X-ray is more than I thought Chapter 45

Chapter 45

I can hear a sobbing from the back.

「Uu…what do you intend to do with that?」

Then I hear a trembling voice.
What do I intend to do with this? You’re the one who thought that way.
Still, I’m done.
Looking at my back with side glances as she rubs her eyes with both hands, leaking out a sobbing voice, following me restlessly.
This girl, I have a debt to return but I shouted and pushed her aside.
What to do?…

Gajou’s in a happy mood just a while ago.

Though I ordered Gajou to capture insects so she gathered a lot of gross insects to comply with my expectation.
Most of them are larvas. It seems that she dug the ground to capture them.
The large amount of larva would make normal women scream already but Gajou calmly catches them bare-handed.
It seems it’s true that she likes insects.

Her cheeks is dirty with soil and she looks at me while raising her hands filled with larva while smiling.
Seeing her boyish figure, I totally thought that it’s true that her heart is a man.

Well, I don’t care whether Gajou’s heart is a man or a woman. I won’t need her anymore when I return my debt.
Having such thoughts, I packed the larva in the mouths of the two men lying on the ground harmoniously enjoyed it.

『A-Are you sure!? Can I put it in the mouth!?』

Showing a perplexed behavior, Gajou looks at me as I pack a lot of larva in the mouths of the men, it seems that she have quite a character.
Especially when I saw me push in the huge green caterpillar and the thing that looks like a rhinoceros beetle’s larva in the man’s mouth, I admired it unconsciously.
It’s needless to say that the man who woke up had his eyes peel white and convulse at the same time he understood the situation he’s in.
I asked them who’s the mastermind but it seems that they don’t know anything.
According to the men, there’s a woman in a hood that appeared that seems to hold a lot of money and paid in advance.
And that woman who handed the request said that the money would be multiplied by five when they complete it. And they’re guided to a certain location. They saw the woman, Marina in other words and they seem to have received the request.
The woman covered in hood. It seems that they don’t know anything but “Black Hair” but is that the mastermind’s companion? or could it be that he’s the mastermind?
Anyway, since the information is gathered as I question them and I force in the larva Gajou caught, perhaps they’re not lying.
With that said, I confirmed the location where Marina is confined.

That’s great but…

These men might not know but there’s a possibility that there are other men who received the request too. Or there’s a possibility that the mastermind has a companion.
Anyway, there’s a possibility that there’s a trap on the location where Marina’s confined.
That’s whyー.

『No way!』

You should go back, as soon as I told Gajou, she flared up at me with an angry look.
Gajou knows that I’m taking her to a dangerous place so she’s asking for trouble.
If I take Gajou and she was exposed to danger from being entrapped, I’ll abandon her.
My priority is securing Marina. I only met Gajou today so she doesn’t matter. On the other side, Marina’s a meat hole that I took care of. I think it’s a waste to abandon her so I came to help her.
That’s Marina and Gajou Thinking on who should I give priority, I already have my answer without needing to compare.
But I have a debt from Gajou. It’s true that I intend to payback my debt.

But in case where I need to choose, I’ll choose to abandont Gajou for Marina. That’s obvious so I can’t take Gajou.

I think that I’m the lowest or the lowest scum and I think that it’s normal to be cursed on. In case I make a move on a woman, I’m ready to accept the revenge eventually.
It’s the rule I decided on myself.
If I have a debt on a woman whom I’m trying to make a move on, I’ll surely pay the debt before I do. If ever I have a debt on a woman I made a move on, I’ll definitely return the debt no matter how cowardly the means the woman will use.1
Otherwise, I’ll feel unpleasant. I can’t treat the woman as a thing from the bottom of my heart.
My rule is to be a scum when you’re a scum.
It’s the only rule I decided by myself.
If I break it, I won’t be myself anymore.
That’s why I tried to persuade Gajou somehowー.

『No way! I finally found it! I’ll regret it my whole life if I let you go! I don’t care whatever happens to me! I’d rather die than losing you! I don’t want to part away from you!』

She’s small and yet there’s a strong will felt from her shout.
I feel her strong will but “I’d rather die” you say? Can you really fall in such a situation where you’d choose death? Impossible.
It’s easy to say it though. But, a kid won’t be convinced even if I say that. No matter how much you persuade her, Gajou will only stick to me.
It’s possible to throw her off. I’m overwhelmingly faster if I run. I can even hit her and make her faint.

『I’m not a homo. I like women. Those guys I knocked down are companions of the one who kidnapped my woman. And I’m going to help this woman now』
『Everything is just your misunderstanding. It’s just by coincidence I sat on that bench. I’m not a homo. Those men I knocked out aren’t homo either』

It’s troublesome but I judged it’s best to correct the misunderstanding so I explained.


Gajou cried.
Biting her lower lips as she tremble, tears overflow from her blue eyes, she’s muffling, but she’s unable to endure that she leaked a sob and cried.
This is why kids are…

『I-Is my body being a woman’s not good? I know. I know that. But I fell in love. My chest is so much in pain that I can’t endure crying. This feeling is is the first time in my life…』

Gajou holds her chest with both hands while still being convinced that I’m a homo.
Ah, this is no good. She’ll follow no matter what I say. Furthermore, she fell to despair from being rejected by me.
It’s already dark and it’s also dangerous to leave Gajou alone.
If I leave Gajou, I’m sure that she’ll keep looking for me without coming back home.
Gajou looks perfect as a girl. Furthermore, her long blond hair is braided on the back and she’s wearing a school uniform.

It’s a uniform of the famous ojou-sama black lily school.

No matter how she insist that her heart is a man, that’s just trivial.
She looks as a complete beauty and she has two meat holes to accept a man.
There’s no problem if she’s just used as an outlet of sexual desire.
It’s like it’s asking to be attacked when you have a small beautiful girl lost in darkness.
I don’t care whatever happens to Gajou.
That’s what I’d normally think but sadly, I have a debt in her.

Also, if ever Gajou is ever attacked by a man, she’ll surely break.

Gajou seems to be wishing to be violated by me but she said that it’s limited to her anus only.
Perhaps for Gajou who’s saying that her heart is man, she only has a man’s meat hole used to accept, in short, her pussy is forbidden. She wants to deny it’s existence. And yet if a penis goes inside that hole, the reality that she’s a woman will be thrust into her.
Far from the fact that she’s being raped, I think that the fact that she’s a woman being pointed out for Gajou is something she can’t endure.
I can’t have her break while I have a debt.
Haa, seriously, I’ve been liked by a troublesome one.
Can’t be helped.

『Got it』

In the end, I accepted Gajou.
There’s only one method to persuade Gajou. That is to show Marina to Gajou. If she didn’t believe me then I’ll violate Marina in front of her. She’d be force to believe it as expected.
Gajou who’s permitted by me didn’t answer but she just followed me restlessly while sobbing.
It seems that being refused by me had a considerable shock.

And we’re back to present.

「Gajou, promise me. Obey my instructions by all means. I permitted your wish to go together so you have to properly listen to me」

I speak to Gajou while walking.

「How can I become your lover? I’ll do anything for your sake」

Leaking out a sob as she ask me, Gajou asks in contrary.
Haa, Yareyare2 She’s really a troublesome kid.
I think I prefer Asahina on being so cocky until she die but doing as she please.
Based on this time’s reflection’s I’ll never make a debt with Asahina.

「Impossible . I said it a while ago but I like women. I love erotic women. If you say that you want to be embraced as a woman then I will. But if it’s impossible for you to be embraced as a woman then give it up. I’m not a homo. I don’t have a slightest intention of embracing a man」

I have a debt but I don’t intend to play with Gajou.

「If you want to do something lewd with me by all means then stand in front of me as a woman. If so then I’ll train you and take your virginity with pleasure. However, being your lover is impossible. I already have a girlfriend. You can be a meat toilet but I have two so I don’t need one anymore」

Talking to Gajou on the back, she didn’t answer but just leak out a sob.
She doesn’t understand my explanation.
She’s convinced that I’m a homo and her body’s a woman so she’ll reject whatever kind of reason I put out.
Well fine. She’ll immediately understand if I violate Marina in front of her, alsoー.

The man I knocked out from the shrine had a rope./ I borrowed it.
I’ll just tie Gajou to not let her do anything unnecessary when we reach the destination.

The destination isn’t too far away from the shrine.
There’s no private house in the surroundings and the fruit tree spreads out. And there’s a hut on the corner. It seems that Marina’s confined there.
That’s if I trust the map, but.

「Nnー! Nnー!」

I confirmed that there’s no one within the range when I used my ability so I tied Gajou with the rope before we approached the hut.

「Nnー! Nnー!」

Gajou who had her both hands and feet tied on the ground while lying on the ground, she raised her muffled voice and moved around like an earthworm.
Gajou had her mouth gagged by a handkerchief and her both hands and feet bound.
She won’t be able to do anything unnecessary with this.
Seriously, I don’t need to have a hard time on every single thing.
I leak a sigh while thinking so, I went to cover and approached the hut while removing my presence.

The hut entered the range of my ability and stopped.
The simple hut is surrounded by galvanized roof with wooden boards. There’s agricultural articles stored, it seems that it’s used for a rest.

「What does this mean?…」

Marina’s certainly caught with my ability ahead the wall of the hut.
There’s a bag of cloth covering her hands and both her hands and feet are bound to the pillar. Andー.

「There’s no one else?」

That’s right, there’s no one except Marina.
Since the head is covered with bag, is that person really Marina? I can judge if it’s normal. In short, it’s possible that it’s a trap.
But that’s only when it’s normal.
Deception doesn’t work when it inters the range of my ability.
Marina’s certainly the one who has her head covered with cloth and both hands and feet bound.

「They’ll return Marina without doing anything?」

There’s no need to look around when I have my ability. But, I looked around instinctively.
There’s no one here. And it seems that the hut isn’t set as a trap nor the surroundings.
Are they observing me beyond the limits of my ability? No, that’s doubtful.
It’s a field without an outside light. Since it’s considerably away from the residential area, it would be dark without the light of town to cover them. I can recognize my environment with my ability but it’s impossible for normal people to observe from far away.
They might have a night vision scope but that’s a considerately expensive property. Would they go that far?


Something’s strange. Just what is my opponent? I’m sure that they wanted to get me but is it different?
Well fine. Should I secure Marina anyway? Let’s start with that.
I think so I approached the hut while looking around, I opened the wooden door and entered inside.

Looking from the outside, I know that there’s no such thing as trap in the hut but there’s still signs that something is prepared.
That’s adversely weird.

「Marina, are you okay?」

Inside the hut, Marina trembled when I called her out then she began to shiver in cold and fear.
Though there’s a bag of cloth covering her head, she’s even blindfolded and made to bite a gag. She can’t talk because of that.
I approached Marina and examined her whole body.
There’s no signs of violence. That is in short, Marina was abducted without being able to resist. Alsoー.

The black haired woman in a hood. Is she really the mastermind?

I’m not boasting my girlfriend but, Marina’s quite a beauty. Also, her tits are big.
If the mastermind is a man he’ll surely want to taste her.
The man who had the policeman’s club seems to like Marina after all.
Also, as long as she’s alive, Marina has a value as a hostage.
Since abducting someone creates a irreparable damage on them, human would be surely enjoying what they can enjoy.
And yet they didn’t do anything to harm Marina and she’s not touched at all.
If so, the possibility of the mastermind being a woman comes out.
The one who came in contact with the man with a policeman’s club is a black haired woman covered in a hood.
Though she claimed herself as the mastermind, there’s a possibility that she’s the mastermind is already suspected enough.

「Wait a moment. I’ll help you right now」

Squatting down in place, I talked to Marina and removed the cloth cover in her head. Then I removed the blindfold and the gag next.
Marina trembling as she cries with her eyes closed.
Well, it’s normal to be scared. Even if she’s not confined, everyone would be scared to be left alone in a field that’s not popular.
It’s dark but I can see clearly so I’m not that scared but.
I deny occult because of this ability. Though I’m an existence that’s the embodiment of the occult, I have the eyes that can see anything so I can deny occult.
After all I’ve never seen something like a ghost even once.

「*Sigh* I even took pain to make her unhurt…」

Marina’s hands are bound. Her wrists are swollen red.
She’s likely to have rubbed the rope desperately to remove it somehow.
It’s normal of normal but Marina’s head to toe is mine. And yet, it’s swelling this much.
Having such thoughts, I removed that’s binding Marina’s wrists.


Marina who had her arms free speaks in a shaking voice while closing her eyes.
I thought that she’d surely cling to me cryingー


My view whitens suddenly and I heard a dry sound next.
I was confused of what happened then I noticed the pain in my cheek.
Eh? Could it be that I was hit? By Marina?
Looking at Marina, she stared at me with teary eyes.
I didn’t see it. No, that’s not it. “I didn’t try to see”
It’s impossible for Marina to hit me. I thought so I wasn’t able to recognize when she was about to attack me.

「Why did you come?…」

Marina glared at me with her teary eyes while speaking in a shaking voice.

「The devil has to be devilike, why did you not abandon me…?」

Hearing Marina’s trembling voice, I finally understood what she means.
She’s worrying about me more than herself.
Seriously, this woman is passionate as ever.

「I’m not tired of you yet. I thought that it’s regrettable to throw you away since I have still to enjoy you. That’s why I came to save you. I’ll throw you away when you’re tired」

I didn’t throw her away because I’m not tired yet. That’s my intention from the start.
Marina who glares at me with her eyes had her expression distort and tears overflow from her eyes. Andー.

「That was really scary! Thank you for coming to help me! I thought that I won’t be able to meet Suzuhara-san, it’s so scary, scary, unbearably scary!」

Marina jumps and clings to me and she hugs me strongly as she screams out.
Ah, ouch. Seriously, she hit me with all her might. Because I lost focus when I realized that I was hit, so I took it head-on.

「You know what will happen when you hit me, don’t you?」

Asking her, Marina who’s clinging to me spread out her legs silently.
Her panties inside her skirt has a lewd stain.

「I-It’s scary, it’s unbearably scary, that’s why…I was imagining being teased with Suzuhara-san. I had a very cruel delusion to erase the fear I had…♥」

There’s a sweet charming voice mixed in her trembling voice.

「Cruel, what kind?」

As I ask Marina, I placed my right hand inside her skirt and traced her slit with my finger.
Her waist convulsed. I’m just piercing her panties and her love nectar’s leaking out.
Marina clings to me strongly as her waist twitch, she pressed her prided breasts against me and put her lips to my ear.
Fuu, fuu, a sweet lewd sigh sprays to my ear.

「I-I want my pussy to be pushed lightly by Suzuhara-san’s hard penis ♥ But don’t put it in ♥ I want to beg helplessly to put it in, put it in, put it in deep」

Marina sweetly whispers while breathing roughly.

「I’m saying that Suzuhara-san can put in just the tip ♥ that’s why I’ll push down my waist and put in just the tip inside my pussy ♥ Suzuhara-san’s deep is so big, it’s spreading my pussy impossibly, It feels so good, thrilling, happiness, but I want to put it in deep after all」

Furthermore, she’s breathing roughly, whispers sweetly even more but she’s feeling pained.

「I’ll ask it over and over again ♥ Put it in deep ♥ And pierce me down so hard. ♥ But Suzuhara-san says no ♥ I don’t want to be hated by Suzuhara-san so I’ll do as he ordered ♥ I want it in so deep, I want to be pierced violently so I beg as the tip of the penis is the only one put in my pussy, and Suzuhara-san is laughing as he look at me, but when I saw Suzuhara-san laughing happily, I became happy too」

Became glad? isn’t that a book report you’re doing?
Seriously, she’s always an idiot.

「The punishment for hitting me won’t that kind of naive teasing」
「No matter how cruel the punishment is, those punishments are only a sticky sweet syrup」

Marina answered back in a sweet voice.
Oh, you’re saying that? Then let’s have you endure no matter what kind of punishment it is with a smile.
Is what I want to say but I’m honestly tired.
It’s also bothersome to swing my waist, I want to eat rice and take a hot bath, feel refreshed from fellatio and sleep with her tits as a pillow.
But, before that.

「Do you know who kidnapped you?」

Hearing those words, Marina’s waist stopped trembling.

「Hizuki contacted me. It seems that she needs help because she’s threatened」

I ask and Marina speaks out in a tense voice again.

「The friend I had before. Speaking of which, Suzuhara-san should’ve met her once」
「She was together with me when we met, the one with an impressive long black hair, she’s a very beautiful child」

When I met Marina for the first time? Long black hair?
I recall my memories and thenー.


The dull man who’s the right arm of Shinozaki. His girlfriend was the long black hair? Speaking of which, when I took Marina to Shinozaki’s house, the other girl’s has run away and that long black hair sticks together. Then, she tailed me afterwards.
That’s not all. That’s not everything.
I met that woman a lot of times.
I saw her on the road a lot of times and we passed by each other by chance on the road. Alsoー.

Sunday last week, when we go to shopping downtown, there’s a woman appearing in the train. It’s her.

I didn’t consider her that much, rather I completely forgot her existence, I thought that it’s not a coincidence that I saw her a lot of times.
What’s stranger than that is Marina didn’t even mention it.
She’d surely react when her friend appears. However, Marina didn’t say anything Sunday last week.

「Marina, what happened after you met that woman?」
「That’s, we didn’t meet. I heard that she was threatened and I went to the meeting spot in surprise. Then it suddenly became dark. Perhaps, my head was covered with the bag from the back」

I was convinced with Marina’s answer.
That woman entered my view without being noticed by Marina.
No, that’s not it. That woman makes sure that she’s not coming to my view. Is that how she observes my behavior? But she was caught in my ability.

「What kind of woman is that woman?」
「What?…She’s a timid and taciturn child. Other than her appearance being beautiful, she’s a child that doesn’t stand out much」
「She’s the girlfriend of the dull man?」
「Look, the good looking dull man that gets along with Shinozaki」
「Ah, Oh, Kaburagi-kun? No, I don’t think it is. I haven’t heard that she has a boyfriend」

I was surprised from Marina’s answer.
What? That’s not it? I surely thought that she’s the girlfriend of the dull man.
That woman reacted when I brought that topic. Then she cried.
No well, I didn’t make a confirmation but if she shows that kind of reaction then it’s normal to think like that.
Could it be that it was an act?
I don’t know. I can’t find a reason for her to act that time.

「Do you have information on the mastermind who kidnapped you?」
「N-No, I’m sorry. I haven’t heard a voice. I don’t know what happened to Hizuki」

Marina shook her head to my question and she worried on the woman named Hizuki.
She probably thinks that Hizuki is also a victim.
There’s no doubt. The criminal is that Hizuki woman.
Still, what’s her purpose? I surely thought that their purpose is to get me but why did they return Marina?
She requested the man with a policeman’s club to knock me me down and she gave the man the map where Marina’s confined. And Marina’s properly on the place described in the map.
If she wants the man with the policeman’s club to fight me then there’s no need to kidnap Marina. She only need to request the man to knock me down.
If you forcibly distort the reason then it would be to confirm that Marina’s worthy of being kidnapped?
But what would they do by confirming that? They understand that she’s worthy as a hostage and yet why did they return Marina? That won’t mean anything then.
No good, I don’t get it at all.
Anyway, I should go back home to think.

「Marina, stay in my house tonight. I want to ask various things」

Marina who had a serious look till then smiled while her cheeks blush when she heard my words.
She’s expecting it.
I’ll say it but I’ll only do fellatio and sleep for today. If you can’t endure it then masturbate with your Suzuhara-doll.
Seriously, I told her to take it back, the large amount of bear dolls disappeared but she left the Suzuhara-doll in my room.
I can give in to the bear stuffed toys but spare me from the Suzuhara-doll. I feel scared that I might get cursed with it.

「Can you stand?」
「Y-Yes, I’m okaー」

Anyway, Io decided to go back home and tried to make MArina stand. Howeverー.


Marina who’s half-rising had her knees bend and sat down on the place.
Is her feet numb because of sitting for long time?

「S-Sorry ♥ Because my pussy’s touched over my panties, my waist fell off ♥」

Blushing, Marina answered laughingly. I stared at Marina.
Well, since her body has become like that because I played with her mind and body, it would be my fault.

「Got it. Hey, I’ll carry you on my back」

Saying that, I squat down and turn my back to Marina.


Marina speaks gladly, jumps and sticks to my back hastily.
I’m doubtful whether her waist really fell off. But well, I’ll overlook it since she’s confined in such a place for today.
But I won’t forget that you hit me. I’ll give you your punishment later.
Having such thoughts, I carry Marina and stood up.

「A-Am I heavy?」

Even though she jumps in happily, Marina asks in an insecure voice.
Marina’s big breasts seems to have an impression that it’s heavy because of the volume. And it feels sexual compared to Asahina. But when I say it’s heavy, it would honestly be a big deal. Howeverー.

「Fucking heavy」

I said it daringly.


Marina felt down and raised a groan as she tremble.

「Joke. You’re not that heavy」

Though I thought of punishing Marina for getting carried away but, Marina’s style is outstanding and her current figure is the most lewd. And yet, if I tell her she’s heavy and she worried, I’ll be troubled if she diet badly

「I-Is that true?」

Clinging to me tightly, Marina asks in a timid tone.
The feeling of her huge breasts pressed against my back along with the feeling of the thighs supported by both hands is the best.
If ever Marina diets and became thin, her charm would be reduced by half.

「It’s true」

Saying that, I began to walk. In a way I won’t feel the weight as much as possible.


She’s glad? Marina who’s clinging to me hard had pressed her lips to my cheek. Then she applies her cheek to mine while smiling gladly as she clings to me strongly.
Haa, I’m tired but, it can’t be helped.

I shouldered Marina and went out of the hut, and thenー.

「Nnー! Nnー!」

Lying down on the ground, it raises a groan and wriggles like an earthworm.
Oh, speaking of which she’s here.

「W-Who’s this?」

She must be surprised to see Gajou on the ground. Marina asks.

「Well, I’ll explain later」

Answering Marina, I leak out a sigh.
I’ll introduce Marina to Gajou and I thought she’ll be giving up but I better change plans.
I won’t chance on making her give up but I’ll also take Gajou to my house. Not just Gajou, but I should call Yuka to my house too.
After all I don’t know what action that Hizuki woman will take. It’s also better if I gather the people who’re mainly involved with me and talk about it.
I better conceal this to Asahina and Kisaragi. It may become even more troublesome if I tell them. Especially Asahina.
I’ll have Marina near me and Yuka would be watching and be vigilant along with Asahina and Kisaragi. It’s safe if it’s three people.
The problem is Gajou. It’ll be found out that she’s related and there’s the danger that she might be aimed at.
What should I do?

「Nnー! Nnー! Nnー!」

Glaring at me with her blue eyes, I leak out a sigh as I look at Gajou squirming around.
Ah, troublesome.


  1. もし手を出した女に借りができたら、どれほど卑劣な手段を使って堕とした女であろうとも、受けた借りは必ず返す。
  2. Daze