans aren’t the looks they say but I completely agree.

Hanging around the park, I looked at a mother and a girl’s naked body as I like then sat down on one of the bench I found.
The time is specified however the location to meet inside the park isn’t written Since I don’t know the opponent’s appearance, I can only do nothing but wait.
It was fun to loiter around the park but I didn’t find the person with such characteristic. Because they can’t hide from me, I can say that they’re not here yet.
Or could it be that they have noticed that there’s a big difference from my expectations?
Well, perhaps the opponent has already supplemented me. If I wait, they’ll surely come from the other side.


Looking absentmindedly at the orange evening, a girl has invaded the range of my ability.

「Ooh…She’s super beautiful」

The golden hair reflects of the orange setting sun. The girl has a long blond hair braided at her back and the evening sun is reflected onto her blue eyes.
She’s having a red ribbon tie in her white blouse. Then a thick green blazer jacket and a tartan check skirt. Then a brown loafer and black kneesocks.
I reacted instinctively.
I’ve seen the school badge embroidered on the jacket area of her blazer jacket and black kneesocks a while ago.
That’s the black lily uniform Lolihina’s wearing

「A beauty that equals Lolihina-chan」

The black haired black eyed Lolihina and the beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes. Their height is almost the same too. Of course, she also has no hair in her pussy just like Lolihina.
If there’s a differenceー.

「As expected of a foreign blood I guess?」

Her body’s small so it lacks the impact compared to Marina and Yuka but her breasts are big for the size of her body.
I’m not sure whether I can call it a big tits but it might be considerably big compared from the girls of her age.
Instead of Loli big tits, it feels like Loli good tits.
My ability’s convenient. That’s because I can grasp it without turning my eyes to the target.
I might be mistaken as a pervert when I stare at the loli. But I can ogle at her as much as I want while pretending to be looking at the setting sun and be lost in meditation.
I thought that the blonde haired blue eyed beauty is coming towards me but, she really did! In short, she’s not passing in front of me who’s sitting on the bench but she’s coming straight to me.

Could it beー.

Is this kid related to this incident then?
Well, if she’s just a messenger then it doesn’t matter whether it’s a child a girl or a boy.
But it’s surprising for a black lily student to be related.
I concentrated while keeping my gaze in front.
There’s no suspicious person entering the range of my ability. It’s already past five. When it comes to this, can I assume that this blonde hair blue eyed beauty is related after all?

「Can I sit next to you?」

The beauty with blond hair and blue eyes stopped in front of me, she asks in a strangely brusque tone contradicting her shining beauty.

「Go on」

I answered while keeping my eyes at front without looking at the girl then the girl sat next to me.
There’s nothing like a weapon at all. Suppose she jumps up suddenly, I can overwhelm her with power. It’s possible to deal enough even if she takes the first move.
If there’s something that makes me uneasy, it’s her skin flushing a bit and she’s also breathing roughly.
She’s nervous? Or could it be that she’s aroused.
I can confirm the insides of pussy and the heart with my X-ray ability but I have to gaze at that location if I want to see the inside of that and I need to concentrate.
I better not show any unskilled movement and wait for the opponent to come out.
Also, this girl might just be a decoy. I mustn’t neglect watching the surroundings.
Or rather, I’m being vigilant but since the information from the range of my ability flows selfishly through my brain, I can sense if something odd happens.
But bracing oneself and relaxing oneself has a heaven and earth difference.

「That’s a beautiful sunset」

As I consider various things, the girl sitting next to me mutters.
She looks beautiful but her tone’s strangely masculine. That feels something on it’s own way.

「Well yeah」

I answered while keeping my eyes upfront.

「Are you coming here alone always?」

The girl continue to mutter then I raised a foolish voice.
Always here? There’s no way I would. Or rather, it’s such a strange question from a companion who abducted Marina.
What? Just what the hell is she? Could it be that she’s just a girl who wants to sit in this bench by chance?
If so then it’s dangerous. Should I change place? But I can’t confirm if she really isn’t related. And there’s no suspicious person around either.
Should we see things for a bit more?

「Then it’s your first time. Actually, it’s my first time too」

The girl muttered glanced at me with her blue eyes then her cheeks blushed, and she averted her gaze. She applied her hands on her mouth then cleared her throat.
First? What is? Just what is she saying? Or rather, this girl’s referring to herself with ‘Ore’? She’s ore girl? The level’s too high!

「Which one are you? Dom, or sub? By the way I’m a sub」

The girl who’s face is burning red is sending me fleeting glances while asking.
Dom? Sub? Which, what? Seriously, what is she saying? She’s a denpa? She’s a denpa isn’t she?4 could it be that I got involved with a dangerous woman?
Or rather, it seems that she’s really not related to Marina’s kidnapping…

「Don’t be shy. I like manly men. You’re not a good looking man but I’m not someone attracted to physical looks only. Also, I somewhat think your dead fish eyes are fantastic. I’m sure you’re adom. I’d like a brute macho if possible but you can have muscles if you work hard」

Shit, I really don’t get what she’s saying at all. What’s with her?

「I’m a woman. I admit that. I was born with a woman’s body. But my heart is a man. I’m a man that loves a man. It’s true. Please believe me」

Saying that, the girl sends me a bewitching glance even though she’s just a child.
Hey, I really don’t get what this girl is trying to say. She’s admitting that she’s a woman? No matter how you look you’re a woman! I have a space grasp ability yo! I know that you’re a woman without a doubt. And yet your heart is of a man? What the hell is she sayiー

N? Her heart’s a man? Could it be…

「T-This, this bench is, you see, a bench where homosexuals meet? I saw it written on the net. If you call the man who sits here then you can have him keep you a company…」

Homo…Seriously? This bench is that kind of bench? I don’t know that! If this is such a dangerous place then put a signboard!
Or rather, she’s that kind? The kind who’s confused on own gender? The kind where the body and mind doesn’t match?
She’s born a woman but her heart is a man. And yet she’s a homo who likes men?
Huh? Her body’s a woman then it’s fine for her to like men isn’t it? Is that no good?
Shit, I feel that I had someone troublesome take her eyes on me.

「I’m prepared to be thought of as heretic. I’m prepared to be despised being a woman. But it’s true. My heart is of a man. I wanted to be embraced by a man as a man. I want to be trained by a man as a man. I’m a big dub who likes to be attacked by a man as a man」

Tears accumulate in the corner of her blue eyes and the girl sobs as she talk.
Assuming that she’s seriously saying the truth, what to do? She’s super cute but I don’t want to be involved with her./
Or rather, she really isn’t related to Marina’s kidnapping at all. Should I move before it becomes troublesome?

「Sorry butー」
「I know! I get it! You like men don’t you!? A halfhearted guy like me doesn’t exist in your eyes don’t I!? I know! I get it! But I beg you! Give me a chance! I’ll definitely satisfy you!」

The girl who was glancing at me clings to me while crying as she follow me.
No, you see… I’m not a homo. It was only a coincidence that I sat on this bench.
I want to run away. I don’t want to get involved with her.
This might be dangerous already. If this comes to worst and she makes a fuss, the guys who kidnapped Marina might be on guard.
What to do? What should I do? This is too unexpected that I can’t think of anything

「Even I look like this I’m popular with men. But those guys looks at me as a woman. They look at me as a woman and they have carnal desires in me. I don’t want that. It’s cold. I want to be embraced by a man as a man」

Sticking closely to me, the girl with blue eyes speaks as she’s about to cry.
Of course you’ll be popular with men. You have blonde braided hair and blue eyes, you’re a beauty, and your tits are huge too.
Then for you to speak like a man with a doll like beautiful appearance, the gap is quite good.
But it surely stinks trouble. I absolutely don’t want to get involved with her.
How should I run?
When I was having such thoughts, there are two men caught within the range of my ability.
Dammit, it’s the worst timing.
It’s really bad with the two men with a hoodlum figure. There’s one with a hidden policeman club and knife in clothes.
There’s no doubt. This are the companions of those who kidnapped Marina.
Dammit, don’t be late! Thanks to you I got involved with someone strange.

「Hey, leave this place if you don’t want something bad to happen to you」

I whisper to the girl who’s sticking with me while keeping my eyes upfront.

「I was prepared to be rejected today. I always endured for a long time. Please, I beg you. At least once, give me a chance」

The girl clinging to me speaks in a shaking voice and she sticks to me hard.
It seems that I’m already beaten. It’ll take time to clear up the misunderstandings. That said, she’ll only be stubborn if I push her out forcibly.
Meanwhile, the two men came to my front.


One of the two looks down at me while raising his voice.

「You’re Suzuhara? Your status might be good to be accompanied by a woman. You don’t need an explanation? Then lend us some time」

The man continued to speak and I felt a blood vessel coming up to surface in my temple.
Your status might be good to be accompanied by a woman? This is fucking annoying. Aren’t the two of you late?

「Y-You! Don’t treat me like a woman!」

The woman clinging to me shouted angrily and stood up in front of men and glared at them.

「She’s a kid but quite a quality goods. That Marina’s quite a thing too」
「If you take that Suzuhara guy, you can do as you want after. We’ll also take that guy」
「Oho, you’re doing it?」
「Let’s decide it with rock paper scissors who’ll do it」
「I’m okay with the Marina one. Her face and tits are unbearable. Her body’s also lewd」
「Then I’ll be fine with this kid. I’m not a lolicon though」

The two men doesn’t care about the glare of the girl, grins vulgarly as they have a conversation while their dicks get erect.

「Y-You! I told you not to treat me a womanー」
「Since this one will follow me anywhere, just guide me already」

I grabbed the girl that’s trying to answer back the men, I closed her mouth and the two men standing grinned.

「Oh, aren’t you obedient? I’ll definitely beat you up if you resist though」
「Take that bitch of a kid together with you. If you resist you know what will happen to that Marina don’t you?」

The men speaks while grinning.
It seems strange. It feels that the involvement of these men from Marina’s kidnapping is thin.
They’re merely asked. They’ll be rewarded if they did, they might just be idiots who got on the story.
It’s as if they’re testing me.

「I-I’ll also go with you! I-It’s okay! I’ll definitely protect you!」5

The girl who’s glaring at the men stood in front of me as she speak. Then she spread her arms.
It seems that she intends to protect me from those men.
Could it be that she understood that those men are homo? Then she tries to prevent those guys from taking me away from her?
You, those men aren’t what you think.
At any rateー.

「I’ll accept your feelings then. Thanks」

Saying that, I patted the head of the girl who’s blocking the men in front to protect me.
She’s just a kid but she’s an adult for protecting me by risking her life.
I don’t need help but it’s true that it helps me.
It’s fine if she’s strong. But she certainly is weak. Even though she’s weak, she risks her life trying to help me.
Then this will be a debt. And I hate debts so much. That’s why I’ll return it with an interest.
That said, since she doesn’t part away, I’ll be fighting accompanied with a child. I’d be in an overwhelming disadvantage.

「Just show the way already. I want to go back for dinner」

Talking towards the men, they frowned and clicked their tongues.

「I don’t like you. You’re good at talking but extremely weak」
「You’re getting arrogant just because you have a woman. It seems that you need strict education」

Though they’re showing their anger, the two of them grins and stands to sandwich me.

「I’ll be frisking you before I show the way./ Someone like you seems to be a unfair and tricky」

Saying that, the man frisked me.

「D-Don’t touch him! I found him first! Don’t come and act arrogantly! Don’t underestimate me just because my body is of a woman’s!」

The girl who seems to have thought I was taken away shouted and flared at the man in front of her. The girl’s uniform is gripped, pulled and she was silenced.
The girl muffles as she wriggle in desperation.
It seems that she really thought of all the men here are homo. What a troublesome girl.
The man clicked his tongue as the girl rages, the man who examined discovered that I have nothing that seems to be a weapon so he parted from me.
Oh, I have an umbrella though. And they didn’t take it. So gentle.
Well, the umbrella is a weapon but the strength is paper compared to the policeman’s club. Since they have discovered I don’t have a weapon, it seems that their vigilance is lowered. Furthermore, it’s 2 vs 1.
Oh, I have a small fry. Then it’s two vs two but I’m sure that they have outside power.

「Walk quickly since I’ll show you the way」
「I’ll let you have a bitter experience if you do something strange」

Both seems to grip what they’re hiding and they issued instructions to walk with me.
Policeman’s club and a knife? And I only have one umbrella. And a shitty troublesome child.

「Don’t go before me whatever happens」

I tell the girl as we began to walk.

「I-I know! I’ll listen to whatever you say! I’m very much interested at you!」

It seems that she’s happy that she’s recognized, her blue eyes shine and she raised her voice. Then she beatan to walk after me restlessly.
We’re like a line of ducks.
The men had a vulgar smile on their face as they look at the girl’s appearance then they began to walk while licking their lips.
I’m in an overwhelming disadvantage because of this shit. I’m sorry butー.

I won’t go easy on someone.


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