X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 44

Chapter 44

We went out of the park after receiving instruction from a man.
They’re not teaching me the destination, however they’re only saying walk to the direction.
I might escape if they show the destination. It would be troublesome if I rush to the police.
If I know Marina’s location, then there’s no need to foolishly follow this men.
That’s why they don’t tell me the destination. It’s normal to think like that but I don’t think those men have thought that much.

I think that they’re just being hinted by the mastermind.

The mastermind won’t use companions he can’t trust so this men won’t ask men who are foolish to guide me.
If they use someone unrelated then it’s possible that the information about the mastermind can be suppressed to the minimum. Then this men don’t know where Marina is confined?
The men are only told the link up location. I can’t find the location of Marina no matter how much I ask them.
That’s why they sent in someone irrelevant.
Thinking about it, there’s another thing to think about.

The possibility that the mastermind has no companions. Or he’s just alone even if he has a companion. That’s why it’s necessary to send in someone unrelated.
I think.

Anyway, I don’t have information and everything is just a guess. And I can’t do anything but follow this men’s instructions to go to Marina.
Then, that’s what you’d normally think but sorry, I’m not such a good natured person.

Do they know the location where Marina is confined? And even though I don’t know whether the mastermind is in the link up location, I’ll just crush those two before we arrive.

Since there’s a possibility of the mastermind or his companion observing us, they might use Marina as threat material if I lay my hand on the two people. Then just in case, I have no choice but to obey these men.
That’s why I’ll crush those two.
If I crush the two of them, another guy will sure come to contact me. And they’ll use Marina as a threat. Then I’ll also crush that guy. And if another guy comes out, then I’ll also crush him.
I only have to run away if they have taken a lot of companions. Then I’ll crush them one by one.
If I do that then what would happen to Marina?
I don’t care. I don’t care whatever happens to Marina. I didn’t come here to save Marina but to crush those men who picked a fight with me.
With that said, how will the enemy come out.
The opponent is the one who kidnapped Marina. I’m in no position to run to the police. And if they find out that Marina has no value.

Well, perhaps it won’t be.

If I crush those two, I think the mastermind would come to me willingly. I think it’s expecting that kind of thing.
I feel that it’ll be, but the answer will come out if I do.

Receiving instructions from the men, we changed directions. I’ll turn right when they tell me to turn right and I’ll turn left if they tell me to turn left. I walk without knowing where to go. While doing that, it changed into a strange scenery.
Perhaps the instructions of men are not serious. This route is only useless if they’ll go to the direction. We advanced straight, right, right again, then we returned to the original way.
They want to make it difficult to escape.

The men’s position are one ahead and one behind. In other words, they’re sandwiching me lenghtwise. Then the man on the back is the one giving instructions.
The man who’s walking in front has a knife, rope and spray. Spray is probably a tear gas.
The man with the policeman’s club is walking behind me.
Judging from their stuffs, the man in the front is the troublesome. Then I should defeat the man ahead but that’s inefficient.
The man ahead me is walking and turning his back on me. On the other hand, the man behind me sees my back while walking. If I move, the man on the back would make a first move fast. And he has a dangerous policeman’s club.
The moment I attack the man ahead, the man behind would notice and prepare for attack.
I only have one umbrella. The other side has a policeman’s club. The durability game is too different. I have no choice but to go to defense but I can’t deal with it.

「Hey hey. Could you look this way?」

The girl with blond hair and blue eyes whispers as she pull my jacket.
This fellow’s here.


The girl who’s walking restlessly next to me showed me a purse with an anime character drawn in it.
She said that her heart is a man but there’s no persuasive power as she took out a purse with a little girl anime character drawn in her purse.
That said, I think I’ve seen the girl drawn in the purse before.
Where was it?…

「Yesterday I was given pocket money, take a look, it’s a 500 yen」

The girl laughs while showing me the content of her purse.
There’s a 500 yen coin inside her wallet.
Your pocket money is 500 yen? Aren’t you a student from that distinguished ojou-sama school? Aren’t you rich? Isn’t your pocket money too few?
That’s just my own image but I think that a student from an ojou-sama school would have tens of thousands of yen per month.
No, should it be a week instead of a month? She has 2,000 yen per month in case she only has 500 yen a week, that’s for a middle student I guess.

「There’s a candy shop I like. They treat me anything I want. They treat me with Juice and Ice cream. That’s why let’s run together」1

The girl whispers while showing me the 500 yen.
Candy shop you say…?
Seriously, this one doesn’t understand the situation at all.
Anyway, my movements are restricted by all means because this child’s with me.
When I attack the man ahead of me, then the man on the back would get ready to fight and he can select whether he’ll go for me or the girl.
Though I can make a start, it would be troublesome if the girl’s caught.
With that said, I need to crush the man on the back first.
In case of the man on the back, I need to turn around. Therefore I’ll be late to take the first move but I have the umbrella for that. I can create an opening if I use the umbrella.
I can make a faint blow with the man on the back and by the time the man ahead notices and turns around, I’m already prepared to counter.
How will the man ahead do it? Would he aim to attack me or would he aim at the girl? Either way is fine.
I’m troubled because this is a 2vs1 but if I can take care of the man at the back, then it’s possible to counter the man ahead by moving freely.
I gripped the handle of my umbrella, I tried to measure the timing when I’ll look back as I know the position of the man behind me using my ability, at that time.


I heard a voice the moment I gripped the handle of my umbrella and I trembled as a reaction.
The voice comes from the man at the back.

「Change of plans, we’ll play for a bit」

The man ahead stops and turn around hearing the voice of the man from the rear.
Dammit, bad timing.
Well, I’m glad it was before I moved. It would be the worst when he looked back the moment I moved.
If the man ahead turns around and noticed that I moved, this will turn into the worst situation.
I have a lot of chances as long as I’m not found out.

「There’s a shrine on the left turn. Since it’s special, let’s try lightly sampling this kid」

The man from the back stopped then talks to the man ahead with a vulgar smile floating on his face. Then the man ahead ginned too.

「What? I thought that you wanted that Marina girl/ Are you a lolicon?」
「Sometimes. I just think that tasting the child’s hole isn’t bad either」

The man from behind answers the man ahead.

「It’s okay as long as we beat this bastard to the degree he won’t die. And this kid is an irregular. They won’t complain whatever we do at her. Rather, we can just throw her away after we fucked her. Then we can taste that Marina woman thoroughly」
「I see, we can do that」

The man ahead seems to consent with the man behind and grinned as he agree.
It seems that they want to play before they arrived at the destination.

「That’s how it is. Turn left」

With them concluding the talk, the man at the back issued instructions.

「Yes yes, do what you want」

Leaking a sigh and shrugging my shoulders, I followed and began to walk when the man ahead of me began to walk.

「You’re being cocky」

The girl walks restlessly next to me and puffed her cheeks feeling sulky.
Somehow seeing the men not flared up with her look, she understood that she won’t be a match.
She even asked me to run away together earlier.
She might not be as stupid as I thought.

We curved left from the residential area and the houses decreased fast.
In addition, the forests comes to our view as we advance.
Since there’s a shrine archway along the road, they aim at the shrine I guess.
Beating me up to violate this loli girl in the shrine, they’re gonna get cursed.
But it’s convenient for me if they move to a place with no signs of life.
If someone saw me beat up these two, it would be troublesome even if I’m not the bad one.

「C-Could it be…」

Walking towards the shrine, the girl walking next to me restlessly had her face turn pale as she mutter.

「C-Could it be that they intend to gangrape my boyfriend…??」

The girl added in her mutter dejectedly.
No, it’s not me but you’ll be the one gangraped. Also, I’m not your boyfriend.

「I-I was careless. Who’d thought those two are…」

Her blue eyes shake and the girl mutters with a serious look.
Hey, I beg you, don’t do anything unnecessary.
To not let the girl do anything unnecessary, I gripped her shoulder silently and gripped her uniform.
The girl trembled and looked up at me with blushing cheeks.

「Y-You’re so bold. I…don’t hate that」

Then she say that while her ears turn red.
Her looks are super cute but she’s irritating in a different meaning from Asahina.
Or rather, I’m a bit tired from playing with Asahina and I’m being involved with a strange kid now.
I’ll finish this immediately and bury my face in Marina’s big tits as I sleep.
How should I say it? The time when I’m with Marina feels the most calm and comfortable.
If Marina’s safe then I’ll have her stay in my house today.
While I was having such thoughts, we arrived at the precinct of the shrine in the forest.
We’re away from the residential area and there’s almost no house around. There’s car traffic on the road ahead of the shrine but since there’s a lot of trees growing around the shrine, the vision is bad.
Furthermore, it’s getting darker as the sun sets, it won’t attract attention anymore.
This is an ideal place to do something bad.

「Just to make sure, I’ll be looking around. Beat up that guy and play with him. If you want, you can play with that kid」

The man behind, in other words, the man with the policeman’s club talks to the other guy and parted away from us.
The perfect opportunity came.
I thought but I feel uneasy.
This situation is too convenient for me. Moving on a place that’s not populated and they destroyed the 2vs1 advantage.
It’s as if they’re totally arranging it for me.

「Hey, you’re competing with me? Or would you just hand that kid obediently. If you hand the kid then it won’t be painful for you?」

The man who took the pocket knife asks me with a grin while sending glances at the knife and back to me.
The other guy has gone to the forest surrounding the shrine and went out of my range completely.
Even if he noticed something happened and runs, it would be too late for the distance.
Though I feel uneasy about it, there’s no other choice.

「I’ll give the woman」

Gripping the shoulder of the girl, I talk to the man. The woman who heard it tilts her head blankly.

「What’s with that attitude. What’s with that attitude of presenting a woman? You’re a nonsense. I changed my mind. I’ll beat you up first」

His grin warped and he clicked his tongue, he spits his saliva to the ground and clicked his tongue while glaring at me. Then, he gripped the hand of the knife and tried to step his foot forward.
I pushed the girl’s shoulders.


The girl staggers as she utter a cry. Then the girl sends the man a glance.
His intent bent.
I raised my right hand and turned the umbrella tip to him.


The man who was conscious of the movement of the girl had his reaction delayed from my movement.
Idiot, you’re done.
Gripping the handle of the umbrella with my right hand thumb, I pushed the button. The next momentー.


The umbrella opened mightily. And the main raised a voice of surprise. Then I can see the appearance of the man behind the umbrella.


I throw the opened umbrella towards the man suddenly.


The man brushed the umbrella that approaches him with his right hand.
That’s right, with the right hand gripping the kife.
If you thrust in suddenly, the dominant arm would be used to shove.
Jumping up and down and towards the front, I lightly thrust my right fist at the same time I landed.


His view is stolen and he brushed off the umbrella with his dominant arm. And a fist in front of him.


The upper lip, or the one called the philtrum was hit by the fists and the man frowned and covered his face with both of his hands.
Then the knife fell on the ground.

「Sleep first. I’ll play with you later」

At the same time I speak those words, I hit the man’s solar plexus with my left fist.


Receiving the shock at the pit of his stomach, the man raised a groan and slouched. I aimed at the chin of the man and raised it with my right fist.


The man who had his upper body hit and was about to bend forward just fell down backwards.
Surprise umbrella, philtrum, solar plexus, and a third attack on his chin. There’s no need for power. Even if there’s no power, it won’t go easy if you take a blow on those points. That’s a vital point.
The man falls on the ground, his eyes peel off white as he convulse.
The three vital points attack might be effective but for his consciousness to fly away, I have to hit him and make the back of his head fall to the ground. That would make the biggest damage.

「You’re unfair and tricky. I see, I see, you’re certainly strong」

I heard a voice from the back and I was stunned unintentionally.
The man’s not caught with my ability.
Turning around, the man who went to the woods leans his back on a tree and folds his arm as he look at me. That place is beyond my ability.
I clicked my tongue instinctively.
When I made the man faint, I noticed the new fact.
The fault of the space grasp ability. No, should I say the utility of X-ray vision??
X-ray ability would be able to see the inside of human body smoothly.
The bone, internal organs, muscles, everything.
In short, you can understand the position of the vital points in an instant perfectly.
But space grasp doesn’t have that function. Though I can roughly understand the vital point, I can’t accurately specify the location.
Fortunately the first one made him faint but how can I go well on the second one now.

「Well, you might not care about it but, I just met that sleeping idiot for the first time today. I just thought that he’s perfect because he’s an idiot」

Leaning his back on the tree, the man who’s folding his arm speaks while swinging his policeman’s club with his right hand lightly.

「I’ll just say it but don’t think that I’m the same as that idiot」

Even though his companion was beaten down, the man speaks with a composed attitude.
No, he did this on purpose. He created a one on one situation on purpose to measure my ability,.

「Despite how it looks, I’m skilled in swinging a stick around. My specialty is poking the stick under」

Hearing the man’s words, I felt a chill running up my spine.
I was careless. I should’ve noticed.
The man whom I knocked down right now is just a hoodlum with a knife. But this man is different.
Why did he only have a policeman’s club?? That’s because there’s no problem with that. He has a confidence in his absolute strength he has with the policeman’s club.


Asking the man, he grinned.
Dammit, I would’ve noticed it if I can see through the human body.

「I was a serious Kendo boy the old times, I was a patron of nationals. I was even called a genius boy in kendo, my future was already expected, and I spend all of my time practicing with some idiots. But I lost everything with just one mistake. I fell down the slope and I became like this」

The man speaks as if it’s someone else’s problem as he makes a vulgar smile float on his face.
If I had my X-ray ability, I would be able to notice the development of particular muscles of this guy.
I would have tried to crush the man on the back before we face the shrine that time. That was a golden opportunity.
No matter how strong it is, their action would be delayed as long as they’re surprised. And it would be possible to make an attack on the vital point to make him faint. But, well, I can’t do it now.

「There’s a woman being raped. It’s a rich young man. The woman is crying out. I had a strong sense of justice so I knocked down the man. Then, what do you think happened? My father lost his job and I was dismissed from school. The father of the man was influential that he used everything. That’s not all. The woman who I saved said that I raped her. I was treated like a rapist even there’s no evidence. It’s a very ridiculous story don’t you think?」

The man who’s speaking while having a vulgar smile separates from the tree and hang down her hands.

「Thus, I now think of everyone as shitheads. If I find a woman talking with a woman, I’ll beat down the man and rape the woman in front of him. It’s the best. The excitement when I discovered that was unbearable. The violence and lust. Filling the two of the desires are the best」

Looking straight at me, the man who suspends his hands walks slowly.
It seems that I’m done.
Should I run away? No, it’s impossible.
That man knows the shrine is here. It’s obvious from his familiarity of the land. And he knows every corners here.
It’s possible if I’m alone but I have a sitting duck with me.
It’s impossible to run away.
He said that it’s a change of plan but he intended to bring me here from the start.


I heard a trembling voice.
The voice came from the girl standing next to me.
Her blue eyes shake, and she’s trembling and a lot of sweat streams down her cheek. But she’s smiling.

「I know karate since I was small. I don’t have the talent but it’s better than nothing right? I can’t beat that guy. I know that. But I can delay his actions. I’ll buy you some time so you should run away」

Saying that, the girl spread her feet on shoulder length, crossed her arms as she close her eyes and inhaled slowly. Then she slowly opened her eyes as she breathe out then she dropped her waist to take a stance.
Since I was small. But you’re still small though.
But well, her stance is good. Leaving her strength aside, it’s a very natural posture that says she seriously practiced and understand it.
I’m really done.

「I’m gaining a big debt」

Saying that, I pat the girl’s head and I unbuttoned my uniform.
There’s no way but do it.

「H-Hey, hurry up and run. He’s unexpectedly strong. It’s not an opponent you can take on」

The girl who’s taking a stance as she stare at the man, had her head beaten by me and she speaks out with a perplexed expression.
Well, certainly this opponent is a bit heavy. But you’re an extra.

「You, what’s your name?」

I ask her as I take off my uniform, then she tilts her head.

「Your name?」

I asked again the girl who seems to not understand my question.

「G-Gajou, Gajou Sentsuna!」

The perplexed girl had her cheeks blush and answered.
Though she seems shy for a moment, but she looks proud for a bit.

「…I-I see」

Gajou Setsuna, that’s definitely a lie. “I must think of the coolest name right now”

「That’s a cool name」

Saying that, I pat the girl’s head, her cheeks blushed and she gripped her hands in front of her chest, her blue eyes shined and a smile on her whole face floated.


And she raised a voice while having a smile on her whole face.
A red satchel suits her but because she’s wearing a black lily uniform, it seems that she’s the same middle school student as Lolihina.
The middle school girl with a heart of a man is perhaps a Chuunibyou.2

「I’ve got a huge debt from you. I’ll definitely return it. That’s why you run away. My body might be broken but your heart might be broken here. I want to meet you again but run away for now」

I fix my eyes on the man while talking to the girl.
He has the hobby of beating men and raping women on the man’s presence after all. It would be a huge damage on the woman but it’s all the more if the man’s there.

「You can let that kid go. I get it that she’s unrelated to you. I’ll be raping that Marina woman in front of you. That one’s quite girlish. That’s a good woman. It’s a rare woman to have her contents being the best. That’s unbearable」

The man stopped and licked his lips as he grin.
This bastard is having his dick rock hard while having a delusion of violating my woman.

「I-I won’t run! If you run away then I’ll cover you!」

The woman shouted.
Please, run away, you’re a nuisance.

「I said that I’ll let her get away but I didn’t say anything of sparing her. But don’t worry. I’ll fuck her after I beat you up」

The man speaks while having a vulgar smile as she look down the girl, the girl got angry and scowled at the man.

「Shut up! It seems that you want to monopolize him but I was the one who found him first! It’s unfair for you to flirt with him alone! Also, don’t get cocky just because you’re a bit stronger!」

The girl’s shout has become painful.
This still think that my opponent is a homo.

「I got it. I understand your feelings. I’ll call for your help if I want it so stay there until then」
「I see! I’m a secret weapon then! Okay, got it!」

The girl had a smile floating on her face as I speak and she nodded.
That’s right, just stay still because you’re a secret weapon.
Now then.

「You’re surprisingly fair for some self styled brute」

I stared at the man as he asks me then I began to work out my strategy.
I’ll use everything I can.
I can completely grasp the position of the sand, ground, the stone. I can make him blind with sand but he’ll immediately move between the gap the moment he sees that movement.
The man looks like he’s full of opening as he relax his whole body but it’s threatening how he’ll be able to have a flexible power when the enemy is approaching.
It won’t be odd if he has experience fighting more than kendo.

「It’s not fair. When I use cowardly means then the enemy would run away won’t you? I won’t be using any unfair means even if the woman’s violated in front of me. I’ll beat you up front without giving you a way out」
「I see」

Even brutes take fights fair and square.

「You can use anything. You can throw that uniform as distraction, block my eyes with sand, even throw a stone to avert my gaze, do as you want」

Fufufu, it came out. He’s making a warning. You’re saying that, thanks.

「Also, I know that Marina woman’s whereabouts. There’s a map in the pocket of my jacket. You can have it if you defeat me. I guarantee you that」
「This is what you planned?」
「Yeah, that idiot over there knows nothing. I don’t know the details either. And yet, I will be given money and I can do as I like with that woman if I do well」
「I see」

I don’t know whether that man’s lying or speaking the truth but it maybe true.
However, the one who kidnapped Marina is definitely a troublesome one.
No, still, what should I do?
I demonstrated space grasp ability in combat one time with Yuka. But I only used it to dodge the attack.
In case of attacking, I won’t discover the vital point of the human unless I use X-ray.
Devoting on evasion and attacking are two different things. I can attack when there’s a chance. But if I got hit with the club, that would be the end.
I’ll dodge the attacks and make counter attacks if I can’t bring him down with a blow.
The X-ray can point out the vital points surely.

「What’s wrong? Come」

The man provokes me while relaxing his whole body.
I’m really done. I can aim for the counter if he makes the first attack.
Sadly, the opponent isn’t careless at all.
This is bad if this continues. It’ll become disadvantageous for me.
The man’s right hand moved faintly and I almost reacted but endured it.
That’s a feint. It’s a feint to make me attack. He tries to create an advantageous situation for me because he has the absolute confidence in his skill at kendo.
Sweat runs along my cheek and it drops to the ground.
Feint won’t work on me. Since I can perfectly understand the movement of the outside of the body of the enemy with my space grasp ability, I can see through feints where they intend not to move. Howeverー.
The information that flows to my brain using space grasp ability is huge. I have to keep concentrating in that state so it’ll worn out my mind. If this gets prolonged, my concentration will stop soon.
The moment my concentration stops even for just an instant, it’s the end.
Well, that’s how martial arts are. Reading each other’s technique and begin to attack the moment a chance is shown. The opponent is an expert and I’m an amateur. I’m too much at a disadvantage.

If there’s a chanceー.

The sun sets and the surroundings begin be wrapped in darkness rapidly.
My ability isn’t controlled by light.
The moment the sun has completely set, it’ll be the darkest. I’ll aim for that moment.
How many minutes more? Three? Five? Ten?? I have to concentrate till then. I’ll sharpen my mind to the limit.


Hearing a sudden sound, the man who’s relaxed suddenly moved his arm up. I reacted to the sudden sound I heard too and I bent my body according to the orbit of the right arm the man swings.
The tip of the policeman’s club grazed my cheek.
I fortunately succeeded in dodging the man’s attack by a hair’s breadth. But I have no room to counterattack.
If I moved oppositely, it would’ve ended.


The man clicked his tongue and regained his balance instantly.
My heart’s beating violently.
That was dangerous. Since he reacted on the sound he suddenly heart, there’s hesitation on the man’s movement. So I was able to dodge the attack somehow.

「My nose feels itchy」

The girl from the back snuffled and muttered.
Seriously, she helped me again. Stillー.
I certainly saw the movement the man did. But the spare movement was small and it was just for a moment.
If I moved after I perceived the movement, I won’t make it in time. Even if I saw it, my body won’t follow the speed.
Dammit, there’s still hope if he chose to purse with his body collapsing but the man chose to regain his balance.
Though he said that he’s a self styled former kendo genius, this is certainly different.

I can’t win this.

The opponent is above me in every meaning. Even if I have the ability to understand the space perfectly, the physical strength is too different.

「I’m done. I give up. It’s my loss. Do what you want with Marina and that kid over there」

Leaking a sigh, I shrug my shoulders and I laugh as I talk with the man.
The right arm of the man jumps up without any spare movements. It seems that he won’t accept me to admit surrender.
I grinned and throw the uniform I have in my right arm towards the man.


The man clicked his tongue as I shout and I tried to run away the when the man had brushed off the uniform I had thrown at him with his left hand.


I bent forward and made a kamikaze attack and I aimed a right straight at the man’s face.


He brushed off the uniform and he tried to run after me who he expected to run away. The right fist approaches his front.


The man avoids the straight with a perfect timing.
Hey, seriously?? Are you human? Just take it obediently.
Furthermore, the man who avoided my straight brought down the right hand who had been jumping up forcibly.
The policeman’s club is approaching. It’s appearance is approaching slowly.
I can clearly see the orbit of the club. But, no good. My body doesn’t react.

It’s the end.


Then, suddenly.
The man’s face shone. The man frowned and closed his eyes as a result.


Perceiving the man, I brought down the right arm I “grasp” then changed the straight orbit towards the man’s face and I raised my left hand.
The right arm of the man projected in my brain sharpened to the utmost limit. I increased the power of the straight lightly by adding my left arm to the right arm.
Since the man’s shaken, I brought down his right arm with my full power. Furthermore, I tipped his balance completely. With the light power added, the man’s right arm was swing forcibly.
With the right arm swing through, the man falls forward.
This is the first and last chance. There’s no second chance.


I kneed the face of the man that’s falling forward.


The man forcibly stepped his right leg while falling forward and he tried to raise his upper body by force.
Monster. Is it normal to get up in that kind of state? Howeverー.


The right arm changed from the right straight. I aimed at his head with my right elbow.


The elbow hits his head directly. He tried to rise his upper body forcibly with an impossible body pose but he’s unable to dodge it as expected.


He took an elbow on the crown of the head and I drive a knee on the face of the sinking man.


I feel that his nose got destroyed along with his groan.

「Not yet!」

Furthermore, I drive a left fist on the side of the man’s face.


Thee attacks at a moment. Because I value the speed above all, I lowered the power. But with the pincer attack on the back of his head and face with my elbow and knee, I was able to drive a left hook on the side of his face. Even if the power’s weak, it should be effective. Alsoー.
My purpose isn’t to knock him down. I only need to let his consciousness fly for a moment.

「One more!」

Raising my right elbow above the head of the man, I swing it with all my power.


The elbow hits the man’s head and as a result, the knee hits his face again.
The man’s body is shaking. Thereー.

「This is my favorite!」4

I regained my balance by force, aimed between his groin and kicked it up with my right foot.
There’s no scream.
However, the feeling of the man’s groin being pierced is transmitted on my tiptoe.
Deciding factor should be the balls after all.
He shouldn’t be conscious if I hit the balls. The man collapsed and fell on the floor.

「Oh, Ooh…I can do it if I try」

Muttering so, I inhaled with all my might as I noticed I forgot to breathe.
If I make just a single blunder, I’ll be the one beaten up. Though it ended flashy, it would end if I take a single blow. I barely made it.
Sharpening my mind to the utmost limit and not losing my calm to the end I draw out the attack prepared for an honorable death.
It did well somehow but my life span might’ve been cut a year.
However, my new ability had more defect than I thought. Well, my opponent this time is big.


I turn around to the voice I head and the girl had her blue eyes shining, she blushes as she looks at me.
There’s not a single fragment of tension. She’s quite a big shot in a meaning.
With that said, I noticed a red liquid dripping.
Have I taken an attack? I don’t remember receiving it.
That’s what I thought but I got it immediately.
Nosebleed. I’m bleeding at my nose.

「Ha, haha…It’s my first time in my life to have a nosebleed」

I won a helpless situation but I look very miserable.

「A-As expected of the man I trusted! It’s dark and so fast that I don’t get what happened but I now that it’s amazing! You look so weak but you’re actually strong! That’s so cool!」

The girl says while running towards me and she offered a handkerchief.
When I took it, I see that the random lace handkerchief seems to be of high quality.
Can I wipe my blood with this? This seems to be expensive though? That’s a waste.

「I’ll wipe it with my shirt so I’m fine」5

Saying that as I wipe the blood with my shirt, I returned the handkerchief to the girl.

「S-So manly! Amazing! You’re really amazing! I fell for you」

What’s cool with wiping the blood with my own shirt? The girl’s blushing as she’s excited.
Or rather, I feel awkward for having a nosebleed.

「Shit! I found an amazing boyfriend! Cool! Super cool! Your face isn’t that cool! But I wanted to be embraced by such a man!」

She’s repeatedly saying cool, the girl who’s been frolic on everything she sees had finally felt the tiredness.
That said, what’s with that light. 6
I found nothing even if I looked around.

「Crow I guess?…」

I heard a cry of a crow. Crows like shiny things they say, so the light must’ve reflected onto something the crow had been carrying by chance.
At any rate…

「I’m tired…」

I want to return and make Marina’s breasts a pillow and sleep.
Hey, I forgot something important.

「Err, You, Gajou was it?」
「Ou! Want to have sex? My anus is clean as always!」

Gajou answered my question cheerfully. Sex? Is it limited to the anus?

「No, that’s not it. You’re bad with insects?」

Asking the dejected Gajou, she felt down for a moment but her cheeks blushed and her blue eyes shine instantly and she laughed.

「I like insects! I keep a large green caterpillar’s larva in my house!」

She smiles while showing a peace sign, 7
Oh, is that so? Thenー.

「Find as much gross insects as possible」

Receiving my instructions, Gajou raised her right hand cheerfully and went towards the woods.
She’s an idiot that treats people as homo but she’s being useful.
Now then, I’m looking forward to what kind of insect she’ll capture.


  1. lol, she’s trying to bribe him
  2. Second Year Junior High sicknes Syndrome, Or you know, you can watch the anime with that title, you’ll get it
  4. It’s John Cena!
  5. Manly points +25
  6. The plot armor’s light, you know, protagonist card saves the day
  7. Not double peace ahegao you fucking pedophile!